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Eventually, the Ghostly Spirit Sword was taken out of Nie Ruo’s body. During this process, Nie Ruo had to endure the pain like someone was tearing his intestines. His face was distorted so much that it didn't look like a human face anymore. 

Every time he took out the Ghostly Spirit Sword, he had to pay with his blood and flesh. If it weren’t the critical time, Nie Ruo would never use the sword. This divine sword harmed his body brutally.

The Ghostly Spirit Sword flew out while screeching. Thirty-six ghostly spirits with hazy gray wings and tails dragged along the sword. Thirty-six objects tore the sky, thrusting towards the silver city.

The ghostly spirits ceased in the air, releasing their powers altogether. Thirty-six different murderous flows struck on Ghostly Spirit Sword.

The Ghostly Spirit Sword was like a light stabbing directly into the silver city. All barriers, restraints, and formation were pierced.


The city wall that was as rigid as hard stone was jabbed. The sword appeared in the outer region of the city.

Different from the Original Universe Returning Cauldron, which attacked the entire city, the Ghostly Spirit Sword had aimed at only one location. The power gathered at the sword tip could easily pierce through the hardest defense.

Lin Meng’s group was shaken.

Nie Ruo screeched in extreme pain, his face paled.

Thirty-six ghostly spirits got through the hole created by the sword, screaming and howling, entering the outer region of the city.

Thirty-six gray shadows, each longer than one hundred meters, carried the Yin Ghost, Blood Ghost, and Evil Ghost. They started to wreck the formations and barriers in the outer region of the silver city with their intimidating powers.

Shi Yan’s face changed dramatically.

In his Sea of Consciousness, the Inner World Five Devils roared and shot out, turning into five tangible Demogorgons attacking the thirty-six ghostly spirits.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The hollow ghostly spirits and the Five Demogorgons entangled. Shortly, the Inner World Five Devils got hurt badly, as they couldn’t endure the attacks by the spirits.

Shi Yan felt hurt. He hastened to call the Inner World Five Devils back to his Sea of Consciousness.

The thirty-six ghostly spirits were the condensed murderous aura from thirty-six Exterminating Caves of the Devil Valley. They were the evilest existences in the world. They had been developed for more than ten thousand years, which were something the Five Devils, the phantoms Shi Yan had created not so long ago, couldn’t resist.

The ghostly spirits cried with the high notes that could stab people’s souls. They flew around the outer city, wrecking many barriers and restraints.

Thirty-six ghostly spirits were like thirty-six horses pulling the Ghostly Spirit Sword everywhere.

Ghostly spirits couldn't break the formations and barriers, but they could pour their powers into the divine sword, using the sword to wreak havoc everywhere.

The Ghostly Spirit Sword taken out from Nie Ruo body had brought out a destructive power that nothing could withstand. Shi Yan was battered with it.


The Storage Ring on Shi Yan’s finger glowed gloriously. The Soul Gathering Pearl shot out, releasing its mighty soul suction force towards the thirty-six ghostly spirits.

All souls without an ent.i.ty would be included in the Soul Gathering Pearl’s attack range. Shi Yan wanted to take the ghostly spirits that way since it always worked.

However, he was wrong this time.

The Soul Gathering Pearl had released a might suction force that could affect any kind of spirit. However, these thirty-six hallow ghostly spirits had become one with the Ghostly Spirit Sword.

Each time the soul suction force of the Soul Gathering Pearl could pull the ghostly spirits towards it, the Ghostly Spirit Sword would pull them back. The ghostly spirit that the bead attacked would be pushed away, out of the bead’s attack range.

The thirty-six ghostly spirits didn’t have a body, but the Ghostly Spirit Sword was a real object. They were combined into one solid union to make up each other’s shortcomings, as if the user had calculated this situation before. They had minimized the effects of the Soul Gathering Pearl.

The Soul Gathering Pearl couldn't do anything. It could affect the spirits, but it couldn't work because of the Ghostly Spirit Sword.

The thirty-six ghostly spirits continued to break the barriers and formations inside the city. At this speed, they would destroy all barriers and formations on the city wall shortly.

Without the support of the barriers and formations, as long as Lin Meng used the Original Universe Returning Cauldron to attack one more time, the outer city would be smashed.

At this moment, Shi Yan finally realized that the seven ancient factions weren't easy to deal with. Their profound a.s.sets weren’t something a young man with a few years of cultivation could predict. Shi Yan didn’t a.s.sume the signs of defeat would come that quick. He had lost his first layer of defense.

At this moment, some low-realm warriors were still in the outer city. If the walls were broken, they would be exposed. The others could kill them easily.

Li Feng Er’s group was still there.

Shi Yan was worried.

However, at this moment, Long Zhu frowned from the outer city.

The dragon cane in his hand was stirring. A three-hundred-meters–long cedar red light column shot out from the dragon cane, towards the thirty-six ghostly spirits.

Long Zhu pulled the cane, and the light fastened the gray wings and tails that connected thirty-six ghostly spirits and the divine sword. He forcefully pulled, and the dragon cane pounded heavily on the ground under his feet, cracking a hole with a loud explosion.

The cedar red light column was pulled down by an invisible hand.

Thirty-six ghostly spirits and the sword were pulled down altogether with the light column, as if someone were pulling them with great resentment.

Shi Yan could relax his tense nerves. 

Long Zhu’s attack was stronger than he had expected. He had stopped the evil divine weapon Ghostly Spirit Sword.

The cedar-red light he had shot out from the dragon cane tied and squeezed thirty-six ghostly spirits and the Ghostly Spirit Sword with an incomparable power. The sword couldn’t move or break anything else. 

The most mysterious oldie of the Divine Great Land had really lived up to his reputation. He was unimaginably strong!

"What are you waiting for? Get your men out of here!" Long Zhu shouted.

Shi Yan was struck. He hastened to urge his people. "Warriors under Spirit Realm, retreat to the city center, quick!"

While he was talking, dazzling pa.s.sages appeared, extending to the deeper place in the silver city.

Low-realm warriors like Li Feng Er didn’t hesitate. They flew fast towards the city center.

"Thank you!" Seeing his people retreating safely, Shi Yan bent down to show his sincere appreciation.

"No need to say thanks, little buddy. Can my granddaughter get into the city now?" Long Zhu smiled nonchalantly. "I think I’ve proven I’m trustful."

Shi Yan didn't say anything, continually nodding his head.

"Little Ying, you go to the city center. It's dangerous here. I'll go find you later." Long Zhu stroked Long Ying's hair and said tenderly. 

"Grandpa, be careful. Lin Meng's team won't treat you with respect anymore. They will attack you with their best," said Long Ying worriedly.

"Don’t worry. I understand. I know that if I join this side, we can never get along again," Long Zhu smiled. Of course, he wasn’t afraid of that situation.

Outside the city…

Nie Ruo seemed to be hit hard. He spurt out blood, his face grimaced. He shouted hoa.r.s.ely. "Old Long! You helped them! You did help them!" 

The Ghostly Spirit Sword and he had a soul connection. Each ghostly spirit was like his eyes and ears. He could see what Long Zhu had done, so he knew who had attacked him harshly.

The leaders of the seven ancient factions had the same resentment at this moment. They couldn’t help but shout at Long Zhu on the city wall, their faces filled with rage.

"Old Long, you want to destroy the flame of our Human Clan! You will be the sinner of the Human Clan for thousands of generations!" Yan Ke hissed. Her wrinkled face convulsed like a viper having someone step on its tail.

"From now on, Long Zhu will no longer be the sage of the Human Clan. He’s the common enemy of the entire Clan!" Lin Meng shouted indignantly, her face grim.

"If the flame of Human Clan extinguishes, you have to bear this responsibility!" Wen Di cried.

Long Zhu’s countenance was indifferent. He looked to the far horizon from the city wall. "The light of hope of Human Clan isn’t on your side only. In my eyes, this city represents our future. And you, you are the outdated tide that would be discarded. Your thoughts and point of views are so old-fashioned. You don’t want to recognize the trend. You will be the energy supplied for our Human Clan’s flame of hope."

Long Zhu was enraged by Lin Meng and Qing Gu Chuan's team.

"You coa.r.s.e old man, you and I are mortal enemies!" Nie Ruo scolded, giving Long Zhu no respect. "I pledge that I will burn your bones to ashes." 

"If you have the competence to do that, come here." Long Zhu smiled faintly. He stepped away from the city wall, talking to Shi Yan. "Are you well-prepared? Once Lin Meng’s group starts the attack, this wave will be more powerful. How long can your city resist?" 

"Not really long," Shi Yan smiled. He looked exhausted.

At this moment, his acupuncture points were filtering the energy. His Essence Qi had been consumed a lot. If he couldn’t supply the Essence Qi shortly, let alone the outer city, he couldn’t even control the city center to perform its best.

 "The outer city is the first layer of defense. The fight will actually take place when they get into the city," Shi Yan contemplated for a while. "I need time. Give me one hour. After that, I’m confident to defend this city."

"I will try to save one hour for you," Long Zhu pondered. "Anyway, you have to ensure that, as long as you are alive, you have to treat my granddaughter well."

Shi Yan was struck. His face became complicated and heavy. "Old Long, you...?"

If Long Zhu were alright, with his cultivation base, who could hurt Long Ying? If he said so, it meant he wasn't so sure about this battle.

"Although I’m one level stronger than them, they are a group of seven. They have at least three divine weapons they haven’t used yet," Long Zhu finally showed a forced smile, shaking his head. "But, I will try my best to seize one hour for you!"

Shi Yan bent in front of him with deep respect. 

"Remember, the flame of Human Clan can’t be extinguished. No matter how you will be in the future, you have to leave the inheritance for the Human Clan," shouted Long Zhu all of a sudden.

Shi Yan shivered, then nodded heavily. "Old Long, please don’t worry. As long as I’m alive, the Human Clan won’t be over!"

"Okay, you should go."

Long Zhu waved his hand, signaling Shi Yan to leave. Afterward, he appeared again on the city wall, facing the seven True G.o.d Realm warriors alone. His face was merciful, but the energy fluctuating from him was wild and ruthless.

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