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Perpetual Night Forest’s peripheral zone…

A magic lozenge mirror was hung above the five great clans. It was projecting the fight between Shi Yan’s team and the seven ancient factions.

Many hotshots of the alien tribes were watching the scene with serious faces and strange complexion.

Bao Ao was smiling under the magic mirror while playing with his fingers, which were shooting beams of black light, pouring into the center of the magic mirror. With the triangular mark on Shi Yan’s neck, he could project the entire scene there without missing any details.

"Whichever era it be, Human Clan could never change their bad behaviors. They always have civil wars. What a strange race!" As Comoros saw the fight cease in the magic mirror, he laughed evilly, his face dark as usual. 

Many members of the Ghost Mark Clan, the Dark Spirit Clan, and the Demon Clan were sneering, as they thought it was such an interesting play.

Humankind was about to be cleared. However, at this most critical moment, the two big forces of this race couldn’t join hands but tried to kill each other.

In their eyes, nothing was more interesting than this scene.

In every clan, maintaining the tribe was the most important matter. All the resentments would be put aside at the time they needed to cooperate to deal with the external enemy.

Every clan’s survival was related closely to their union. Only unity could bring them the chance to survive.

Whoever dared to provoke a civil war would be the enemy of the entire race!

Quite the contrary, humanity was about to be extinguished, but they were fighting against each other. From the alien tribes’ point of views, it was unimaginable.

"Everybody shouldn't rush. We just need to wait here," Bao Ao smiled warmly. "Wait until the result is clear, then we will march there and slaughter them all. This will be the most accurate decision."

Leaders of the alien tribes grinned, as they all approved of Bao Ao’s decision.

"... That guy, yeah, that young man called Shi Yan…," Bao Ao smiled, "I want to keep him alive. He’s related to our Demon Clan. So, you can’t kill him."

Jie Ji of the Ancient Jie family, an antiquity family of Demon Clan, had his eyes brightened. He revealed a brutal smile and then said, "Bao Ao, are you sure? Is that kid from our Demon Clan?"

"He has the mark of the oldest family of Demon Clan on his forehead. I don't even know the profile of that family. You can see how old it is. Anyway, he hasn’t received the family’s inheritance yet. Otherwise, he wouldn’t stand with the Human Clan," Bao Ao explained with a smile.

Jie Ji was so excited that he couldn't hold his laughter. "Our Demon Clan does have plenty of outstanding warriors. He's just a young man, but he can make the Human Clan pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price. Not bad, I like this kid. After we clear the humankind, I have to drink with him." 

"Jie Ji, I’ve chosen him first. You want to s.n.a.t.c.h him from me?" Bao Ao’s eyes became malignant. The smile on his lips was as sharp as a saber.

"So what? Do you think I’m scared of you?" Jie Ji didn’t show that he was weaker. "If that kid receives the inheritance of the oldest family, do you think he will listen to you? Bao Ao, don’t be so arrogant. When that kid receives the inheritance, he will thrive. I’m not sure he would be weaker than us at that time."

Bao Ao was surprised. He contemplated for a while and then smiled. "Oh, it’s true though. So, before he grows, I will make him accept me."

"I think everybody will have his chance at that time. I want to see if you can offer him something better than me," Jie Ji laughed contentedly.

On one side, Shi Yan was having the most strenuous battle with Lin Meng’s group. But on this side, the Head Masters of the two strongest families of the Demon Clan were planning to steal the young man to their side.

"Master, he’s our friend. We won’t attack him." In the Corpse Clan formation, Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea kept silent for a while and then talked to Corpse Chief in the big coffin.

Corpse Chief’s strange voice arose. "The two great chiefs of the Demon Clan want to protect him. Do you think he will die here?"

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea were surprised. They kept silent again.

"No!" Comoros shouted, "That kid must die. He’s the mortal enemy of our Ghost Mark Clan. I have to kill him!"

"That brat must die!" Yama King Abi shouted from the Dark Clan.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji became grim. The two leaders of the Demon Clan raked their vicious eyes over everyone else, as a bloodthirsty aura started to diffuse.

"Before we destroy the Human clan, if someone dares touch my Demon Clan’s men, we shouldn’t talk about anything else. The battle with Human Clan, you should think about whether we would want to join it or not." Jie Ji grinned fiendishly like a bloodthirsty beast showing its sharp fangs. He wanted to start a fight here first.

Bao Ao nodded.

Demon Clan was a clan that always covered their members’ shortcomings. At the same time, they did appreciate the new powerful generation of their clan. Experts of the previous generations should prepare the cultivating path for their next generations. It was the rule that they had always kept in mind. If they hadn’t confirmed Shi Yan’s ident.i.ty yet, they would never give him even a glance.

However, as they had found that Shi Yan had the bloodline of the oldest family, they immediately considered him the new blood of the new generation. And, they instinctively wanted to protect him.

The reason why the Demon Clan could maintain their mighty force until today was because all of their experts had followed this rule. Whenever a new generation of the Demon Clan was born, they would be nurtured to slowly progress until they become the new leaders of the clan. This rule kept the Demon Clan strong from the past until present. 

As Bao Ao and Jie Ji had shown their att.i.tude, the Ghost Mark Clan and the Dark Clan didn’t dare to talk more.

The Demon Clan force was mighty among the five great clans. Under Bao Ao and Jie Ji, there were countless evils and beasts. At least, none of the other four forces dared to counter the Demon Clan face to face.

No matter which era it was, Demon Clan was one of the strongest forces. They covered their members' shortcomings; they were always hostile and ready to take revenge, and they had a crazily strong power. If they didn't have to do it, no clan dared to provoke the Demon Clan.

Thus, although Comoros was hostile, when Bao Ao and Jie Ji expressed that they would protect Shi Yan, his clan had to weigh pros and cons. They stopped their verbal attack immediately.

"What if he isn’t a member of the Demon Clan?" The leader of the Dark Spirit Clan snorted coldly.

"Whatever you want to do with him, we don’t care," Bao Ao laughed.

"Alright then, we should capture him first. Then, we will certify his ident.i.ty. We just need to test once and for all," the man said.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji nodded, showing that they had no objection.

The premise to protect Shi Yan was that he must have the Demon Clan’s bloodline, which would make the other two leaders take care of him. But, if they could prove that Shi Yan wasn’t one of them, of course they wouldn’t care about his life anymore. And, they would kill him first.

A young man full of potential, if he wasn't their family, he must die!

— This was also one of the rules of the Demon Clan.

Outside the silver city…

Lin Meng, Nie Ruo, and Qin Gu Chuan wore a grim face. They discussed something and then decided that they would use a tremendous force to break the city.

"We shouldn't show any mercy. We don't have much time. Guys, we need to finish these traitors fast, so that we can retreat to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain before the pagans come," Yan Ke suggested.

Everybody agreed with her tactfully.

Lin Meng started first. The Original Universe Returning Cauldron, which used to appear in the meeting hall in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain, emerged from Lin Meng’s small hand.

The Original Universe Returning Cauldron was the divine weapon of the Pure Land. Although this treasure was powerful, Lin Meng had never used it carelessly. 

As Original Universe Returning Cauldron appeared, energy immediately seethed like the immense ocean, overflowing from the cauldron like a mighty energy river.

This fall of energy torrentially rolled into forty-nine flows of red light, which looked like forty-nine giant dragons, meandering towards the silver city.

Each flow of this red light could kill a warrior at the First Sky of True G.o.d Realm effortlessly! They swarmed and attacked the silver city together.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Barriers, restrains, and formations on the city walls glowed. They furiously took in the energy from the top-grade Essence Crystals and precious mineral jades in the foundation of the city, to create hundreds of defending layers to resist the rumbling attack of the Original Universe Returning Cauldron.

Countless dazzling waves of light rippled from the city, while the imposing silver city suddenly trembled like a tipsy man. It looked like it was about to collapse.

Inside the city…

Shi Yan, Yang Tian Emperor, and the others changed their visage as they could feel the city getting unstable. They couldn't hide their heavy feeling.

The power of a divine weapon was intimidating indeed. It was urged by Lin Meng, a warrior at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm. Only this kind of antiquity formation like the Utmost Eight Purgatories City could resist such an energy attack.

If it were the city like the Ice Emperor City or the Wonderful Stone City, it would have collapsed with only one strike like that. 

"Be careful. People who don't have a responsibility, retreat to the center of the city. The defensive force of the outer city is limited. It's built to neutralize the attack energy of the divine weapons. It doesn't matter if they can break the outer city. Once they dare step in, what awaits them is more perilous." Shi Yan ordered quickly. He was calm and solemn while continually releasing the Soul Consciousness to supplement the consumed part of the formations.

Hearing him, many warriors staying in the outer city retreated into the center of the city using the safe pa.s.sage he had created.

"Let me boost more power," Nie Ruo said after pondering for a while from outside the city.

Nie Ruo had a three-meter-long bone sword stabbed in his waist. While talking, he lifted his tunic and grabbed the sword. 

When his hand touched the sword, a malicious, murderous aura diffused immensely into thirty-six flows of dark smoke, which could disorder people’s Soul Consciousness.

The Ghostly Spirit Sword used the Ghostly Spirits of the thirty-six Exterminating Caves as the body. After taking in murderous aura for ten thousand years, the sword was quenched. Ghostly Spirit Sword was the halidom of the thirty-six Exterminating caves, a divine weapon.

Nie Ruo’s soul had fused with the ghostly spirits. He had used his blood to feed them. He had to keep the sword on his body so that it could drink his blood to grow stronger.

When he took out the Ghostly Spirit Sword, screaming and screeching of the ghostly spirits arose from his body, as if they were bloodthirsty demons who could smell blood, which made them want to wolf down everything.

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