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Long Zhu knew that he alone wasn’t enough, his face regretful.

He knew the racial discrimination on this continent would never change, even if tens of thousands of years had pa.s.sed. Also, Lin Meng, Nie Rou, Guan Hu, Nie Rou, and Lu Miao were stubborn.

Even Yan Ke and Wen Di, the two recluses, couldn’t see the whole picture. How many people could do that? Moreover, it was true that the pagans had slaughtered humans everywhere, leaving the Divine Great Land in miseries.

Only Long Zhu alone wasn’t enough to settle the racist matters.

This is why he chose to go the same way as Shi Yan. He thought Shi Yan’s way was the main trend of future, the only way for humans to survive.

As he couldn’t make them think the other way around, Long Zhu wouldn’t waste his effort anymore, shaking his head in regret. He stood on the city wall, and didn’t say anything.

 "Sorry, Old Long. For the peace of Human Clan, for our fellows who had fallen, we have to do what we have to do," Lin Meng bent to him, but her eyes were determined. 

The crowd behind her was stirred up. They were about to take action. They shifted, as if they couldn’t control their bloodthirsty desire anymore.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan appeared on the city wall, looking at the seven ancient factions on the opposite side. He smiled, his face tired. "You guys came."

His look shifted between Tang Yuan Nan, Xia Qing Hou, Bai Gen Seng, Ji Mu, Bei Si, and Bei Di. He felt so bitter.

"Shi Yan boss," Lao Li and his brother mouthed in the crowd. They were upset. Their voice sank into the sea of angry shouting and screaming. 

Zhu Yi and Tan Yuan Nan’s group wore heavy visage. They shook their heads begrudgingly under his look.

Some other people like Bai Ge Seng couldn’t hold their snorts with malicious complexion.

When Shi Yan looked at Xia Qing Hou, he was like a wooden log, not having any emotion on his face. Shi Yan couldn’t see his real feelings.

From a formation next to him, Yang Tian Emperor emerged. Frowning at the force, including Shen Lin’s group, who used to belong to the Yang family, and Xia Qing Hou’s group, the ones Yang Tian Emperor had brought to the Divine Great Land, he laughed oddly. "Good. I know many people here. Haha. I have never expected to see them as enemies. But now they are! It’s true that no one can see through the others."

Under his gaze, Shen Lin, Dong Jin, and the other traitors of the Yang family stooped their heads, as if they didn't hear or see anything.

A beam of shame flashed Xia Qing Hou’s dull face. He sighed, looking at Yang Tian Emperor from a far distance. "Yang-ge, if you return now, everything will be alright."

Yang Tian Emperor revealed a pathetic sadness, smiling. "Return? What wrong deeds I've done to return? Should you or I return? Have you ever thought about that?" 

Xia Qing Hou shook his head, his face dark. He didn’t talk more.

Their dozens of years of friendship in the Endless Sea vanished after this small exchange.

"I, Yang Tian Emperor, pledge that who have ever received my favors, if they join the battle today, I will burn their bones into ashes at any cost!" said Yang Ti Emperor coldly.

"A Head Master of a small family in the wild place dares to talk arrogantly here. This is the funniest joke I've ever heard!" Qin Gu Chuan sneered. "You don’t have a tomorrow. After today, everybody in that city will no longer have their names utter in this world!"

Yang Tian Emperor cracked a smile, his face ferocious. "Well, I’m not sure about that."

"Today, who wants to attack us, stay here. Who remembers our favor and doesn't want to engage in this fight, please step back for three miles. This is for me to know who are my enemies, and who are… my friends." Shi Yan’s face was cold and still as water. He looked at them coldly, his voice calm.

"We will retreat three miles. I’ve said before, I just came here to watch. We are not going to join this operation," Yun Hao laughed frankly, waving his hands.

The disciples of the Radiant G.o.d Cult behind him, including Tang Yuan Nan, Ji Mu, Yue Ying, and the others, followed his words to separate themselves from the crowd.

Right at the beginning, Yun Hao didn’t want to join this fight. He took around ten warriors of the Radiant G.o.d Cult with him to this place.

Yu Wan Jiang frowned, throwing a glare at his people. "Our Fighting Union is different from the other forces. Although I'm your Hegemon, I won't force you. If you want to fight, stay. If you don't, you can leave."

Pausing for a while, Yu Wan Jiang waved his hand. "Warriors of the Celestial Emperor come with me. We’ll leave this place."

The Fighting Union consisted of seven cities, including the Celestial Emperor City, Fighting Emperor City, Flame Emperor City, Thunder Emperor City, Wind Emperor City, White Emperor City, and Ice Emperor City. The matters of the Union would be discussed and settled by the committee of the seven City Masters.

That’s why he couldn’t direct the Fighting Union’s way like Yun Hao did to his cult.

The Celestial Emperor’s warriors retreated three miles as Yu Wan Jiang had ordered. Shuang Yu Zhu and Leng Dan Qing of the Ice Emperor City took their mild girls with them to withdraw.

Bei Si and Bei Di of the Banner family from the White Emperor City considered and then announced their retreat. They didn’t really stand on the opposite side to Shi Yan.

However, Bai Gen Seng, who used to favor Shi Yan a lot, chose to say. He talked to Cai Yi, "That kid saved you. You can leave."

Cai Yi felt upset, leaving with Lao Li for three miles away from the site.

"Shi Yan has favored me, so I won’t join this." Zhu Yi of the Wonderful Stone City notified Lu Miao of the Spirit Treasure Sect, then brought Lin Zhi and Luo Meng’s team to three miles away.

Shen Lin, Dong Jin and the others, the former members of the Yangs and now the members of the seven ancient factions, stood still with their heads lowered.

Xia Qing Hou kept an indifferent face, as if he didn’t hear what Shi Yan said. He stood still.

From the city wall, Shi Yan felt warm. He smiled as he was watching the others moving. He didn’t expect that some people still remembered their friendship and didn’t stay on the opposite side even at this moment.

About Xia Qing Hou, Bai Gen Seng, and Shen Lin, he had prepared himself already, so he didn't feel despondent. However, he now had a new recognition of people's hearts. At the critical moments, one could see who one’s friend was.

Lin Meng and Nie Rou didn’t say anything. Their faces were ugly as they were trying to press down their anger. They thought that after this operation, they would solve those people. 

They also wanted to see the uncertain factors in their organization, which would tilt to the other side. Later on, they could find the right guys to kill.

After the seven ancient factions’ team divided into two sides, Lin Meng coldly glared at her team. "Who wants to leave with them?"

"People who believe in me, please retreat for three miles as well." At this moment, Qi Tian Oldie also rose his voice after a long time of silence.

Beyond his expectation, a small group, who wasn’t afraid of Lin Meng’s and Nie Rou’s force, detached.

Most of them didn’t belong to the seven ancient factions. They were from some other smaller forces of the Divine Great Land. To survive, they had come to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain and stayed with the seven ancient factions.

Many of them had received favor from Long Zhu, while the others had a blind belief in him. They thought that Long Zhu was the only sage of this land, and that they would believe him unconditionally. 

This group wasn’t smaller than the team that had divided after Shi Yan’s words, which was beyond everybody’s expectation.

Shi Yan was startled, looking at those people with a surprised face.

At this moment, he finally knew how great Long Zhu’s influence was in the Divine Great Land! Long Zhu made the others forget their fear for the seven ancient factions’ revenge. They resolutely decided to believe in him.

Lin Meng and Nie Rou’s group put on grim countenances. They had underestimated Long Zhu. Eventually, they recognized his tremendous influence, which had reached a frightening level.

Lin Meng’s team felt a little bit regretful. They regretted giving Shi Yan that much time. They shouldn’t have let him talk this much and just attacked right away when they had just arrived. This could have prevented many unexpected events.


Shi Yan shouted furiously, his voice sounding brutal. Crazy light sparkled in his eyes. "I ask you one more time. Do you want to exterminate us this time?"

"No doubt!" Lin Meng beamed a faint smile.

Nie Rou, Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, Lu Miao, Yan Ke, and Wen Di nodded with solemn countenances.

"Then we fight," Shi Yan curled his lips. His voice became calm like never before. Many people couldn’t stand that.

Suddenly, strange formations started to appear on the city walls under his feet. Furious explosions reverberated everywhere!

At this moment, the silver city acted as if it had turned into an ancient ferocious beast which had been awakened from the bloodiest, hardest battlefield, opening its blood mouth towards everybody. 

Lights intertwined on the formations, shooting out with the rumbling noise of formidable energy.

Seven light columns bigger than the ancient trees shot out like dragons soaring aloft from the lake, bringing an intimidating piercing power.

The light columns were like dragons entering the earth, lunging into the formation of the seven ancient factions, leaving hundred-meters-large holes in the ground. Warriors who let the light touch them vanished instantly, leaving nothing. It looked like they had been pushed into the ground, buried there forever.

Everybody discolored in fright.

No one had ever thought that Shi Yan could be that resolute and cold-hearted. He had attacked first without any hesitation.

The extremely mournful and painful screeching and screaming arose from the seven ancient factions all of a sudden. Warriors who had just lost their friends and relatives were enraged. Flame of anger was burning in their hearts.

People who had retreated three miles could also feel the tremor from the ground. They shivered, their faces ashen. Instinctively, they wanted to urge their power to withstand.

At this moment, they all felt lucky that they had made the right decision not to stay in that muddy puddle. Even Lin Meng and Nie Rou were astounded, as if someone had kicked their a*ses.

No matter how hard they had imagined, they couldn’t predict this formidable power of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City. The energy the seven ma.s.sive light columns carrying made these True G.o.d Realm feel that even their lives were threatened.

"So malignant!"

Long Ying covered her mouth and shouted. Her small, cute face paled in fear. Her beautiful eyes were distressed.

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