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Lin Meng, Yan Ke, Wen Di, and more than eight hundred warriors of the seven ancient factions had arrived in front of the silver city. This time, seven ancient factions had sent almost all of their hotshots. This force was stronger than any clan.

The moment they saw the city in the forest, they were all startled. Although they had prepared, this shining city appeared gloriously under the light of the sun, moon, and stars, which made them stunned for a while.

"That kid still has many tricks. He has tried to build a whole city!" Nie Rou couldn’t help but compliment.

"Beasts have helped him. When we pa.s.sed by this place, we saw the Monster Clan leaving the city." Wen Di snorted. "They don’t even understand the difference between races. Such ignorant brats. They stay with Monster Clan. They should apologize to our fellows who died by the alien tribes." 

Lin Meng and Qin Gu Chuan nodded.

"Should we notify them first?" Yu Wan Jiang frowned. "It’s not reasonable if we start the battle right away. It’s too brutal." 

"Hegemon Yu, we don’t need your Fighting Union to join this operation. You don't need to care about it," sneered Qin Gu Chuan.

Yu w.a.n.g Jiang's face was cold. Anger flashed in his eyes as he snorted.

Behind Yu w.a.n.g Jiang were Bei Si and Bei Di of the Banner family, Bai Ge Sen of the Aoke family, Lao Li and Cai Yi, and Leng Dan Qing, Shuang Yu Zhu of the Ice Emperor City. All of them had complicated looks on their faces.

Bei Di and Bei Si sighed, shaking their heads, as they didn't know what to do to save the situation. 

Lao Li wanted to say something, but he got his mouth shut because Bei Si had thrown him a glare. As people here were all strong warriors of the seven ancient factions, their realms and cultivation base weren’t enough for them to voice up.

Cai Yi's face was as if she had cl.u.s.ters of dark clouds on it. Her mind was a mess of tangled threads. She wanted to say something to Shi Yan, but she knew it was useless at this moment.

"This is the path they have chosen. They can’t blame the others. The pagans have slaughtered around the Divine Great Land. They know it already. They know their purpose is to eradicate Human Clan, but they still did that. They are getting themselves on the dead road," Bai Ge Sen said indignantly, his face dark and gloomy. 

Cai Yi knew her position. She understood that she had no means to help Shi Yan; she could only let sadness nibble her.

In this crowd, Leng Dan Qing and Shuang Yu Zhu felt the most anxious. They had received the news from Lie Feng. Apparently, Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui were in this city. It was just a wall, but they were a whole world apart. They wanted to get in there, but they didn’t dare. This feeling hurt them a lot.

Standing behind Yun Hao, Tang Yuan Nan, Ji Mu, and Yue Ying were discussing something in a low tone.

Zhu Yi, the city master of the Wonderful Stone City of Spirit Treasure Sect, had come. His face was complicated. He was hesitant, as he was struggling to make up his mind.

Xia Qing Hou, the Head Master of the Xia family, stood next to Lin Meng. His face was cold, while his eyes sparkled with light. However, he didn't say anything.

Among the seven ancient factions, many people had a good relationship with Shi Yan and Yang Tian Emperor. Some didn’t agree with Shi Yan’s group, and the others wanted to settle the dispute, but they were helpless. They could only watch the change in silence.

Standing behind Yan Ke, He Qing Man and Qu Yan Qing had a dark countenance. They exchanged looks, since they didn't dare to talk about Shi Yan. They were afraid that people could take it as their weakness.

Inside the silver city, Shi Yan stood on the formation eye. He looked tired. "People who should come have come. We shall go."

Yang Tian Emperor nodded with a serious face. They all knew that this fight would determine their death or life. Once they started it, they would have to do their best.

"Little Yan, can your body endure this?" Yang Tian Emperor was worried. "Once they attack us, you have to operate this city. With your current situation, do you think you can do it?"

To make this Utmost Eight Purgatories City accept its master, Shi Yan had consumed a lot of his Essence Qi and Soul Consciousness. Although he had pellets to help him recover, he couldn’t fully restore himself shortly.

At this moment, the Essence Qi in his body wasn’t half his peak strength. And, his Soul Consciousness remained not more than one-third.

Once they engaged in the battle, he had to focus on using his Soul Consciousness to control the entire city, and he had to spend a large amount of Essence Qi to stimulate the formations and barriers. If his energy weren’t enough, the power of the city would be reduced. 

If he put forth everything to resist, he would drain his Essence Qi. His body would shatter, and his soul power would be consumed completely.

If it accelerated to that point, he would die before the city got broken.

"No problem," Shi Yan cracked an odd smile. "Once the war happens, people will die. It’s easy for me."

If he hadn't had the mysterious martial spirit, he would never have had this confidence or mentioned that he could resist to the end.

The existence of his mysterious martial spirit could help him solve the biggest problem easily!

When people died, he could always take in their Essence Qi. Once he could resist the first stage, waiting until the mysterious martial spirit filtered the energy and send it to his Essence Qi halo, everything would be solved easily.

For his consumed Soul Consciousness, he could use the Soul Gathering Pearl to supply the purest soul power.

"That Qi Tian Oldie… Do we need to keep an eye on him?" Di Shan asked. He contemplated for a while and then said, "Li-ge and I can stop him for a while. Do we need to prevent him?"

"No need," Shi Yan shook his head. "Don't know why, but I feel that this oldie will be on our side. Haha. I have no evidence, but I believe in my a.s.sumption." 

Until this moment, Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, and the others had still kept an eye on Qi Tian Oldie. His name in the Divine Great Land was too resounding. Any warrior on this continent had heard about how intimidating and mysterious he was. 

No one could guess his intentions. So, when Shi Yan said the old man would help them, they didn’t believe him.


However, a head-splitting voice reverberated from the outer city. Long Zhu’s sound was like the drumbeat that could shake people’s hearts. His voice came to every corner.

Shi Yan and Yang Tian Emperor were discussing the important matters in the center of the city. They were all struck. Lin Meng and Yan Ke’s group outside the city was frightened, looking at the imposing city walls.

Long Zhu's slender figure appeared in the corner of the city. He held a dragon cane. His face was wrinkled, outlining a pair of muddy eyes. He looked senile, as if he had one foot in the grave already.

"Qi Tian Oldie!"

"Qi Tian Oldie!"

"Old Long!"

"That’s Old Long!"

"Why is he in the city?"

Instantly, many surprised screams and shouts arose from the formation of the seven ancient factions. Many people exclaimed when they recognized Long Zhu. However, they were all suspicious.

Lin Meng, Nie Rou, Yan Ke, and Wen Di, the True G.o.d Realm warriors, became tense. They all took one step forward. From a distance of a thousand meters away, they bent their body to show their respect.

In the Divine Great Land, calamities had happened many times. Sometimes, the seven ancient factions had their hands tied. They had to ask for Long Zhu’s advice to overcome the tough times.

Long Zhu had an important position in the Human Clan. He was the true warrior that everybody respected.

A long time ago, when big troubles had happened on the Dead Soul Mountain Range, at that time, Lin Meng, Yun Hao, and Nie Rou weren’t as strong as today. Long Zhu had helped them to control the dead souls’ evil lair. 

Several events like that had happened. Long Zhu had done his best to save the Human Clan.

Although Lin Meng, Qin Gu Chuan, and Nie Rou were people with n.o.ble positions, they had to conduct the etiquette of the juniors to their seniors in front of him.

People who didn’t know Long Zhu got his ident.i.ty right when they heard the others shouting. They couldn’t help but discuss with each other quietly. They were all startled.

Yun Hao was struck. As he thought that they could have a chance to overturn the situation, he hastened to scream out, "Old Long, why are you in that city? I know Old Long always has a broad vision. Do you have any new instructions for us?"

"I don't dare to give you guys instructions," Long Zhu said with a merciful countenance, his tone soft. "The alien tribes are gathering outside the Perpetual Night Forest. They are about to march here. Every minute you get out of the secret domain is the minute you may counter danger. Once the alien tribes come, without the special defensive features of the secret domain, everybody will face fatal risks. I know the resentment between you and the owner of this place. However, they are members of our Human Clan. In such special times, I do not expect you to waste our clan power in a civil war."

After he said that, everybody from the seven ancient factions started to bustle. Many people, who were racist, screamed to show their anger. They said that Long Zhu was wrong this time.

The number of warriors who agreed with Long Zhu was just one-tenth.

People who had a good relationship with Shi Yan had recognized the meanings behind Long Zhu's words, which was to consider the whole picture. They agreed with him, but their voices were sunk in the angry shouting of the others.

Looking at them from the city wall, Long Zhu couldn’t help but feel his heart heavy. He knew it was impossible to make it work.

Although Lin Meng, Nie Rou, and Yan Ke respected him, they weren’t his subordinates. If his opinions tilted to Lin Meng’s side, perhaps they would treat him with greater respect. But if he went against their wishes, this respect wouldn’t be like it should be.

He was just an old man without a big force as his background. Although his realm was mysteriously tremendous, he was just one level stronger than Lin Meng’s team. Without a stronger force to subdue them, Lin Meng’s team would never stop.

Indeed, after Lin Meng, Nie Rou, and Qin Gu Chuan discussed with each other for a while, Lin Meng replied to Long Zhu. Her voice showed her respect, but she wasn’t so tender. "Old Long, how could you talk like that? They are joining the pagans. They’ve killed many people of Human Clan, including members of the Heaven Temple. Even a True G.o.d Realm expert! They showed us that they have an agreement with the alien tribes. They want to destroy our remaining Human Bloodline!"

"We have to punish them!"

"Traitors should be executed!"

"Kill them! Take revenge for our follows!"

Many enthusiastic members of the Heaven Palace, the Pure Land, and the Martial Spirit Palace were shouting. Their face reddened with rage, as if Shi Yan had killed their fathers.

Although no one knew who had killed Ning Du Quan and Qin Gu Chuan hadn’t discovered who did that, he had poured this pot of sh*t on Shi Yan’s head, who seemed to be a suitable man for the job.

But, Shi Yan had done that indeed.

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