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The real name of the silver city was the ‘Utmost Eight Purgatories City.' It was divided into eight directions, including the four directions East-South-West-North, the sky, the ground, the life gate, and the death gate. The city had two parts, the outer part and the center part, supported by countless barriers, restrictions, and formations.

To build this city, Shi Yan had used almost all of his efforts, using the precious materials that the Monster Clan in the Perpetual Night Forest had treasured for thousands of years. With the contribution of the Monster Clan, the Yang family, and the alien tribes, they had completed the city.

Today, Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, Cao Qiu Dao, Bing Qing Tong, and Han Cui were gathering near Shi Yan.

A ma.s.sive piece of silver crystal stood in the center of the city. It had many carvings of symbols, written charms, and scriptures. A radiant light was moving around this crystal, giving people a beautiful view that could touch their hearts.

This silver crystal was as big as a basketball court. It was solid, and no leaks or cracks could be found. Portrayed lines of energy intertwined complicatedly that was hard to describe.

"You must use the divine weapon to be the formation eye?" Yang Tian Emperor’s face was heavy. He balled his hands into fists, showing that he was tense.

Just like him, the other people were holding their breath, waiting solemnly. They were waiting to see the moment when the Utmost Eight Purgatories City was complete.

 "It must be a divine weapon! And, only divine weapons can make the Utmost Eight Purgatories City move, and resist the counterforce of this great formation." Shi Yan was breathing regularly as if he were really calm. But only him knew how nervous he was at this moment.

"Divine weapons… In the Divine Great Land, only the leaders of the seven ancient factions could have. Shi Yan… Do you actually have one?" Li Zheng Rong’s voice was uncertain. His eyes sparkled as he wasn’t so sure.

If they didn't have a divine weapon to become the formation eye, the effort they had spent during this period was wasted. The Utmost Eight Purgatories City couldn’t perform its power, which meant they couldn’t withstand the seven ancient factions’ attack.

Shi Yan still looked disheveled and dusty like before. He even had some tears on his clothes. At this moment, he looked like a beggar. Nothing in him made him look like the real owner of this silver city, the master behind the scene who had reached everywhere to gather the sources and build this city. 

"Divine weapon… I do have one." At this critical moment, even Shi Yan had become hesitant. He wasn’t so sure.

Yang Tian Emperor and Li Zheng Rong didn’t talk more. They kept silent, looking at him, waiting for his next move.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan summoned the Sky Destroyer divine sword and stroked the Blood Vein Ring gingerly. He believed that both the Sky Destroyer and the Blood Vein Ring were Divine Grade treasures. However, he couldn’t decide which treasure to use to be the formation eye and control the Utmost Eight Purgatories City.

The Sky Destroyer divine sword was powerful. With this sword, he could use the enormous energy during fighting, which would benefit him a lot.

And the Blood Vein Ring… It had the whole world inside. The War Devil, the Earth Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, the Vanishing Corpse Flame stayed inside the ring. Once he used the Blood Vein Ring to be the formation eye, his life in the future would be full of struggles.

Everybody kept silent. Even the hotshots like Yang Tian Emperor and Li Zheng Rong didn't have divine weapons to use.

Although the Grace Mainland was vast, divine treasures were still the scarcest items. They weren’t something ordinary people could keep. They wanted to contribute, but they didn't have such things to give. 

Shi Yan slammed his brows together. He hesitated for a while, and eventually, he decided to use the Sky Destroyer divine sword to be the formation eye.

Once this thought popped up in his mind, he stopped hesitating, using the Soul Consciousness to drive the divine sword and his will spirit to guide the sword stabbing in that ma.s.sive crystal.

The divine sword sparkled, then disappeared, leaving a concave spot on the crystal.

After fifteen minutes, Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness had turned into one with the entire silver city. The city now was like a part of his body. He could see everything inside the city. He could control any magical formations or activate any barriers with his mind.

Silver waves rippled from the enormous crystal. Light dots showered, shooting in different directions, entering the center of each formation and barrier.

The Great Universe Soul Gathering formation under their feet started to move and transferred the energy from the top-grade Essence Crystal underground. Just like burning energy, waves of energy surged torrentially from the ground under their feet, flooding the entire city.

The door that faced the sky acted as if it were a ma.s.sive tornado, wildly drawing energy from heaven and earth in the Perpetual Night Forest, turning them into five-colored light that naked eyes could see. The gate pulled them all and distributed them to different corners of the city.

It caused a significant change in heaven and earth's energy. All creatures in the Perpetual Night Forest at a certain level could sense this earth-shaking change.

Essence Qi and Soul Consciousness remained in Shi Yan were drawn rapidly, as the Sky Destroyer divine sword was taking them from him.

In front of everybody, he cried in pain, then crouched on the ground just like a ma.s.sive mountain was pressing on him. His face paled, as sweat soaked his body. He looked miserable.

"Shi Yan!"

"Little Yan!"


Li Zheng Rong, Yang Tian Emperor, and Di Shan couldn’t hold their screams. They wanted to step forward and help him.

Shi Yan crouched on the ground, wiggling and waving his hands. He shook his head, his face distorted as he was panting like a wild animal. "Don’t come near! No one can help me!"

As he was the owner of the Sky Destroyer divine sword, the sword only took his energy. No one could help him. If he couldn't resist this challenge, he would vanish, turning into ashes together with the silver city and the Sky Destroyer.

Everybody was begrudging. Yang Tian Emperor had his eyes reddened, and his muscular body shuddered.

Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui bit their red lips, tears lingering in their eyes.

Crack Crack Crack!

Sounds of breaking bones echoed from Shi Yan’s body. Shortly, his skin cracked, and blood splashed everywhere. In just a short moment, his handsome face was covered with blood and shattered flesh.

He hadn’t told anybody that if the owner of the divine weapon used to subdue this Utmost Eight Purgatories City didn’t have enough power to resist, the moment the city accepted its new master, he would endure a terrifying pain.

If his power was insufficient, of course, he had to endure tremendous torture. Perhaps his body would be crushed, and his soul would be drained. At that time, he would explode to death right in the middle of the process.

He didn’t tell them anything. However, now everybody knew how strenuous and painful it was.

Puff Puff!

Shi Yan’s blood streamed down from his body, flowing into some special puddles and ponds under his feet, seeping into the silver crystal. There were pieces of flesh flowing together with his blood.

Shi Yan’s body was muscular and robust. However, at this moment, he was bony like a skeleton that had no blood or meat. This view was so pathetic people didn’t dare to watch any longer.

Yang Tian Emperor understood this pain. When using the Immortal Rebirth Secret to quench the body, even a madman couldn’t endure the pain that was beyond the human body.

The pain Shi Yan was enduring included a soul level pain, which was several times more severe.

Yang Tian Emperor wasn’t afraid that Shi Yan couldn’t endure this pain. However, he was afraid that Shi Yan had risked his life to withstand it. Under his tough willpower, his soul would fall first.

While he didn't notice, Yang Tian Emperor’s fingers had dug into his palms, with blood dripping. His eyes were bloodshot, and his face was grim, as he was trying to control himself.

Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui didn’t dare to see it anymore. Tears rolled down their faces. They turned away; their shoulders shuddered while trying to control their crying.

At this moment, Cao Qiu Dao, Ling Ming, Li Zheng Rong, and Di Shan bent their bodies, their eyes full of pain and sadness.

 "After this, I, Cao Qiu Dao, make a vow that I will follow Shi Yan for my whole life." Staying silent for a while, Cao Qiu Dao bent his body, speaking in a low tone, his face respectful.

Fan Xiang Yun and the other warriors standing behind him all heard his vow. They didn’t say anything but kneeled down, bowing to Shi Yan as they were shouting their vows in their hearts.

Shi Yan had used all of his power to protect each of them. Everybody witnessing this event understood how meaningful it was. They all had great respect toward Shi Yan.

On the city wall in the outer region, Long Zhu and Long Ying were watching. Of course, they couldn’t see the fierce Master Acceptance Ceremony in the center of the city. However, they could feel the tremendous change of the entire city. Thick energy flooded the area, as all barriers and formations had been activated. Torrential energy surged unceasingly.

"This is the oldest Master Acceptance Ceremony. If that kid is the real owner of this silver city… I’m afraid he is experiencing the most painful and terrible moment. He could vanish in any second." Long Zhu wore a complicated complexion, but his eyes showed his respect towards the young man. "He’s too young to reach this stage. However, he nailed it. Such a brilliant genius." 

"Is the Master Acceptance Ceremony that painful?" Long Ying was astounded.

"If his realm is high enough, it isn’t so painful. However, he has only at the Peak of Spirit Realm! Usually, the more powerful the formation is, the bigger the dangers and pain that the owner will receive during the oldest formation Master Acceptance Ceremony will be." Long Zhu explained. "I can see that this silver city can attack even the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm warriors. This means… When the city conducts its Master Acceptance Ceremony, the counterforce the formation releases can be compared to the power of True G.o.d Realm warriors."

Long Ying discolored, shouting, "Does he want to die?"

Long Zhu contemplated for a while and then shook his head. "Who knows. Anyway, if he tries to get over it, his willpower and toughness will reach an unimaginable level. No Mara could harm him. This will facilitate his cultivation towards the King G.o.d Realm, as he could endure things normal people can’t. When he enters the King G.o.d Realm, he won’t be afraid of anything. He can keep his heart safe from fears or worries. He will be complete."

"Is he that excellent?" Long Ying was startled. "Grandpa, I have never seen you acknowledge anybody that much. Is he worth it?" 

"His Realm isn’t as high as Lin Meng’s group, but his will, his mentality, and his brutal thought of having no fear of death has surpa.s.sed Lin Meng." Long Zhu kept complimenting. "I won’t highly evaluate Lin Meng until she reaches the King G.o.d Realm. But, if this kid can get over today’s challenge, and no one kills him, in this Grace Mainland, he will become the one amongst the Human Clan that has the highest possibility to reach the King G.o.d Realm."

"How about Xia Xin Yan of the Pure Land?" Long Ying’s soft body shivered, her face disbelieving.

"That little girl… has a fortune that no one could compare with. However, the King G.o.d Realm doesn’t require only a good fortune." Long Zhu shook his head. "This young man, as far as I am concerned, has a bigger chance to succeed than that little girl. If I have to predict who will succeed, I will bet on him. His heart is incomparably strong."

"Grandpa, if he survives this calamity, when the seven ancient factions come to kill him, what would you do?" Long Ying thought for a while and then asked seriously.

"If he is still alive, I’ll choose him," said Long Zhu resolutely.

Long Ying’s soft body trembled. She covered her mouth, her face disbelieving.

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