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The group of around one hundred warriors was gazing at the silver city from the thick forest, all wearing strange faces.

Yan Ke and Wen Di, the two leaders, were the secluded experts in the Divine Great Land. He Qing Man, Qu Yan Qing, Wei Zhai, and the other young people behind them were the two’s disciples. Some other Spirit Realm warriors were their followers.

Besides Yan Ke and Wen Di at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, this group had a dozen Spirit Realm warriors. The others had the Earth Realm or Nirvana Realm cultivation base, and they were pretty young. 

This force, in any aspects, was not worse than any other forces of the seven ancient factions. Moreover, they were the elite warriors with unimaginable potential.

When they reached the silver city, Li Feng Er and the others were watching from the guard tower. Their faces became solemn immediately.

Abruptly, waves of silver light rose from the city walls. Magical patterns appeared on the walls. There were drifting clouds, enormous mountains, flying birds, and swimming fishes, etc. All looked really animated, as if they were real objects, carrying magical energy.

Long Zhu and Long Ying immediately felt the movement from inside the city. They couldn’t hide their surprise, walking out of the stone room. They stood on the high wall, peeping from a corner. 

"Ah," Long Ying acclaimed with surprise. "Why are Grandma Yan and Master Wen here too?" 

Long Zhu didn’t reveal any emotion, talking indifferently. "Only the secret domain in the Perpetual Night Forest’s the human shelter at this moment. As the alien tribes want to kill Human Clan one for all, they come here to contribute their part."

"Grandpa, are we going to meet them?" Long Ying asked in a low tone.

Shaking his head, Long Zhu said, "No need to hurry. Let’s see what the host will do. Yan Ke and Wen Di's team is different from us. They bring too many people. They didn't try to conceal the force. When such a force appears, the master of this place will show himself to see the situation."

Long Zhu had stayed in this silver city for two days. He kept being surprised because of the different ancient formations portrayed here and there. Moreover, he was struck seeing the big investment of this city. Everything made him so curious about the owner of the silver city.

He wanted to know what kind of a genius in the Divine Great Land could make the Monster Clan serve him. The ancient formations here were also a mystery to Long Zhu. He didn’t know the purpose of the owner building a silver city here. 

"So grandpa, you need to be careful. Don’t let them see you," Long Ying smiled.

Long Zhu nodded nonchalantly. "Don’t worry. We’ll just watch the scene."

"Great work!"

Yan Ke and Wen Di observed the silver city for a while, looking at the countless drawings of formations appearing on the wall. Their countenance slightly changed, as they were crying with astonishment.

He Qing Man and Qu Yan Qing gawked. They were scared by the energy fluctuation from the city walls, not daring to utter a word.

Wei Zhai had stopped his flirting, gazing at the silver city. He put on a serious face while fear filled his eyes.

He had visited the Perpetual Night Forest several times, so he knew this place was the Monster Clan’s territory. Many tremendous beasts lived here. Moreover, after the seven ancient factions came here, they had been hiding in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain. They didn’t dare to provoke the Monster Clan. 

Today, a majestic city had grown in the Monster Clan’s territory. This was uncommon.

When Yan Ke and Wen Di were talking, some beasts transporting the materials flew out of the city, soaring into the sky. The beasts glared at them, snorted, then flew away.

"Glacial Armor Giant Alligator!"

Yan Ke’s visage changed. She couldn’t help but shout, her eyes sharp.

"I’m sure the Monster Clan can’t have such exquisite attainment. This silver city isn’t something they can build themselves."

Wen Di frowned, his face dark and gloomy. "Might be the Monster Clan has forced some excellent blacksmiths to build this city for them?"

"One or two blacksmiths could never be able to build such ma.s.sive city. I think there’s something we don’t know." Yan Ke shook her head. "Just wait, I think the owner will come. I really want to see who dares to join the Monster Clan like that!"

"Should we go to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain first? We should tell the seven ancient factions, then see how they deal with this silver city, right?" Wen Di was hesitant.

"It’s okay. As long as we don’t have any dispute with them, there would be no problem," said Yan Ke.

He Qing Man and Qu Yan Qing looked at the silver city, their faces astounded.

In the city center…

Shi Yan felt exhausted. He looked at the magical symbols and formation inlaid deep in the ground, and the Yang family’s soldiers putting the special materials in their exact locations in the formation. He relaxed a bit.

Right at this moment, his Sound Stone transferred Yang Tian Emperor’s thought. Shi Yan immediately got the news that almost one hundred warriors were gathering outside the city, their ident.i.ties unknown. 

Shi Yan looked distressed with his disheveled hair and dirty face. His clothes had many folds, his face was gloomy, and his eyes were dull. These were the signs of consuming too much Essence Qi and Soul Consciousness.

"I’ll be there right now," Shi Yan sent his thought to the Sound Stone. A glorious silver light bloomed from a formation under his feet, covering his entire body. Shi Yan disappeared instantly.

A similar formation on the wall in outside area of the city glowed. A silhouette emerged from the rigid stone wall, gradually appearing in front of Yan Ke and Wen Di.

He Qing Man and Qu Yan Qing shivered, as light sparkled from their beautiful eyes. It was unbelievable to them. They had to cover their mouths so as to not shout. In the crowd, they gazed at the young man.

Dust covered his face, and his clothes were wrinkled. Shi Yan stood atop the wall. His eyes raked through Yan Ke and Wen Di, then he took out some pellets, swallowing them all. After that, his countenance looked a little bit better.

"Ah!" From a corner of the city wall, Long Zhu sighed, his face odd. "The owner didn’t come, but he let a junior talk for him? This isn’t how we treat the guests." 

Long Ying glared at Shi Yan from a far distance. She wore a strange smile on her face. "Eww, this man looks sloppy. He dares to meet people with that appearance. Well, doesn’t he know that he should wash his face? Hmm, he ate some pellets in front of so many people. He has exposed his weak Essence Qi. I think the master of this place isn’t a good person. His arrangement isn’t good either." 

He Qing Man covered her mouth. Her beautiful eyes gazed at the young man on the wall without blinking. Her soft body shivered.

Shi Yan hadn’t recognized the two beauties he knew from the crowd in front of his eyes. He took in the pellets, then closed his eyes to adjust his body. Afterward, he said casually. "Where are you from? Where do you want to go?"

Wen Di took one step forward, frowned, then thundered. "Kid, tell your seniors to talk to us. Where’s your master?"

His voice pitched as rumbling thunder, reverberating without ceasing.

"Don’t mess up with us!" Shi Yan shouted impatiently. His face darkened. "I’m the Master. If you have no business here, you should leave early."

The city construction had come to the critical point. Shi Yan didn’t want to waste much time with strangers. He couldn’t help but urge them to leave.

This group wasn’t similar to Long Zhu and Long Ying. Yang Tian Emperor and Li Feng Er couldn’t recognize Long Zhu’s real cultivation base, so they had just considered him an old man. And Long Ying at the Peak of Sky Realm, Yang Tian Emperor didn’t consider her a threat.

This group of Yan Ke and Wen Di was different. They didn't conceal their aura and competence. The two Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm experts were enough to shake the later phase of their construction. Moreover, a dozen of Spirit Realm warriors could also affect the finishing of their city.

If they let them in, once they had the malicious thought, although the silver city could make them pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price, it would affect the progress of the construction badly.

At first glance, Shi Yan decided not to let them in the city, but he also didn’t want to provoke them.

"You are the master?" Wen Di was a hot-tempered person. He shouted, "Kid, don’t waste my time! I just want to ask your master. Why does he stay with the alien tribes? You are human. Why don’t you go to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain? What do you want to do here?"

"What do we want to do?" Shi Yan's face was mocking. "We build the city not to prevent the alien tribes, but to defend against the seven ancient factions!"

At that moment, not only Yan Ke and Wen Di, but Long Zhu and Long Ying in the city were also dumbstruck.

Shi Yan didn’t want to talk much with them, waving his hand. "Sorry, we have our errands to run. Forgive us that we can’t treat you well. The Ice and Fire Secret Domain isn’t far from here. We’re not going to accompany you." 

Then, he strolled into the city wall. His body was like it was made of water that could merge with any part of the city wall with no restriction.

His figure flashed and disappeared. Numerous symbols and formations glowed on the city walls. The four gates at the four directions of the city started to diffuse a dangerous aura.

Yan Ke and Wen Di became grimaced.

They were all secluding experts. They hadn’t interfered with the matters of the Divine Great Land for a long time. However, Lin Meng and Nie Rou always had to treat them with excellent etiquette. They wouldn’t be so rude. Shi Yan’s behavior had irritated them.

"Did we create a grudge with them?" After Shi Yan got back, Yang Tian Emperor frowned then talked to him. "The others are strong. Your behavior will create more enemies for us."

"How could I not know that?" Shi Yan sighed, "However, we can’t let them in. Once they show their hostility, we can’t bear the consequence. And, they are racist. Apparently, they don’t go the same way as us. We can’t persuade them."

Yang Tian Emperor nodded, "Then forget it. But… what if they attack us now? Can we resist it?"

"Not a big deal. Although this ‘Utmost Eight Purgatories City’ hasn’t finished, its power isn’t simple. If they want to get it, it would be their bad luck." Shi Yan beamed a faint smile, his face arrogant.

Yang Tian Emperor felt safe. He didn’t talk more.

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