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The gathering place of the Yang family…

Beasts were moving back and forth, their giant bodies seeming like the black clouds in the sky. They were rumblingly stomping on the ground, carrying many cultivating materials on their backs.

Each giant beast transporting the materials would shout its name contentedly. Then, it would smile servilely to a young man by the lake. "Remember me! Remember to refine my body! I can help you!"

The young man by the lake lifted his head every time, smiled, and nodded to the beasts tirelessly. 

Yan Long, Xue Lie, Nine-headed Bird, Glacial Armor Giant Alligator, and Silver-winged Sky Wolf would sometimes appear from the dense forest to order their soldiers, helping them to dig a tunnel underground.

There appeared many ditches that connected to each other by the lake. Each ditch was dozens of meters deep. Humid steam diffused from them.

Deep inside the ditches, one could see many sparkling lights. With a closer look, one would find they were all the top-grade Essence Crystals. Every warrior was moved on seeing them.

These top-grade Essence Crystals came from the lake bottom near the Creator’s Divine Pond. Each piece of them was precious, containing a ma.s.sive amount of energy.

So many top-grade Essence Crystals formed the foundation. But they just looked like the cushion for this formation.

Looking from a bird’s eye view, it was a complicated drawing formed by so many ditches. Looking at that formation for a long time, people would feel their souls tremble, as if it were an evil force that could shake people’s souls.

Several thousand warriors of the Yang family, the Cao family, the Shi family, the Dark Devil Clan, and the Winged Clan stood in those ditches, constantly moving back and forth. Sweat covered their pale faces.

If someone zoomed in each ditch a hundred times, he would find a strange formation drawn at the bottom, which had the names of many materials.

The crowd of the Yang family and the alien tribes were putting the distinctive materials into their exact locations and arranging the Essence Crystals neatly.

A couple thousand members of the Monster Clan had been transporting materials for the whole three days. The heaven and earth products they had brought to this place were enough to cover the entire Perpetual Night Forest. They were piled up like many big mountains.

Super warriors like Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, and Li Zheng Rong had become workers. They were using their tremendous power to build the underground foundation. Even some Earth Realm and Disaster Realm warriors were busy too. They all wanted to contribute their strength. 

When someone drained all his Essence Qi and got exhausted, he would come to the lake to receive the pellets.

Mighty warriors like Yang Tian Emperor would use the spiritual herbs, the ten-thousand-year stalact.i.tes, or other chalcedonies to enhance their Essence Qi and spirit. They didn’t regret using so many precious treasures, as they just wanted to restore the power at the fastest speed.

This was willfully trampling on precious heaven and earth products.

The area covered by the ditches was around a hundred li squared, extending endlessly like giant dragons crawling on the ground, entangling with each other. This formation looked both strange and mysterious.

After eight days of strenuous labor, human warriors and beasts had cooperated to dig the ground and form the foundation. So many strange formations were carved and inlaid with different precious materials. The energy of the top-grade Essence Crystals had activated the miraculous jades and crystals. 

Lines of hundred-meters tall beasts brought the flame stones, diamonds, and rocks that were hard as steel, all from a distant place. Although they were of different kinds, they were all more rigid than steel and iron. Some stones were as big as a basketball court. Hundred-meters tall beasts carried them on their backs, which looked like they were carrying a whole small mountain.

Countless steel-like stones were pushed into the ditches, piling higher and higher.

Shi Yan and Ye Chang Feng were using the Earth Flame and the Purgatory True Flame to burn those mega rocks. They extracted the contaminants and quenched the rock firmness, pouring their energy into them.

Metals from many mines in the Perpetual Night Forest was melted into the blazing fluid, pouring into the ditches, covering the rigid stones. This scorching fluid enhanced the firmness of the stones, giving them a tremendous defending capacity.

The Ice Cold Flame also flew out. Right after the blazing fluid was poured into their exact position, the flame would cool it immediately using its cold air. This fluid then merged with the rocks, just like its armor.

Human warriors, pagans, and beasts were gathering, their spirit soaring up to the sky. They had gathered a ma.s.sive amount of materials, using crystal stones, metals, mineral stones, jades, and gems to raise the area slowly. Eventually, it took the shape of a city, which was not really big.

By the time the primitive form of the city was established, Shi Yan had become busier. He carved the formations on the city walls and on some special corners. At the same time, he had to tell Yang Tian Emperor and Yi Tian Mo to a.s.sign the next tasks to the Monster Clan.

While they didn't pay much attention, the city situated in a hundred li squared area was getting taller, reaching the height of one hundred meters. It had a square shape; even the top was sealed. They just left a giant door facing the sky, which looked more like a hole.

The city was formed, but the atmosphere inside was still hustling and bustling. So many symbols and formation appeared on the walls. On the streets, piles of materials had been arrayed into different formations with different functions.

Shi Yan was exhausted, and his eyes were dull. He was constantly using pellets and spiritual herbs to resist the fatigue. He didn’t stop even at nights, as he was drawing the general outline for the entire city.

All the beasts and pagans were working as he had planned. They increased the power and contributed their strength as he required. All of them were giving their best to build this city.

Ten days later, the big city was vaguely formed. From the outside, it looked relatively big. The city walls sparkled with a silver light. Under the light of the sun, moon, and stars, it looked more like a silver mountain range, radiating gloriously.

Shi Yan was busier. He was flying back and forth in the city, portraying formations, naming the materials that they needed more of, talking to the Monster Clan, and a.s.sisting Yang Tian Emperor's team in arranging their manpower. He was exhausted like an old dog.

Present day…

A senile old man with white hair and beard took a beautiful young girl and crossed this place. They were stunned on seeing the radiant city.

"Grandpa, since when has a city been here?" The little girl had a pair of eyes as bright as stars. Her small face looked like an apple, blushing lovely, showing that she was an active girl.

The old man held a dragon cane in his wrinkled hand. His eyes were turbid. It seemed he couldn’t see things clearly.

He squinted, gazing the silver city that had just appeared for a while. His smoky eyes started to show his interest. "Who knows. From the structure, I can see it’s not built by ordinary people. Interesting!"

"Is that the seven ancient factions’ work?" The young girl was surprised for a while and then asked suddenly. "The seven ancient factions should be staying in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain, right?"

"…Seven ancient factions." The old man contemplated for a while and then shook his head. "No, not them. Lin Meng and Nie Ruo wouldn’t take the risk. The alien tribes are operating around the Perpetual Night Forest. If they are smart enough, they won’t show themselves."

"Oh, then I don't know," the little girl chuckled. Suddenly, she seemed to be interested in this place. "Grandpa, can we go there and check it out?"

The old man didn't answer. He frowned, gazing at the silver city. Eventually, he found many beasts coming in and out the city, which astounded him more.

"Grandpa?" the little girl urged.

The old man woke up. He thought and then smiled with a nod, stroking the girl’s head. "Tell me, Little Ying. Alright, we will go there and see. We aren’t hurried to see the Ice and Fire Domain anyway."

The old man and the little girl sauntered toward the silver city. When they were about to reach the city gate, they slowed down.

"People, who are you?" A clean but cold voice arose from the city, full of vigilance.

"We are the lucky humans that still survive in the Grace Mainland. As we heard the Perpetual Night Forest is relatively safe, we come here to avoid the pagan’s slaughter."

Li Feng Er was standing in a watchtower tower inside the city. Hearing him, she was astounded. After considering for a while, she couldn't help but report to Yang Tian Emperor.

Yang Tian Emperor came. From the watchtower, he carefully observed the old man and the young girl. He felt really strange.

Yang Tian Emperor, at his realm, figured out that the old man seemed to be an ordinary elder. He had no energy fluctuations, and his vitality was weak. Quite the contrary, the little girl was… a Peak of Sky Realm warrior. However, her aura was powerful. Energy fluctuated around her body. At this level, even a Spirit Realm warrior was worse than her.

Yang Tian Emperor wasn’t so sure. He hesitated, then sent a message to Yian Ti Mo.

Not long afterward, Yi Tian Mo and Di Shan came. They gazed at the old man for a while, but they couldn’t find anything else. They shook their heads, not knowing what to do with this case.

This silver city hadn’t been finished. If a strong expert with malicious intention came, he could affect the entire construction. But if they didn't let these two come in, the beasts or pagans in the Perpetual Night Forest would kill them.

As the old man saw no response from the city, he threw the little girl a glance to signal her.

The girl cheered up immediately. Then, she used a grimaced face while speaking. "Please, I’m begging you. Please let us in. We’ve been struggling the whole time until we got here. It’s not been easy for us to survive until now. You are humans, right? Please help us!"

Yang Tian Emperor frowned. He hesitated for a while, then took out the Sound Stone to contact Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was using pellets to restore his energy. He pondered, then said, "Let them in. However, we should be watchful. Always keep an eye on them. Don’t let them leave our sight."

Yang Tian Emperor stopped the communication. He nodded to Li Feng Er. "Pay attention to them. You are in charge of watching them. Don't let them go to the center."

Li Feng Er shouted with a severe countenance. "Let them in!"

The little girl was cheered up, as she continually said thanks and entered the city.

The old man didn’t walk immediately. He frowned, looking at the shining silver city and the beasts moving back and forth. He seemed to be sinking into his thoughts.

"Little Ying, don’t mess up in this city. Where the owner doesn't allow, don’t trespa.s.s. Understand?" The old man caught up with the little girl, asking her in a low tone.

The young girl was surprised. She turned around to look at him, then nodded. She seemed to feel so strange in her heart.

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