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In the Black Pool…

Black smog hovered above the pool. It seemed that this smoke would never disperse, rolling like the dark clouds and moving downward.

Zuo Shi floated above the dark water, her face grimaced in pain. She was trying to take in the black smoke. Her aura gradually rocketed.

Black lightning struck the pool, hitting Zuo Shi and getting into her soft body.

Xuan Ming stayed in the pool, using human form to emerge. His both hands were constantly dragging, pulling, and distorting the power of heaven and earth. He was forcefully pulling lightning and dark clouds in the sky, using his supernatural power to pour all of them into Zuo Shi’s body.

Six hours later, the pain ceased from Zuo Shi’s face. She then felt happy, dancing above the pool.

One more hour later, Zuo Shi hummed, her face divine. She sang and then laughed. "It works!"

A satisfied smile appeared on Xuan Ming’s face, which was covered in turtle sh.e.l.ls. "You little girl, your innate natural endowment is unbelievable. If you focus on your cultivating, your future will be unimaginable. However… you are mischievous. You met me too late. Otherwise, you should be at the True G.o.d Realm now."

"Why do I need such power?" Zuo Shi mumbled, talking disdainfully. "Cultivating's strenuous, and not interesting at all. My monster teacher urges me every day. So annoying! Meeting you is worse. You are more annoying than that Chi Xiao. Don't force me, or I will hate you."

Xuan Ming beamed a forced smile. "There are so many people in this land who want to be my disciple. Well, you’re a lucky little girl. I’m doing the strenuous job to help you without any benefit, and you blame me daily. Sigh, life is so hard."

"Snort," Zuo Shi didn’t pay attention to him. "I’ve reached the Spirit Realm, would you let me go now?"

"No!" Xuan Ming’s face stiffened. "It’s really complicated out there. If you go there, you will be involved."

While they were talking, Xuan Ming suddenly snorted and then shouted. "Get you’re a*s here! All of you!"

Yan Long, Xue Lie, Nine-headed Bird, Glacial Armor Giant Alligator, and Silver-winged Sky Wolf appeared by the pool. All of them were using their true form, which was hundreds of meters tall.

 "Xuan Ming, our Boss, what do you summon us for?" Glacial Armor Giant Alligator talked in a low tone. While he was talking, thick icy vapor emitted from his mouth.

"I still need a good weapon. I’m going to find that human kid and ask him for one. Xuan Ming, our Boss, if you don’t have any important order, can I leave now?" Silver-winged Sky Wolf cried impatiently.

"You bunch of idiots!" Xuan Ming’s beard twitched. "If I don’t watch over you guys, you would be harmed to death. Perhaps you would know nothing, even if he was going to sell you."

Yan Long’s body, which was covered in flaming scales, shuddered as he roared indignantly. "Xuan Ming, our Boss, could you not exaggerate? Shi Yan treats us well. He helped us refine the body and a good weapon, too. He isn’t an ordinary human."

Xue Lie and Nine-headed Bird also nodded, as they claimed that Shi Yan had treated them well. Apparently, they stood on Shi Yan’s side.

"Stupid! Stupid!" Xuan Ming shook his head continually, his face as if he were at a funeral. "My life is so hard. I have to watch over this group of idiots. Sigh, so annoying. You are so annoying!"

"Xuan Ming Old man, you said the other side is in danger. What do you mean?" Zuo Shi suddenly got serious, frowning. "My grandfather, is he going to meet danger? You should make it clear now."

"I’m going to tell you too," Xuan Ming snorted. "The people of the seven ancient factions want to attack those humans. As far as I am concerned, at least ten days or a half a month later, they will carry out their operation." 

Listening to him, Zuo Shi’s cute face paled. She cried immediately, "I have to go back! I must go back!"

"I won’t allow you to go there!" Xuan Ming rolled his eyes at her. "You want to go back to get killed? Let alone the fact you’ve just reached the Spirit Realm, even if you were at the True G.o.d Realm, only death is what awaits you there! You can't imagine how strong the seven ancient factions force is. They have at least ten True G.o.d Realm warriors. What good is there for you if you go there?" 

"No! I have to go back! Xuan Ming Old man, if you stop me, I will hate you forever!" Zuo Shi screamed.

Yan Long, Xue Lie, Nine-headed Bird were the rulers of the Monster Clan. From what Xuan Ming said, they understood the matter, their faces darkening.

"I have to tell you clearly first," Xuan Ming said with a serious complexion. "This is the civil war of the Human Clan. You can help a little bit to pay back the favors, but you are not allowed to risk your lives. Our grandchildren of the Monster Clan dwell in this Perpetual Night Forest. You shouldn’t let the human civil war cause loss to us. Use your brain to think. Don’t pioneer and be the idiots!"

Nine-headed Bird, Glacial Armor Giant Alligator, and Silver-winged Sky Wolf didn’t answer, but Yan Long shouted, "Shi Yan has given us favors. We should help him… And, if he dies, who will help us refine the body?"

"If all of you die, you don’t need to refine your body anymore!" Xuan Ming rolled his eyes. "If anyone goes against my order, I will kick his a.s.s out of the Perpetual Night Forest. I will never allow him to come back!"

After he said that, the five great monsters shut their mouths. But their eyes changed constantly.

"Xuan Ming Old man, you have to help them. Otherwise, I’m not going to cultivate with you anymore. Even if you kill me, I’m not going to move my hands!" Zuo Shi cried bravely. Her soft body shivered. "If my family faces something unexpected, I will hate you for the rest of my life!"

Xuan Ming felt a headache coming. He grabbed his hard hair. "At most… I’ll bring the Zuo family here. I will keep them safe."

"No!" Zuo Shi shook her head resolutely. "Shi Yan used to help me. You have to save him too!"

"That kid has a tremendous competence. I don’t need to interfere. Sigh, he has messed up this Perpetual Night Forest. That kid doesn’t learn the rules. He’s avoided me to make this bunch of idiots die for him. Save him? Impossible!" Xuan Ming shook his head continually.

Zuo Shi kept silent, pouting her lips to show her discontent.

"My little ancestor, why do you need to care about his life?" Xuan Ming felt the pain swell in his head. "My life is so hard. You tell me, why do I need to save him? What makes him deserve that?"

"That year, we were all in the Quiet Cloud Land. He took us to the Endless Sea, and then the Divine Great Land. Without him, I couldn’t have met you. And, the thing I got, he helped me to translate. The Black Tortoise True Star is thanks to his labors too." Zuo Shi hastened to tell him the truth.

Xuan Ming was dazed. He frowned, "Is it true? You are trying to fabricate it, aren’t you?"

"You fabricate it!" Zuo Shi snorted discontentedly. "You can read my mind. Why don’t you try?" 

Xuan Ming squinted. A shiny light crossed his eyes, entering Zuo Shi’s head.

After a while, he pondered and then stroked his chin. "It’s true. Yeah, let me think. Alright, you’ve reached the Spirit Realm. It’s time to change the place to cultivate. If you progress fast to satisfy me, I will help that kid."

Zuo Shi’s eyes brightened. "Are you sure?"

"I’m an old man, why should I deceive a little girl like you?" Xuan Ming rolled his eyes, then cried with a painful face. "This life… is really hard!"

"Alright, I agree with you. But, you have to help me!" Zuo Shi’s face was filled with content. "Cultivating, right? I’m not good at anything but this thing. Hehe."

"Hey, Xuan Ming Boss, how about us?" The group of great monsters of the Monster Clan stared at him, waiting for his decision.

"Wait for my order. You guys can help them do something, but without my instruction, you are not allowed to get to the frontline and slaughter. Understand?" Xuan Ming snorted and then thundered. "All of you are idiots! After the Great s.p.a.ce Fission, you are still stupid. Sigh, this life is really hard!"

As Yan Long and Xue Lie saw the situation having a chance to overturn, they didn’t linger, moving their giant bodies and disappearing from the Black Pool.

After the others all left, Xuan Ming opened his mouth and drew all the thick black smog above the Black Pool.

After that, he swung his hand to cover Zuo Shi in black smog. He brought the little girl to a special area in the Perpetual Night Forest, which would help her breakthrough faster.

Inside the Creator’s Divine Pond…

Li Zheng Rong slowly woke up, his eyes bright as stars. His aura was torrential, bringing a streak of the ancient times. 

"Ah, is that little girl Bing Qing Tong?" He turned his head to see the Creator’s Divine Pond behind his back. He couldn’t help but cry, then turned to Shi Yan. "What? Why are you so upset? Any problem?" 

"The seven ancient faction forces are about to attack us," sighed Shi Yan.

Li Zheng Rong’s mood suddenly became heavy.

He knew the dangerous features of the seven ancient factions. He knew how bad it would be when they wanted to attack someone. He also knew that Shi Yan’s current force wasn’t enough to counter such force.

 "Have you found a solution yet?" He frowned while asking.

Shi Yan shook his head.

Li Zheng Rong contemplated for a while and then said, "You said you have the knowledge of a blacksmith. Should we start from there?"

"Refining weapons?" Shi Yan shook his head and beamed a forced smile. "Not enough time. The excellent treasures couldn’t change the whole situation."

"I’m not talking about forging weapons." Li Zheng Rong’s face was serious. "I’m talking about…formations! I remember that there are so many powerful formations in the Antiquity Time. Some could even kill the King G.o.d Realm warriors!"

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. He shuddered, then jolted up from his spot.

He stood still for a while, as if he were searching for the information in his head. Later on, he beamed a wry smile. "Difficult. Talking about materials, the Monster Clan has enough. But, it’s going to be a mega construction. I can’t build it in a short time." 

"What if the Monster Clan helps you?" Li Zheng Rong reminded him. "As far as I know, the giant bodies of the beasts would be a great support in building ma.s.sive constructions."

Shi Yan was shaken, as divine light shot out from his eyes. He laughed cheerfully. "Old Li, you are truly extraordinary! We can try this! Thank you Old Li. Haha, true. If the Monster Clan helps us, we can build the difficult ancient formation shortly. I think it will work!"

The problem that had troubled him for a long time finally had a beam of hope with Li Zheng Rong’s reminder.

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