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These days, Shi Yan was really busy.

The Perpetual Night Forest was vast. As he was doing business with the other three hotshots of the Monster Clan, he had to run back and forth in the forest, consuming a lot of his efforts to make them accept him.

Nine-headed Bird, Silver-winged Sky Wolf, and Glacial Armor Giant Alligator were the Rank 2 Level 9 beasts, the high-grade leaders of the Monster Clan, at the same level as Xue Lie.

The three of them occupied vast areas in the Perpetual Night Forest. They were all brutal and sinister. They had many level 7 and 8 subordinates, who were staying in different areas. However, they didn’t have a good relationship with Yan Long and Xue Lie. Quite the contrary, they fought all the time.

To get the approval from these three, Shi Yan had to put much effort, using Yan Long and Xue Lie as the precedent to persuade them, making them give him the treasures they had stashed for thousands of years.

After one month of refining through days and nights, Shi Yan was exhausted. With Ye Chang Feng’s a.s.sistance, he had the Purgatory True Flame, which helped him please the three hotshots of the Monster Clan.

Nine-headed Bird, Silver-winged Sky Wolf, and Glacial Armor Giant Alligator were the overlords of a vast area. They all had intellect, which became more profound after the Great Fission. Negotiating with them gave Shi Yan a big headache as they weren’t so easy to be deceived.

If they hadn’t seen the great changes on Yan Long and Xue Lie after their bodies had been refined, these three monsters would never pay attention to Shi Yan.

The precious treasures they had collected over thousands of years widened Shi Yan's vision. Now he knew that the most precious earth and heaven products weren't in the hands of the seven ancient factions, but in the cave mansions of the beasts.

After one month of refining, no matter day or night, Shi Yan was so exhausted that his soul had weakened. However, his Third Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base was steadied.

He found that while he was quenching the monsters’ bodies or forging the simple weapons with tremendous power, his mind and spirit were quiet and clear. During the refining process, his soul was sublimated. This wonderful realm of having nothing else in his head was really useful to steady his Sea of Consciousness.

After one month, his understanding of the star Upanishad became deeper.

While he was annealing the Glacial Armor Giant Alligator, he had accidentally stirred up s.p.a.ce, causing many s.p.a.ce slits again. This experience gave him a deeper knowledge of s.p.a.ce power.

Although he was tired out during the whole month, he knew this period was constructive for his martial cultivating path. It made his recognition of earth and heaven power clearer. 

Di Shan and Li Zheng Rong had used the Creator's Divine Pond to enter the True G.o.d Realm and create the G.o.d Soul. Finally, he had True G.o.d Realm warriors on his side. They didn't fail him. 

Yang Tian Emperor wasn’t hurried. He said that he didn’t want to use the Creator’s Divine Pond that quickly. He was still cultivating on the lake bottom, using the willpower that was almost harmful to him to comprehend the power Upanishad he had understood.

Today, he managed to have some free time to go to the Yang family’s gathering point. He was surprised to see Yi Tian Mo and Yu Ruo were in their comprehension stage. They sat still for seven days, while magical halos were moving around them.

With his knowledge, Shi Yan understood that when Yi Tian Mo and Yu Rou woke up, they would be at the Peak of Spirit Realm. At that time, they could enter the Creator’s Divine Pond.

When he was still observing them, Yang Tian Emperor asked Ye Chang Feng to open the lake pa.s.sage. He returned with a grim face.

"The seven ancient factions want to attack us now." Right after he arrived, Yang Tian Emperor threw a powerful grenade, which sank everybody’s hearts.

Although they knew the seven ancient factions didn’t have good intentions, they always thought that as they were all humans, the seven ancient factions wouldn't force them into the dead corner. Having heard Yang Tian Emperor, people found their hearts all chilled.

The seven ancient factions were the strongest human forces in the Divine Great Land. Before the rise of the alien tribes, they had dominated the richest land, and everybody knew their reputation.

When they were determined, it would be very terrifying.

"Great Grandpa, how did you know that?" Shi Yan’s face darkened. "You were always staying in the lake bottom. How did you receive the news?"

"It’s from Tang Yuan Nan. Before we detached, I exchanged the Sound Stone seal with him." Yang Tian Emperor’s visage was grim. "However, it’s not Tang Yuan Nan’s voice. Perhaps, he had sent someone out of the Secret Domain and sent me the message. That person said that the seven ancient factions are about to carry out a slaughter against us. We are told to leave the Perpetual Night Forest as fast as possible."

"Tang Yuan Nan… He still remembers our relationship. It’s worth my good treats to him." Shi Yan nodded. He contemplated for a while and then asked, "How about Xia Qing Hou? You didn’t contact only Tang Yuan Nan, did you? Has he ever sent any message to you?"

Yang Tian Emperor kept silent.

Shi Yan’s face darkened. He snorted and then said faintly, "Seems like not everyone remembers the old favors."

"Without the Teleportation Formation Little Yan had built, the Xia family would have perished in the Endless Sea. This old man, when they had arrived in the Divine Great Land, he immediately joined the Pure Land as though he didn’t remember who we are," Yang Zhuo smiled faintly.

"Don't say useless things. Everybody has their own path. We can’t force anyone." Yang Tian Emperor scolded then frowned. "Everyone has his own choice. The day we chose to leave, we should have known that we would be on the opposite side one day. Tang Yuan Nan has remembered our friendship. We have to appreciate him. Xia Qing Hou didn't notify us, but we don't need to criticize. We just… don't consider him a friend anymore." 

"Yang-ge, do you really think that way?" Cao Qiu Dao, the one who always kept silent from the beginning, suddenly arched his eyebrows. "The hero of the Endless Sea, when have you become so sympathetic? In my eyes, the ones that aren’t my friends, of course, are my enemies!" 

Yang Tian Emperor was nonchalant, not answering. No one knew what he was thinking.

Yang Tian Emperor was always arrogant in the Endless Sea. He didn't have many close friends, and Xia Qing Hou was one of his close friends.

Before Xia Qing Hou had fallen into insanity, Yang Tian Emperor had a good relationship with him. The Xia family always followed the Yang family. They had stayed in the Kyara Sea. No matter what situation it was, they were still with the Yang family.

Yang Tian Emperor had treated him well. Xia Qing Hou appreciated his favor, and he had done his best to maintain a good relationship with the Yangs. When Yang Tian Emperor found the danger, he had notified Xia Qing Hou first, asking him to bring the Xia family to the Immortal Island so that they could leave the Endless Sea together. 

Quite the contrary, Tang Yuan Nan was Yang Tian Emperor’s opponent right from the beginning. The Three G.o.ds Sect and the Yang family had had conflicts for hundreds of years. Yang Tian Emperor and Tang Yuan Nan had fought before. They didn’t like each other.

When Shi Yan appeared, their hostile relationship was calmed, as they gradually became allies. However, his relationship with Tang Yuan Nan was much worse than the relationship he had with Xia Qing Hou. When they decided to leave the Endless Sea, he had hesitated a lot before sending news to Tang Yuan Nan.

However, when he treated Xia Qing Hou, he had no hesitation. He immediately notified Xia Qing Hou when he knew the change of the Demon Area, which he couldn't resist.

However, when they needed intelligence the most, Tang Yuan Nan had sent it to them, while Xia Qing Hou didn’t even move his fingers. Yang Tian Emperor found it hard to accept this fact.

"From now on, he will no longer be my friend. If he shows his hostility, I won't be merciful." Yang Tian Emperor kept silent for a while before continuing with a calm voice.

Cao Qiu Dao laughed. "This is the Yang Tian Emperor I know."

"What should we do?" Fan Xiang Yun was anxious, her face glum. "Shi Yan, do you have any countermeasures?"

"Time is rushing," Shi Yan gritted his teeth. "I thought we still have more time. After you guys all have the breakthrough, we will face them directly. I didn't think that they would take action that fast."

He felt a headache coming.

He knew how strong the seven ancient factions were. They had more than ten True G.o.d Realm warriors. Even if Yun Hao and the Radiant G.o.d Cult didn’t join this operation, the other six factions were enough to sweep them.

"How about the Monster Clan? Would they help us?" asked Yang Zhuo.

"They can help us a little bit. But, we can’t expect that they would risk their lives for us. Our opponent is so intimidating. I think the Monster Clan will consider the pros and cons. They won't be rash." Shi Yan shook his head then said, "Unless…"

"Unless what?" Everybody was shaken.

Shi Yan beamed a forced smile. "Unless that dreadful old man Xuan Ming helps us, the other hotshots of the Monster Clan would never risk their lives against the Human Clan. Sigh! It’s tough. That old man’s a conservative one. He’s a big racist nut. Last time I went there, he had struck me away before I had time to explain."

When he said that, people felt their hearts sink again. Dark clouds hovered in their heads.

"How about leaving this place?" said Fan Xiang Yun, "We should leave the Perpetual Night Forest for the time being. It should be… no problem?"

"We can leave. But should we not return?" Yang Tian Emperor shook his head. "Once we leave the Perpetual Night Forest, it's the empty land outside. It's easy for the alien tribes to detect us. Not only the alien tribes, the seven ancient factions could chase after us there. It's also a wild area with nothing else. We won't have even an obstacle to hide behind. We haven't prepared for that. It would make us more pa.s.sive." 

"Yes, we can’t retreat. Once we retreat, it will be more strenuous." Cao Qiu Dao, the Head Master of the Cao family, always had a clear mind.

Everybody was silent, their faces grim. They were thinking how to deal with this big oncoming calamity.

When they had to face the seven ancient factions directly, they recognized that they were so weak and tiny compared to this formidable force. They had no means or ways to stop their crushing attack.

"Little Yan, don’t bear too big a pressure. As we are at this point, it’s our choice. Without you, we still would have done the same." Yang Tian Emperor looked at him with affection. "In this vast world, we would have a way out. We will find a solution."

Shi Yan took a deep breath. "Great Grandpa, give me time. I need to think about it carefully to see if we can find a way out."

Everybody nodded and scattered, discussing with each other in a low tone to find a solution.

Yang Tian Emperor sighed, but didn't say anything, as a furious light was dancing in his eyes. No one knew which brutal thought he had at this moment.

Shi Yan didn't say anything. He sat down by the lake, closed his eyes, and pondered, his face grim.

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