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Di Shan stood still on the station inside the Creator's Divine Pond, his eyes closed. There was no surging energy wave around him, and he looked as if he were sleeping.

Glowing top-grade Essence Crystals in the lake bottom had been activated. A large amount of pure, glorious energy gathered like gossamer, moving towards the Creator's Divine Pond.

The floating station was like the brain of a human soul. It was a messy place where different kinds of energy were intertwining. Although bunches and beams of light were dazzling, they still made people feel peaceful.

The refined soul power of the Life Original Fluid and the Soul Washing Divine Water gradually overflowed Di Shan's Sea of Consciousness. He sat still indifferently, while trying his best to absorb the energies into his Sea of Consciousness. He felt so comfortable, as if he were soaking in a warm stream. Each pore of his was relaxed.

Shi Yan, Li Zheng Rong, and Ye Chang Feng were standing by the Creator's Divine Pond and observing. They were a little bit nervous, as they were afraid something unexpected would happen.

The Creator's Divine Pond was a structure built in the Antiquity Time. Only the strongest clans could build it, since it cost countless materials and efforts. This divine pond had swallowed so many magical things to have such miraculous effects.

Although Shi Yan was 100% sure, he couldn't confirm whether Di Shan would succeed or not. The only thing he could confirm was that Di Shan wouldn't endure many strenuous experiences.

When the Life Original Fluid and the Soul Washing Divine Water blended with each other, they turned into an ivory fluid, seeping into Di Shan's head through seven holes on his face. At this moment, Shi Yan couldn't help but exhale in relief.

Di Shan suddenly opened his eyes. From deep inside his pupils, people could vaguely see many light dots entangling with each other. It looked like the star movement to circulate energy in the Milky Way. A flow of energy emitted from his body, cheering up people in the surroundings.

Di Shan's Sea of Consciousness started to change slowly, beginning to follow the Creator's Divine Pond to rebuild. Each flow of his Soul Consciousness was refined to become the support when he condensed the G.o.d Soul.

Shi Yan suddenly turned to Li Zheng Rong and Ye Chang Feng, then smiled. "He's entered the main track. As long as no one disturbs him, it will take seven days max to create the G.o.d Soul. When Di Shan gets the G.o.d Soul, he can leave the Creator's Divine Pond. After that, he just needs to adjust himself to the new realm. Old Li, when he gets out, you can get in there to break through your realm. I wish for you to enter the True G.o.d Realm as soon as possible." 

Li Zheng Rong was so joyful he couldn't stop laughing. His face looked like a blooming flower, as he was so excited he didn't know what to say.

He had stayed in the Spirit Realm for dozens of years. As one of the leading alchemists in the Grace Mainland, he understood the difference between the Spirit Realm and the True G.o.d Realm more than anyone else. He knew what it meant when he had stepped into the True G.o.d Realm.

In the True G.o.d Realm, the warriors had the G.o.d Soul, which was immortal unless it was attacked by some special treasures.

Although his body was smashed, a True G.o.d Realm expert could always escape the body, or, use a pregnant woman's womb to be reborn again in the shape of a baby. Alternatively, he could choose a young man with outstanding features and occupy his soul to thrive further.

No matter which method the True G.o.d Realm warrior chose, he could have another chance to reach his original realm one more time. If he decided to be reborn as a baby, he could have a better chance at understanding the deep meanings of power faster while trying to recover his power.

This opportunity made the True G.o.d Realm leap up a long step reasonably. He would find it easy to break through a minor realm.

There were many Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm experts who couldn't find the right chance to comprehend the Upanishad. That's why they couldn't break through to the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm.

At such a stage, True G.o.d Realm warriors with big guts and great desires would choose to be reborn as a child, so as to progress faster. It would take around ten years to reach the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, the realm of his previous body. Afterward, he could seize the chance to enter the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm.

To the True G.o.d Realm warriors, this was a stupid method to break through. However, it was almost 100% certain without any incident.

Of course, most of the True G.o.d Realm warriors had the absolute confidence in themselves, so they wouldn't dare to take risks and be reborn.

Rebirth meant doing things all over again. If his enemy knew that, he would be killed before he had enough time to grow.

"You guys should watch here. I have to go out for a while. Wait until I come back. Old Li should be a True G.o.d Realm expert already." Shi Yan smiled as he was about to leave the lake bottom.

"Shi Yan, the Perpetual Night Forest isn't a safe place at this moment. Where do you want to go?" Li Zheng Rong frowned and asked

"I've agreed with Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned to help them anneal their bodies and weapons. I have to keep my word." Shi Yan glared at Yang Tian Emperor. "I a.s.sume Blood-maned still has Five Elements Crystal Marrow, which is the requirement to maintain the Creator's Divine Pond. If I don't comfort Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon, we wouldn't have enough Five Elements Crystal Marrow. The next time… It would be hard to use the pond to break through again."

He had thought for Yang Tian Emperor, Yu Ruo, and Yi Tian Mo. He wanted to use the divine pond to make his people enter the True G.o.d Realm quickly.

As long as his people could increase their realms, under the current circ.u.mstances, he could survive better, and wouldn't need to struggle his life in the valley between the clans.

"You should take these pellets. Perhaps, you'll need them soon," Li Zheng Rong pondered. A Storage Ring flew out from his finger, falling into Shi Yan's palm. "This ring stores many pellets I have refined dedicatedly. Although you don't need them, with these medicines, your people would have a bigger chance to survive."

Receiving the Storage Ring, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness flickered. He found that the ring contained almost a hundred bottles, storing different kinds of medicines and pellets. Some could nurture the soul, and the others could promote the Essence Qi. There were some pellets which could enhance the warrior's physique and heal wounds faster.

Li Zheng Rong was a Sacred Grade alchemist, and he had spent his whole life to study and refine medicines. He was a peerless expert in the Grace Mainland. The pellets he refined were treasures that the warriors always yearned for in the outside world.

Shi Yan nodded continually to thank him, his face happy.

"While Di Shan is breaking through his realm, I'm going to refine some pellets. Yeah, when you return, I'll give them to you." Li Zheng Rong smiled then said, "Seems we have to stay together, if you and your people become stronger, I can have more support. Ah right, if you see Ya Qi, please take her with you."

"Where is she?"

"The Ice and Fire Secret Domain," Li Zheng Rong beamed a forced smile. "Her realm is too low, and her manners aren't good. As she isn't with us now, I'm afraid she might suffer in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain. Sigh, Chu Bai Qing is dead. With Qin Gu Chuan's dark plan, when he deals with Ya Qi, I'm afraid something bad would happen to her."

Shi Yan's heart sank, but he nodded quietly. "I'll try my best."

Li Zheng Rong didn't say anything else.

Waves rippled on the quiet lake, and a bunch of fiery flames shot out. A figure appeared in the blaze.

Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon were waiting for him. Seeing him, they smiled, storming forward to greet him.

Shi Yan curled his lips into a smile, speaking faintly. "As we have made a deal, it's time to make it up to you guys. From now on, I'm going to refine your bodies and forge your treasures. Of course, you have to prepare materials sufficiently."

 "Hahaha, we've prepared already. As long as you want it, everything will be at your service," Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon laughed in unison.

For the Monster Clan, things they had aplenty were all kinds of heaven and earth products. Living in the Perpetual Night Forest for thousands of years, the materials that the Monster Clan's experts had collected were piled up, enough to support both their bodies and weapon quenching.

Among the clans, Human Clan was good at using heaven and earth objects. They had various methods to do that. Human alchemists and blacksmiths were all the excellent experts who could use these things fluently.

Normally, no human dared to cause grudges against the entire mankind to refine weapons for Monster Clan. That's why, although they had collected abundant materials, they couldn't find a suitable refiner.

Shi Yan dared to hold this precedent as he didn't care about the anger of the entire humanity. It was more than what Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon wished.

Under Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned's guidance, Shi Yan found Blood-maned's treasure which had been hidden for several thousand years. Looking at the colorful materials filling up the whole s.p.a.cious cave, the smile on his face widened. "Alright, you should be prepared. We are going to start now."

Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon were so excited that flame sparked from their eyes.

Half a month later…

Somewhere in the cave underground, Blood-maned with his shining gold body roared fiercely and stormed out rumblingly.

Light of flame was still glowing on his giant body. He looked like he was molded from melting iron, and looked vigorously beautiful. Waves of sharp and imposing aura rippled from the blood mane on his body, heating up the entire s.p.a.ce.

Blood-maned was moving back and forth. Giant ancient trees on his way were smacked down, turning into wood chips. He was like a bulldozer, crushing the dozen meters tall trees into pieces.

Blood-maned was releasing his energy freely, gold waves rippling from him. Blood-maned was like the Grand Master of the Monster Clan, imposingly vigorous and lively, with abundant aura.


Blood-maned laughed wildly. He was so excited that he couldn't stop moving through the forest. Gold light bloomed from his body, carrying the Metal power of the Five Elements, which could simply break even the hardest defenses.

After rolling around for a while, Blood-maned felt satisfied. Smiles filled his eyes as he then moved his giant body back to the cave underground.

A silver chain that was around one hundred meters long soared up from the cave. This chain was a wide as a human body. Countless complicated patterns meandered on the chain as if they were the blood veins, and a blood aura emitted from it.

Fiery Dragon appeared all of a sudden. When he flickered his dragon claw, the silver chain seemed like it was stuck with a flow of fire, burning fiercely. The silver chain flew around as fast as lightning, along with his maneuver. Where it pa.s.sed through, giant stones were broken into small pieces. This power was really intimidating.

 "Shi Yan, I need a good treasure like that!" Blood-maned cried dissatisfied. "You forged the chain for Fiery Dragon, but you've used a big amount of my materials. You have to make it up for me."

Shi Yan emerged from the cave underground, his face covered in dust. However, his eyes were bright with divine light, dark and profound like the galaxy in the sky. His appearance made people respect and fear him.

"We need to negotiate. It's for the future of your Monster Clan." Shi Yan laughed loudly. He strolled towards them, his mood elevated.

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