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The G.o.d Clan was one of the ten antiquity clans, the strongest one.

Whenever members of the other clans got their inheritance, they would also receive the secrets. Then, they would try to avoid mentioning this clan. This clan seemed to be the forbidden word, which could tremble the other hotshots of the alien tribes.

According to the legends from different clans, the first clan that ever existed on this continent was the G.o.d Clan. They seemed to be the favored kind of the Almighty in heaven. From the day they were born, they were destined to be the lord of this place with endless powers.

During a very long period, the G.o.d Clan was the real leader of the other tribes. It was the leader who ruled the ten tribes, controlling the entire continent.

But all that changed one day when the other nine tribes united and banished the G.o.d Clan, this powerful clan. Thus, the strongest clan of this epoch disappeared.

Many other clans told the legend of this clan. They told the tale that when the nine tribes joined hands and dealt with the G.o.d Clan, this clan had run away, leaving the Grace Mainland, going to the universe. They had never appeared in the Grace Mainland ever since.

There were many tales about the G.o.d Clan. However, when the pagan tribes talked about the G.o.d clan, there were always some similar stories about how strong their supernatural powers were.

The nine clans had pushed this clan away from the Grace Mainland, but no tribe dared to say they had the triumph over this clan.

When Fiery Dragon mentioned the clan, he was a little bit uneasy. He didn't dare to talk clearly. "The G.o.d Clan was the strongest clan in the Antiquity Time. Every tribe recognized them. If the G.o.d Clan were still on this continent, they would be our Masters, as before." 

Shi Yan was dumbstruck. Later on, he shook his head with a forced smile. "It’s okay. No matter it’s the bloodline of the Demon Clan or the G.o.d clan, it’s no different to me. I don’t care what tribe it is, whoever helps me will be my friend, and whoever troubles me will be my enemy! No matter which race it is!"

Blood-maned really liked his att.i.tude. He laughed evilly and then shouted. "Don’t worry. We Monster Clan will be your friends. Being abandoned by the Human Clan isn’t something so terrible. Human Clan will be cleared up, anyway."

Yun Hao’s face grimaced.

"I’m not going to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain, but I always keep your favor in my heart." Shi Yan sighed, shaking his head. "If Cult Master is here, Ji Mu and Yue Ying can leave with you. I just hope that we wouldn't meet again on the battlefield."

Yun Hao was struck. He slammed his eyebrows together as if he was thinking about the best result that could be obtained.

"You should be careful. If you don't go to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain this time, I'm afraid you won't have any chance later." He pondered for a while and then said with worry. "Even if nothing happened today, the seven ancient factions would notice. I think… some people have started their stealthy operation, right?"

Shi Yan harrumphed and nodded, "It’s true! After they got out of the Secret Domain, they attacked my people not just once. If they didn't push us, I wouldn’t treat them that way."

 "You should solve it," Yun Hao sighed. "The girl you said… Xia Xin Yan… she isn’t an ordinary girl. She has entered the True G.o.d Realm, and has condensed the G.o.d Soul. Soon, she will be one of our sharpest weapons."

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. He kept silent for seconds and then cracked a smile. "Good then. I know she would reach this point. She’s faster than me."

"Don’t you feel lost?" Yun Hao felt strange. "This means the gap between you two has been widened."

Shi Yan just smiled, but didn’t answer him.

"Yeah, and Lin Meng of the Pure Land has reached the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm. She seems to depend on that girl to break through again using some secret techniques." Yun Hao hesitated for a while. "If Lin Meng succeeds, we don’t need to stay in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain anymore."

Shi Yan didn't react to his words. However, Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned changed their countenance, screaming in fear.

Lin Meng was the leader of the Pure Land. She had always wanted to kill the pagans. If she could break through to the King G.o.d Realm, she would be the nightmare for the alien tribes. And, the Monster Clan in the Perpetual Night Forest would be the first target.

"Not that fast or easy. The failure rate is relatively high though." Yun Hao frowned. "Perhaps Lin Ming would fail. However, if Xia Xin Yan could break through that fast, of course, she would reach the King G.o.d Realm soon. Shi Yan, have you ever thought that in the future, you and that little girl would have to stand on two opposite sides?" 

 "When the seven ancient factions attacked the Yang family, did she… did she show her att.i.tude?" Shi Yan’s sparkled, asking calmly.

"She has never shown up. The Pure Land has hidden her like a treasure. No one knows what att.i.tude she has." Yun Hao shook his head. "Anyway, you have to think about it… I think, they will take action not long afterward."

Shi Yan nodded while pondering. "Please tell Bing Qing Tong of the Ice Emperor City that if she has time, please come and meet me."

Yun Hao burst out into a strange laughter and then nodded at him.

"Take care. I will always memorize your favor, Cult Master," said Shi Yan sincerely.

Yun Hao wore a regretful countenance. He didn’t advise the young man further, leaving with Ji Mu and Yue Ying to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain.

"This man’s such a character," Blood-maned sighed in relief. "I thought he wanted to attack us. I didn't expect that he came here to pick up his people. Shi Yan, when will we start?"

"Wait until I get up here again. Oh right, where’s the Five Elements Crystal Marrow?"

"Here you go."

Blood-maned spat out dozens of five colored crystal stones with an unwilling expression. These crystals were cyan, orange-red, yellow, green, and white. They looked like the most sparkling precious gems, carrying the pure powers of Five Elements. Under the shining light of the sun, moon, and stars in the sky, they radiated with a beautiful, mesmerizing dazzling halo.

The Five Elements Crystal Marrow was the essence of the Five Elements power. They were the energy source of some profound ancient formations. It wasn’t easy for Blood-maned to collect these crystals. He had planned to merge these crystals with his beast bead when he leveled up again. Apparently, he had played with his initial capital.

"Don't worry, I won’t be unfair to you," Shi Yan swung his arm to take the crystal, stacking them in his Storage Ring. "Wait until I get back, I will satisfy you guys. I won’t let your effort slip away in vain."

Then, Shi Yan flew up and sank into the lake, heading towards the Creator’s Divine Pond directly. He urged the Star Martial Spirit, using the star power to put the Blood-maned back to the pond.

When he comprehended the star power, he didn’t consume all the energy of the Star Original Essence. He had just watched and learned the process when a star was formed and ascended. In comprehending the mysteries of stars, he didn’t encounter an energy shortage; he just needed to understand thoroughly.

The Star Original Essence recorded the meanings of the star’s existence and its evolution, which he needed the most.

He had sunk his soul into it to see the internal construction of a star. Now he knew why a small star could get tremendously bigger. He knew the secrets when a star absorbed the power of heaven to strengthen itself.

Through this comprehension, he had used the Star Martial Spirit to reach the Third Sky of Spirit Realm. His Star Martial Spirit had evolved, which accelerated the star power absorption speed ten times faster!

The Star Original Essence slowly fell into the ancient formation. Shi Yan flickered his mind, releasing the Five Elements Crystal Marrow. Then, he used his soul to manipulate the crystals, falling into the eye of the formation in a special rhythm.

Shi Yan took out the Life Original Fluid he had collected before, and started to pour little by little into the center of the Creator’s Divine Pond. It was moving distinctively, separating from the direction of the Soul Washing Divine Water, floating in the critical location of the spiritual station in the Creator’s Divine Pond.

Magical hand seals flew out from his hands. Just like swimming fishes, they started to gather and readjust the scattering energy.

Gradually, the Creator’s Divine Pond released an immense halo. Countless top-grade Essence Crystals in the lake bottom seemed to be activated, Essence Qi started to roll ma.s.sively into the Creator’s Divine Pond.

"Great Grandpa!"

At this moment, Shi Yan shouted. Divine light surged torrentially in his eyes.

Yang Tian Emperor was awakened. He was surprised at first, but then, he shook his head. "It’s a bit early for me. I’ve just reached the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, so I need time to improve it. Let Di Shan go first."

Shi Yan didn’t say anything for a while before nodding his head.

Just like Yang Tian Emperor, he had reached the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, but he didn't want to enter the Creator’s Divine Pond at this time, since he thought that his realm wasn’t stable yet. It perhaps wasn’t a right decision to get the True G.o.d Realm rashly this way.

He had thought that Yang Tian Emperor would be different. However, he had declined the opportunity too. He knew he too would be rushing if he did this.

The pressure from the seven ancient factions had always existed. And, it was going to be more intense. Comoros had escaped alive. When he came back, he would be more formidable.

Besides, there were other alien tribes – the Dark Spirit Clan and the Corpse Clan. They would arrive in the Perpetual Night Forest sooner or later to fight with the seven ancient factions face to face.

He thought that the time was less, and it would take a long time to improve his powers. Compared to the seven ancient factions and the alien tribes, he was small, and he couldn’t influence the whole picture much, or be able to protect himself.

So, he had to enhance himself and the members of his team. The power Yang Tian Emperor had just shown everybody was much more than Di Shan. That’s why Shi Yan hoped to see Yang Tian Emperor as the first one entering the True G.o.d Realm, which would give him more support. 

"Di Shan, you go first," As he realized he shouldn’t be rushing, he exhaled and then nodded to Di Shan.

Di Shan was struck. He jolted, his face excited. However, he looked nervous, standing in his spot as he didn't know what to do. "How should I get in there? What should I do after I get in?"

Shi Yan chuckled. "Don’t be nervous. It’s simple. You just need to fly to the spiritual station and land there. Then, you release your soul to enter the station. It will guide your soul. You just need to follow it."

The Creator's Divine Pond was created by the strongest clans in Antiquity Time, which cost a lot of efforts for a complicated formation and countless materials. However, it was effortless to use. The instruction was as simple as what Shi Yan had said.

Di Shan was comforted. He gathered himself and flew up, heading towards the Creator’s Divine Pond.

Li Zheng Rong and Ye Chang Feng were looking at him with bright eyes. They didn't even blink, and their breathing was held.

"Old Li, after Di Shan’s done, it’s your turn." Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then said, "Your realm is enough, so you shouldn’t worry. We have a big pressure at this moment. I want you to not go to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain for the time being after you’ve succeeded."

"I’m going the same way with you guys," Li Zheng Rong agreed resolutely without any hesitation.

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile and gently nodded to him.

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