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Shi Yan's Negative Field affected Comoros, Ca.s.sidy, and Ivision, the three True G.o.d Realm warriors of the pagan tribes. Their minds where blurry, which subdued their energy altogether.

These three True G.o.d Realm warriors of the alien tribes had been worn out over ten thousand years. Their power had been damaged badly, or perhaps they were hurt before, and were yet to recover fully.

Comoros' team had high realms, but the energy acc.u.mulated in their bodies was far behind the human experts at the same realm, such as Yun Hao or Qin Gu Chuan. Without the support from Bao Ao and experts of the Corpse Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan in the Shady Firmament Old Mound could never destroy the entire Spirit Treasure Sect.

With insufficient energy, they couldn't bring out their competence well. Of course, they couldn't show the ability of their realms.

Comoros had the cultivation base at the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm, but he got the most wounded body that year, and he hadn't recovered fully until now. At most, he could endure a fight with Yun Hao, but he would fall in a disadvantaged situation for sure.

Ca.s.sidy and Ivision were at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, but their real competence was only equal to Chu Bai Qing. Otherwise, Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned wouldn't have been able to subdue them.

The Dark Spirit Clan and the Ghost Mark Clan were the strong tribes in the Antiquity Time. If they had restored their powers to their peak, Yang Tian Emperor, Fiery Dragon, and Blood-maned would have never been their opponents.

Shi Yan walked calmly in the void. Ash-gray smoke moved around him, as thick as the steam above the lake. He surprised people a lot.

Comoros, Ca.s.sidy, and Ivision had their minds occupied by the Negative Field, which made them forget to use the fighting method they understood the best. They were instinctively urging the energy in their bodies to counter, which wasn't a good move.

Ghost Mark Clan's members fell and exploded one by one along with Shi Yan's steps. Their Essence Qi and souls were absorbed completely by him.


A desperate, mournful roar came out from the mouth of the last warrior of the Ghost Mark Clan at First Sky of Spirit Realm. His voice was like a sharp weapon that could shake people's hearts.

Comoros was baffled. A strange light dot sparkled in his sleeve all of a sudden. The Yin Written Charm Scripture flew out, releasing an immense, gray mist, covering Ca.s.sidy, Comoros, and Ivision altogether.

Comoros almost awakened instantly, his eyes clear and calm.

As soon as he woke up, he found all of his clansmen accompanying him had exploded to death. They were just pieces of meat and blood puddles now.

Comoros's eyes reddened instantly.

"Earth Spirit Bind!" (坤: Kun, one of the Eight Trigrams, symbolizing Earth - TL)

He let out a low cry that was almost inaudible. The sound wave from his mouth stormed into the Yin Written Charm Scripture.

Numerous eccentric ghost scripture on the Yin Written Charm Scripture started to move. Mysterious Yin Qi overflowed from the scripture, blending with Comoros's energy. Flows of soul energy also reached Comoros's Sea of Consciousness.

A strange, invisible aura diffused from Comoros. His reddened eyes became clear again. He held the Yin Written Charm Scripture, moving his hands to form some hand seals while continually muttering something under his breath.

Yang Tian Emperor was attacking Ca.s.sidy furiously. All of a sudden, his b.l.o.o.d.y body trembled, as fine cracks appeared on his blood red armor.

Numerous ghost symbols of the Yin Written Charm Scripture flew up to the sky, arraying a magical word formation. It was like the writing of some mysterious technique, that furiously absorbed the energy of heaven and earth, converting it into Yin Qi.

Countless five-colored ghost writings appeared in the sky from thin air, interweaving with each other and creating the seal of an ancient barrier. A strange, invisible energy was generated.

Even though they couldn't see the attack or impact, the armor covering Yang Tian Emperor's chest cracked at a speed naked eyes could observe. It seemed ready to explode shortly.

Yang Tian Emperor was sinking in his slaughtering, but he suddenly awakened. His b.l.o.o.d.y body shook violently.

Although Comoros's power had been decreased dramatically compared to his peak state, he was still a True G.o.d Realm expert. This time, he was determined to use the acc.u.mulated energy of the Yin Written Charm Scripture to make up for his energy's shortage. Eventually, he could use the power that he could bring out when he was at his peak state. 

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned were impacted. Blood splashed from their giant bodies. Those Ghost Mark Clan's symbols seemed to cut them too.

The two experts of the Monster Clan screeched. They hastened to shrink their bodies, transforming to human form to minimize the impact.

Comoros stooped with a cold face while his hands were constantly making hand seals, pouring into the Yin Written Charm Scripture.

The Yin Written Charm Scripture sparkled, releasing so many magical symbols dancing in the air. They arrayed a strange ghost scripture formation, creating a terrifying restraining and cutting energy.

Yang Tian Emperor couldn't move anymore. He halted in the void as pain transgressed over his entire body like a surging tide.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned didn't dare to act recklessly. They used the rigid body of the Monster Clan to resist. Their blood and flesh mixed, bringing an extreme pain that they'd rather die than endure.

Just like them, Shi Yan was affected, his body cut by some invisible threads.

However, unlike to Yang Tian Emperor, Fiery Dragon, and Blood-maned, he didn't scream in pain. He just frowned and stayed calm as usual.

The others didn't know when his body started to glow with a golden halo. At first glance, he looked like a freak that was molded from pure gold. After that, the invisible ghost scripture formation couldn't cut through his body.

He suddenly got it, as he finally recognized the effects of the Golden Marrow of the Golden Giant, which had promoted its effects in his body. This kind of defense was unbreakable, even dissolving Comoros's mysterious attack.

Seeing Yang Tian Emperor, Fiery Dragon, and Blood-maned unable to resist the formation anymore, Shi Yan contemplated and then touched his chest.

The Star Original Essence he had absorbed into his heart looked like the most glorious big diamond as it flew out under the star power's driving and struck towards Comoros.

The boundless sky where stars shone dazzlingly seemed to expand further. A downpour of starlight from the sky looked like a big river pouring into the Star Original Essence. Shi Yan was struggling, using his soul to manipulate the Star Original Essence as it approached closer to Comoros.

Just like ranges of mountains collapsing at the same time, the small Star Original Essence bloomed out a formidable pressure, which made Comoros pale in fear.

The Star Original Essence was the intrinsic nature of the stars in the sky. It was much heavier than it looked. A fist-sized Star Original Essence could be heavier than ten mountains. Under such pressure, Comoros couldn't hold his fort.

Crack Crack Crack!

The Star Original Essence was pressing to the point that even s.p.a.ce was about to crack. The cracking sounds echoed in the void, making people's hearts shiver. 

The mountain-like pressure covered the entire s.p.a.ce. Even the True G.o.d Realm warriors like Ca.s.sidy felt his body getting unusually heavy, his soul stagnant.

Comoros mused on the Star Original Essence, then quickly urged his energy to counter. Ultimately, he couldn't stand it anymore, retreating the ghost symbols in the sky into the Yin Written Charm Scripture. He was struggling hard to stand still.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Three snow-white Bone Thorns glided through s.p.a.ce and appeared simultaneously behind Comoros, Ca.s.sidy, and Ivision, stabbing them violently.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Three Bone Thorns were refined from the bones of the level 10 beast. They attacked the three aliens from their backs, but two of them couldn't pierce through Comoros and Ivision. However, blood gushed out from their mouths.

Ca.s.sidy's situation was the most pitiful. A Bone Thorn pierced through his chest from his back. His heart was torn, and his life was sliding away from him. Ca.s.sidy couldn't endure anymore.

Comoros's face grimaced. He roared and crazily shouted, as he was about to strike a fatal attack.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned stormed over with their b.l.o.o.d.y bodies. Their ferocious instinct had been stimulated. They wanted to pull Comoros and kill him.

"GO!" Ivision shouted.

Comoros was struck. He swung the Yin Written Charm Scripture in his hand to collect Ca.s.sidy's G.o.d Soul. Then, he urged the Yin Written Charm Scripture the second time to pull Ivision into the scripture too.

A marvelous wave of energy shot out from the Yin Written Charm Scripture.

Comoros and Ivision shrank rapidly inside that energy wave, as countless dazzling beams interweaved in layers of s.p.a.ce next to them. The others then saw their bodies shrink, until they were as big as a light dot. They then disappeared into thin air like dust. 

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned swarmed over, but they found that Comoros and Ivision had disappeared completely. They left nothing behind, not even a wave of soul energy.

Lying in that place was only the body of Ca.s.sidy, which was pierced through. His G.o.d Soul had been collected and kept in the Yin Written Charm Scripture.

The Yin Written Charm Scripture was the halidom of the Ghost Mark Clan at the Divine Grade. Comoros using the scripture to escape in just a blink was something Shi Yan's team had never thought about, and they could only watch the others leave.

"d.a.m.n the Ghost Mark Clan!" Fiery Dragon roared indignantly, while blood still dripped from his body. "He has given me bad wounds. I'm so unlucky!"

Blood-maned also had so many open cuts on his body. Even the steel-like bodies of the Monster Clan couldn't endure Comoros's furious attack.

Yang Tian Emperor's eyes restored their natural look. In the others' eyes, he was just a b.l.o.o.d.y skeleton. Without blood and flesh, he looked pitiful and scary at the same time.

At first glance, Shi Yan understood that Yang Tian Emperor was hurt badly. Even if he could receive treatment timely, he couldn't recover in just a short time.

Burning his G.o.d Blood and his own flesh and blood to urge all the potential power of his body, Yang Tian Emperor had burst out a formidable power. However, it was beyond his endurance. And, Comoros had attacked him, cracking his armor.

Di Shan, Li Zheng Rong, Ji Mu, and Yue Ying were hiding at a far distance and observing the situation. At this moment, they finally got the guts to step over, looking at Yang Tian Emperor with a frightened but respectful expression.

"How are you?" Shi Yan moved, walking towards Yang Tian Emperor. He asked while taking in the Essence Qi from Ca.s.sidy.

"I got hurt badly, and I can't recover in a short time." Yang Tian Emperor's voice seemed to sound from his throat, which was really bizarre. "However, after this fight, my understanding of the power of desperation has reached a whole new world. If nothing unexpected happens, when I'm healed, my realm will increase too." 

Shi Yan was struck with joy, as a light flashed across his head. "Great Grandpa, don't worry. I'll make you recover fast… really fast!"

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