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Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan were struggling hard with grimaced faces. Qiu Hong had stirred up their temperament.

Qiu Hong had pushed them, making them have no strategy left to try. Qiu Hong had stopped their mysterious attacks right before they could cast them completely. None of their attacks could reach Qiu Hong.

It seemed Qiu Hong could predict their moves. He could always avoid Yang Tian Emperor’s and Di Shan’s attack one step ahead. It seemed the void was filled with Qiu Hong eyes, giving him the ability to see every single situation.


A drop of blood shot out from Yang Tian Emperor’s middle finger, a drop of Immortal Blood. It turned into a flow of red light that nothing could compare with, carrying the thick smell of b.l.o.o.d.y waves, darting rapidly.

Wind howled and twirled from the pair of Di Shan’s pure black wings. Wind blades covered the whole sky like countless shiny knives, creating a light curtain of wind blades. It looked terrifying.

However, under the waves of Yang Tian Emperor’s and Di Shan’s attack, Qiu Hong had always moved one step ahead of them.

When he reappeared, he was in the blind corner that Yang Tian Emperor’s and Di Shan’s attack couldn't reach. Then, he walked to Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan with a golden leaf in his hand, his face still emotionless. His palm glowed with a glorious golden light.

The golden light radiated, shining on that golden leaf, revealing the clear lines like the lines of human palms. It seemed to contain the life Upanishads.

Gradually, immense fluctuations of life rippled from that golden leaf, turning into a gold light sea, raging torrentially. It dissolved Yang Tian Emperor’s and Di Shan’s attacks, pushing them backward continually.

The gold light sea that the golden leaf created could confine people’s souls and restrain their hearts.

When the golden light shone on Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan, they immediately had a dispirited feeling, making them quit attacking and want to surrender.

It was fortunate that these two had the will of steel and they were both brave and ruthless. They reacted by biting their tongue to wake up themselves from this state.

Qiu Hong didn't say anything during their battle. His face was dull and emotionless. With a steady mood, he attacked the other two neither slowly nor fast. However, Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan had no means to stop him. The situation was obviously getting worse.

Yang Tian Emperor was at the Second Sky of Spirit Realm. With his martial spirit, the profound experience in fighting, and the G.o.d Blood in his body, when he fought with the experts at the Peak of Spirit Realm, he wouldn't fall into the disadvantaged situation. Di Shan was the patriarch of the Black Winged Clan with exquisite powers and a special rigid body of the Demon Clan; fighting with a human at the same realm, he should be more certain.

However, Qiu Hong’s prophetic ability had broken their perception, revealing their weak points. They had to struggle hard to resist.

Li Zheng Rong was engaging in the battle with the ten warriors that Qiu Hong had brought. Four of them were at the Spirit Realm, and the others were at the Third Sky of Sky Realm. This force was dealing with Li Zheng Rong alone. Li Zheng Rong’s situation wasn’t positive, either.

However, those warriors didn’t want to kill Li Zheng Rong, apparently. They were controlling their attacks as they just wanted to capture him alive, perhaps.

Li Zheng Rong had too many secret treasures. While his hands were moving, his strange secret treasures soared to the sky, releasing magical waves that neutralized the warriors’ attack.

As the most brilliant alchemist of the Dead Soul Mountain Range, his position was n.o.ble. Alchemists around the world respected and admired him a lot. Using secret treasures to exchange for medicines wasn’t a strange business.

During these recent years, the treasures he got in the Dead Soul Mountain Range weren’t bad. The worst of them were the Spirit Grade ones. He also had seven or eight Sacred Grade treasures. He only needed to use the secret treasures and weapons to smash the warriors at his realm.

Li Zheng Rong was holding a ma.s.sive banner, which was embroidered with lively monsters and devils. When he waved it, these figures started to bare their claws and fangs, as if they had been revived, spurting thick green smoke.

This smoke carried a poison that dizzied people. Everybody had to halt their attacks and deal with this poison.

Seized the opportunity, Li Zheng Rong ran away, flying to Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan and shouting, "Be careful! Qiu Hong has the Mind Perception Martial Spirit. He can read your thoughts and predict your moves!"

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan changed their countenances in fright. Finally, they knew why they were opposed.

The Mind Perception Martial Spirit could read changes in the mind of the opponent, which helped him find the way to break or avoid it one step ahead.

Although there weren’t so many martial spirits in the Divine Great Land, they could buy some martial spirits. However, the magical and unpredictable martial spirits were rare and precious. No ancient factions would sell the martial spirit’s original seal. It would be inherited through the family’s bloodline.

The mind martial spirit was the most magical one. Every warrior had to long for it.

In the Divine Great Land, mind and soul martial techniques were the precious resources of the seven ancient factions. Even the hotshots of that faction sometimes didn’t have a chance to practice them.

Qiu Hong’s Mind Perception Martial Spirit was inborn. During fighting, he could use this martial spirit to read the next move of the opponent precisely. Warriors at the same realm could never be his rivals. Even the high-realm warriors had to receive a big headache fighting with him. No matter how strong their attacks were, they were useless.

Yang Tian Emperor’s and Di Shan’s cultivation base wasn’t much different from Qiu Hong’s. In their battle, he could use the Mind Perception ability to avoid all of their attacks. He just needed to focus on them. Right at the beginning, he was undefeatable.

"Oh, that’s it!" Yang Tian Emperor was surprised. He reacted immediately, laughed, then sat down motionlessly.

Flows of thick blood aura diffused from Yang Tian Emperor, creating a curtain of dense blood smog, covering him. Layers of blood air currents moved, rippling around him. The energy of heaven and earth sizzled together.

"I got it," Di Shan was amazed. He followed the other to sit down. He didn't attack, just using his best to defend.

As long as they attacked, their mind would reflect their moves and Qiu Hong could read them immediately, and he always dodged the attacks on time. This way, he could wear their energies and defeat them ultimately.

However, when the two didn't take action but just defended, waiting for his attack, this was another situation.

Although Qiu Hong knew their defending energy fluctuations, what could he do?

He had to break their defense to reach Di Shan and Yang Tian Emperor. He had to consume his energy to do that.

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan used this strategy to carry out the battle of attrition with Qiu Hong, using the unchanged to deal with the ever-changing. Once Qiu Hong ran out of power, they would attack him again. This was a good tactic to deal with warriors who cultivated mind techniques like Qiu Hong.

"Marvelous!" Li Zheng Rong complimented. "Yang-ge is really extraordinary! You can think of the countermeasure that quickly!" 

Yang Tian Emperor cracked a smile, teasing Qiu Hong, "Come over here!"

Qiu Hong stopped all of a sudden. He frowned, then swept his eyes through Li Zheng Rong, talking indifferently. "Mister Li, I didn’t want to hurt you. You are an alchemist; your life benefits us. But if you want to stand on the opposite side to the seven ancient factions, you shouldn’t blame me."

Then, Qiu Hong shifted his target to Li Zheng Rong. He ignored Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan.

Li Zheng Rong changed his visage.

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan frowned, exchanging looks, their complexions worried.

Although Li Zheng Rong had the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, he had paid too much attention to refining medicines. His fighting experience wasn't enough. When Qiu Hong aimed at him, he could know the attacking trajectory of Li Zheng Rong’s secret treasures. Even if Li Zheng Rong put forth everything to defense, he wasn’t Qiu Hong’s opponent.

Li Zheng Rong was in danger.

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan were hesitant. They were about to break their defending state to a.s.sist him.

Right at this moment, two lights zoomed over from a far distance. Two figures were flying toward them. They were Yue Ying and Ji Mu.

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan shivered. They were astounded, their face petrified.

"Ah!" When Ji Mu arrived, he looked here and there, his face surprised. "Where’s he? Where’s that kid?"

"In the lake," Yue Ying pointed at the lake. "Don't you see that all of the starlight is flying into the lake. He should be in the bottom of the lake."

Ji Mu nodded, "Yeah, should be in the lake. Haha. Seems we arrived at the wrong time. The fight here is bustling."

Everybody paused, looking at Ji Mu and Yue Ying with a stunned face, as they didn’t know the two’s att.i.tude.

"You… Why do you come here?" Yang Tian Emperor hesitated for a while and then frowned.

Recently, when the seven ancient factions wanted to kill them, only the Radiant G.o.d Cult stood up to protect them. As these two were from the Radiant G.o.d Cult, Yang Tian Emperor was confused, so he had to ask them, then planned the next countermeasure. 

"We’re finding Shi Yan," Yue Ying beamed a faint smile. "We don't care about the other things. You guys just need to tell me where Shi Yan is. Argh, I don’t need you to tell us, anyway. He should be in the lake bottom.

Grrrrr! Roaaaaarrrr!

Two crazy roars arose not far from them. Afterward, two intimidating auras were moving fast towards them.

Yue Ying and Ji Mu exchanged looks. Their faces darkened as they knew the situation wasn’t going well.

Not long after that, Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned appeared. Their giant bodies crushed the ancient big trees as if they were just little dried branches. They were roaring and fighting against someone while moving towards this area. Seemed they were besieged in a bad situation.

Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, and Li Zheng Rong were struck. They had planned to use Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned to solve the situation here. But when they saw the situation of the two monsters, they had to change their faces in fear. Their heart sank as they knew the situation was too bad.

All of them saw the True G.o.d Realm experts of the Ghost Mark Clan and the Dark Spirit Clan. This made them grimmer.

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