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At the lake bottom, Shi Yan closed his eyes, his breathing steady. Starlight radiated from his chest.

The Star Original Essence looked like a big glorious diamond, shooting out starlight that stormed towards Shi Yan and disappeared into his chest in just a blink of an eye.

All of a sudden, it seemed Shi Yan’s soul had absorbed by some energy. He had no energy fluctuation now. It seemed even his soul had paused. If Ye Chang Feng didn't see Shi Yan still breathing, he would have shaken him already.

Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, and Li Zheng Rong had gone up to the lake surface. Ye Chang Feng sometimes faced up to check the situation above his head, to see if anything was strange or not.

The lake was still quiet. There was neither a sign of a battle nor strong living fluctuation.

Only the starlight still plunged down from the sky like fireflies. They pierced through the lake surface, falling into Shi Yan’s chest.

Ye Chang Feng stayed at the bottom of the lake, so he could feel some magical sound emitted from Shi Yan. Gradually, he felt as if his soul and spirit resonated with Shi Yan.

Star dots in his eyes became the thought from Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness, giving him a feeling of having a life.

Ye Chang Feng was petrified, his face shocked.

He was sure that even Shi Yan didn't know what was happening to him. He didn't know that he had attracted so many star dots in the sky. They gathered around him and changed the Star Martial Spirit in his chest.

Ye Chang Feng could observe clearly!

When the lively star dots gathered in front of Shi Yan's chest, they started to move on a magical trajectory, following some rules.


Ye Chang Feng exclaimed in his heart. He shook his head continually as he knew that after this event, Shi Yan could surely break through the second time.

By the time Ye Chang Feng had met Shi Yan, Shi Yan’s realm was relatively low at the Nirvana Realm.

After just ten years, Shi Yan had leaped up from the Nirvana Realm to the Second Sky of Spirit Realm. And, in a short time, he would have the chance to break through the Third Sky of Spirit Realm!

Thinking about this fast progress, Ye Chang Feng couldn’t hold his sigh. He had to accept this fate, giving the t.i.tle genius to Shi Yan.

All of a sudden, Ye Chang Feng’s pupils shrank. His face changed.

He could vaguely feel the new energy fluctuation above the lake. It seemed some new hotshots had arrived.

He knew that the short peace of this lake was about to be broken.

Above the lake surface…

Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, and Li Zheng Rong were knitting their brows silently, their face grim. Especially Li Zheng Rong, he was surprised for a moment he felt his heart sinking. He let out a low shout. "Qiu Hong!"

Qiu Hong was the white-headed hotshot of the Heaven Temple with the Peak of Spirit Realm cultivation base. His face was always stiff, with a pair of unmoving eyes. He gave people the feeling of the dead.

Qiu Hong took more than ten warriors of the Heaven Temple, following the starlight to arrive at this place from the Secret Domain in the center of the forest.

After he could steady his body, he rose one hand to signal the other warriors to stop. The group of Heaven Temple’s warriors halted, waiting for his order with their mouths shut.

He glared at Li Zheng Rong then stooped to search around. His nose gently fanned as if he were searching for something. Di Shan slightly changed his visage. He looked at Yang Tian Emperor as if he had suddenly remembered something.

Yang Tian Emperor stood indifferently. He slightly shook his head to signal the other to not hasten.

This place still had the traces of Chu Bai Qing killing beasts. Although Yang Tian Emperor was careful enough to clean it up, if the other was a mindful person, he could see some streaks. 

Apparently, Qiu Hong was that sort of person.

He seemed to have some magical power. After he took a tour around the place, he didn't say anything while pressing his slender and delicate white hand, more beautiful than the female hand, on the ground.

Light ash-gray smoke diffused from his fingers, swaying into the earth like worms. They quickly moved underground.

Qiu Hong closed his eyes, as a strange energy wave rippled from him. His body was swaying in the wind, as if he had no bones in his body. This looked extremely eccentric.

Afterward, the light smoke he had released came back to him, entering his body through his fingers.

Qiu Hong stood upright. He didn’t sway with the wind anymore. His eyes opened on his stiff face as he said, "Chu Bai Qing had come here, and so had Ning Du Quan. If anything happened to them, it’s because of you guys."

He pointed at Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, and Li Zheng Rong.

"However, it’s impossible to kill them with your cultivation base and realm." Qiu Hong mused for a while and then said, "I can sense the aura of the Monster Clan. It’s certain that the hotshots of the Monster Clan had helped you. This place belongs to Blood-maned, so he must have joined this battle."

He just a.s.sumed from the evidence he got and arranged the whole things again. They matched, as though he had seen what happened with his own eyes.

His voice was confirmative. Although his tone and words were slow-witted, he had the absolute confidence. Apparently, he agreed with his own a.s.sumption.

None of the warriors accompanying him doubted his opinion. They trusted him almost immediately. They all knew Qiu Hong’s ability, so they knew his a.s.sumption wouldn’t be wrong.

Yang Tian Emperor kept a cold face while observing carefully. Then, he begrudgingly accepted the fact that, whether he admitted it or not, he couldn’t change the direction of this event’s development.

"Be careful!" Li Zheng Rong sighed, talking in a low tone. "Qiu Hong’s a dangerous person. Although he has only the Spirit Realm cultivation base, he could fight a tied battle with the True G.o.d Realm warriors."

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan were grim.

"Tell me the reasons," Qiu Hong didn't hasten to attack them. He kept talking with a dull voice. "Why did you guys join hands with the Monster Clan? Why did you kill our Heaven Temple’s warriors?"

He paused for a while and then continued. "The reasons why you guys are still alive was because you hadn’t attacked the seven ancient factions’ warriors. But now, you’re walking the same path with the Monster Clan. This means you are standing on the opposite side to us. I think, without a reasonable explanation, I can only kill you all."

Qiu Hong spoke as if it was the most natural thing.

Yang Tian Emperor cracked a smile. "Then it’s simple. You die, or we die." 

"Good then," Qiu Hong nodded and attacked them immediately.

In a thick forest…

The two high-grade existences of the Monster Clan, Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned, were quarreling. They slowly exposed themselves.

"Fiery Dragon, you are an a*shole! You want to take benefit from this alone! Harrumph, I know what you think. You are waiting until your energy reaches the acme and you will find me and take revenge, right?" Blood-maned grunted. "I’m telling you, you will never be my rival! I will always subdue you!"

"Blood-maned, you shouldn’t be so contented. After I’ve refined my body this time, I will break to another level. Then, I will kick you’re a*s easily!" said Fiery Dragon angrily.

When the beasts communicated, they always made it simple and savage. They wouldn’t be wordy or probing too much. They were always frank; It would be joining hands or being the enemy… or shouting at each other.

"Ah!" Blood-maned suddenly shouted. He looked around and cursed. "Someone’s swaggering in my territory! Not good! They are above the lake!" 

Fiery Dragon also cursed. "They must be the d.a.m.n humans. They came already. Grrrr, I hate them!"

Blood-maned was roaring like an erupting volcano. He wanted to go to the lake immediately.

Right at this moment, a cold, gloomy voice arose. "Misters, I want to discuss something with you."

Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon halted, their face grim. 

Comoros and Ca.s.sidy, the two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan, emerged from the forest. Their spooky deep green eyes gazed at Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon, but their att.i.tude wasn’t clear.

"Ghost Mark Clan!" Blood-maned snorted, his face impatient. "You’ve been strolling around the Perpetual Night Forest for so long. What do you want after all? No matter what you want to do, do it quick. Don’t be sticky here. You’re so annoying!"

Comoros darkened his face. "We come to ask why Fiery Dragon wants to protect the humans."

Fiery Dragon didn't put him in his mind. "What does it matter to you? Should you be able to control who I should protect? This is the Perpetual Night Forest, our Monster Clan’s territory. It isn’t your Shady Firmament Old Mound. Do you think you could chair everything here?" 

"Fiery Dragon, what is he babbling about?" Blood-maned harrumphed.

"He wants to kill Shi Yan," Fiery Dragon faced up, talking as if he were really irritated. "That kid is my distinguished guest. How can I let these cunning folks kill him? I want to favor him more."

Of course, Blood-maned knew what ‘favor’ he mentioned. He almost didn’t hesitate and nodded continually. "You guys can’t kill him. He’s useful to us. I don't care if you want to kill anyone else. But if you want to touch him, don’t blame me for being impolite!"

"I don’t understand why the strong beasts like you guys need a human kid?" Ca.s.sidy couldn’t understand their points.

"I can’t explain it to you guys," Apparently, Fiery Dragon didn’t want to answer.

"Can you not protect him?" Comoros pondered and then shouted, his face malicious.

"Stop being arrogant in front of us. This place is the Perpetual Night Forest. The Ghost Mark Clan can’t swagger here!" Blood-maned’s aura bloomed out. He couldn’t hold it but attack the others.

"Kill!" Comoros was also stimulated. The Yin Written Charm Scripture needed strong souls. If they could get the souls of Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon, their big business would be done. He thought he could bet on it this time.

Ji Mu and Yue Ying were running as fast as if they were flying. They almost got there.

Seeing the star dots falling like a heavy rain toward a lake, Ji Mu and Yue Ying were excited. They kept complimenting.

Boom Boom Boom!

Fierce noise of energy impact arose from that area. The shocking waves shook the entire ground. A frightened streak appeared across Ji Mu's eyes. He shouted, "Furious battles are ahead of us. Two places… There're True G.o.d Realm warriors!"

Yue Ying changed her face dramatically. She hesitated and then asked, "Do we need to notify our Master?"

"Of course!" Ji Mu affirmed, "Shi Yan wouldn’t be safe in any area. I think these battles relate to him!"

Yue Ying agreed. She nodded continually as she started to send the news to Yun Hao.

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