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The Soul Gathering Pearl was the crystal of a Soul Swallowing beast, the most eccentric beast in this world. The Soul Swallowing Beast was good at seizing souls. Of course, its crystal had inherited this ability perfectly.

All souls had weaknesses that people could use to take them. Once the soul left the body, it became feeble. The G.o.d Soul was agile; it could flash and disappear instantly. If it weren’t restrained right when it left the body, it was hard to capture and destroy it. The Soul Gathering Pearl’s best feature was that it could release an intense suction force whenever it sensed the aura of the soul. It could act quickly, leaving the souls no chance to escape.

This toy was made to aim at souls.

When souls didn’t detach from the bodies, this toy’s effect wasn’t significant. It was easy to destroy this bead too. However, when a soul didn’t have a body to host it, it would become this bead’s prey.

Chu Bai Qing’s G.o.d Soul was now a cl.u.s.ter of gray air, seized inside the Soul Gathering Pearl. The wise G.o.d Soul had turned into something gray and dull. The soul’s memories were gradually scattered.

To purify a warrior's soul to the degree that the other warrior could absorb it, the soul seal, the memories, every feeling, and events of life should be cleaned.

After that, the soul would be crystal clear, and be able to be absorbed.

However, a soul that could survive and exist wasn’t only because of the soul energy, but also the knowledge, memory and the traces of life. When these things were washed away, one’s Life Original Seal would disappear, which meant both his body and soul had perished.

In order words, Chu Bai Qing was over, and he could never gather his Soul Seal again.

Holding the Soul Gathering Pearl in his hand, Shi Yan was contented. He gazed at the pure black pearl for a while, releasing his Soul Consciousness to sense. Afterward, he retrieved his Soul Consciousness with a smile.

Chu Bai Qing was an expert at the True G.o.d Realm anyway; his soul was the formidable G.o.d Soul. The Soul Gathering Pearl needed time to crush and filter his G.o.d Soul thoroughly. Shi Yan understood this well.

Ning Du Quan, Chu Bai Qing, and the old woman were killed directly with quick and wicked attacks. Afterward, the lake restored its quiet ambiance.

Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, War Devil, and Li Zheng Rong returned, standing next to him. All of them were excited with a smiling face.

"I didn't expect it to be so easy. Shi Yan, what did you use to capture even the G.o.d Soul?" Li Zheng Rong relaxed, as warm smiles filled his fat face. "You, kiddo, you aren’t ordinary at all. Every time I meet you, I find out that I can’t see through you." 

"The beast crystal of the Soul Swallowing Beast, specialized in dealing with souls," Shi Yan beamed a faint smile.

"Soul Gathering Pearl!" Li Zheng Rong was frightened. He discolored. "The Soul Swallowing Beast is the most cunning and wicked beast in the world. You have its crystal! Wow, it’s what everybody desires!" He knew the secrets of the Soul Swallowing Beast. This beast grew up by devouring souls of creatures. It was really dangerous.

"I thought you would use the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame," Ye Chang Feng grinned brightly. "You do have many tricks. It’s cool, mate!"

Ye Chang Feng had the Purgatory True Flame. The heaven flames could sense each other. He had a sharp knowledge of Shi Yan’s heaven flames, and the features of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. When Shi Yan told everybody he had the method to deal with Chu Bai Qing’s G.o.d Soul, he wasn’t so surprised.

Shi Yan just smiled, but he didn’t explain. After the battle with the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame went dormant. Seemed like it was carrying out its living form transformation. As Shi Yan had used his host soul to sense, he realized it wasn’t a simple process.

Even if he could use the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, he wouldn’t use it. After the Soul Gathering Pearl purified Chu Bai Qing’s G.o.d Soul, it would become a pure soul that he could absorb. Such good benefit shouldn’t be wasted by burning it to ashes, right?

When he was talking with Li Zheng Rong and Ye Chang Feng, Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned were breathing heavily and talking with each other not far from him. After the two had joined hands and killed Chu Bai Qing, they took a short break and then started to provoke each other.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned had a grudge because Blood-maned used to bully the dragon when his level was still low.

Blood-maned wanted to make Fiery Dragon his henchman, but Fiery Dragon had denied him. Blood-maned thought that this dragon didn’t appreciate his favor, so he had given Fiery Dragon a lesson while he was still young. This was carved deep in the Fiery Dragon’s memory. He always treated Blood-maned as his enemy. He always wanted to be stronger, to then find Blood-maned to take his pride back.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned had accelerated from provoking to a bigger rage. Their face reddened, their breathing severe and ominous. They seemed to want to fight.

Fiery Dragon was afraid of Blood-maned, but it was the old story. Since Shi Yan had refined his body, Fiery Dragon could feel his power had skyrocketed. Now, he wasn’t afraid of Blood-maned’s cultivation base, which was one level higher than his. As they were quarreling, he wanted to vent his anger out eventually. 

Shi Yan looked at the further area as his mind was flickering. He laughed, then flew toward the two beasts while shouting, "You guys!"

Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon were about to attack each other. But on hearing his call, they stopped and looked at him bewilderedly.

"Shi Yan, I don't need your support in the fight between Blood-maned and me. Our battle won’t require external help." Fiery Dragon was astounded, as he thought that Shi Yan wanted to help him. He shook his head continually and denied resolutely. "I believe Blood-maned can’t hurt me this time." 

Blood-maned had gold mane covering his entire body. Each hair of his was like a gold, pointy needle. In this lake bottom, he looked like a small gold mountain with a sharp aura.

His eyes filled with fighting will gazed at Shi Yan. He didn’t take action immediately but muttered to himself. "This kid is the one who gave the cunning tactic to Fiery Dragon. Such shameless rouge! You humans are all the same!"

"Without Shi Yan’s plan, could we kill that True G.o.d Realm human that fast? You b*stard, don’t act like you gain nothing from this. Ungrateful!" Fiery Dragon was equally foul-mouthed.

"You two, don't rush," Shi Yan beamed a faint smile and then nodded with Blood-maned. "Haven’t you found the new change of Fiery Dragon? Do you know how it happened?"

Fiery Dragon couldn’t help but shout. "Shi Yan!"

"There are so many magical things in this lake bottom. If you two fight now, both of you will lose something." Shi Yan gave a deep look to Fiery Dragon. "Moreover, this is Blood-maned’s territory. We can’t do things behind his back. Your grudge isn’t something you have to risk your lives for. I know you Monster Clan isn’t a narrow-minded race. Everyone take a step back, and we all gain benefits from this. Won’t we be all happy in the end?" 

Fiery Dragon kept silent, as though he was considering Shi Yan’s words.

His body, even after Shi Yan had quenched it already, had only the same strength as Blood-maned’s. Killing him was impossible. Otherwise, he wouldn't need to be too cautious along the way here, as he had been trying to avoid Blood-maned.

Today, Blood-maned was also present underwater, and he couldn’t avoid him. If things accelerated, he and Blood-maned had to experience another b.l.o.o.d.y fight.

Shi Yan’s competence wasn’t bad, which had been proven when they killed Chu Bai Qing’s group. Even if Shi Yan didn’t get involved in their battle, he would still feel insecure.

Thus, if he wanted to initiate this fight, nothing would be good for him.

Blood-maned was quite excited. He seemed to be curious. "Do you know how that Fiery Dragon’s body changed?" He really concerned this matter.

"I did that. After my quenching, his flesh body has been improved by one level." Shi Yan grinned, looking at Fiery Dragon. "You don't deny that, do you?"

Fiery Dragon snorted. Under Blood-maned’s scrutinizing look, he nodded begrudgingly. "This stinky kid has some good tricks. Without his a.s.sistance, I couldn’t shed the mortal skin that fast."

Blood-maned’s eyes brightened, gazing at Shi Yan. "You told me this… Are you saying that you can help me too?"

Shi Yan nodded resolutely. "It’s true. As long as you pay me enough and gather materials sufficiently, I can help you refine your flesh body, which would facilitate you to complete the process of shedding mortal skin. How does it sound?"

Blood-maned almost didn’t hesitate. He agreed immediately. "I’ll follow your idea!"

"Good," Shi Yan was happy. "First, we need to solve the business in this lake bottom then we will discuss our long-term business carefully. I'm easy to talk with. Master Blood-maned will understand me gradually."

Blood-maned nodded, walked to Fiery Dragon and started to ask him the details. "Fiery Dragon, you a*shole, why did you want to hide such good things? This is good news to our Monster Clan! B*stard! You’re so selfish. That human has spoiled you!" 

Fiery Dragon's face grimaced. He grunted and mumbled in his throat, but he didn't react. When he was annoyed, he would answer in one or two sentences.

"How to take the Soul Washing Divine Water and the Star Original Essence?" Shi Yan waved at Li Zheng Rong’s group and asked directly.

"You need to use heaven flame to melt the hard sh.e.l.l." Li Zheng Rong talked with a serious face. "Both the Soul Washing Divine Water and the Star Original Essence have a magical hard sh.e.l.l. It’s more tenacious than the supple power of the surface water of this lake. Only heaven flames can melt it bit by bit. That’s how we unseal them."

"I don’t see the Star Original Essence anywhere," Shi Yan was puzzled.

"Over there," Ye Chang Feng laughed, pointing at an area under the Soul Washing Divine Water. "There’s an ancient formation. The Soul Washing Divine Water and the Star Original Essence came out from its center. We’ve dragged the Soul Washing Divine Water, but we haven’t touched the Star Essence yet."

"Ancient Formation?" Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. He didn't wait for Ye Chang Feng to talk more, walking towards the place he had just pointed.

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan followed him closely. They were curious, but their yearning was getting bigger. The Soul Washing Divine Water was something they both desired for its magical effects.

Shi Yan walked to the place, looking up to see. As he got there, he was struck immediately, and couldn’t help but shout.

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