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In fact, Fiery Dragon didn't have such a concept. Without Shi Yan’s wicked tactic, Fiery Dragon could never think about such a treatment for Chu Bai Qing.

Chu Bai Qing wasn't wrong when he acted according to the common knowledge of the Monster Clan. Anyway, he hadn't counted Shi Yan, the one who planned everything behind Fiery Dragon. That was why he got hurt in just a blink.

Blood-maned also fell into a daze.

When Blood-maned was roaring and screeching as he was about to attack the dragon, he suddenly found Fiery Dragon’s target had been changed. Chu Bai Qing wanted to cooperate with Fiery Dragon to kill him, but he got hurt while he didn’t put up guard towards his ‘partner.’ This also stunned Blood-maned.

"F*ck that! Your daddy here and you come from the same Clan. How could I join the foreigner and deal with you? That a*shole has killed so many members of our clan. Well, drawing bones and taking tendons! I have to kill him first! We will talk about our matter later!" Fiery Dragon thundered and then crazily stormed towards Chu Bai Qing again.

Blood-maned was astounded, but then, he shouted, "You f*cking Fiery Dragon! I didn’t think that you are so mean and shameless! But I like it!" 

The giant ape roared, and then just like Fiery Dragon, his furious attacks changed their directions, dashing towards Chu Bai Qing. His body was radiant in a gold halo, while a power as sharp as a sword tip surged.

When Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned joined hands, it was the announcement of Chu Bai Qing’s defeat, especially when he had been hurt severely.

Ning Du Quan and the old woman stood behind a big stone watching the fight. They had planned everything, but the wind had changed now. They were all startled in fright.

Ning Du Quan and the old woman discolored as they figured out that they were now the targets. They wanted to run away with grimaced countenances.

"Kill them first!" Shi Yan released the War Devil, giving it a cold order. He pointed at Ning Du Quan and the old woman. "Be careful. Don’t let them run away using Escape Technique!"

The War Devil flew out.

Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, Li Zheng Rong, Fiery Flame, and Silvered-horned flew after the puppet. They shot away like lightning strikes. In just a blink, they had reached Ning Du Quan and the old woman, starting to strike them with deadly attacks.

Ye Chang Feng didn’t move, watching the scene with a happy face.

Shi Yan didn't move either. He narrowed his eyes, moving his Soul Consciousness quietly. He was urging different kinds of powers to create Gravitational Field at the bottom of the lake. Then, he used his soul to manipulate it, striking towards Ning Du Quan and the old woman.

Flows of Soul Consciousness added with s.p.a.ce power flew and interweaved rapidly inside the Gravitational Field, affecting s.p.a.ce there and creating a distorted, chaotic s.p.a.ce.

This was the Breaking Escape Technique he had studied for a long time to create!

Most of the Escape Techniques, which could jump ten thousand li away instantly, needed to cross s.p.a.ce to do that. If s.p.a.ce had an anomaly and became unsteady, when someone used this technique to run away, he or she would receive the s.p.a.ce power backlash, which would kill that person tragically. 

Flows of Soul Consciousness moved fast in that Gravitational Field, making the area shake disorderly. Vaguely, they could see some tiny s.p.a.ce slits.

Ning Du Quan and the old woman were sensitive enough to realize the change of s.p.a.ce around them. Eventually, they grimaced with a great insecure feeling.

"Ning Du Quan!" Li Zheng Rong roared indignantly. "Didn’t you want to kill us? You’re a shameless b*stard! I will show you what’s called despair!"

It was Ning Du Quan’s idea to trigger Chu Bai Qing to kill them. While Chu Bai Qing was fighting with Blood-maned, Ning Du Quan was watching Li Zheng Rong to prevent him from running away.

That was why Li Zheng Rong hated him to the bones!

"Hey, Ning Old Dog, long time no see!" Shi Yan laughed oddly from a distance. "I couldn’t destroy you in the Ice Emperor City, so I’m going to kill you today then! If you dare, use the Escape Technique. Haha, I really want to see the chaotic s.p.a.ce crush you into dust. How magnificent it would be! Hahaha!"

"Cool!" Ye Chang Feng shouted, laughing refreshingly as he finally vented out his resentment.

"Little dog, you would never have a decent death! The seven ancient factions will kill you! I swear on my soul!" Ning Du Quan screeched as if his insanity had burst out. He turned to the old woman, "Move! We will break out with all that we got!"

Whistle Whistle!

A block of absolute darkness slowly appeared at the bottom of the lake. A formidable suction force came from that darkness, as if it could swallow everything.

But the strange thing was, the water in the lake didn’t flow towards that area. However, Ning Du Quan and the old woman were panic-stricken. They felt their souls were entangled with black smoke, feeling restless. 

That was the power Upanishad of the War Devil – Corrosive Darkness. 

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan seized the chance to storm towards them like strong beasts, with a crazy, brutal momentum.

"Explode!" shouted Yang Tian Emperor. His palms cracked open. Blood-red energy gushed out furiously, carrying the power of the Blood Ghost that Yang Tian Emperor had perceived. This blow could explode the opponent’s flesh body into pieces.

Di Shan’s black wings shivered slightly. Many feathers condensed by pure energy shot out like a shower of arrows, which puzzled people’s vision. This attack seemed to freeze even the water current in the lake!

Fiery Flame and Silvered-horned stood on the right and left respectively in their beast form to block the exit of the two desperados.

If Ning Du Quan’s group wanted to flee away from two sides, they would never avoid the crazy bombarding of Fiery Flame and Silvered-horned.

The bursting power of a level 8 beast was enough to rip off Ning Du Quan and the old woman on the spot!

Li Zheng Rong halted. After that, he threw out the rings on his fingers one by one. They flashed, then many treasures flew out, striking towards Ning Du Quan’s team.

Li Zheng Rong was a Sacred Grade alchemist. He had lived in the Dead Soul Mountain Range for many years, which gave him the chance to collect countless rare and precious treasures, each of them being a Sacred Grade treasure. The fighting tactic that depended on secret treasures was the most dangerous.

Light shot out from treasures, flooding the entire area. However, their energy fluctuations were different. The treasures locked the two, while some of them even intruded their souls directly, giving them a deep insecure feeling rising from the bottom of their hearts.

War Devil, Di Shan, Yang Tian Emperor, Li Zheng Rong, Fiery Flame, and Silvered-horned were equal to the force of five experts at the same level as them. Among them, Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan alone were enough to defeat the two. And, the flooding treasures tactic of Li Zheng Rong was giving people a big headache, along with the giant body of Fiery Flame and Silvered-horned blocking the way. This battle was determined right before it started.

If Shi Yan didn't use his s.p.a.ce power to disorder s.p.a.ce, the other two would have used the Escape Technique to run away and vent a chance to survive. 

However, Shi Yan had cut off their only hope!

Puff Puff!

The fearful noise of cutting flesh and bones arose from Ning Du Quan and the old woman’s position. Next, they saw cut limbs flying across the area. Blood splashed everywhere. The thick smell of blood couldn't be hidden in water as it diffused with the water.

They couldn’t even release their souls.

Shi Yan had prepared the Soul Gathering Pearl already, waiting in silence. However, he saw their souls being crushed instantly, turning into light smoke that naked eyes couldn’t see, vanishing in the water of the lake.


The Soul Gather Pearl still flew out, using its best to gather the smoke of their souls, which had been divided into so many different flows, before they vanished. 

Ning Du Quan and the old woman had both their souls and bodies perished.

Everybody was cheered up. They couldn’t hold their strange smiles, storming towards Chu Bai Qing.

Chu Bai Qing was struggling hard dispiritedly. He couldn't do anything but retreat. Blood gushed from his body, and his face was as pallid as paper sheets. 

"Don't let him run away!" Shi Yan shouted. He started to gather his Soul Consciousness power, making the soul sabers strengthened with s.p.a.ce power. Those sabers then stabbed towards Chu Bai Qing, making the s.p.a.ce disordered again.

At the same time, the Gravitational Field, which prevented Ning Du Quan from using Escape Technique, swiftly changed its position, moving towards Chu Bai Qing.

Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, Li Zheng Rong, Fiery Flame, and Silvered-horned released their best strikes to restrain Chu Bai Qing as they heard Shi Yan.

The War Devil didn’t care whether Chu Bai Qing would use a trick to kill both of them. The puppet got to the area and urged his power of darkness one more time.

Blood-maned and Fiery Dragon stood next to him. These two formidable existences of the Monster Clan had a body that was even stronger than iron. As they weren’t afraid of Chu Bai Qing’s bursting, they still bombarded the poor man, using their giant bodies to seize more room and narrow his operating s.p.a.ce. 

Shi Yan didn't join the battle. He was using his Soul Consciousness to distort the s.p.a.ce, applying his new cognition of the s.p.a.ce energy.

Flows of his Soul Consciousness were moving like invisible blades, cutting the s.p.a.ce in the lake. They then saw the streams appear in the bottom of the lake. They were the traces of where his Soul Consciousness had glided through.

Not long afterward, there were hundreds of streams like that next to Chu Bai Qing. These streams didn’t have any operational rules. They were changing and joining each other constantly, creating the impact that could affect the s.p.a.ce here.

Shi Yan was filled with joy as he realized that his control of s.p.a.ce power was getting more exquisite.

The chance when one didn’t need to worry about the counterattack of a True G.o.d Realm expert, and could use the strongest attack to kill the opponent, came once in a blue moon.

Shi Yan seized the chance and quenched his s.p.a.ce power, turning his knowledge into a real attack. During the fighting, he understood the movement of s.p.a.ce and the traces of s.p.a.ce power, which helped him take another step in understanding the mysteries of s.p.a.ce power. 

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

Different energies, treasures, lights, and flames exploded, sh.e.l.ling towards Chu Bai Qing. Chu Bai Qing had to dodge with all of his abilities. However, he got hurt continually, and he couldn’t resist any longer.

His face distorted evilly. Begrudgingly, his G.o.d Soul got out of his body. A feeble phantom slowly flew out from his body. Then, it moved swiftly like lightning in order to escape the lake bottom.

"I’ve been waiting for you for so long!" Shi Yan grinned fiendishly. A powerful suction force appeared from the Soul Gathering Pearl, which aimed at the souls especially. 

At that moment, Chu Bai Qing’s G.o.d Soul was like it was coiled by many tentacles. He struggled hard, releasing the screeches of the soul. But he was dragged towards the Soul Gathering Pearl little by little. He had no means to avoid this force.

Yang Tian Emperor and Li Zheng Rong were the experts with secret treasures and soul attacks. They took this chance to create more pressure on Chu Bai Qing’s soul, making it flicker like a dying flame.


Finally, Chu Bai Qing’s G.o.d Soul couldn’t resist anymore. The Soul Gathering Pearl got it immediately.

Shi Yan laughed crazily, s.n.a.t.c.hing the pearl. The Soul Gathering Pearl returned to his hand. Chu Bai Qing’s G.o.d Soul had turned into gray smoke, dispersing gradually.

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