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The Earth Flame was like a fire ribbon, burning the water of the lake.

It was strange that the water surface Yang Tian Emperor couldn't pierce through seemed to be melted under the scorching heat of the Earth Flame. Gradually, a fire path was formed in the middle of the tender lake.

Fiery Dragon, Fiery Flame, and Silver-horned had their eyes brightened. They were excited.

Yang Tian Emperor smiled, looking at him with compliments.

"We can go now." As Shi Yan saw the seal of the lake was cracked, he nodded and then stormed over the fire path.

Fiery Dragon’s group followed close behind him.

The place under the surface looked like a bright mirror.

After a dazzlingly bright layer, they met a wet, sluggish area. While Shi Yan hadn’t adapted to the light yet, he heard some rumbling noises.

When he could see things clear again, Shi Yan found himself in a strange underwater world. He was floating in a deep blue area, and there was a glorious bright s.p.a.ce above his head. The world in this lake was multiple times bigger than the lake itself.

They didn't see any sea monsters or fishes in this underwater world, only some spa.r.s.e seaweed and algae.

So many stones radiated dazzlingly on the bottom of the lake. Energy fluctuations rippled densely.

Top-grade Essence Crystals!

At first glance, Shi Yan couldn't help but shout joyfully. He was overjoyed.

Essence Crystals were the foundation of the warriors. With Essence Crystals, warriors didn't need to depend on heaven and earth’s spiritual Qi to cultivate. The top-grade Essence Crystal was scarce. Each piece was the essential auxiliary material to refine secret treasures. Normally, the Essence Crystal was generated in the deep place of the Essence Crystal mineral lode, as it was the best quintessence.

Top-grade Essence Crystals were everywhere on the bottom of the lake. Shi Yan made a sketchy count, and he found that there were no less than ten thousand pieces!

Ten thousand Essence Crystals! Even if the Yang family, which was a super strong force in the Endless Sea, sold all their cultivating materials, it wasn’t worth the number of the Essence Crystals in this area.

That’s why Shi Yan didn't think much. He wanted to collect them immediately.

Boom Boom Boom!

Fierce energy impact came from not far from them. Even the water of the lake couldn’t hide these terrifying noises.

Shi Yan discolored. He woke up from the joy of the top-grade Essence Crystals, remembering the reason why he came down here. 

At this moment, Fiery Dragon, Fiery Flame, Silver-horned, Yang Tian Emperor, and Di Shan arrived. They stood next to Shi Yan, looking at the Essence Crystals around the place, taking a deep breath.

The Earth Flame turned into a small flame, sinking into the Blood Vein Ring.

"So many top-grade Essence Crystals! Unbelievable! Unbelievable!" Yang Tian Emperor couldn't restrain his joy. He laughed, "It's fate. It's our fate!" 

"Someone got here before us," Fiery Dragon grunted a reminder.

Boom Boom Boom!

Furious explosions echoed again. Yang Tian Emperor and Fiery Dragon became frightened, turning around to look at the direction where the explosion arose.

Shi Yan didn't dare to linger. He darted away like a lightning strike.

The lake surged. Pieces of top-grade Essence Crystals were smashed into chips, releasing thick energy. Rays of light interweaved in front of them. They could see two silhouettes fighting furiously.

One of them was obviously not human. His body was covered in a b.l.o.o.d.y mane. Each of his hair was like a steel needle, around one meter long. From a distant, he looked like a giant hedgehog. His breath was incomparably savage.

Fighting him was a human, a slender man. His black hair were pinned up. He looked no more than forty years old, handsome and generous. He was holding a gold square stone in his hand, which gave people the imposing manner of a great mountain.

Although these two experts were fighting in the water, the water didn’t affect them. Each strike they launched could smash the entire mountain, generating an earth-shaking impact.

While they were fighting, light shot out bursting off the top-grade Essence Crystals. This energy was more dangerous than the most savage fish in the water. It extended vastly to the furthest area of the lake.

Three rays of dark blue light shot out like the three sharpest arrows; the explosive force they were carrying was enough to crush the beast’s flesh body.

"It’s Blood-maned!" Fiery Dragon became ruthless. He grunted with a malicious look. "This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has come here one step ahead of us! I wonder who he’s fighting with."

"Chu Bai Qing," Yang Tian Emperor knitted his eyebrows, looking at Shi Yan. "That man is Chu Bai Qing, the Head Master of the Chu family of the Heaven Temple. He has the First Sky of True G.o.d Realm cultivation base, a dangerous warrior. When we arrived in the Perpetual Night Forest, this man wanted to kill the entire Dark Devil Clan, the Winged Clan, and… he wanted to take that chance to kill the Yang family, too!"

When Yang Tian Emperor was talking, he looked calm. However, the wicked thought in his eyes was hard to be concealed.

Di Shan didn't talk, but his eyes showed his resentment as vast as a sea.

Shi Yan’s face became gloomy. He nodded, "I understand. We have some revenge we need to take."

"Thank you," Di Shan bent his body, his face grateful.

Chu Bai Qing had the First Sky of True G.o.d Realm cultivation base, which was considered the leading competence in the whole seven ancient factions.

Shi Yan had only the Second Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base, and he had no expert strong enough to resist Chu Bai Qing accompanying him. Although he knew the other’s competence, he didn’t hesitate to express that he would take justice for the Winged Race. His deed made Di Shan understand that he didn’t choose the wrong master.

"Yeah?" Shi Yan was stirred up, looking at a big stone in the lake bottom ahead of them.

Four figures appeared behind that big stone. Shi Yan knew three of them; they were Li Zhen Rong, Ye Chang Feng, Ning Du Quan, along with a strange old woman, whose wrinkles crawled like worms on her face. However, that old woman had the Third Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base. 

When Ye Chang Feng saw Shi Yan, he couldn’t help but scream.

Li Zheng Rong gawked with a surprised complexion. He pulled Ye Chang Feng, dashing towards Shi Yan.

Ning Du Quan was talking with the old woman, so he didn't pay attention. When he found that Li Zheng Rong and Ye Chang Feng had moved abruptly, he looked up to see. His face changed immediately to be more gloomy and grim.

A walnut-sized water drop was levitating above the place where Blood-maned and Chu Bai Qing were fighting. That drop didn’t merge with the water of the lake, but maintained its complete shape, sparkling in a miraculous white halo. It looked magnificent like a star in the sea water.

The fluid inside the drop was scarce, but it was murmuring, releasing a magical soul fluctuation.

It seemed this drop had its own life.

The brutal fight between Blood-maned and Chu Bai Qing seemed to because of this magical water drop. While they were battling with each other, they sometimes observed the drop discreetly, as if they were afraid it would disappear into thin air all of a sudden.

"Shi Yan! Shi Yan!" Ye Chang Feng called him while dashing towards this area. Li Zheng Rong turned his head from time to time to check the situation of Ning Du Quan and that old woman. He seemed to be afraid that these two would attack them.

"Watch out. We are encountering enemies!" Shi Yan let out a light shout, talking to Fiery Dragon, Fiery Flame, and Silver-horned. "Those humans over there have some grudges against me. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Even if we don’t take action, the others won’t let us go easily."

Fiery Dragon glared at Ning Du Quan and the old woman. He didn’t bother with them. "Just two Spirit Realm warriors… No need to worry. If they dare to come, I’ll help you solve them."

Shi Yan smiled, shaking his head. "No need. We have enough power to counter them… However, if that True G.o.d Realm expert attacks us, I hope you will help us to resist him." 

"... That guy?" Fiery Dragon shook his head, laughing evilly. "No need for me to take action. Blood-maned will teach him well. He has killed so many of his henchmen, Blood-maned won’t let him go that easy." 

Shi Yan nodded and calmed down his tense nerves.

Li Zheng Rong and Ye Chang Feng rushed to Shi Yan.

"What’s going on?" Shi Yan asked without waiting for them to speak up. "Why are you here? What have you found? What is in this area?"

He asked without keeping his manners. After throwing Li Zheng Rong and Ye Chang Feng a glance, his eyes gazed at Chu Bai Qing. He advised, "Release your soul defense. We should be careful in case that man attacks us."

After he had finished, both Yang Tian Emperor and Li Zheng Rong changed their complexions, starting to prepare the defense immediately

Fiery Dragon, Di Shan, Fiery Flame, and Silver-horned didn’t move. No matter it was the Demon Clan or the Monster Clan, their soul defense was naturally much outstanding than the Human Clan. Perhaps Shi Yan and Yang Tian Emperor couldn’t bear the soul attack of the True G.o.d Realm warriors, but it couldn’t kill Fiery Dragon or Di Shan instantly.

"Chu Bai Qing invited us to accompany him," Li Zheng Rong frowned after he had fished the soul defense. "Chang Feng has the Purgatory True Flame. They needed the heaven flame to break the seal here. That’s why we’re here."

"Why did they come here?" inquired Shi Yan.

"We didn’t know," Li Zheng Rong grimaced. "But now we know. It’s because of the Soul Washing Divine Water."

"Soul Washing Divine Water? What is that?" Shi Yan was stunned. He pointed at the water drop and asked, "That water…drop?"

"Yes. Soul Washing Divine Water is similar to the Life Original Fluid, which is one of the three kinds of divine water. It could wash a contaminated soul to make it crystal clear. This would help accelerate the understanding process of power Upanishads. And, it would prevent the warrior from falling in bedevilment." Li Zheng Rong explained and then shouted. "Not only he has the Soul Washing Divine Water but also the Star Original Essence!" His bright eyes gazed at Shi Yan as he suddenly asked, "I heard that you have the Star Martial Spirit?" 

Shi Yan nodded in surprise. "Yeah?"

"The Star Original Essence is the best essence part of a star in the sky. If you can absorb the Star Original Essence into your Star Martial Spirit, I think… your martial spirit will have a breakthrough!" Li Zheng Rong said affirmatively.

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan were petrified. They were both surprised and happy at the same time. "How can we take it?"

"Kill Chu Bai Qing first!" Ye Chang Feng suddenly intervened, his face malicious. "He wanted to kill my teacher and me. If that beast hadn't come, we would have been killed." 

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