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Comoros was hovering above the Yang family’s area, his face grimaced.

Not far beneath him were the two leaders of the Dark Devil Clan, Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba. Their complexions weren’t so good as they were looking at him as well in silence.

Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Tian Emperor put on a solemn face. Electric currents were moving in their sleeves, and essence Qi filled their secret treasures. Their tunics fluttered even though there was no wind. Their aura was gloomy and distant.

This was going to be a big tense fight.

After Comoros arrived, he asked Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba to take up the Dark Devil Clan and leave with him. However, Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba had denied. Comoros kept silent the whole time.

However, his calm aura gradually surged like the torrential river. It was increasing unceasingly.

Among this crowd, Yang Tian Emperor and Cao Qiu Dao had experienced fighting with the Peak of Spirit Realm experts. When Comoros appeared here, they immediately knew the old man had crossed the boundary of the Spirit Realm, entering the True G.o.d Realm.

That was why Yang Tian Emperor and Cao Qiu Dao didn’t dare to take action rashly. They chose to notify Shi Yan first. Although they weren’t sure if Shi Yan had a countermeasure, they knew he had many secrets. Perhaps he could overturn this difficult situation.

Grand Sage Comoros had never felt so painful as he had today.

Their n.o.ble members of the Ghost Mark Clan had never thought of submitting to Human Clan even if they were about to be extinguished. They had lived and survived, struggling in the hope of being revived one day.

Although Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba’s group didn't have the ghost scripture tattoo on their bodies, their unique aura and physique showed that they were from a branch of the Ghost Mark Clan. The blood flowing in their bodies had started from the same origin.

However, their fellows had denied walking on the same path with them, as they were persistent to be with a human kid.

This was humiliation! The humiliation of the entire Ghost Mark Clan!

"I don't care what you've been through. This time I come and meet you here, I won't let you live this shameful life anymore!" Comoros took a deep breath as his face became sinister. "I give you one day to prepare. At that time, you go with me, or I will destroy all of you shameless people!"

Then, Comoros tried to press down his discontent, turning around to leave.

However, at this moment, Shi Yan suddenly descended in a flash of electric current, appearing ten zhang away from him.

Comoros’ eyes shrank while a murderous aura shot out from his eyes. He thundered, "Kid, you dare to come here? When we were at the Shady Firmament Old Mound, many of my fellows were killed. Even me… You've attacked us maliciously. Do you want to die?"

When they were in the Shady Firmament Old Mound, his power hadn't recovered yet, but he had taken risks and attacked Shi Yan. At that time, he hurt his soul.

From that day, Comoros remembered Shi Yan. He regretted that he couldn’t kill him earlier. If Bao Ao hadn’t advised him beforehand, he would have taken action immediately when he saw Shi Yan.

Shi Yan gathered his spirit, holding the Sky Destroyer tightly in his hand. The three Bone Thorns he had forged were floating behind him, while a pallid mist of the negative energy meandered around his body unceasingly. They now looked like evil tentacles. Shi Yan’s entire body had a strange and evil aura.

He didn't know of the conversation between Bao Ao and Comoros. The experience in the Shady Firmament Old Mound told him that this Grand Sage of the Ghost Mark Clan was the peerless expert at the True G.o.d Realm. He was strong enough to encounter any leaders of the seven ancient factions in the Divine Great Land.

Thus, when Shi Yan arrived, he had prepared to have a b.l.o.o.d.y fight.

 "You Ghost Mark Clan, why don’t you stay in the Shady Firmament Old Mound? What do you come to the Perpetual Night Forest for? Even if you want to do something, you should keep your eyes on the seven ancient factions, not us." As Shi Yan found that Comoros didn’t want to attack him, he relaxed his nerves a bit.

"Them!" Comoros pointed at Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba, speaking coldly. "Although they aren't from the main bloodline of my clan, and they don't have the inheritance, they are still of the same origin as us. I come here to take them back with us. As long as you don't interfere, I will erase the grudge we've made at the Shady Firmament Old Mound. From now on, I won't trouble you anymore." 

"Young Master Yan!" Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba shouted in unison.

Shi Yan frowned, faintly talking to them. "You can decide yourself."

"We pledge that we will follow you even if we have to die!" Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba expressed themselves at the same time.

Shi Yan cracked a smile silently, looking at Comoros. "Have you heard that?"

Comoros’ face distorted while his eyes sparkled like viper’s eyes. He nodded and said, "Then, I will wash the humiliation, which is you!"

He didn't wait for one day as he had said, taking action all of a sudden. The seal in his palm was like a maze of Formations. Under an immense, vibrating light, it expanded to a miraculous barrier, slowly falling from the sky.

Cold Mysterious Yin energy moved in the sky, overflowing from everywhere and pouring into the barrier. The barrier then emitted a fluctuation that could break souls, drifting away lives. With some earth-destructive Upanishads, it was expanding silently.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Strange noises echoed in the void, while branches of ancient trees above their heads quietly turned into ashes. Light of the sun, moon, and stars was shining, but it couldn't pierce through the barrier, which made it more perfect. People couldn't see any leaks or cracks.

It was the Exterminating Mark aimed at the souls. The coverage of this barrier wasn’t big. It had just barricaded the members of the Dark Devil Clan.

Under the energy waves of the barrier, members of the Dark Devil Clan, including Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba, couldn't move. Their soul power seemed to be chained. If they urged their power, their head would receive a head-splitting pain.

The eyes of Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba bulged, their faces filled with fear as they felt the temperature of their bodies decreasing.

Comoros was the Grand Sage of the Ghost Mark Clan who kept the Yin Written Charm Scripture. Of course, he knew which barrier was the best to deal with his own kind.

When the old man took action, he used the fierce attack on Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba, leaving them no way to resist.

Yang Tian Emperor and Cao Qiu Dao looked at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan nodded quietly.


He shouted all of a sudden as his Soul Consciousness shook furiously. Light blades that naked eyes couldn’t see rocketed to the sky.

A s.p.a.ce power that could tear every kind of barrier appeared between his two palms. The void above the Dark Devil Clan was torn apart, revealing a five-colored crack.

An aura that could swallow every creature or object stormed out from the cracks, as numerous light spots exploded. The barrier Comoros had condensed looked as if it had fallen into a bottomless abyss, disappearing instantly. 

Right at that moment, Fiery Dragon and Fiery Flame, Silver-horned had just arrived at the scene. From a far distance, Fiery Dragon discolored, his face bewildered.

"Master Fiery Dragon, what’s that?" Fiery Flame gulped, his face disbelieving.

"s.p.a.ce power," Fiery Dragon confirmed. "The so-called Great s.p.a.ce Fission, if nothing unexpected, is because of Shi Yan. All of the alien tribes, well… we should thank him."

Fiery Flame and Silver-horned nodded continually, as they thought that Shi Yan would refine their bodies, so of course, they had to thank him a lot.

"You, you!" Comoros was astounded, his face twisted. "In the Shady Firmament Old Mound, you used this technique to dissolve our attack. And, you had even hurt my soul!"

After Shi Yan had torn s.p.a.ce to solve Comoros' attack, he had consumed half of his energy. He was pale, beaming a forced smile. "I don't want to fight to the death with you. I just want to live in peace. Don't force me, or else, we will hide in the s.p.a.ce crack together!" 

An expert specialized in s.p.a.ce power, when he decided to perish together, could be a nightmare of all enemies.

In the history of the Grace Mainland, there was a warrior cultivating s.p.a.ce power. When he got besieged by many other experts, as he knew he couldn't escape, he paid a painful price of burning his soul to rupture the whole s.p.a.ce, making many s.p.a.ce slits to bury himself and all of his enemies.

Warriors who were cultivating s.p.a.ce power, if they wanted to die together, could always drag the higher-realm opponents to death.

Of course, Comoros knew the evil feature of s.p.a.ce power. When he was about to launch the second strike, he couldn’t help but hesitate.

Right at this moment, Fiery Dragon suddenly barged in. He walked to the front of Shi Yan, cleared his throat, and then thundered. "You old man of the Ghost Mark Clan, Shi Yan is my distinguished guest. You shouldn't dream to mess up here! If you dare kill people here, I will make you lose your face!"

While Fiery Dragon was talking, he had returned to his true form. Fire flared up from his entire body. His horn was polished and shining, as his energy surged vehemently. As his scales moved, light waves rippled out like water. All made him look imposingly overwhelming like a divine beast.

Comoros’ face got stiff. He dully looked at Fiery Dragon as his face became more grimaced. "You have also befriended him? Don't you know that he’s human and you are a beast of the Monster Clan?"

"Of course, I know it." After Fiery Dragon had transformed, his voice was more echoing and rumbling, which could even slam people’s eardrums. "I don't care about the Human Clan or the Ghost Mark Clan. Who can benefit me, that one is Fiery Dragon’s friend!"

"Shameless!" Comoros was so indignant that he was shivering. "Do you still have any moral principles of the Monster Clan? You are a beast, but you are befriending a human! Do you know what you are doing?"

"Old man, don't babble. I must protect this kid!" Fiery Dragon didn’t bother with him. "I know you have the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm cultivation base, but you shouldn't think that you can do anything you want here. Muahahaha. Although I’ve just reached level 9, I’m not afraid of you. I think you can see my markings, right? Do you know how strong I am now?" Fiery Dragon was moving and shaking his body contentedly. Flame light expanded everywhere. He looked a bit narcissistic.

Comoros changed his complexion. He gritted his teeth indignantly, glaring at Shi Yan. "Wait for me!" Then, he turned around and disappeared like light gray smoke.

"Shi Yan, I’ve helped you threaten the strong enemy away. How do you prepare to thank me?" Fiery Dragon waved his tail, looking at Shi Yan delightedly, talking as if he was showing his merit. "You have to join us for that event…We have to go together. And, you have to agree to…"

"Got it," Shi Yan sighed. He shook his head as he felt amused. "Don't worry. I know my grudge and grat.i.tude are different."

"You should prepare. We will go there shortly. It seems weird these days. Perhaps… perhaps the seal is about to break. You should be hurried," urged Fiery Dragon.

Shi Yan was surprised, as curiosity swelled in his heart.

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