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Deep in the thick forest a hundred li away from the Yang family’s shelter, Shen Lin and one of the Yakshas, Dong Jin, were sitting upright.

Almost one hundred Earth Realm and Nirvana Realm warriors were surrounding them. They were forming a round-shaped formation, as though they were waiting for something.

Stood between Shen Lin and Dong Jin was an adult-sized silver mirror. After receiving Essence Qi from the warriors, the blurry mirror became clearer, and a figure slowly appeared in the mirror.

Shen Lin and Dong Jin were tense. They jolted up from their seats and clasped their fists to greet that person. They looked even more respectful than when they were talking with Yang Tian Emperor.

The figure in the mirror got clearer. That was a bony old man wearing a gray robe and an ugly green mask. He then asked with a desolate tone. "How is it going?"

Shen Lin was solemn. He bent his body while hurrying to answer the old man. "Almost done. At least we can take half of them and leave. After a while, we can take more people. When the pressure gets higher, the number of people with different thoughts will increase too."

The old man in the mirror nodded, his tone cold and low. "So why did you need to contact me?"

"Shi Yan is back," Shen Lin scooped, muttering.

"Shi Yan…" The old man in the silver mirror suddenly got stirred up. He shouted, "Keep an eye on him. That kid is a troublemaker. Don’t let him ruin our business. Pay attention to him, but don't provoke him. I will think of a plan to eliminate him."

Shen Lin and Dong Jin were stunned.

They all knew the ident.i.ty and the cultivation base of the man in the mirror. A strong warrior like him valued Shi Yan that much, which frightened them.

At this moment, they vaguely recognized that the information they had about Shi Yan wasn’t sufficient.

"Shi Yan’s really cunning and wicked. You guys shouldn’t contact me for the time being. Things I asked you to do, you can also slow down," the old man pondered. "Just wait. Don’t leave. Keep an eye on them for me. I’ll handle Shi Yan."

Shen Lin and Dong Jin agreed quickly.

All of a sudden, there came a beast howling from far away. A thick blood scent arose from a far distance. Shen Lin and Dong Jin were frightened. They excused themselves, retrieved the silver mirror, then scattered disorderly.

Grabbing a Nirvana Realm warrior, Dong Jin asked furiously. "What’s going on?"

"Beasts!" The other wore a panic-stricken face. "At least ten beasts. Perhaps they have a level 8 beast, too. They are moving towards the Master of the family. So frightening!"

The young warrior said quickly. Abruptly, he talked again with fright. "Should we get back there? Or else, we can leave now. I don’t feel good about it."

"Coward! If we leave in this little case, we are going to burn all our efforts!" Dong Jin slapped the man and then shouted, "All of you, follow me back!"

Shen Lin didn’t say anything, as he was considering the situation in his heart. Then, he ran together with Dong Jin towards the Yang family’s shelter.


Crazy roaring and howling reverberated from everywhere, covering the Yang family’s shelter.

Members of the Yang family shivered in fear on hearing the beast roaring and howling. They were pale, but they had gritted their teeth and prepared to counter the enemy.

"Master? Where’s the Head Master?" Shen Lin and Dong Jin hurried to get back. There had not been any big damage. After they had confirmed the situation, they exhaled in relief. Then, they asked for Yang Tian Emperor’s whereabouts.

"I don't know. The Head Master said that he was going out to hunt beasts. He hasn’t come back yet," an official disciple of the Yang family answered him.

"The heck. Why does he need to hunt the beasts at this moment? We aren’t in the Endless Sea now…" Dong Jin muttered, his face grimaced.

Many official disciples of the Yangs put on a furious countenance when they heard Dong Jin’s utterance. Their eyes sparkled with anger.

"Dong Jin, you don't have the right to comment what the Head Master did!" Yang Zhuo walked over, glaring at him coldly. His face was wry as he didn’t think that someone dared to doubt Yang Tian Emperor in the Yang family.

The corner of Dong Jin’s mouth jerked up as he was about to mock more.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan appeared from nowhere. His eyes were as sharp and cold as a saber, gazing at Dong Jin. A murderous aura started to rise from his body.

Dong Jin changed his countenance. He remembered the old man’s att.i.tude towards Shi Yan. All of a sudden, he felt shivers running through his spine. He swallowed what he wanted to say.

Shi Yan curled his lips and beamed a silent smile, but he didn't launch a brutal strike. 

"The Master is back! Head Master is back!" The outer guard suddenly shouted.

Shortly after his report, Yang Tian Emperor appeared with a b.l.o.o.d.y chest. He looked struggling and distressed.

By the lake, all the warriors, including the Yang family’s disciples and the warriors who had submitted to the Yangs paled as they saw their Master’s appearance.

In their hearts, Yang Tian Emperor was the peerless warrior at his Second Sky of Spirit Realm. He had the competence to counter even a higher realm expert. Even in this Divine Great Land, Yang Tian Emperor had a high position.

A true expert like him got hurt badly with that dispirited posture. What kind of danger he had encountered?"

People’s hearts plunged down to the bottom of the valley.

"This situation is not good," Yang Tian Emperor was solemn like never before. "There’re two level 8 beasts coming. I’m hurt severely. In the next hour, the beasts will come here."

When he finished, everybody else paled. A deep despair appeared on their faces.

"Besides the two level 8 beasts, there are some level 7, a couple hundred level 6 and 5 beasts. The two level 8 ones lead them." Yang Tian Emperor said without hesitating. "We shouldn't scatter. Otherwise, we will get hurt or even die. I'll stay here to see if I can stop this wave. This will help more people survive."

Yang Tian Emperor was begrudging, his eyes sorrowful. He rose his muscular arm and said, "Today could be the day the Yang family is over. I, Yang Tian Emperor, have no power to bring you a better future. I’m sorry, guys. At this moment, I can only put forth everything to keep more people alive. I’ll stay, and all main branches of the Yang family will stay here to support too. I hope most of you will survive."

"Master, we are going with you!"

"Wherever you are, we will be with you! We will never leave you!"

"We will not let the Head Master bear all the things for us!"

A part of the warriors who had submitted to the Yang family shouted bravely as they heard Yang Tian Emperor’s words. However, a bigger number stayed idle. Some of them paled. Their eyes sparkled while they were trying to make up their minds on a hard decision.

Shen Lin and Dong Jin were startled. They weren’t sure if it was Yang Tian Emperor’s plan. They just stood and frowned, waiting for the dangerous change to come.


A terrifying roar stormed over like enraging sea clouds, bringing the b.l.o.o.d.y murderous aura while coming towards them from a far distance.

The rumbling sounds of trees breaking echoed continuously from a far place. A frightening aura quickly filled the place; something was moving closer to this area.

Many people revealed their despair. Some of them had made up their minds. Many were anxious, looking at Shen Lin and Dong Jin while urging them with their looks.

Shen Lin and Dong Jin exchanged looks. They all saw fear in the other’s eyes. They hesitated, but didn’t dare to give out a decision. Abruptly, they made up their minds.

"Master, we’ll take a part of us to leave here first. After we bring the low-realm warriors to a safe place, we’ll be back to help you!"

Shen Lin stepped forward. He even forgot the etiquette, trying to be more honest. "Please take care, Master. We will not let you down. We will protect our elite force!"

No matter what way he chose to conceal this, leaving at this critical time was a sign of betrayal. Everybody here had a bright vision. They all knew he was just saying the f*cking excuse to protect his cowardice.

"Shen Lin, you big old dog!" Ling Ming, one of the Five Yakshas, thundered indignantly. "When your family left you wounded in the middle of a herd of beasts, who saved you? Who had risked his life to save you from the mouth of the beasts? I didn’t think that you could be such coward! You are a shameless, ungrateful b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

"I’m thinking for the Yang family! I want to fulfill the Head Master’s wish!" Shen Lin changed his face, shouting with a vicious complexion.

"Haha!" Ling Ming laughed out loud, shook his head and sneered. "Everybody knows your heart, old friend."

Shen Mu was so embarra.s.sed that he got enraged. However, at this moment, they all heard the beast roaring again. His pupils shrank. He didn’t bother with Ling Ming’s reaction, just clasped his fist and greeted Yang Tian Emperor, then shouted, "Come with me. We should survive for our Master."

After that, he and Dong Jin flew up first, heading to the area of the seven ancient factions in the Perpetual Night Forest.

The crowd of the warriors who had submitted to the Yang family scooped, not daring to look at the members of the Yangs. They gingerly walked for a while, then soared up to the sky to get away from the place.

Ling Ming and the other members of the Yang family looked at the leaving people with a grimaced countenance. It was beyond their expectations that the number of warriors who decided to leave with Shen Lin was not just half of them; it was more than two-thirds!

Around one thousand and five hundred warriors had submitted to the Yang family. At this moment, more than one thousand decided to leave. The brave ones who stayed weren’t more than five hundred.

Although he had prepared himself well, seeing this big contradiction, Yang Tian Emperor didn't feel good. His face was bitter as he shook his head with an intense pain in his heart.

He had thought that at least half of them would decide the stay. No one had expected this level of a pathetic situation.

"We should eradicate the malignant tumor. Great Grandpa, don't be upset. I think one day, they will know how big the mistake they made today is." Shi Yan's face was also grimaced. He clenched his jaw, talking mercilessly.

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