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Hundreds of members of the Yang family and the Shi family were listening to Shi Yan by the lake.

The Yangs and the Shis had accepted Shi Yan from the bottom of their hearts; especially the Shis from the Quiet Cloud Land, they always supported him unconditionally. They deemed Shi Yan’s words the truth to be followed.

They all knew that without Shi Yan, they would have never come to the Endless Sea. They understood well that if they were still in the Quiet Could Land, they would have died already.

Those people had watched Shi Yan’s growth from a little boy without Essence Qi. After ten years, he now had a new height each time they next saw him. All the members of the Shi family admired Shi Yan.

In their eyes, Shi Yan was no doubt a wise G.o.d with unmeasured potential. His future would surely be brighter. 

Instinctively, they thought that they had to go with Shi Yan to have a better life.

However, many warriors who had submitted to the Yang family didn’t look at him with such admiration, especially the group of hotshots who had usually battled in the Fourth Demon Area. In their eyes, Yang Tian Emperor was their sole leader.

After they arrived in the Divine Great Land, the warriors who always submitted to the stronger started to look down on Yang Tian Emperor. 

If the Yang family hadn't given them favors, perhaps they would have left already. However, it was enough to keep them stay until now.

"Great Grandpa, I think many people here want to take shelter in the Secret Domain together with the seven ancient factions. That place’s relatively safer, anyway. And, the seven ancient factions will be glad to accept them."

Shi Yan wore an indifferent countenance. His eyes raked around the further area. He continued neither slow nor fast. "Many of them have received the favors of the Yangs and the Shis. That's why they stay. However, their hearts aren’t with us. Well, I think it's too bad to stay here, right? You guys should be like the other people who left to the Secret Domain to save their lives. You shouldn't stay here awaiting danger with us."

"Kid, what do you mean?" A consecrator of the Yang at the Second Sky of Sky Realm with a gray beard and a green robe asked coldly. "Where we should stay, do we need you to provoke or mock us?"

"Who are you?" Shi Yan frowned.

"Leader of the Five Yakshas of the Yang family, Shen Lin." That old man snorted. He slightly rose his head, depending on his seniority to speak up again. "Our Five Yakshas have been fighting in the Fourth Demon Area. Before you arrived the Endless Sea, we had already been in the Fourth Demon Area. Although we aren’t the most ent.i.tled elders of the Yang family, what we have contributed to the Yang family isn’t something you can ignore to scold us like that." 

Shi Yan didn't change his complexion. He was still nonchalant like water in the lake as he nodded, "I’ve admired you guys for too long. The name of the Five Yakshas is like thunder in my ears."

Besides the Three Great Shura Kings, the Five Yakshas were part of the strong warriors of the Yang family.

The Five Yakshas didn’t work in the Endless Sea. However, they had an outstanding reputation in the Fourth Demon Area. Many members of the Demon Clan in the Fourth Demon Area were scared the sh*t out of them when they heard the name of the Five Yakshas. They addressed them as the Human Butchers.

Shen Lin was the leader of the Five Yakshas, with the Second Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base. In the Yang family, he had a reputation and an important position. Even Yang Tian Emperor had to respect him.

"What are you yelling? No matter what the Master says, we will follow him. But you, a kid who still needs his t.i.tties, do you think you are qualified to strut your stuff here?"

Shen Lin harrumphed, ignoring Shi Yan’s compliment. "What decision we make, it has nothing to do with you! Kid, don’t think that with your relationship with that two alien tribes, you can swing your arms in front of us. Harrumph, if it’s not because of the Master, I’m not afraid to give you a lesson." 

As Shen Lin had spent his recent years in the Fourth Demon Area, he didn’t understand Shi Yan much. Although he had heard about the young man’s operation in the Endless Sea, Shen Lin still thought that Shi Yan had faked his attainment of cultivation base and realm. He believed that all were just rumors. 

At this moment, in Shi Yan’s eyes, he just needed to swing his arm to kill a Second Sky of Sky Realm warrior. He didn’t put that old man in his mind. However, he wouldn’t do that. He knew, if he took action, it would chill many people, which would have no benefit for their issues now.

What Shen Lin said didn’t please people's ears, but it was truly what many experts of the Yang family had in their heads. If he killed Shen Lin, warriors who had submitted to the Yangs family would feel dejected.

People who always thought of the Yang family would also have a different thought, and even Yang Tian Emperor couldn’t calm down the situation then.

"Well, I’m not qualified to talk more. I just want to say that no one can predict the Divine Great Land’s situation now. And, it’s not sure that the seven ancient factions could preserve the inheritance flame of Human Clan." Shi Yan smiled with a calm look.

"Of course, if someone thinks that the Yangs can’t protect him, and the Yangs aren’t as strong as the seven ancient factions, it’s better to leave earlier. One day you stay, that’s one more day you have to worry about. This won’t be helpful to your cultivating path. Great Grandpa, I think you won’t stop people from finding a better way for them, right?" Shi Yan looked up to see Yang Tian Emperor across the lake.

Yang Tian Emperor cracked a smile and then spoke slowly. "I’ve told you guys, I will never hinder your career. If you think Yang Tian Emperor isn’t qualified, you can leave at any minute."

"Master, the Yang family has given us favors. At the critical time of the family, we will never leave!" Shen Lin slightly bent his body, his face honest.

"The Yang family had taken care of us in the Endless Sea for a long time. We are the members of the Yang family. It’s the same when we are in the Divine Great Land."

"We swear on our death that we will follow the Master!"

"As long as the Yang family does not expel us, we will not leave!"

Many warriors who had submitted to the Yangs yelled and shouted. However, no one knew how honest they were!

Yang Tian Emperor beamed a faint smile. He waved his hands to calm people down, then looked at Shi Yan with some deep ideas in his eyes. "Little Yan, don’t talk much. You’ve just arrived, and there’re many things you don’t know yet. Come, we need to talk."

"Harrumph. Such a brat who doesn’t know his lot but dares to babble here." Shen Lin’s face was dark and cold as he glared at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan frowned. His mouth was stiff and solemn like a cold saber. He just nodded without saying anything else.

He had received the soul thought from Yang Tian Emperor. Now, he knew that the situation here wasn’t really similar to his a.s.sumptions.

What he’d planned was now postponed. Gliding by the lake, Shi Yan walked to the stone pavilion of Yang Tian Emperor. Shi Jian, Shi Tie, and Yang Hai were with him; they all looked happy. Official experts of the Yang family like Yang Zhuo also stepped forward.

Shen Lin watched them quietly, his eyes dark and calm. He exchanged looks with the other Sky Realm warriors out there. They seemed to have another plan.

"It’s not like what you’ve thought." After they had seated in the stone building, Yang Tian Emperor said after he let Shi Yan, Shi Jian, Shi Tie, Yang Hai, Yang Zhuo, and Yang Mu hug and greet each other. "At present, we have two thousand people here. However, at least half of them want to leave. Among this group, some people who have received favors from the Yangs are hesitant. However, a big part of them doesn't think the same. It isn't that they don't want to leave, they have some other plans…"

"Ah?" Shi Yan’s visage changed.

"Some want to join the seven ancient factions. But they know their starting point isn't strong enough. They want to make a better starting point. They want to take more people to join the seven ancient factions… Perhaps, many of them have agreed already. The reason why they haven't left yet is that they want to take more people with them. Or, they want to collect more intelligence from our side," Yang Tian Emperor wore a smile, but his eyes were as cold as the blades.

Shi Yan suddenly enlightened.

As the Divine Great Land had such a big calamity, the ancient factions had to bear a significant loss. So many Disaster, Nirvana, and Sky Realm warriors were killed. Their foundation was shaken, and their force wasn't strong enough.

In the Divine Great Land, the cradle of martial techniques, a major number of human experts were unharmed, but the number of low-realm warriors was decreasing rapidly.

To the seven ancient factions, they all valued the future as they understood well that the low-realm warriors would become their strong pillars shortly.

Thus, the seven ancient factions were trying their best to unite those small forces. Using the Secret Domain to entice them, which would give their organizations the new blood.

Because of this reason, when Tang Yuan Nan and Xia Qing Hou brought the Three G.o.ds Sect and the Xia family to join the Radiant G.o.d Cult and the Pure Land, they didn't meet any obstacles. Quite the contrary, they were well treated and greatly favored.

In this current situation, the one who could bring more low-realm warriors to join the seven ancient factions would always be welcomed. 

If someone could take the elite force of the Yang family, he would definitely become someone important that the seven ancient factions had to favor. At that time, they could earn fame and a high position.

As his mind flickered, Shi Yan got the picture. Gradually, he found the mistakes in his a.s.sumption.

"Great Grandpa, what are you going to do?" Shi Yan pondered for a while and then said, "Keeping these cunning people here isn’t useful at all. It could even shake the foundation of the Yang family. Many of them have brought victories to the Yang family. If we aim at them, we can accidentally chill the hearts of the ones who are loyal to us. It’s really a tough matter."

"I have a plan that can make them leave on their own. Anyway, I think it’s a bit risky, so I haven’t carried out yet." Yang Tian Emperor smiled coldly. "We can’t kill them immediately. So, at first, we will push them then calculate the debts later. I was thinking about bringing the tremendous demonic beasts here to give them a false image that the Yang family will cease soon, which would make them leave. Under this circ.u.mstance, they won’t have the face to get back to us again. However, it’s too dangerous. I’m still hesitant. Anyway, you’re back now."

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. He cracked a smile. "Great Grandpa, you do have a good idea."

Those people soon had other thoughts. Perhaps, they were already the members of the seven ancient factions now. If they saw the Yang family’s severe situation, they wouldn’t risk their lives to stay. Naturally, they would choose to leave discreetly.

That way, they didn't need to cause a war or make the ones who had followed the Yangs wholeheartedly distressed. It was a good way to get rid of this malignant tumor.

However, the premise was that the Yangs should have absolute confidence. In the critical time where people had to sacrifice, they needed to have the ability to maintain the power of the family.

"I’ve planned properly. As long as you can help me deal with a level 8 beast, we can carry this plan," smiled Yang Tian Emperor.

"Don't worry. Even there are two beasts, I can make them leave," said Shi Yan.

"Then we’re absolutely safe."

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