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Shady Firmament Old Mound…

After one year, under the construction of the Ghost Mark Clan, the vast area of countless gloomy graveyards became more colorful.

A subterranean place should be dark and wet, but this area had many beautiful, exquisite buildings and palaces. These structures were covered with strange, evil symbols, which seemed like crawling worms. These arrays were mysterious and complicated.

Those buildings weren’t exceptionally tall. The tallest one was around dozens of meters tall at the most. However, they were made of a strange material that looked like cold, black iron, giving people a cold and sinister feeling.

These buildings were arranged as if they followed some meaning in the world, which would give them some magical effects.

Far from the buildings and palaces, there laid ruins of tombs. It seemed the barriers in those tombs had been removed. There was no energy fluctuation anymore.

The two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan were standing on a sacrificial altar where thick Mysterious Qi hovered. They were performing an ancient ritual to offer sacrifice. Thousands of dead human bodies laid around the altar. Yin Qi was moving everywhere.

Flows of gray energy in air form exuded from the human corpses, pouring into the sacrificial altar.

There was a sharp snow-white th.o.r.n.y pole on the altar. The tip of the thorn radiated dazzlingly, releasing evil cold Qi as if it were connecting something.

Not far from there, Bao Ao and the group of the Demon Clan’s experts were standing and watching the event. They were looking attentively towards the sacrificial altar.

Among the great alien tribes, the Ghost Mark Clan had the most profound understanding of soul power. The altar they had built had the same function. It could cross s.p.a.ce and collect the souls from the foreign lands, or make a connection with the outer areas.

The two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan had waited until the Mysterious Qi thickly gathering around the altar reached a certain degree to throw the Yin Written Charm Scripture out, using it as the fountain of power to activate the sacrificial altar.

A flow of gloomy gray mist exuded from the altar. Precious gems sparkled in the mist, reflecting strange and evil rays.

Clouds with the shape of souls gradually condensed in the mist. They couldn’t see the real appearance, but the basic shapes. Anyway, it was enough to tell what creatures they were.

Soul-shaped clouds changed mysteriously. Shortly, they floated from the altar to hundreds of meters high in the sky, as feeble soul fluctuations flowed out.

The three experts of the Demon Clan, Bao Ao, Bo Ruo, and Gu Da Si watched those drifting clouds, their faces happy. They hurried to use their souls to capture them.

As they were all True G.o.d Realm warriors, and their G.o.d Soul had been created. When they flickered their souls, the fierce soul fluctuations were too much to bear. Most of the clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan couldn’t endure, so they had to back off.

Soul fluctuations expanding in the void became more powerful. Those drifting soul-shaped clouds were moving back and forth, gradually making a marvelous connection with the G.o.d Souls of Bao Ao’s group of three.

Bao Ao and the other two sat down neatly, closing their eyes. They didn’t say anything. It seemed they were using the G.o.d Soul to communicate.

The two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan, who were controlling the sacrificial altar, looked tense and anxious.

The ash-gray energy from the human corpses was drained quickly. Around one hour later, the gray energy had run out completely.

The two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan watched the situation. They didn't hesitate taking back the Yin Written Charm Scripture. The robust power pouring into the altar was retrieved. 

Bao Ao's team was sensing with their eyes closed. Abruptly, they awakened, their countenance annoyed.

"Master Bao Ao, it isn’t that we didn’t want to help you. Honestly, we didn’t have enough energy," Comoros, the sage of the Ghost Mark Clan, smiled begrudgingly as he was rubbing his hands continually. "If you can find the souls of Third Sky of Spirit Realm warriors to be the sacrifice, this altar can last longer. At this moment, we can’t do more."

When Bao Ao faced Shi Yan, his temperament like warm weather. But at this moment, when he was talking to Comoros, a Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, he was sinister and brutal. His eyes seemed to contain endless wicked intents. "Comoros, the price we’ve paid isn’t small. That’s how you get things done?"

Comoros beamed a forced smile, continually begging. "Master Bao Ao, please give us more time. In three months max, we will satisfy you. Three months later, our sacrificial altar could help you guys and the Antiquity Demogorgon form a soul connection."

Bao Ao’s pupils shrank, and he kept silent for a while.

Comoros smiled miserably, continually ensuring him.

"One month. We’ll give you only one month." Bao Ao’s brutal aura ceased. He became as calm as a tranquil stream. "One month later, if you can’t satisfy us, the agreement we have will be null and void. At that time, you should spit out what we’ve given you. Understand?"

Comoros nodded continuously, not daring to explain more as he agreed immediately. "Alright alright. One month. One month later, I’m sure you can form the soul connection with the Antiquity Demogorgon."

"Good," Bao Ao laughed contentedly. He stood up and said faintly, "I’ve wasted a lot of time. So, don’t test my limit. Remember, you have only one month."

"Don't worry, don't worry. Right after you leave, I’m going to the Martial Spirit Palace’s area," Comoros patted his chest affirmatively.

Bao Ao nodded approvingly. "Oh yeah, the kid named Shi Yan you’ve met, I want to keep him for a reason. If you meet him, don’t touch him. Or else, don’t blame me for being impolite."

"A human?" frowned Comoros.


"Although I don’t know what Master Bao Ao keeps him for, as you’ve advised, I will follow you."

"I’m waiting for your good news."

Bao Ao took Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si, then left. After they had got out of the Shady Firmament Old Mound to the bleak plain, Bao Ao knitted his brows and talked to Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si. "You guys go to the Endless Sea, the Third Demon Area and the Fourth Demon Area, I think our fellows there have gotten out too. You guys get there and gather them. As our Second Demon Area has opened, the gates over there should have broken too. Remember to find the materials I want. We need to unlock the gate of the First Demon Area, not only to contact the Antiquity Demogorgon in there, but also to prepare sufficient materials to break the seal."

"Don’t worry, we will gather them," laughed Gu Da Si. "There aren’t many strong experts in the Third and the Fourth Demon Areas. So, it’s impossible to have an ancient family there. Our Ancient Bao family can unite the fellows there this time for sure."

"You should hurry. The Ancient Jie family is about to come. If we let them open the First Demon Area first, all of our efforts will be wasted." Bao Ao snorted. When he mentioned the Ancient Jie family, he seemed annoyed. 

"Got it."

Ancient Corpse Tomb.

There were many gravestones scattering on a moor, each having a dark entrance leading to the palace underground.

According to the legends, the Ancient Corpse Tomb was a strange land that existed from the Antiquity Time. To have a slot in the Ancient Corpse Tomb, the owner of the tomb should be formidable. Under the headstone, it was another world. People said that the biggest tomb even had a hidden s.p.a.ce as big as an entire city.

At a gravestone that had many strange drawings of the Corpse Clan, Corpse Mount, Corpse Sea, and their people had arrived from the Endless Sea. Travelling through dozens thousand miles, they had finally made it.

Corpse Mount, Corpse Sea, and their fellows stopped in front of that grand headstone, using their special etiquette to bow and their distinct language to call.

After a while, marvelous soul waves spread out from the entrance of the gravestone.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea shivered in thrill. They were both surprised and happy, jolting up from their slots as they took their people to enter that grave.

The Northern Gem Mountain.

Cao Qiu Dao, Fan Xiang Yun, and their men still stayed in this place. They hid inside the mountain, not daring to walk out.

Ear-splitting screams and screech often echoed from the nearby mountains. Sometimes, they heard the demonic beasts howling. All of them were more than enough to scare them out of their wits.

Man Gu wanted to get out there and hunt the beasts for food, but Cao Qiu Dao stopped him with only one sentence. "There are two level 8 beasts among the herd."

Man Gu quit his idea instantly, staying still inside the mountain.

"Would that kid Shi Yan dump us here? If so, staying dully here isn’t different from finding a way to death, right?" Fan Xiang Yun looked at the Teleportation Formation in front of her, eating some fruits with her distressed mood.

"Do you have any better ideas?" Cao Qiu Dao said dispiritedly, throwing her a glare. "If you have a better idea, I’ll follow you. As long as you can save everybody, whatever it is, we’ll follow you. Just tell us what to do."

Fan Xiang Yun was bewildered. Later on, she said feebly. "I know nothing about the Divine Great Land."

"Then, it won’t work," Cao Qiu Dao harrumphed. "I hear Shi Yan said that the Radiant G.o.d Cult has True G.o.d Realm warriors, but now they are also in peril. What should we do?"

Fan Xiang Yun didn’t talk more.

"Just wait then. At this moment, it’s the most precise solution. If you don’t have any business to do, don't go out. If our location is disclosed, calamity will fall on us." Cao Qiu Dao sighed, not knowing what to do.

All of them felt dispirited as they smiled miserably. Staying in this situation without a single hope, they didn't know when it would end.

"It’s over there. That’s all that the two clans have now. Master Yan, I hope you can help us survive." Yi Mu led the way to an extremely luxuriant foliage area. He talked to Shi Yan and pointed to a forest that had no leaks at all.

Shi Yan nodded quietly. "Don’t worry. As long as I’m alive, I will arrange things properly."

"Young Master Yan, please get in." Yi Mu smiled begrudgingly. "The Grand General should know of your arrival by now. They have opened the gate of the barrier. We can get it now."

"Yeah," Shi Yan was emotional. Somehow, he didn’t dare to step in as he didn't know how sorrowful the situation would be behind this barrier.


Even when he hadn’t got in, the sad voices of Yi Tian Mo and Ka Ba greeted him.

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