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After Bao Ao had left the Northern Cold City and got back to his dragon, the two True G.o.d Realm experts of the Demon Clan Gu Da Si and Bo Ruo walked to him with suspicions.

"Master Bao Ao, who is that kid? He’s just a human. Why didn’t you kill him?" Gu Da Si felt puzzled.

Bo Ruo’s beautiful eyes sparkled.

"Haha, he has the bloodline of our Demon Clan. He’s the one who has received the inheritance of the oldest family in our Demon Clan." Bao Ao beamed a faint smile. "That kid’s really interesting. When he grows up, he’ll be really dangerous. If his inheritance awakens, human beings won’t receive him any more. Sooner or later, he will belong to our side."

"Why did he have the oldest inheritance of the Demonic Clan?" Gu Da Si was surprised.

"Members of the Human Clan have their blood mixed with many other clans. This isn’t a surprise." Bao Ao was patient to explain. "If it weren’t because of that, this race wouldn’t have occupied this continent for so many years. The bloodline of the Human Clan is the worst. But this clan has the ability to adapt well to other races. Their bloodline can blend with almost every other race. Through this kind of breeding, this race could develop further."

"Isn’t it our purpose to kill them all?" Bo Ruo chuckled. "Even if their bloodline is mixed, their power is still much less than ours. Many martial techniques and power Upanishads are lost."

"Don't underestimate them," Bao Ao was serious, his face grim. "In the war that year, if we hadn’t underestimated them, we wouldn’t have had such a great defeat. This race has a tremendous adaptive faculty. As long as we give them time to cultivate, they can burst out their energy, which can terrify everybody."

Gu De Si and Bo Ruo listened to him, but their faces were still disdainful. Apparently, they didn’t keep Bao Ao’s words in their minds.

Bao Ao sighed in his heart, not wanting to talk more. He also knew that the Human Clan was weaker. Otherwise, they couldn’t be swept away shortly like that. Now they could only try to retreat their heads and hold the last breath.

"Let’s go. We should get to the Shady Firmament Old Mound first. We need to check if we can bring more members out of there. Sigh, it’s been so many years. Actually, the survivors of our Clan aren’t many. We just have to try our best."

Gu Da Si and Ba Ruo were also emotional. They didn't talk more, and just continued their journey.

Shi Yan looked at the herd of Demon Area’s demonic beasts gliding above his head. He felt as cold as ice.

The power this clan showed off at this moment was enough to destroy any of the seven ancient factions in the Divine Great Land. Even if the Radiant G.o.d Cult and the Pure Land joined hands, being destroyed was their only final result.

The real competence of the Demon Clan shouldn’t be that simple.

Besides the Demon Clan, the Divine Great Land now had the Ghost Mark Clan, the Dark Spirit Clan, the Corpse Clan, the Dark Clan, and the Monster Clan. It wasn’t easy for them to survive until this moment. Once they could fully restore their power, it wasn’t something the Human Clan could resist. 

Shi Yan suddenly had the premonition that the humanity’s apocalypse was about to come.

Touching the mark on his neck, Shi Yan felt distressed – he couldn't erase it.

He had unknowingly received a mark on his body, which gave him an irritated feeling, making him nervous. He didn't know whether the man called Bao Ao could lock him in some corner using this mark, or, if he could bring him to death at any minute.

It was like a person who had gotten the seed of death in his body. When his opponent wanted him to die, he just needed to flicker his thought, and Shi Yan would die a tragic death.

As he was restrained, a devil barrier would arise in his heart, which would affect his cultivation later. This could always scare his spirit and mind, and his level up process would be hindered from now on.

The cold energy moved in his palm, as an ice mirror emerged. Glaring at the mirror, he immediately saw the blood could mark on his glabella. The mark was shimmering with blood halo, giving him a brutal, b.l.o.o.d.y aura.

This was an ancient mark, the mark that only the oldest family of the Demon Clan could have. The mark was the sign that someone belonged to a family. Through this mark, they could receive the inheritance of the family.

He didn’t need anybody to remind him to know that the Blood Vein Ring and his transformation in the Blood Pond related to a strong expert of the ancient Demon Clan in the Antiquity Time.

‘I must erase this mark!’

He took a deep breath then sit down neatly, trying to use different methods to wipe out the mark at his glabella.

After a long time, he quit helplessly.

That mark had become part of his soul. No matter what he did, he couldn’t wipe it away.

He had even cut off the skin on his forehead. When the Immortal Martial Spirit restored his skin, the mark was still there visibly.

He had tried continually, and he understood that this mark wouldn't fade away shortly. Begrudgingly, he could only wear a black band on his head to cover the mark.

The ancient mark brought the inheritance of an ancient family of the Demon Clan. This meant he was half demon.

All of a sudden, he felt puzzled, not knowing where he was heading. He was hesitant, and didn't know whether he should go to the Martial Spirit Palace or not.

Shi Yan frowned, thinking about his family and friends in the Shi family and the Yang family…

Everything he had experienced flashed once again in his head. Shi Jian, who had always protected him… The Yang family’s hope… And Xia Xin Yan…

Gradually, his eyes became determined. His uneasy spirit was calibrated as he adjusted his direction one more time.

Leaving the mark on his neck aside, Shi Yan pondered and restarted his journey, walking towards the Martial Spirit Palace. However, he was more careful, as he intended to avoid the areas where the pagans could gather.

His journey was safe this time. Ten days had pa.s.sed as fast as lightning. Finally, Shi Yan arrived at the Martial Spirit Palace’s territory.

Similar to the Radiant G.o.d Cult and the Spirit Treasure Sect, the Martial Spirit Palace’s land was filled with the heavy pressure of death. Many civil kingdoms had depended on the Martial Spirit Palace. Now, their cities were all empty. Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness to check, but he couldn’t detect any living fluctuations.

However, he was glad that he didn't see many terrifying scenes in the territory of the Martial Spirit Palace. As he had watched so many tragic scenes, he couldn’t help but curse.

As the Martial Spirit Palace had soon prepared, they had gathered the members of Human Clan everywhere in the entire territory and hid in some corner to survive.

After two days, he arrived at the famous Perpetual Night Forest of the Divine Great Land.

The Perpetual Night Forest was situated in the Martial Spirit Palace’s. Big trees towered the ground, some of them as big as a mountain, which had been growing for ten thousand years.

The reason why this forest was called Perpetual Night was because of the dense ancient trees here. Their branches were too thick, so they blocked the sunlight from the sky. This forest didn't receive the sunlight year around, and it always looked as dark as night.

Currently, the sun, moon, and stars had all appeared in the sky of the Divine Great Land, and there was no night anymore. Regions in the continent were always illuminated.

Only the Perpetual Night Forest remained in its original state. All the natural light was blocked. Even the sun and the moon in the sky couldn’t fill this forest with light.

Walking through the Perpetual Night Forest and looking at the thick leaves and branches in above his head, Shi Yan got to know the meaning of the forest’s name.

Indeed, there was no light in this forest. The entire place was gloomy. Only some tiny beams of strong sunlight could reach the ground. But it was very scarce.

In this wet and dark forest, there were many translucent streams and lakes. Fishes there looked fat and delicious. Also, the air in the forest was fresh, which could reinvigorate people.

In his knowledge, the Perpetual Night Forest was the largest area in the Martial Spirit Palace’s territory. It was situated on an area of millions of miles squared. It would take years to cross through this forest. Many mysteries hid inside this forest. People could see the ruins of ancient temples and graves here and there in the forest.

Many experts, who decided to have a secluded life, had chosen to stay in the Perpetual Night forest, which had abundant cultivating materials spiritual aura. Living in this forest, they didn’t need to worry about the cultivating materials.

After one day and one night of walking in the Perpetual Night Forest, Shi Yan hadn’t sensed any aura of living creatures. He hadn’t met any human or beast.

A forest should have a vibrant atmosphere, but the ambiance here was heavy, which made people feel uncomfortable.

All of a sudden, he smelled the scent of blood. As his thought flickered, his body moved swiftly like an electric current. Instantly, he had crossed one thousand meters forward and then halted by a pool. 

The pool wasn’t big, towered by many hundred-meter-tall ancient trees. Dead bodies scattered around the pool. The clean pool water was now dyed red by the blood.

Shi Yan’s face became cold and dark.

The dead bodies by the pool were the members of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan. These two clans had submitted to him, deeming him their master. At least one hundred pagans were slaughtered. Moreover, their bodies were torn into pieces.

The opponent’s action was savagely brutal!

He suddenly recalled something terrible – How had the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan been?

Returning to the past, perhaps the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan had been in the Divine Great Land. However, after the great change of heaven and earth, alien races had depended on the Ghost Mark Clan, the Dark Spirit Clan, and the Demon Clan to slaughter humans. Wherever they went through, they left people in miseries. Human Clan should be filled with resentment.

The Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan should be safe if they went with the other alien tribes.

However, they were with the Yang family…

Members of the Yang family had used the Teleportation Formation to go to the Northern Gem Mountain in the Radiant G.o.d Cult. Had Yun Hao – the Master of the Radiant G.o.d Cult – accepted them? At the moment the alien tribes were ma.s.sacring humans, would the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan be the targets to vent out their anger?

Although Yun Hao could give him face to not attack them, how about the others? Would the Pure Land, the Spirit Treasure Sect, and the Martial Spirit Palace leave them alone?

The Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan had become the pagans that could join any side. In the eyes of the alien clans, they were betrayers. To humanity, they were the aliens who deserved death…

Arriving at this thought, Shi Yan felt chilled. He could almost confirm that the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan on his side had become the most pathetic force in the Divine Great Land.

Both the alien tribes and the mankind would aim at them.

His face darkened. He pressed down the worries in his heart and continued to move through the Perpetual Night Forest.

It had been three days, and he had met many places where dead bodies piled up. Without a single exception, they were all the members of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan. Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo should have met a big purge.

Perhaps, even Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo got killed.

The realm of Di Shan’s group wasn’t bad in the Endless Sea, but in this Divine Great Land, compared to the True G.o.d Realm experts like Yun Hao, they were nothing.

Shi Yan's face became darker. He couldn't wash away the shame in his heart. This was the first time he had the thought of being responsible for a race. He had to save them!

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