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Shi Yan sat emotionlessly as magical and mysterious images crossed his head as fast as lightning. Most of them were about the great fierce wars. 

During the wars, Shi Yan saw the ancient clans including the Dark Spirit Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan, and the Giant Clan.

Members of these alien clans projected in the images all had earth-shaking power. They could smash an entire mountain with only one strike, leaving a hundred-meter-deep ditch on the ground.

However, those images weren’t continual. It was hard to re-order them precisely.

In his head, every image came with the unceasingly rumbling thunder.

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan tried to arrange some images, but he found that it was too difficult to do that. He couldn't restore their original sequence.

During this process, it seemed some seal had been unlocked in this world. Some scattered memoirs in heaven and earth had turned into flows of ancient soul fluctuation, pouring in him. Gradually, a vague mark had formed at his glabella.

Five pentagonal blood clouds appeared!

The five cl.u.s.ters of blood-red cloud were like an ancient mark or some family crest imprinted at his glabella. Blood halo bloomed gloriously, giving people a feeling of something both beautiful and savage

He didn't know what was happening to him. Shi Yan still sat neatly on the ground as he was watching some magical images detaching from his head and poured into the mark.

After receiving some images, the ancient mark got clearer and more complete. This gave him a new strange aura.

A middle-aged man walked toward him with hands clasping behind his back. He stopped around one hundred meters away from Shi Yan, smiling until his eyes squinted.

The War Devil suddenly reacted. From deep inside its empty pair, a black, evil light shot out, furious as if it could swallow the bright light.

The five gray shadows that were winding around him all reacted. They buzzed, sending their soul fluctuations as they were anxious, placing their attention on that middle-aged man. 

That strange middle-aged man also had a triangle mark on his forehead, which became clearer at this moment.

"Haha! Haha! Interesting, indeed, so interesting!" Bao Ao mumbled to himself. The smile on his face became warmer. He felt happier and even more excited, rubbing his hands like a child seeing the toy he had been yearning for. The middle-aged man couldn’t control his joy. 

The Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame flew on Shi Yan’s left and right shoulders. Their flames were flickering indefinitely; they couldn’t relax. Three fierce flows of soul fluctuation stormed into the deep place inside Shi Yan’s soul. His host soul trembled violently then woke up.

Some magical images in his head flew and merged into the strange blood cloud on his glabella. He couldn’t re-order them, so he felt a little bit regret.

He didn’t know he had a mysterious mark on his forehead now. Sinking in the loss, he shook his head then opened his eyes, shouting using his soul. "What are you doing?"

The Inner World Five Devils, the Earth Flame, and the Ice Cold Flame sent him their thoughts rapidly together with the alarming fluctuation.

Shi Yan shuddered. He utterly woke up now. His pupils shrank as his aura bloomed out fiercely. He glared at the middle-aged man standing opposite to him. Pores in his entire body opened. Flows of negative energy that looked like real pallid tentacles emerged from his pores and acupuncture points.

Shi Yan seemed to turn into a strange demon with many pale tentacles covering his body. Each tentacle was around two meters long, with the brutal negative energy. They were moving like octopus tentacles around him.

He immediately knew that his negative energy had condensed to the ultimate level, turning from the air form to a more solid form. His power was increasing robustly.

Each tentacle connected to one of his acupuncture points. Seven hundred and twenty tentacles were spreading all over his body, which gave him a magical feeling.

It seemed these tentacles were parts of his body, carrying the strange, mysterious power.

This was the performance of the Rampage Upanishads, which had promoted the negative energy of his entire body. When he calmed down his mind, the tentacles shrank and retreated into his acupuncture points, returning to the pure negative energy.

At the same time, the Sea of Consciousness in his brain was shaken. Shi Yan sensed and found that his Essence Qi Ancient Tree had grown twice.

His eyes sparkled.

Abruptly, he knew that he had entered the Second Sky of Spirit Realm from the First Sky of Spirit Realm unknowingly. His Sea of Consciousness expanded, and his soul was finer. Together with his mind and spirit, they had a magical union. His flesh and blood also had a mighty strength.

Level up!

"Congratulations, little brother," Bao Ao smiled quietly. He strolled towards Shi Yan without caring about the gaze of the War Devil, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Earth Flame. He looked quite casual and at ease.

Shi Yan felt tense. The Sky Destroyer divine sword emerged from thin air and gradually appeared in his palm.

"Who are you?"

Shi Yan couldn’t sense any kind of energy from that man. At the Second Sky of Spirit Realm, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness couldn't sense the aura of the other. In his cognition, the man standing in front of him seemed not to exist.

He had experienced this feeling when facing Yun Hao.

He immediately knew that the one standing opposite to him was an existence at Yun Hao’s level. He was even more dangerous than Yun Hao.

"Who am I?" Bao Ao burst out laughing. He shook his head and then said, "Seems you little brother hasn't received the inheritance yet. Yeah, we aren't hurried. Just take your time. Little brother, you will receive more memory seals. At that time, you can try to sense the wonderful connection between you and me."

Shi Yan was stunned. He had no clue.

He realized that he didn’t understand the words that came out of the other’s mouth. It seemed the other had known about him, but he couldn’t sense that man’s realm or anything else.

Seeing Bao Ao walking towards him, Shi Yan tried his best to adjust the aura. Flows of pure Essence Qi grumblingly overflowed the Sky Destroyer divine sword in his hand.

"Don't be tense. I mean no harm." Bao Ao threw his arms into the air and laughed. His voice was soft that could comfort people. "If I had bad intentions, well, even if there were one hundred of you here, all of you would be dead."

Shi Yan discolored.

"Well, I told you not to be tense. See, you’re getting tense again," laughed Bao Ao.

While he was talking, he arrived in front of Shi Yan. The man stopped while his deep dark eyes were scanning Shi Yan. He nodded and then smiled. "I was just pa.s.sing by, and saw you were breaking through your realm. I was suddenly interested in it, so I came to see. I don't have other intentions."

Shi Yan didn't answer. He was trying to guess the other’s ident.i.ty.

Warriors who had this realm weren’t someone not famous in the Divine Great Land. Perhaps he had the same realm as Yun Hao. Was he the Master of the Martial Spirit Palace, perhaps? The Master of the Spirit Treasure Sect?

"Little brother, this one is for you. Later on, if you can’t live with humans anymore, come to me." Bao Ao patted his head as if he had just recalled something. His slender index finger touched his forehead.

The strange triangle mark suddenly glowed, as a dark gold token flew out from his mark.

That small token wasn’t made of gold or jade. It was a whole intact plaque covered in ancient symbols. The simple curves on the token interlinked, giving people a strange but evil feeling.

That small token had a triangular shape, similar to the mark on that man's forehead. However, it was a real token.

This token looked like it had a life. It didn’t wait for Shi Yan to receive it, moving directly to his forehead.

However, that small token trembled as if it were wiped away right before it could touch the mark on Shi Yan’s glabella.

The smile on Bao Ao’s face widened as if he had predicted the event before. He laughed and then touched the small token in the air. Afterward, the token quit entering the mark on Shi Yan’s forehead, but stuck on his neck, just like a leech clutching on the skin under his right ear.

A triangle mark glowed, sparkling along with Shi Yan’s changing energy.

When Shi Yan gathered himself together again and didn’t urge his power, the mark dimmed and faded out, as though it had sunk into his skin.

A cold feeling of cold jade spread from his neck. Shi Yan discolored. He was more frightened. "What have you done to me?"

Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness to sense. Right when he touched the token, the energy in the token had stirred it up. Shi Yan couldn’t see the situation inside the small token or what kind of restraint it was.

Shi Yan was distraught. A token was integrated into his body. He felt that he was enslaved already. This feeling irritated him a lot.

However, he didn’t dare to provoke the other. Even though that middle-aged man didn’t reveal any dangerous intention, Shi Yan had a premonition that if that man wanted his life, he couldn't do anything to resist.

Bao Ao laughed while watching his reaction. It seemed he found it interesting to watch Shi Yan in panic.

"Don’t be scared. Haha. I just want good things for you. You’ll get it later," Bao Ao contemplated for a while and then pointed at Shi Yan’s forehead, reminding him. "Be careful. You’d better not let anyone else see this mark, especially the human experts. Haha, or else, you will become the common enemy of the entire humanity. Yeah... That’s it. You should deal with it. If you can’t live with humans anymore, remember to find me. I am Bao Ao. If you want to find me, you just need to put your soul thought into that token. I’ll get it immediately."

Bao Ao smiled, waving his hand frankly. "Do your best."

After that, Bao Ao slowly ascended into the air. Under Shi Yan's attentive look, he walked towards the Demonic Dragon hovering thousands of meters in the void.

"Humanity…" Shi Yan was suddenly struck with fear. He shouted, "Are you pagan?"

"I’m from the Demon Clan. Bao Ao from the Ancient Bao family. Each family with the name ‘Ancient’ has at least one hundred thousand years of inheritance." Bao Ao beamed a faint smile as he sat on the Demonic Dragon and left with a big laughter.

When Bao Ao started to move, all the terrifying demonic beasts of the Demon Area behind him slowly appeared from the clouds. This great formation was moving towards the Shady Firmament Old Mound.

Shi Yan could vaguely see the fearful hotshots with different appearance of the Demon Clan riding those giant demonic beasts. They were all looking at him with astonishment.

Shi Yan was stupefied like a wooden rooster, his body cold.

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