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(Bao Ao - lit. untamed and violent – TL)

Keller had the Third Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base, which ordinary warriors would find hard to deal with.

Members of the Ghost Mark Clan had acc.u.mulated their attainment for dozens of thousands of years. They had a varied experience in fighting. The clansmen were innate fighters with magical martial spirits. At the same time, their understanding of soul Upanishads was more profound than the others.

Keller’s realm could subdue Shi Yan. According to common sense, it shouldn’t have been so strenuous for him to kill Shi Yan. However, when he really did that, he got to know things were never as they seemed.

When Shi Yan used the Rampage Realm’s ability, his power would accelerate ma.s.sively. His body, which was refined with the Golden Marrow of the giant, had become even more tenacious. At this moment, he was at the non-human monster level!

His st.u.r.dy body accompanied by the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was more dangerous, especially with the magical recovery ability. Adding the unknown sword, his power was enough to provoke warriors at higher realms.


The blood halo of the Sky Destroyer divine sword flashed. The extremely cold iron broadsword Keller had flung away was blocked, deviated into a curved trajectory.

Keller's soul trembled. He put forth everything to deal with the Inner World Five Devils, and didn't have the extra force to enhance the power of the broadsword.

When Keller wanted to retrieve the flying broadsword, he found it was too late. He could only keep his mind and spirit to prevent the Five Devils from eroding his soul.

"It’s you who courts death. Don’t blame me," Shi Yan wore a ruthless countenance. He asked the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame to find the chance and kill him.

At the moment he was sinking in that magical Intent Domain, he had some images carved into his head, his memory. However, they were scattered and disordered. If he couldn't re-order those images, he couldn’t know what situation it was.

Vaguely, he knew that if he could understand those images in his head, he could know the profile of the Blood Vein Ring’s previous owner.

Those images didn’t bring any technique or power, but a mournful aura of the old times. That aura stormed directly into his heart, which made his soul resonate altogether. Those images seemed to picture the most glorious experience of one’s life.

However, Keller’s team had attacked him maliciously without saying a word, while Shi Yan hadn’t had enough time to understand them thoroughly.

From the Radiant G.o.d Cult to the Wonderful Stone City and the Northern Cold City, Shi Yan had observed many tragic scenes. Human bodies were everywhere in the cities. Many of them had a pathetic death, and Shi Yan couldn't endure the sight. 

Everything was because of the pagans. The ma.s.sacre in the Spirit Treasure Sect’s territory was created by the Ghost Mark Clan.

At this moment, he had no good feeling or mercy towards the Ghost Mark Clan. He just wanted to kill them all. 

"Kill him for me!" Keller spat out blood while shouting, "Do not use soul power. This man’s familiar with our clan’s soul technique. The Five Devils are tough, too!"

As the Five Devils were entangling them, Keller and the other two couldn’t endure. They had to spend a part of their power to deal with the Inner World Five Devils.

Shi Yan was emotionless, his eyes as cold as a saber. He held the Sky Destroyer divine sword while gazing at Keller. Shi Yan then performed the mysterious sword martial techniques. Beams of light shot out like meteors, swooshing over their heads like a raging storm.

The War Devil with its heavy armor was like a steel tank, as it rumblingly crushed over, attacking the other two from Keller’s team.

The two Ghost Mark Clan’s clansmen were struggling hard under the War Devil’s attacks. The mysterious soul techniques they knew had no effect on the War Devil.

Seizing the chance, the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame discreetly took action. The freezing flame and the scorching halo flew out from the dark, hurting the other two instantly.

At first, the Ice Cold Flame sealed them. While they felt the extremely cold temperature, blazing light entangled them, intruding their body and burning their internal organs.

The War Devil barged in like a collapsing iron mountain while they were screaming painfully. Under this severe impact, their bones fractured right at the spot.

Two souls scattered.

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile, throwing the Soul Gathering Pearl to capture those two souls. He turned to Keller and shouted, "Don’t let him run away!"

While he was shouting, his soul energy had turned into the simple s.p.a.ce blades, attacking Keller’s Sea of Consciousness.

Each flow of his soul had been added with s.p.a.ce power. Once he made an attack, it would turn into a simple s.p.a.ce blade. Although it couldn’t mince the opponent’s Sea of Consciousness, it could steal the sensation of the opponent’s Sea of Consciousness for a while. 

Keller’s Sea of Consciousness was intruded. He seemed as if struck by the Body Fixed Technique, his eyes dull.

The three attacking spears, War Devil, Ice Cold Flame, and Earth Flame took the chance and froze Keller’s body instantly. Then, under the heavy pressure, Keller broke into countless pieces.

The Soul Gathering Pearl took Keller's soul while his Essence Qi flew out, entering Shi Yan’s body.

Shi Yan was struck all of a sudden as he felt the surging energy was flooding his body. He a.s.signed the War Devil, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Earth Flame before sitting down cross-legged. He didn't bother with the location, just calmed down his mind to cultivate, refining the negative energy to produce the mysterious, strange power. 

During this process, the blurred images in his head became clearer, starting to flash in his head.

His eyes were as bright as diamonds. He was condensing his energy while paying attention to the magical images in his head. He wanted to re-order those images to know what had happened after all.

Thick dark clouds from the horizon drifted in the sky of the Northern Cold City, covering the sun. A demonic dragon which was more than hundreds of meters long was meandering inside the dark clouds. This demonic dragon was covered with black scales, that looked to be made of black iron. The dragon had a pair of curly horns, with a ma.s.sive, ominous aura.

A man in his thirties was sitting upright on the head of the demonic dragon. He had long black hair draped over his shoulder, and looked handsome in a gray robe. He was imposingly majestic. A strange triangle mark lied in the center of his forehead, shimmering with an evil, gloomy halo.

It was like that middle-aged man riding the demonic dragon had pa.s.sed the Northern Cold City by chance. His pair of dark eyes that didn't have any light squinted as he was looking ahead of him nonchalantly.

All of a sudden, the demonic dragon roared rumblingly as it started to descend from ten thousand meters in the sky.

The majestic man sitting on the demonic dragon’s neck was surprised. He knitted his beautiful eyebrows and scooped down to observe the situation on the ground.

At first glance, he saw the black iron War Devil.


The man was terrified and emotional. Astonishment flooded his deep pupils as he muttered to himself, "Using the Dark Qi to quench the antiquity time fighting puppet War Devil is the technique that only the Demon Clan’s precursors know. Strange! Have our clan’s precursors come back from the foreign land…?"

He mumbled, then let the Demonic Dragon hover in the sky so he could watch the situation down there.

Behind the Demonic Dragon were thousands of demonic beasts of the Demon Area, lining up neatly. Each demonic beast carried a hotshot of the Demon Clan, who had at least the Sky Realm cultivation base. Among them, there were more than ten warriors at the Spirit Realm, and two more True G.o.d Realm experts.

The formation of the demonic beasts of the Demon Area maintained a distance from the Demonic Dragon that led them. When they found the Demonic Dragon had stopped, several thousand demonic beasts had halted silently behind it. A heavy pressure like a mountain diffused from the hotshots of the Demon Clan.

"Why has Master Bao Ao stopped here?"

Sitting on a dragon beast of the Demon Area was a tall and muscular scarred man. He was almost three meters tall, and a python wound around his waist. He had just spoken loudly to the others. As he had the black scale armor on his body, people could recognize that he was the member of the Black Scale Clan. His aura was brutal and murderous. 

"Certainly, Master Bao Ao has found something," said an elegant woman. She was wearing male costumes, holding a pretty maid of the Night Charming Race in her lap. They were riding a level 8 seven-headed Black Brilliance bird. She laughed and then talked to the muscular man next to her. "Gu Da Si, later on when we arrive at the Ghost Mark Clan, if you see the young girls of the Ghost Mark Clan, help me ask if they sell them, okay?" While the woman was talking, a th.o.r.n.y tail extended under her long white dress.

"Bo Ruo, we come to the Ghost Mark Clan to discuss how to uproot the humans!" The muscular man of the Black Scale Clan was called Gu Da Si. Scars on his face twisted like a bunch of worms as he grinned fiendishly. "Young maids of the human race have the softest body. They aren’t as rough as our Demon Clan. I love them the most."

"You’re disgusting!" Bo Ruo glared at him begrudgingly. "You butcher, you’re wasting the world’s treasures. If you see them, remember to let me taste first. Once I’m done with them, you can eat them."

"You are disgusting!" Gu Da Si snorted, his face disdainful. "Well, the women you’ve touched are so dirty. If anyone eats them, he will puke out for the rest of his life!"

"Get lost!" Bo Ruo’s voice was like an arrow shooting towards Gu Da Si.

"Motherf*cker! Here she goes again!" The tall man shouted indignantly. He jolted up to counter the attack, rubbing his fists and jumping up. Black scales rose on his body, making the sound like the wind blowing through pine tree forest, which had stirred up the energy of heaven and earth.

More than ten experts at the Spirit Realm stayed behind them. They were sitting neatly with a serious countenance. They seemed not to bother with the fight in front of them, but the beast they rode were moving away discreetly, as if they were afraid of getting involved.

In the front of the formation, the handsome middle-aged man was standing on the hundred-meter-long dragon, looking at the Northern Cold City under his feet. His gloomy pupils gradually rested on Shi Yan.

A tiny beam of surprise sparkled deep inside his pupils. He looked at the five gray shadows, couldn’t help but hold his forehead and groan. He let out a light shout as if he were insane. "The one who controls the five great negative emotions, the Antiquity Demogorgon… d.a.m.n it! What’s going on…?" 

"Bao Ao-ge, that kid has s.p.a.ce power in his Sea of Consciousness," The Demonic Dragon sent him its thought.

"s.p.a.ce power?" The middle-aged man was startled. Then he revealed his astonishment. "Is it… The great change that has divided s.p.a.ces is because of this kid?" Suddenly, the man laughed out loud. "Interesting. I didn’t expect to see the ringleader this time. It’s interesting indeed."

Then, he jumped off the Demonic Dragon, deliberately walking in the void towards the man in the corner of the Northern Cold City with a smiling face.

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