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Not long after he had left the Divine Great Land, the alien tribes with the Dark Spirit Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan, and the Corpse Clan as their representatives had carried out their invasion to the forces in the Divine Great Land.

Shortly, the seven ancient factions, including the Radiant G.o.d Cult, were targeted. The pagans’ invasion this time was fierce, with the partic.i.p.ation of many True G.o.d Realm warriors. Yun Hao and the leader of the Pure Land weren’t their opponents. They had to cooperate to retreat.

An earth-shaking, b.l.o.o.d.y war washed over the Divine Great Land. Forces everywhere were attacked, and many high-cla.s.s human warriors fell.

The powers of the Dark Spirit Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan, and the Corpse Clan were imposingly beyond their estimation. Human warriors didn't know what to do. Their manpower was drained in battles as more and more warriors died every day.

The dead souls’ evils lair of the Dark Spirit Clan appeared everywhere. They could land all of a sudden in a random area. Right after that, warriors of the Dark Spirit Clan would appear. Their force had caused the seven ancient factions a significant loss.

The Ghost Mark Clan's members had soon recovered their energy. During the battles, the power of this clan slowly increased. After each battle, the power of the Ghost Mark Clan's members would be enhanced, as if it had no limit.

The Corpse Clan was more dangerous; they couldn't die. Their rigid bodies gave human warriors a headache like their heads were about to crack.

The Five Elements s.p.a.ce on the Divine Great Land was the place the Corpse Clan trained their bodies. It became their backyard, where they gathered, collected cultivating materials and refining treasures.

To human warriors, the Five Elements s.p.a.ce was a dangerous area. With only one wrong move, they would never return.

However, members of the Corpse Clan could stay in the Five Elements s.p.a.ce at ease. With the abundant cultivating materials there, they could refine armors and treasures. This boosted their general force to another big level.

After the Dark Spirit Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan, and the Corpse Clan, there appeared the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan.

The Divine Great Land now had more races. Compared to the Endless Sea, they were stronger and more brutal. True G.o.d Realm warriors of the alien tribes appeared one by one, which completely s.n.a.t.c.hed away the confidence of Yun Hao’s group.

Ma.s.sive retreat...

The seven ancient factions took the lead. Forces everywhere in the Divine Great Land started to gather and move towards the Martial Spirit Palace. They disappeared into the Martial Spirit Palace's territory.

The alien tribes had searched through the Martial Spirit Palace’s territory, but they couldn’t find the warriors of the seven ancient factions. However, many pagans had their bodies buried in this place. This kept the hotshots of the alien tribes from operating furthermore, and they didn’t enter the area of the Martial Spirit Palace.

The alien tribes were planning something. It seemed they were discussing a new plan to capture all the human hotshots at once.

Shi Yan closed his eyes, putting one hand on the head of that warrior. He was using the Great Searching Soul Technique of the Ghost Mark Clan to search through the man’s memory.

When flows of memory entered his brain, the member of the Ghost Mark Clan gradually lost his living aura as his life came to an end.

The Great Searching Soul Technique was a sinister technique of the Ghost Mark Clan. It burned the victim's soul to generate the energy to draw the memory out of the victim's head. After the soul was burned out, most of the victims would die tragically. Some who survived would become r.e.t.a.r.ded without memory.

Retreating his hand, Shi Yan took a deep breath and put a little force on that man.


A flow of surging energy struck the pagan’s head, as though it was stirring something, making his head a mess of brain and blood.

Right after the Spirit Realm hotshot of the Ghost Mark Clan died, energy threads started to fly out of his body. All these entered Shi Yan’s acupuncture points, leaving nothing behind. 

Shi Yan was struck as if he had swallowed a pill. The light in his eyes got brighter while his soul fluctuations became more robust.

The development of the situation was beyond his imagination. He didn’t think that the Divine Great Land’s whole picture had become that fierce. He had thought that this place would be safer. However, after he got here, he came to know that the place was much more chaotic than the Endless Sea.

Looking at the strange phenomenon where the sun, the moon, and the stars all appeared in the sky, Shi Yan was sentimental.

All things that happened were because of him.

The existence of the ma.s.sive s.p.a.ce crack had led to the great change of the power in heaven and earth, that awakened many alien tribes. This gave the strong power to the creatures that shouldn't exist in this world.

The Dark Clan, the Dark Spirit Clan, the Demon Clan, the Monster Clan, and the Ghost Mark Clan were the alien tribes that had disappeared for dozens of thousands of years. But now, they had escaped the foreign lands and returned to the Divine Great Land. This was the additional brush stroke for this long-term calamity.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

Flows of light smoke exuded from his acupuncture points. Under the effect of the negative moods, Shi Yan became hot-tempered. He suddenly had the mood to destroy everything.

Thump Thump Thump!

His heartbeat increased. His anger was like a scorching flame burning in his body. It was raising vehemently from time to time.

Not good!

His face changed. Shi Yan knew that if it continued this way, he would lose control again and fall into bedevilment.

As a Second Sky of Spirit Realm warrior, he could easily receive the acc.u.mulated energy of the opponent with the condition that he had to keep his mind firm, and he must not let his spirit disorder. 

However, what that man said had stirred up the picture he didn't want to see. Thus, he became more sensitive. When the negative mood arose, he hadn't prepared yet. The negative mood then flooded his mind directly, breaking his reason.

Phew Phew Phew!

Shi Yan panted heavily, and his face reddened. Sweat soaked him, with veins bulging out of his neck like some little worms. He looked terrible and fearsome.

His muscles enlarged and shriveled from time to time. His body had a bizarre change. It looked like his change had stimulated the Blood Vein Ring. The ring started to emit energy fluctuations, releasing a hazy red light, which was strange but beautiful.

The energy in his acupuncture points wasn't controlled anymore. At first, it started to wreck his body. Gradually, it became more maniacal, and couldn't be controlled. Afterward, it deluged to his arm towards the Blood Vein Ring.

The Essence Qi of his entire body blended with the soul that had reached the Spirit Realm added with s.p.a.ce power shot out like an incomparable light.

Light bloomed from the Blood Vein Ring.


Some firm barrier was shattered, turning into countless light spots, scattering everywhere.

The s.p.a.ce inside the Blood Vein Ring expanded rapidly, and the s.p.a.cious area was enlarged. Flows of memory turned into spiritual thoughts and started to imprint onto a deep place of his soul.

Shi Yan was struck severely. The blood-like light appeared in his eyes. The brutal mood eventually calmed down, and the murderous aura of his body started to settle.

He stood there, using his soul to sense the thoughts in his head. He flipped between the imprints in his soul to search.

"Found him!"

Three Spirit Realm warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan stood outside the Northern Cold City, their appearance cold. They were holding a strange, magical silver ball, laughing out loud.

Rays of light appeared densely like the willow catkin. They vaguely marked the location of the Northern Cold City.

"Kelly is dead!"

A man with countless portrayed lines on his face said. His aura was like that of a snake, cold and evil.

"Keller! No matter who the opponent is, we will capture him. We will take revenge for your brother!" said a member of the Ghost Mark Clan firmly.

The hotshot of the Ghost Mark Clan called Keller had the Third Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base. He was really strong among the three. He was like rigid ice in an extremely cold place, which gave people an annoying feeling.

"I want his soul to be tortured for thousands of years!" Keller gritted his teeth, his face pale. Abruptly, he dashed towards the Northern Cold City.

A wide sword made of the extremely cold iron released a cold halo of metal while shooting out loudly, dragging a long light tail in the air, which was strangely beautiful.

The extremely cold iron was the rare product of the Ghost Mark Clan’s secret territory. Each block was more than ten thousand jin, carrying the cold and the Yin Qi of the iron, which could get into people's bones and marrows. This material was really intimidating.

The broadsword flew in the air, and shortly, it arrived above Shi Yan's head. Without giving time for Shi Yan to react, the broadsword slashed down directly, making a sharp whistle.

Shi Yan was still sinking in some strange realm, and he looked like he was studying that realm. Hearing the whistle, Shi Yan instinctively swung his arms.

Death and Life Seal!

With the Death Intent Domain as the foundation of energy, seals piled up in the air. The Death Intent Domain expanded, covering his body.

The sharp tip of the broadsword collided with the Death and Life Seal. It tilted and couldn’t slash down vertically.

At this moment, Shi Yan suddenly opened his eyes and then snorted. The Blood Vein Ring on his finger flashed, and the Sky Destroyer divine sword emerged.

He didn't give Keller more chances. Eyes on the Sky Destroyer opened one by one. By the time one-third of the eyes opened, a crazy, murderous aura bloomed out from Shi Yan as the core.

The Sky Destroyer divine sword had turned into a surging blood sea, which held an endless murderous aura, covering Keller's wide sword, which was made of the extremely cold iron. This blood sea washed the energy Keller had poured into the sword completely.

"Courting death!"

The two members of the Ghost Mark Clan, who arrived together with Keller, couldn't hold their laughter. They then performed the secret technique of the Ghost Mark Clan; one was on the left, and the other was on the right. Their soul energies fused, creating a Ghost Hiss soul sword, thrusting towards Shi Yan's host soul.

"Get out!"

Shi Yan squinted, using his soul to call the Inner World Five Devils. The Five Devils turned into five gray silhouettes and flew out from his Sea of Consciousness. Shortly, they caught that Ghost Hiss soul sword.

The Five Devils used force, grasped the soul sword and pulled it in five different directions. Shortly, the soul sword was divided into five pieces.

The souls of Keller’s team shuddered. They sprayed out blood at the same time. Apparently, they all got hurt.

"Well, the three of you, I couldn’t ask for anything better. I will use your deaths to enter the new realm." Shi Yan felt the Essence Qi in his body was one grade lower than required. He sneered and then released the War Devil. At the same time, he urged the negative energy. The Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame appeared on his shoulders respectively as he started his slaughter.

He knew that after he killed these three, he could use their Essence Qi to reach the Second Sky of Spirit Realm.

His soul’s realm had crossed the bottleneck beforehand.

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