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Yama King Hades wasn't hurried. He led a group of Dark Clan's experts, hiding in the thick dark clouds of the Underworld. They were enjoying the Dark Qi of the Dark Sea while waiting for the opponent to be weakened.

As long as the creature had a soul, the Dark Sea water would drain its soul power, and it couldn’t resist for a long time.

Human warriors like Cao Qiu Dao and Queen of Heaven Fan Xiang Yun had used their Essence Qi to create different colored light b.a.l.l.s, covering their bodies to prevent the Dark Sea water from touching them.

As Cao Qiu Dao and Fan Xiang Yun had reached the Spirit Realm, countering the soul erosion wasn’t too difficult. However, Cao Zhi Lan and Man Gu were struggling hard. Under the erosive effect of the Dark Sea, their souls fell into the endless darkness, their consciousness blurry.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea were also a kind of creature. Even though they were the clansmen of the Corpse Clan, the Dark Sea could still affect them.

Fortunately, these two had a strong physique, and they were good at using the Five Elements power. They had urged the Earth power to create a thick soil wall to shield them. The seawater couldn't touch them.

Shi Yan was using the same method as Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea.

Seeing the experts of the Underworld, Shi Yan wasn’t anxious. He was still staying inside the center of the giant formation to build the Teleportation Formation. He was gently whetting the exquisite, magical formation, pouring his Soul Consciousness, winding around the shape of the formation that was getting more perfect over time.

The copious Dark Sea water swarmed over, covering him. However, Shi Yan wasn’t affected even though he was soaked in the seawater. He was still working on his formation.

Yama King Hades came here for Cao Qiu Dao’s group. However, after he found Ghost Hunter, Corpse Mount, and Corpse Sea accompanying Shi Yan, he got indignant and made Shi Yan his primary target.

He led the Dark Sea water here to catch all those people. But Shi Yan was safe and sound, which enraged him more.

"Kid, an inferior existence like you shouldn’t continue to live," Yama King Hades snorted, as an ash-gray light glowed behind his back. A strange soul fluctuation poured into the Dark Sea all of a sudden.

Gold ash-gray light dots arose in the Dark Sea water. They were like creatures living in the sea, slowly swelling. Gradually, they became the strange, ugly creatures with sharp claws and thick white fangs. They were as agile as shuttles moving in the Dark Sea.

The Sharp Edge Dark Beast was the endemic creature in the Dark Sea. It could nibble all kinds of creatures with its special skill called Shivering Soul.

This kind of a bizarre beast of the Underworld didn't have a specific level. They could always evolve quickly, but the obstacles in their cultivating process were tough. Most of the time, many of them died while breaking through.

The Sharp Edge Dark Beasts had a pointy body, like a cone with sharp teeth, and the innate soul technique called Shivering Soul. Even the hotshot of the Underworld didn’t want to mess up with them in the Dark Sea.

They moved in schools, and their innate Shivering Soul ability could join and release together dangerously.

The Sharp Edge Dark Beasts were gliding and surfing like fast fish in the Dark Sea at a fast speed.

Soul energy quickly gathered in the Dark Sea. Each Sharp Edge Dark Beast became a cage that could trap the soul as they swarmed forward.

Shi Yan was squinting to focus on his Teleportation Formation. He was adding more auxiliary materials when he felt his Sea of Consciousness suddenly shudder. Flows of strange soul energy had intruded his Sea of Consciousness. Those flows were scattering, but they seemed to follow some sort of natural soul formation, which would make the soul power of the host soul tremble continually. This situation would put the warrior into a coma.

After Shi Yan had studied the formations in the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success, he had a new cognition of using different natural powers. He knew that even demonic beasts knew how to use the formation in the most natural way.

Shivering Soul skill of the Sharp Edge Dark Beasts used the scattering feeble souls, joining them with their endemic fellows to create the highest attack mode.

Shi Yan frowned and he temporarily stopped his work. A strange light dot glistered in his eyes as the soul fluctuations in his Sea of Consciousness became fierce.

Die Out!

His host soul floating in the Sea of Consciousness shouted a pair of soul words. That word then condensed into a solid square, sparkling with a silver light, flying towards the barrier in the Sea of Consciousness. 

A gloomy soul light of the Sharp Edge Dark Beasts shimmered on the barrier in his Sea of Consciousness, creating a soul formation that had formed an octagonal natural formation. It shot out rapidly toward his host soul.

The symbol ‘Die Out’ was condensed from the soul, which carried the meaning of the Death Intent Domain. The mournful, dismay aura of death overflowed, covering each gloomy soul light dot.

Under the Death Intent Domain, a will of death furiously flooded the soul light dots, destroying their belief in life.

The Sharp Edge Dark Beast dashed to him, but they all lost their vitality right before they could touch him. The Soul Consciousness of Hades added in them vanished.

The Sharp Edge Dark Beast sank into the deep place. They got killed silently like that.

Yama King Hades felt something. He groaned in the Dark Qi above the Dark Sea. His voice was low at first, but its echoes were increasing. Explosions as loud as thunder filled the Dark Sea.

Refined Dark Qi dispersed in the Dark Sea. Under the explosion, it condensed into an Underworld’s giant resentful spirit. This resentful spirit looked exactly like Hades, lively, dark, and evil.

The spirit laughed fiendishly. It glided above the Dark Sea towards Shi Yan, then opened its giant mouth to bite his head.

"Well, your bad luck then."

Shi Yan curled his lips, cracking a smile while muttering something under his breath. A dark light ball detached from the Storage Ring.

The light ball suddenly released waves of energy that could absorb the soul energy. Just like billions of tentacles, it started to capture and pull the resentful spirit towards the light ball.

"Soul Gathering Pearl!"

Yama King Hades discolored in fear. While he was fluttering, he bit the tip of his tongue. His blood was urged. Abruptly, his eyes now had a bizarre white hue, so people couldn’t see his pupils.

The resentful spirit struggled harder, as if it had been added with G.o.d power. Flows of gloomy energy detached from his body, shooting in every direction.

Shortly, half of the energy that condensed the resentful spirit divided and escaped this way. However, the Soul Gathering Pearl had absorbed one-thirds of its energy. Its original power was damaged severely.

When the resentful spirit ran away, Yama King Hades’ white eyes became normal. His complexion was grim like never before. He thundered, "I didn’t think that a kid like you can have so many evil techniques, which are even crueler than the technique our pagan tribes are cultivating." 

Shi Yan lifted his head to look at him. He chuckled, then continued to build his formation.

He sent his thought, "Don’t let him disturb me. I need to focus. You shoo him away for me."

The Ghost Hunter covered in the Dark Sea around one hundred meters away from him nodded, then a strange soul fluctuation released from him.

The good-looking figure of the Ghost Hunter looked ethereal in the Dark Sea. He was like an illusion that was changing his position constantly, using the Dark Qi of the Dark Sea to adjust his physical status.

His case wasn't similar to the others. In the Dark Sea, he was the only one who wasn't affected. Actually, his soul had gained benefit from the seawater.

He was a hybrid of the demonic beasts of the Underworld and the Demon Area. He was born with the gift of being able to use the Dark Qi of the Underworld. The Dark Sea was the fountain of origin of the Underworld. To him, it could give him a strange but useful energy to grow his soul.

He had stayed idle to let the Dark Sea refine his soul and body, which had just been upgraded.

This brought a big advantage to his future cultivation.

"Hades, you should leave immediately. Or else, don't blame me for being impolite." The Ghost Hunter's body looked like fractured images reflected in a broken mirror. All of a sudden, it broke into small pieces, which seemed extremely strange!

Yama King Hades was shaken, while his eyes showed his rage. He rumbled. "Ghost Hunter! You dare attack me!"

After his thundering roar, Yama King Hades’ body started to distort as if numerous sharp blades were cutting him off. This scene gave people a fierce anxiety deep in their hearts.

The Ghost Hunter’s body turned into countless pieces, disappearing into the Dark Sea. The tranquil Dark Sea then started to surge vehemently like an enraged beast. Columns of water shot up to the sky, attacking the experts of the Dark Clan hiding in the sky.

Each water column had the strange garnet eyes of the Ghost Hunter, as though he was hiding himself in each flow of his attack.

"Alright! If you don't care about your life, don't blame me!"

Yama King Hades was filled with rage. His eyes turned back to its original color. His arms, which were hiding in the loose sleeves, were as pale as the ghost claws. However, they didn't have any flesh. This sent shivers down people’s spines.

His hands were forming white hand seals, shooting into the air. They were triangular, conical, or round, etc.

Each hand seal was shiny white, revealing the unique gloomy aura of the Underworld. They seemed to promote the Underworld’s aura to the acme.

Many white pale seals gathered under his feet. Gradually, they formed a pallid sacrificial altar, which was filled with resentful spirits. The resentful spirits there were exuding a white mist.

The sacrificial altar descended rumblingly, s.n.a.t.c.hing at the Ghost Hunter. Countless resentful spirit on the altar gushed out white mist, swarming towards the Ghost Hunter.

The altar was covered in the white mist. A soul destructive aura diffused from the altar, as if it was judging the creatures. The aura there was grim and solemn.

The Ghost Hunter was besieged in the altar. All of a sudden, it turned back to the ferocious beast form, furiously roaring and attacking the white-jade barrier of the sacrificial altar, releasing its strange and brutal energy.

White bunches of light entangled the Ghost Hunter, piercing and intruding his body.

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