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"Do you want me to kill all of them?"

The Ghost Hunter talked to him softly, without any emotions. He made it look like killing Cao Qiu Dao’s group wasn’t harder than smashing an ant. His face was like he didn’t put them into his eyes.

However, Cao Qiu Dao, Cao Zhi Lan, and Queen of Heaven Fan Xiang Yun felt as if they had fallen into an ice chamber. Even their souls felt chilled.

The Ghost Hunter had reached level 9!

At this level, the beast was as strong as a human True G.o.d Realm expert. Only with their physical strength, they could move the mountain or level the sea. Not only they had the wisdom, but also the innate supernatural powers, which made they more dangerous than a new True G.o.d Realm warrior.

The good-looking face of the Ghost Hunter exposed his cold and brutal aura. Looking his red-blood eyes, people knew right away he wasn’t a good person.

The Ghost Hunter had just broken through a new realm, so he really wanted to try his new abilities. He wanted to use Cao Qiu Dao to test his new strength.

Shi Yan squinted as he cracked a forced smile. "You… I didn't think that you could break through that fast. You’re such an alien."

The Ghost Hunter’s level up speed was much faster than his. Shi Yan still remembered the first time he saw the Ghost Hunter. At that time, this beast was just a level 6 beast. It had been just a few years, and the Ghost Hunter had entered level 9, a high rank of demonic beasts. The power of this level wouldn't be less than his. 

Shi Yan’s smile bloomed as he was giving the beast compliments in his heart. He squinted and looked at Cao Qiu Dao’s group.

Under his scrutinizing look, Cao Qiu Dao, Fan Xiang Yun, and the others kept their mouths shut. They had reached the Spirit Realm, but they were begrudging at this moment, as they regretted turning their back on Shi Yan that year.

The one who had the biggest regret was Cao Zhi Lan…

That year, she had favored Shi Yan's potential a lot, so she did want to create a good relationship with him. When his martial spirit got mutated and he was hurt by Chi Yan, she thought that Shi Yan’s future had ended from here. That’s why she had changed her att.i.tude.

If she could be more persistent, she would have found that Shi Yan’s potential wasn’t something she could predict.

Unfortunately, one wrong move would make for a lifetime of regret. She was always confident that she was wise with eyes like the torch. But her deeds planned on Shi Yan had affected the Cao family.

‘If, If I had endured, and I still stood next to him, perhaps the Cao family would have stepped in the Divine Great Land now.’ Cao Zhi Lan was sad, tears lingering in her eyes.

"Do you still want to provoke me?" Shi Yan curled his lips, smiling quietly. He waved his hand nonchalantly. "I don't want to do anything with you guys. You should return to where you come from."

With the power and the position he had now, if he wanted to humiliate Cao Zhi Lan, he could do as he pleased. Cao Qiu Dao, because of the general picture, wouldn’t dare to protest against him.

However, as his vision was wider, he wasn’t as narrow-minded as before. At this moment, the pagans were raging all over the Endless Sea. Human warriors fell everywhere. Even Yang Yi Tian was killed. The hotshots remaining included only Cao Qiu Dao and Fan Xiang Yun.

Anyway, they were all human. In this calamity, they shouldn’t develop grudges against each other.

"We aren’t provoking," Cao Qiu Dao took a deep breath, his face grim. "Shi Yan, we just want to live, a difficult dream at this moment. If you could help us, we agree to give you everything."

"Everything?" Shi Yan frowned. His eyes sparkled coldly. "What do you have to give? To me, all of you aren’t worth my help."

"Shi Yan, it’s all my fault. I beg you to help us." All of a sudden, Cao Zhi Lan stepped forward. In front of everybody, she kneeled down. Her white neck craned as she was whining. "As long as you save the Cao family from this calamity, I'm willing to receive any punishment."

"Little Lan!"

Cao Qiu Dao and Fan Xiang Yun screamed in unison. They hurried to lift her up.

However, she was so stubborn. She kneeled down, tearing rolling on her face. She was looking at Shi Yan with yearning and begging intentions in her eyes.

"Don’t beg him!" Cao Qiu Dao was indignant, thundering. "Our Cao family has stood firm in the Endless Sea for thousands of years. It’s not easy to uproot us all. We will definitely have a chance to live.

"No, it’s different this time… It’s different…" Cao Zhi Lan scooped and cried. "No one can help us this time. They are… They are so strong. Yang Yi Tian and Gu Xiao are dead. One by one, they both died. The Endless Sea is now h.e.l.l on Earth. If we don’t leave, we can’t survive."

Cao Zhi Lan was grim and mournful.

Fan Xiang Yun intended to advise Cao Zhi Lan, but having heard her say so, she just sighed, shaking her head and not saying anything. She then turned to Shi Yan, her eyes begging.

"Shi Yan, if you are a man, don’t be arrogant!" Man Gu shouted. "If you can save us, my life will belong to you! No matter what you want to do to me, kill me or hit me, you can do anything!"

Shi Yan was surprised.

Swinging his hand to signal everybody to calm down, he closed his eyes and released his Soul Consciousness to survey the entire Tuta Sea.

The Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power glided rapidly above the Tuta Sea like lightning. Images of numerous islets there were sent to his Sea of Consciousness like stars in the sky. He received the direct-view situation of the Tuta Sea.

The Tuta Sea had many islets. Under his Soul Consciousness surveying, he saw all the inhabited islands ruined and burned down. Columns of black smoke appeared on some islets as the houses were all burned.

The vast jungle was charred in a sea of fire. Countless spiritual mountains and lakes were gray and desolate.

Creatures were living in misery everywhere his Soul Consciousness had pa.s.sed by. This picture was like h.e.l.l on Earth. Civilians became slaves, as the warriors of the Underworld drove them like a herd of sheep towards the Underworld boundary.

Against the human warriors with relatively high cultivation base, the hotshots of the Underworld had used some mysterious treasures to force their vitality and Essence Qi out of their bodies. Their deaths were tragic as, all of them had turned into withered corpses.

At the main base of the Yin Yang Fairyland and the Desolate Barbarian School, warrior corpses flooded the place. Many blood-dripping skulls were kept around the small island, as if bragging about their b.l.o.o.d.y and imposing triumph.

Many unbearable footages were sent to him through the Soul Consciousness, projecting on his Sea of Consciousness.

He was a coldhearted man, and he didn’t want to interfere. However, when his mind opened, his calm face started to become indignant and brutal.

So cruel!

The race war made genocide their goal. Getting the images of those terrible operations, Shi Yan, a cold-hearted man, couldn’t help but let the anger inflame him.

"You don't need to be enraged. No matter which epoch it is, the war between races is always merciless and ruthless." The Ice Cold Flame sent its soul fluctuations from the Blood Vein Ring. "As far as I’ve known, to get the ruling position, mankind had done the same to the other races no matter it was the Dark Clan, the Dark Spirit Clan, or the Ghost Mark Clan. That’s why they had a deep resentment to mankind. It wasn’t something unreasonable…" 

Shi Yan’s face darkened. He nodded quietly as he had accepted what the Ice Cold Flame had told him. But it didn’t mean he approved and would let the situation develop furthermore.

The situation was like this in the Tuta Sea. Perhaps, it was the same b.l.o.o.d.y scenes in the other sea areas in the Endless Sea.

Musing for a while, he took a deep breath, then talked to Cao Qiu Dao, "From now on, all of you will join the Yang family. I’m going to help you get out of this place. I’ll try my best to protect you and not to let you suffer from genocide."

"Join your Yang family?" Fan Xiang Yun was stunned.

"We can!" Cao Qiu Dao was frank enough. He agreed curtly and turned around to talk to Fan Xiang Yun. "At this moment, the Cao family and the Ying Yang Fairyland only have the name left. In fact, we don’t have anything left. The Endless Sea is now in chaos. I think the other places should be the same. We should gather the human forces. We should join hands to resist this genocide catastrophe. It’s the duty we can’t deny."

Fan Xiang Yun was struck. Her eyes brightened as she gritted her teeth and said vehemently. "As long as we can kill these pagans, I will do anything I’m told!"

"What’s the deal?" asked Cao Qiu Dao immediately.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan darkened his visage. "We don’t need any deal. As long as I’m strong enough to subdue you, I think you know what to do. If you are getting stronger one day, our agreement has nothing powerful to bind you."

Having experienced so many things, he had soon known that strong power was more important than anything else. Without power, the so-called agreement was even thinner than the hymen, which could be pierced through with just one poke.

"Alright!" Cao Qiu Dao nodded.

Shi Yan didn't say anything else. He nodded to the Ghost Hunter and sent his thought to the other strange creatures to tell them to get back to that special s.p.a.ce.

There were many skeletons with available energy in that s.p.a.ce. No matter it was the Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, or the Devouring Gold Silkworm, they could use this sort of energy to enhance their strength. That’s why Shi Yan gave them more time.

"I don’t need it anymore. Just let them go," said the Ghost Hunter with an emotionless countenance. His garnet eyes glared at the Devouring Gold Silkworm, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d.

Of course, these three monsters obeyed Shi Yan a lot. They got back to the s.p.a.ce slit once again.

Shi Yan beamed a forced smile. He thought for a while and then said, "As things have come to this, perhaps the Teleport in the Yang family is broken. Yeah, I need to build another one."

"Teleportation Formation? Where does it lead to?" Cao Qiu Dao’s eyes brightened.

"To the Divine Great Land."

Cao Qiu Dao, Queen of Heaven Fan Xiang Yun, and the others got stirred up, as if they were about to have a new life. They glowed happily.

"First, you need to defend all directions. I’m going to build the Teleportation Formation." Shi Yan a.s.signed the Ghost Hunter then talked to Cao Qiu Dao and Fan Xiang Yun. "I need many auxiliary materials. I thought you guys must have them. I’m going to tell you the names of the required materials. You should get them for me."

"No problem."

The two were frank and generous. They nodded, took out the Storage Rings on their fingers, and sent their Soul Consciousness into them to sort out their cultivating materials while waiting for Shi Yan’s order.

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