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"Breaking in your territory? Out there?" Shi Yan was surprised.

He knew that Corpse Mount and Corpse could use their souls to contact the members of the Corpse Clan out there and report the situation quickly. Anyway, at this time, the forces in the Endless Sea were all well-behaved, and Qing Ming was dead. Logically, there shouldn't be anyone who dared to provoke the Cold Wind Island.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea nodded, as a malicious light sparkled in their deep green eyes. Obviously, they were enraged.

The essence of the Golden Marrow had absorbed into their bones, which made these two members of the Corpse Clan extremely robust and tenacious. Perhaps, when they joined hands, even a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior couldn’t defeat them.

"We should check it out," Shi Yan pondered. At first, he sent his thought to the Ghost Hunter, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, and King of Demonic Insects to ask them to stay here and absorb more energy from the skeletons. Then, he left with the War Devil. 

The sharp wind howled through the Cold Wind Island. Corpses piled up like mountain ranges. Many clansmen of the Corpse Clan, who obviously had wisdom, had the emotional light that only high-grade races could have in their eyes.

Two members of the Corpse Clan wearing ash-gray armor came out from the crowd. They came and greeted Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea with great respect. Then, they used their own language to report Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea.

"The Cao family," The ever-pale face of Corpse Mount was surprised for a while. He looked at the South-West direction of the Cold Wind Island. "Let’s go there and check."

Shi Yan didn’t have any opinion, and he was suspicious too. He had no clue why members of the Cao family came here.

When Shi Yan, Corpse Mount, and Corpse Sea stood firmly on a burial area in the South-West of the Cold Wind Island, they had their faces changed as their fright grew bigger in their hearts.

Cao Qiu Dao, Cao Zhi Lan, Queen of Heaven Fan Xiang Yun, Man Gu…

Many outstanding warriors of the Tuta Sea appeared together at this burial area. However, their distressed appearances made Shi Yan curious. Even Cao Qiu Dao looked a bit miserable as if he had fought with a big enemy.

Man Gu and Fan Xiang Yun had a glum expression. There was no bright light in their eyes, and they looked miserable. Shi Yan didn't know what they had suffered.

After they saw Shi Yan, they were even more shocked than him. All of them screamed in awe.

Cao Zhi Lan’s beautiful eyes brightened, but then dimmed out as if she had remembered something, her face longing.

Cao Qiu Dao was frank. He took a deep breath, frowned, then said solemnly, "We just pa.s.sed by, and we wanted to notify you that you should leave. Currently, the Endless Sea…"

"What did you say?" Shi Yan shuddered. He knew something earth-shaken had happened. "What happened?"

"Dark Clan's hotshots from the Seven-layered Underworld and the Demon Area have invaded the Endless Sea again. Besides your Kyara Sea, human forces in the other seas have been invaded…"

Cao Qiu Dao was bitter. His complexion was lonely and grim. He shook his head and then sighed.

Shi Yan discolored as he shouted, "How could it be?"

"You’ve been here for more than one year. Of course, you didn’t know the situation out there." Cao Qiu Dao was quite sad. "One year ago, you killed Qing Ming. Then, you entered the Cold Wind Island. During one year, storms have raged over the Endless Sea again. The Dark Clan and the Demon Clan have invaded us one more time. They are stronger than the previous time. In the Endless Sea, no one can resist them."

"No one can resist them? Even you?" Shi Yan was frightened.

"Whether they are the Dark Clan or the Demon Clan, they all have True G.o.d Realm experts. You say if I can deal with them or not." Cao Qiu Dao grimaced. "The Tuta Sea's over. The Yin Yang Fairyland and the Desolate Barbarian School are almost eradicated. Except for us here, the members of the Cao family have all perished. I basically don't have the power to overturn this." 

Cao Zhi Lan's pretty face was covered with tears. She trembled gently as she was utterly heartbroken.

The Queen of Heaven Fan Xiang Yun, who was always charming, was now paled with grief. She clenched her teeth as her eyes were filled with a sinister light. Man Gu’s expression was wild and brutal, as though he was an imprisoned beast who wanted to bite everybody. His eyes were congested.

Shi Yan was startled.

He didn't realize that he had spent over one year in that strange s.p.a.ce with the beast skeletons. The Endless Sea had such a big change, which was beyond his estimation.

It was his luck that he had completed the Teleport connecting the Yang family and the Radiant G.o.d Cult…

This made him relax his tense nerves a little bit. He knew that with the Teleportation Formation, when the Yang family sensed the situation wasn’t going well, they would mobilize the core generation to the Radiant G.o.d Cult in the Divine Great Land.

The Radiant G.o.d Cult had Yun Hao, a True G.o.d Realm warrior, to guard the place. The seven old factions in the Divine Great Land all had such intimidating existences; they even had the divine weapons. When these strong forces joined hands, the Divine Great Land shouldn't meet unexpected things shortly.

As long as the Yang family was safe, he didn't need to be worried much. "I haven’t been out for one year, so I’m not clear about the whole picture of the Endless Sea. Precursor Cao, could you please explain in detail?"

He didn't have a good feeling towards Cao Qiu Dao. This old man was sinister, and the members of the Cao family had aimed at him many times. Cao Zhi Lan’s heart was as menacing as a viper. He had received a lot of bitter fruits from them. Today, seeing their misfortune, Shi Yan felt a little bit pleased. 

"Alright," Cao Qiu Dao didn’t hesitate and frankly told him what had happened during this year in detail. 

Due to the great change in the world, the Heaven Gates connected the Seven-layered Underworld and the Fourth Demon Area were broken. People from the three areas could enter the other area through the s.p.a.ce channel. When it first happened, warriors of the Endless Sea thought it was a lucky chance. They had organized many troops to get into the two other worlds to collect cultivating materials.

However, they knew they were wrong shortly.

They found that the Fourth Demon Area had Demon Clan's hotshot, who was stronger than the Spirit Realm! They discovered that Abi, Dark Sky, and Hades, the three great Yama Kings, had all entered the True G.o.d Realm!

When their news reached the Endless Sea, all forces there were startled. However, the other didn’t wait for them to find a countermeasure. Hotshots of the Dark Clan led by Abi, Dark Sky, and Hades descended on the Endless Sea for the second time.

Abi, Hades, and Dark Sky, the three Yama Kings had reached the True G.o.d Realm. In the Endless Sea, no one could resist them.

Each of the three great Yama Kings was in charge of one Sea. They carried out invasion the Tuta Sea, the Yuan Luo Sea, and the Dark Water Territory. People in these three sea areas had fallen into misery. Human warriors were almost uprooted.

At the same time, experts of the Demon Clan had also entered the Kyara Sea and the Vault of Heaven Sea. The Yang family had soon prepared. They sent their core disciples away. The Yang family didn't suffer a significant loss. Tang Yuan Nan of the Three G.o.ds Sect had received the request from Yang Tian Emperor, so he had moved his disciples to the Radiant G.o.d Cult before. All had escaped this calamity.

However, because the Martial Spirit Palace and the Penglai Holy Land in the Vault of Heaven Sea didn't have the Teleport Formation to leave, they no longer existed. Yang Yi Tian, the Master of the Spirit Martial, who was at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, was killed by a True G.o.d Realm expert of the Demon Clan. The Penglai Holy Land was eradicated.

It was just one year, but the human forces around the Endless Sea were all crushed, just like people breaking dried branches. Besides the Yang family and the Three G.o.ds Sect, almost all forces were destroyed.

Cao Qiu Dao’s force was at the end of the escape road. Since they knew the Corpse G.o.d Sect had a special s.p.a.ce slit, they ran to this place to find shelter in that s.p.a.ce slit. They hoped to escape the pursuit of Yama King Hades, who was in charge of the Tuta Sea.

"It has not been easy for you to survive until now," Shi Yan mused for a while. He smiled, but his eyes didn’t smile. "Too bad, your fortune isn’t good enough…"

 "Why do you say that?" Cao Qiu Dao was trembling, but he was still calm.

"The area that s.p.a.ce slit leads to isn’t big enough. Moreover, it’s a dead area. You can’t go there." Shi Yan laughed evilly. "In other words, if you get there, you will be like a fish in the tank. You will never have the second chance to run away."

At this point, those human experts all felt disappointed. They sighed as they thought that their lives had come to an end.

"We still want to go there and check," Cao Qiu Dao was persistent.

Shi Yan smiled and shook his head. "I’m sorry. This place doesn’t belong to you guys. You should return to where you came from.

Cao Qiu Dao was enraged. "Shi Yan, I don’t want to mess with you. We want to live! Don’t force me!"

"Cao Qiu Dao, honestly, you don’t have the power that I have to be afraid of." Shi Yan didn’t take notice of Cao Qiu Dao’s threat. He smiled faintly, calling the Ghost Hunter, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d. While waiting for them, he said neither slowly nor fast. "If you want to die, actually, you don’t need to wait for Yama King Hades. I can help you with it."

Cao Qiu Dao turned his head. With only one glance, his face turned the color of the soil.


A raging roar soared up into the sky from the Ghost Hunter. Its murderous, ruthless aura had triggered the energy of earth and heaven. Cl.u.s.ters of cloud that were filled with a murderous aura gathered above the Cold Wind Island, covering the light from the sun, moon, and stars. It created a tremendous pressure on everybody.

Low-realm warriors like Cao Zhi Land paled. They were shivering, as a helpless feeling rose from deep inside their souls.

Even Cao Qiu Dao was frightened, his eyes dull.

Shi Yan was amazed, too. He looked at the Ghost Hunter and found that this monster had a halo that looked like silvery liquid lingering on its body. On its fierce face, an incomparably evil red pair of eyes sparkled with brutal, murderous intents. 

The aura of the Ghost Hunter was like a range of mountains that people couldn’t reach, giving people an inexplicable subduing feeling that could even oppress the souls.

Level 9 beast!

At first glance, Shi Yan knew that the Ghost Hunter had broken through to a brand new realm.

"Master, I’m Ghost Hunter. Do you need me to kill all of them?" The Ghost Hunter sauntered towards him. Its ferocious face slowly changed, while the thorns had retreated into its body. 

He still strolled towards Shi Yan. However, before he’d reached him, he had turned into a young man with a garnet pair of eyes. His bearing was strange and evil. The physique of this young man was sharp and truncate. His delicate, handsome face could dazzle many women. Although he had attractive features outlined by silver clothes, he still had a faint scent of blood.

Shi Yan was stunned like a wooden rooster.

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