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The color of the thick golden sh.e.l.l on Shi Yan’s body faded away, and its light also dimmed out. Strange energy fluctuations rippled fiercely from the body covered in the golden sh.e.l.l. From time to time, they became more turbulent.


The hard gold sh.e.l.l fragmented into small pieces, just like a torn sheet of fabric. It revealed Shi Yan, with the gold color body inside as if he were wearing glittering gold clothes, which looked both beautiful and dazzling. 

While squinting, Shi Yan was really joyful. Gradually, he laughed out loud.

He used the Soul Consciousness to check his body. His bones were now golden, which were refined by the Golden Marrow, exactly the same as the Golden Skeleton.

Not only that, the Golden Marrow had flooded his flesh and vessels, turning into a strange gold energy that blended into his five main internal organs and the great eight meridians to nurture his body.

The reason why his body had the golden hue was because of the Petrification Martial Spirit. After the marrow washing process, Shi Yan’s Petrification Martial Spirit had evolved one more time. Now, it was gold, and not red anymore.

In the Shi family, the Petrification Martial Spirit had four levels. In each level, the skin color would be different: ash-gray, dark-brown, yellowish-green, and purple-red.

Before that, when his martial spirit had changed, he had got the purple-red hue, which was considered entering the peak of the Shi family's Petrification Martial Spirit.

He thought that it was the final form, and his body wouldn’t change furthermore.

However, he recognized that he was wrong, as his Petrification Martial Spirit had entered another level after the Golden Marrow washing and nurturing process. Now, his body was gold.

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan felt the changes of his body in silence. He didn't urge his thought, just relaxed his mind. The color of his body faded, returning to the original skin color.

However, when his nerves got tense, or his fighting will was triggered, his body, including blood and flesh, would turn gold. Each muscle of his would be filled with an immense life power. Each meridian would become strangely tenacious, which would accelerate the moving speed of Essence Qi. The muscles of his entire body would release a torrential gold energy, which was sharply irreversible.

The golden body that was washed and refined by the Golden Marrow obviously had a part of the Golden Giant’s energy.

Shi Yan laughed contentedly as he was overjoyed.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea slowly got up from the ditch. Their whole bodies glistered with a golden hue. They had collected all the left Golden Marrow in the ditch. Now, they were using the secret techniques of the Corpse Clan to rebuild their bones.

Members of the Corpse Clan understood how to use the Five Elements powers well. After Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea had taken the Golden Marrow of the Golden Giant, their physical strength had increased tremendously. 

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea were sparkling with a golden hue. At the same time, their eyes showed an imposing and solemn divine aura. This surprised Shi Yan a lot.

They were the clansmen of the Corpse Clan, but they had the aura that only the Golden Giant had after taking in the Golden Marrow. It made them truly extraordinary.

Boundless prospects!

Shi Yan was shocked discreetly, giving them a compliment. He knew the two of them had received the Corpse Clan’s inheritance. In the future, their world would be much wider.

His strange living beings, including the War Devil, the Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm, all disappeared except for the War Devil.

While frowning, Shi Yan checked the mountain. He felt a greater surprise. Not long after that, his eyes showed his joy. 

The Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm were strange demonic beasts. The Holy Spirit G.o.d wasn't a beast, but it had a body. To these strange creatures, the beast skeletons in this s.p.a.ce were the best nutrients.

When demonic beasts reached level 9, even if it had died for ten thousand years and its body was all decayed, its energy still remained in the bones. Although it was feeble, this energy was scattering from time to time. If it were too long ago, this sort of energy would drain up.

However, the time of death of these skeletons in this s.p.a.ce wasn't too long. Their bones still kept some energy.

Furthermore, there were level 10 beasts here!

At this level, ten thousand years wasn’t enough to disperse the energy in the bones.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea had taken the bones here to absorb the energy from them. The Ghost Hunter, King of Demonic Insects, Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d were doing the same.

The four strange creatures scattered around. They found a giant beast skeleton each and took in the energy using different methods.

The white-jade, translucent bones were turning gray, as the energy inside was taken. After they had drained the energy out, those bones would turn into gray ashes immediately.

It seemed these four had started a long time ago. From the mountain, he could see four skeletons, which were hundreds of meters tall, about to be depleted.

At this speed, not long after that, those skeletons would become sc.r.a.ps, and they would have nothing else of value.

After watching for a while, Shi Yan contemplated and then plunged away from the mountain peak. He flew towards the dragon-shaped beast skeleton, the one that the four strange living beings hadn’t laid their eyes on. This skeleton was completely preserved. It was still as beautiful as a masterpiece of white jade, shining with silver rays.


The Earth Flame shot out from his palm, moving according to his thought. It fiercely tangled with the giant skeleton.

The Storage Ring flashed, as auxiliary materials flew out. Enhanced with different techniques, they were poured into the skeleton and melted together with the bones under the heat of the Earth Flame.

Bone Refining Technique was a popular refining treasure method. It used the good quality bones to be the main material. This technique didn't change the structure of the primary material, but purified it with the fiery flame. Then, the auxiliary materials were used to enhance the toughness and hardness of the bones, which directly turned the bones into a secret treasure.

Bone Refining Technique wouldn’t change the original shape of the main material. The blacksmith only needed to carve the formation to enhance the firmness, and create a Yin and Yang Generating Formation to maintain and generate the energy of the bones. This step completed the treasure.

This refining method wasn't complicated, but it had a high requirement of the main materials. If the key material wasn't of good quality, even if the blacksmith added more auxiliary substances, he couldn't carve the formation.

That dragon skeleton was undoubtedly that of a level 10 beast. After so many years, it was still white as jade, even though the energy was worn out. This showed that the beast must have been a formidable one when it was still alive.

The skeleton of a level 10 beast was the absolutely perfect main material. With the Bone Refining Technique as the basis, Shi Yan was making many complex and ever-changing hand seals. Written charms were portrayed around that skeleton.

Crack Crack Crack!

Under the heat of the Earth Flame, the skeleton fractured gradually. Contaminants were separated. The skeleton started to shrink. The energy inside the bones started to flow out from the three thigh bones which were around hundreds of meters long.

Gathering and condensing the energy of the bones to the essence was the feature of the Bone Refining Technique.

He had condensed the energy of the seven-hundred-meters tall dragon skeleton using the Earth Flame and the auxiliary materials into three giant thighbones. After losing the energy, under the heat of the Earth Flame, the skeleton was burned into ashes, scattering away.

Shi Yan squinted, as a light flashed in his eyes. His Soul Consciousness moved like a saber, carving the formation on the three ma.s.sive thighbones. His hands were moving, forming numerous hand seals.

Long afterward…

The hundreds-meter tall thighbones were shrunk to three meters. They looked like three spears with many complicated and mysterious scriptures covering the jade-like bone, which made the spears more exquisite, splendid, and pretty sharp.

He could see the delicate energy fibers perfectly moving inside the three long spears following the formations carved on them.

Shi Yan suddenly sat down neatly. His finger was placed on his glabella. The host soul flew out, entering the spears directly to mark his soul seal into the three spears. This helped him manipulate the spears as he pleased.

The three bones from the level 10 beast were as sharp as lightning strikes. When his mind flickered, they flew and drew sharp, cold curves in the air, which could frighten people easily.

Unfortunately, the beast' soul had long scattered. He couldn't take the soul to add into these Bone Thorns to give them intelligence. Without intelligence, the Bone Thorn couldn't become a Divine Grade treasure. At rank 3, it was good enough.

Three flows of his Soul Consciousness poured into the Bone Thorns as Shi Yan urged his Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power. The Bone Thorns disappeared instantly. After fifteen minutes, they could reappear a thousand miles away, as if they could teleport in just a blink. 

Shi Yan cracked a smile and nodded silently.

"Come back!" He shouted. The three bones tore the s.p.a.ce as rapidly as the. They appeared abruptly at the time he stopped thinking.

His finger pointed at the void, and the three bones turned into three white beams of light, disappearing into his Storage Ring. They became the first secret treasures that he had ever made. And, they were Sacred Grade treasures.

At this moment, he got to know that warriors in Antiquity Time all knew how to refine and forge weapons. G.o.d Realm warriors could even use their host soul as the mediator to refine the Divine Grade weapon of their lives.

The life weapon and its master were interlinked mentally, and its power would be tremendous. If the life weapon were damaged, the master would be wounded the same. However, the life weapon brought up a great advantage. Together with the master's increasing realm, it could also improve its quality and power. 

During that epoch, the life weapon was the most precious a.s.set of a warrior, even more important than his wife.

The three Bone Thorns that he had created using the Bone Refining Technique weren’t divine weapons, and they couldn’t be his life divine weapons. Also, their power didn’t reach that level, and they wouldn’t bind with him either.

He put the three Bone Thorns away and took another round around this s.p.a.ce. However, he couldn't find more suitable materials. Energy in the skeletons of some level 7 or level 8 demonic beasts was almost drained off. They didn’t have a high value to him.

The Ghost Hunter, King of Demonic Insects, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d had occupied the valuable skeletons, absorbing the energy with joy.

While he was waiting begrudgingly, Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea descended from the broken mountain. The two of them said before they had even reached near him, "Somebody is breaking into our territory."

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