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Scattered everywhere in this strange place were skeletons of formidable beasts. Each snow-white bone contained fluctuations of energy. Those bones could become the main material of secret treasures. He just needed to find some auxiliary materials and he could refine the treasures. 

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened as he was looking at so many giant beast skeletons from afar. Smile filled his face.

But the thing that made him more joyful was the Golden Marrow inside the Golden Skeleton of the giant. The Golden Marrow of the Golden Skeleton was the best potion to treat the body. Refining the Golden Marrow and then soaked in that liquid, a warrior could have the tenacious skeleton of the Golden Giant, which was a hard as iron or rock.

The reason why the golden skeleton had the golden hue was because of the Golden Marrow. However, it was mysteriously difficult to refine the Golden Marrow. And, it required a blazing flame at the same time.

Shi Yan had the Earth Flame, which was pretty suitable to refine the Golden Marrow from the bones.

He determined the method, then notified the War Devil and the Ghost Hunter. He asked Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea to stay while he was going to that broken mountain alone.

The soul of the Golden Skeleton on the mountain had scattered, but the pressure it released was still heavy.

He had to resist that pressure continually along the way to the mountain peak. When he had reached the foot of the skeleton, he realized he was so small. Compared to this giant man sitting neatly there, he was just like a reptile.

Shi Yan squinted to observe. He hauled out the Sky Destroyer and dug a ditch around the golden skeleton.

The rock of this mountain was hard. When his divine sword was working on it, clinks echoed.

Shortly, a round ditch was formed with his effort under the feet of the Golden Skeleton.

Closing his eyes and sensing the energy fluctuations inside the Golden Skeleton, Shi Yan was cheered up, his face joyful.

Shi Yan summoned the Earth Flame and pointed at the Golden Skeleton, sending it his thought. "Cover him. Burn him slowly to stimulate the Golden Marrow in his bones, then guide it to this ditch."


The Earth Flame replied. Next, it turned into many scarlet scorching flames like clouds tinged by the setting sun, enveloping that giant Golden Skeleton.

To the living beings like the Earth Flame, big volume didn’t mean strong power. Their flame forms could resize according to the situation, but their power remained unchanged.

The Earth Flame’s pure core power was a flame that was as big as a fist. However, if it wanted to release a furious fire, it could always expand its pure flame to a bigger and hotter form.

The scarlet flames looked like rolling lava. It had covered the entire Golden Skeleton with an intense heating aura.

Shi Yan put on a serious expression as he was gathering the power in his body. He was making different magical hand seals, which then turned into streaks of light, hitting on the Golden Skeleton.

To extract the Golden Marrow, besides the heaven flame, he needed to use a special method to soften the golden bones. If he hadn't had the wisdom of that Divine Grade blacksmith, he would never have reached this step. However, it was a piece of cake to him at this moment.

Thousands of strange symbols and scriptures turned into differently patterned halos, flying towards the Golden Skeleton.

After three days, a gold mist started to exude from the Golden Skeleton. Gold fluid began to move inside the bones and seep through the cracks, pouring into the ditch Shi Yan had dug beforehand.

The first drop of bright gold liquid fell into the ditch, carrying strange, magical energy fluctuations with it. The strange gold raindrop fell, and the ditch seemed like it was drilled through, revealing a small bored hole.

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened, and the smile on his face widened. He put forth his efforts to strike more techniques.

A sole drop of the Golden Marrow could pierce through such rigid ground. Shi Yan immediately knew that the power of the Golden Marrow in this giant’s Golden Skeleton was plenty.

The Earth Flame was constantly increasing its heating flame. With his a.s.sistance, it was burning the Golden Skeleton.

Drops of Golden Marrow seeped through the bone cracks unceasingly, falling into the ditch.

Not long afterward, a faint gold stream appeared in that ditch. At the same time, due to losing the Golden Marrow, the radiant golden bones gradually turned white-gray with dark spots. They seemed to be decaying quickly.

The energy of the Golden Marrow had maintained the glorious golden hue of the skeleton. Without the Golden Marrow, the skeleton of a member of the Giant Clan would reveal its original shape.

Shi Yan watched the Golden Marrow drops falling into the ditch with bright eyes, his heart dancing with joy.

Eventually, when all the Golden Marrow was refined from the skeleton of a member of the Giant Clan, the skeleton turned into a giant white-gray skeleton. The heavy pressure was gone. The skeleton sat there with a decayed posture, as if it was about to collapse at any minute.

Shi Yan watched it for a while. He frowned, then urged his energy to create a ma.s.sive hand, lifting the white-gray skeleton and taking it to the mountain foot. 

After it lost the Golden Marrow, the skeleton became lighter, so it didn't take much of his energy.

He used his mind to control the divine sword to dig a big grave near the mountain. He put this rusty skeleton into the tomb. Finally, this man could rest in peace. Since he had taken the Golden Soul Fluid and the Golden Marrow from this skeleton, he cherished and was thankful for that. That’s why he buried it. 

After Shi Yan had arranged the grave properly, he smiled, walking into that ditch which was filled with Golden Marrow. 

He felt like he had fallen into a lava pond. The scorching gold energy pierced his skin like a sharp weapon. Shi Yan wasn’t surprised. He focused and relaxed his spirit. His pores opened to absorb the Golden Marrow into his body.

The Golden Marrow entered his pores, murmuring in his bones. The blazing fluid was burning his bones like a fiery fire, causing him an extreme pain. He had to get through this phase. If he wanted to absorb the Golden Marrow into his entire body, he had to endure this pain.

Shi Yan understood that, so he had just clenched his teeth and endured. He was taking in more Golden Marrow through his pores, as the amount of the liquid in the ditch reduced.

Just like when he had entered this continent, he had determinedly walked into the Blood Pond, using the Blood Pond to transform.

A giant gold pupa enveloped him shortly. Now, he looked like a giant gold beetle which was about to eclose.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea looked up from the mountain foot. Later on, the two new members of the Corpse Clan finally recognized something. They hurried to get to the mountain peak and sank into that gold ditch.

At this moment, the amount of the Golden Marrow left wasn’t much. They couldn't do anything more than laying down and rolling to get the Golden Marrow all over their bodies, enjoying it a lot.

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