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Chapter 60 - The Endless Sea
At the Misty Pavilion.
The Misty Pavilion was a mysterious power which primarily held auctions, selling all sorts of rare training materials for warriors. It had opened its only shop in Tianyun City in the Merchant Union.
It was rumoured that the Misty Pavilion was supported by warriors from the Endless Sea. The Endless Sea, a vast ocean, was located to the east of the Merchant Union.
There were thousands of islands in the Endless Sea, which were scattered like stars. Some large islands were even vaster than the Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire combined.
Warriors from the Endless Sea rarely came to the Grace Mainland, for they looked for higher things. There were numerous experts there, and they all had a powerful family or power behind them.
It was said that there were even expert warriors who were above the Spirit Realm.
On that day, at the entrance of the Misty Pavilion, stood the manager. Ku Luo was a warrior of the First Sky of the Nirvana Realm, and had been in charge of the Misty Pavilion for many years.
For many people, Ku Luo was the master of the Misty Pavilion.
But today, Ku Luo was standing with several important members of the Misty Pavilion, seeming to wait for someone important.
Time pa.s.sed.
It was dusk. Though Ku Luo had waited for a whole day, he didn’t show any impatience on his face.
“Father, how long do we have to wait? Who are we waiting for?” Ku Luo’s only son Ku Ban grunted in discontent, “This guy is too pretentious! He is making us wait for so long!”
“Kid, you were born in the Merchant Union, so you have no idea how big the world is! Don’t think that the Beiming Family is the biggest family oin the mainland. Compared to the prominent families in the Endless Sea, the Beiming Family is nothing!”
Ku Luo stared at his son and said coldly, “I am from the Endless Sea. And it was the Xia Family who sent me here to take charge of the Misty Pavilion. The person we are waiting for is Xia Xinyan of the Xia Family. She is my master. If it weren’t for the fragmented map of the Sky Gate, she wouldn’t even spend her precious time visiting us from thousands of miles away.”
“Father, aren’t we at the center of the Grace Mainland?” Ku Ban was stunned. After a long while, he asked in surprise.
“Here? The center of the Grace Mainland?” Ku Luo sneered as he shook his head, “The Fire Empire, the G.o.d-blessed Empire, and the Merchant Union are on the outskirts of the Grace Mainland. How would they be at the center of it? Remember! The Grace Mainland is far more vast than what you imagined. Well, the so-called experts here, are merely considered low level warriors outside this country!”
“What?” Ku Ban couldn’t believe what he heard.
As the sun faded gradually, the moon climbed up the dark sky. Under the bright moonlight, Ku Ban was still waiting patiently.
At midnight, three shadows appeared from the long street.
Under the red lanterns on the road side, the three shadows looked like hideous ghosts, swaying spookily.
“Here they are! Listen, don’t utter a single word!” Ku Luo announced in a low voice.
The person in the lead was a slim woman wrapped up by a black gown and a broad bamboo hat, so her face could not be seen.
Beside that woman were two giant men who were about two meters tall, and looked exactly the same; they were twins.
The two huge tower-like men had dark skin and a masculine aura, but they moved really fast, giving the impression that they weighed nothing.
“Miss, you have finally arrived.” Ku Luo bowed and said respectfully, “Ku Luo has been waiting for you for a long time.”
“Let’s get inside first.”
A melodious voice came from under the bamboo hat. That woman didn’t waste one more word, as her slim body pa.s.sed Ku Luo, and directly headed inside the Misty Pavilion. It looked like she could be the master wherever she was!
“Yes, Miss.” Ku Luo nodded with a smile, then he followed her at her pace, feeling relieved.
In the inner garden of the Misty Pavilion, in a quiet room.
The women in the black gown sat down on the seat at the center of the room, which was prepared for the Master. After the two huge men found their positions to stand behind her, she waved her hands, “Ku Luo stays here. Everyone else is dismissed.”
“Leave us alone.” Ku Luo announced to those men loudly, and specially stared at his son, Ku Ban.
Ku Luo was the manager of the Misty Pavilion, so after his announcement, they quickly left the room.
Ku Luo entered and gave a salute to the woman, then quickly took out an account book from his chest pocket, handing it to the woman with two hands, “This is the accounts for the past ten-some years. Miss, please check.”
“Well, put it away. I haven’t come for the accounts.”
Then she leisurely waved her hand and took off the bamboo hat. An extremely beautiful face appeared. She frowned with her pretty eyebrows, and said softly, “Show me the fragmented map.”
“Yes.” Ku Luo immediately took out the fragmented map of the Sky Gate from underneath his clothes and handed it to her respectfully.
Xia Xinyan picked the map with her jade like fingers, glanced at it once, and nodded softly, “Good, from its old look it seems to be authentic.”
“Miss, there are also three Nutrition Pills and one Blood Magical Crystal, which were sent by the Immortal Yang Family through Empty Strategy. They said it’s for you.”
Ku Luo took out those things mentioned before and handed them respectfully to Xia Xinyan, “Miss, it’s enough for you to handle the situation here with the three Nutrition Pills. You will be heavily hurt every time you operate the Incarnation Martial Spirit; but with these, you will be fine.”
“Well, the Yang Family is literally generous, and pretentious!” Xia grunted, “The Misty Pavilion doesn’t belong to the Xia Family exclusively. The Yang Family is also a heavy stockholder. They don’t even send a man here but three Nutrition Pills? Haha. They trust me so much.”
As she spoke, Xia Xinyan put away the three red longan-sized Nutrition Pills. Stroking the Blood Magical Crystal, she asked, “And what about this Blood Magical Crystal?”
“The Yang Family has requested you to look for a person. The family head of the Yang Family, Yang Qingdi, said his grandson Yang Hai is still alive in this place, as he perceived through the [Blood Search] skill. So he has asked you to find him. The three Nutrition Pills are payment.” Ku Luo lowered his head as he answered in a low voice, not daring to look at her.
“What?” Xia Xinyan exclaimed in indignation, and she said coldly, “Hehe, I wondered why they were they so generous! They want me to do this difficult thing for them for three Nutrition Pills? Too bossy!”
Ku Luo kept his head lowered, not daring to say anything.
“Miss, fifty years ago, Yang Qingdi and his experts entered the Fourth Demon Area, where his son, Yang Xiao, died in a battle. Moreover, Yang Xiao’s wife gave birth to an infant there. After Yang Qingdi killed a Demon King in the Fourth Demon Area, the other three Demon Kings allied to chase him out, and his daughter-in-law died soon after. Yang Qingdi a.s.sumed he was about to die, so he broke the s.p.a.ce with [Blood Escape] skill and threw that infant out of the Fourth Demon Area.”
One of the huge men explained with his rusty voice.
“And then?” Xia Xinyan frowned slightly, and asked nonchalantly.
That huge man paused, thought for a while, and continued, “After he threw out that infant, Yang Qingdi stayed in the ‘Fourth Demon Area’ for another twenty years, encircled by the other three Demon Kings. But luckily he escaped and came out of the Fourth Demon Area alive, though he was badly hurt. Recently, Yang Qingdi finished his secret training and came out as a Spirit Realm Warrior. He had saved one drop of blood from the infant when he threw him out of the Fourth Demon Area, so he perceived through [Blood Search] skill that his grandson is in the Merchant Union. That’s why he sent the three Nutrition Pills as the payment. He cares about the Yang descendent.”
“The three Demon Kings in the Fourth Demon Area seemed to have a big plan recently, so I guess Yang Qingdi has been too busy to search for the infant in person.” The other huge man added.
“Yes, they sent a message that one of the three Shura Kings, Xiao Hanyi, had already set off from the Immortal Island with fifty Shura escorts. They will arrive in at most one month, and hope that you could find the infant before they arrive.” Ku Luo said slowly with deference.
“Shura King, Xiao Hanyi! Fifty Shura escorts!” Xia Xinyan sneered, “Seems like Yang Qingdi really cares about that infant!”
“The Yang Family is so domineering in the Endless Sea, thus they offended a lot of people. For the past few years, they were busy fighting with the Fourth Demon Area and lost a lot of descendents who possess the Immortal Martial Spirit. That infant is Yang Qingdi’s direct grandson left by Yang Xiao, sure enough, he takes it to heart.” One of the huge men responded.
“Ku Luo, from now on, I will take charge of the Misty Pavilion, and you will go look for his grandson discreetly. The Shura King, Xiao Hanyi is coming. I can’t take the three Nutrition Pills if we can’t find Yang Hai before he arrives. You understand?” Xia Xinyan looked at Ku Luo indifferently.
“Yes, I got it.” Ku Luo nodded.
“I will keep the Blood Magical Crystal. After you find all those men called Yang Hai, bring them to the Misty Pavilion and then with Yang Qingdi’s Blood Magical Crystal, we will know who is the Yang Hai we want.” Xia Xinyan said with an indifferent face as she stroked the Blood Magical Crystal.
“Okay, I will go right away.” Ku Luo bowed and left, while sighing to himself bitterly, “The five big families are looking for Ding Yan, and I have to go look for Yang Hai. It’s so boisterous in the Merchant Union.”

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