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Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea stood next to him, looking at the gold giant in silence.

They had just received the Corpse Clan’s inheritance not long ago; their knowledge of the Antiquity Time wasn’t as much as Shi Yan. They didn't know of the importance behind this all, so they couldn’t give him a useful reference.

Shi Yan scratched his head agitatedly. He forced a smile, looking at the gold giant in the peak and the mysterious gold bead, while his brain was working hard to find a method to take the bead.

Suddenly, he looked at the Blood Vein Ring on his finger, his eyes bright.

The Blood Vein Ring could convert the function of the Blood Soul Divine Water into waves of memory and impart it to him. Perhaps it could do the same to give him the related description of that gold giant and his bead. 
With that thought, he quietly rose his arm, pointing the Blood Vein Ring to the gold skeleton. He gathered his soul and sent it to the ring. The Blood Vein Ring stayed quiet for a while. Suddenly, it shot out the rainbow light one more time, covering the gold skeleton and the bead. 
"Golden Skeleton. A G.o.d King Realm member of the Giant Clan. Golden Soul Fluid – a rare treasure that can wash the host soul and purify it. It can increase sensibility…"

It was another wave of memory imprinted in his head to describe the origin and the features of the Golden Giant and the Golden Soul Fluid.

The so-called Golden Skeleton was the skeleton of the Giant Clan’s members who had reached the G.o.d King Realm. The bones of their entire body changed into gold color, which came with the greatest prestige power. 

The golden skeleton was the unique feature of the Giant Clan's clansmen at G.o.d King Realm. Experts at this realm, even if they were killed and their flesh was decomposed, their golden skeleton would not be decayed with time. After ten thousand years, it still kept the golden hue with strange energy waves.

The Golden Soul Fluid was an essence feature that the soul of the experts of the Giant Clan at this realm condensed after they were killed. The Giant Clan in the Antiquity Time was special. This Clan always held up justice. They were all generous and frank. No member of the Giant Clan had any wild schemes. They were all kind people, born to be good persons.

That’s why G.o.d favored this race. The members of the Giant Clan could perceive the power of nature easier than the other races.

It was a little bit strange here. This clan had no members with a cunning heart. They were all honest. But when it came to the point they needed wisdom the most – the time of comprehending the Upanishad power – they had G.o.d’s favor with this great superiority. In the Antiquity Time, the Giant Clan had just this reward from the High Heaven for upholding justice. 

When the G.o.d King Realm experts of the Giant Clan perished, their soul would vanish into earth and heaven. However, their superiority in learning the power Upanishads could be condensed into a liquid form to be preserved. 

It was the Golden Soul Fluid. This Golden Soul Fluid was used to purify the host soul. It could help a creature have the magical advantage of comprehending heaven and earth powers of the Giant Clan, which increased the speed of comprehending the meanings of the power.

Even if it were in the Antiquity Time, the Golden Soul Fluid was the treasure that everybody dreamed of, the thing that they could only meet by chance, the precious treasure of this world.

After the memory of the Golden Skeleton and the Golden Soul Fluid had moved for a while in Shi Yan’s head, he got a deep understanding of the Giant Clan’s features.

His eyes were bright, looking at the golden skeleton on the mountain peak. His breathing became heavy.

Hesitating for a while, he sat down cross-legged. He simply advised Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea, then tried to use the technique he had just received to collect the Golden Soul Fluid.

The Golden Soul Fluid was inside the Golden Bead, and he couldn't touch it directly with his hand or any treasure. Or else, it would vanish into thin air, returning to the heaven and earth. 

He could only let his host soul enter the Golden Bead and wash it there to receive the special ability of the Giant Clan.

Before Shi Yan carried out this operation, he was a little bit hesitant. He then summoned the Ghost Hunter, the War Devil, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the King of Demonic Insects, sending his thought to them before releasing his host soul.

The host soul left his Sea of Consciousness. A phantom of a tiny man slowly flew towards the Golden Soul Fluid on the mountain. The heavy pressure exuding from the Golden Skeleton seemed not to affect the host soul much. Shi Yan flew up, sensing the immense ancient aura. Shortly, he got to the skull of that golden skeleton. His host soul hovered for a while, then entered the Golden Bead. 

A wonderful feeling flooded his soul… 

His soul felt like it was sublimated. Layers of mist covered him. The Golden Soul Fluid had washed him, and his host soul became crystal clear magically. His sensitivity towards the heaven and earth power became more accurate. His understanding of the power Upanishads seemed to reach the most profound level of the real nature of his powers. 

The host soul stayed inside the Golden Bead, and the Golden Soul Fluid soaked it and purified it. Shortly, his host soul received the magical comprehending ability.

However, whether it was his s.p.a.ce power or the martial techniques, he needed a special situation to trigger them, which would give him an opportunity for a new time of comprehension.

At this moment, the Golden Soul Fluid had given him a magical comprehending ability, but he didn't have a chance to try it. Shi Yan felt very irritated. The magical ability the Golden Soul Fluid had given him had a limit. If it continued this way, he would be wasting his time and the effect of the Golden Soul Fluid.

The most important thing was that once the host soul got in there unless the Golden Soul Fluid was consumed completely, it couldn't get out easily. 

He had to find something to comprehend! 

All of a sudden, he remembered the Blacksmith’s Secret of Success. In the wonderful s.p.a.ce inside the Blacksmith’s Secret of Success, there were many complex and profound formations, which hid the deep meanings of refining and forging weapons. After he had spent a long time there, he could perceive only the Teleportation Formation. Except for that, he didn’t dare to try the other great refining treasure formations.

However, the situation he was in now was unique. If he couldn’t find something to comprehend, he would waste the Golden Soul Fluid for nothing.

He didn’t hesitate at all. He condensed a flow of Soul Consciousness, directly entering the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success. It was inexplicably magical. The ancient formations he found so mysterious and complicated before suddenly became explicit. Spending a little time in an exquisite formation, he could get the basic features, structure, and the principles of the energy movement in that formation.

Abruptly, he found that the mysterious formations in the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success were the application of special power Upanishads.

The refining process was to use the materials to carve the nature of a kind of force in earth and heaven and to perform the original power of that force.

He was overjoyed, his soul shivered as if he had found a treasure. He focused wholeheartedly, as though each formation was a good dish for his soul which he was enjoying. 

There were dozens of formations in the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success. Each formation could be carved on a secret treasure to enhance its power. Some formations could gather heaven and earth spiritual Qi, while the others could use wind, lightning, or thunder to attack. There were also formations that could create illusions which people couldn't escape…
Besides countless formations, there were hundreds of forging methods with thousands of unique written techniques.

Each technique could enhance the formation or be used during the refining process to maximize the treasure’s ability.

Secret treasures were cla.s.sified into five grades, including Mortal, Mystery, Spirit, Sacred, and Divine. Each grade had other different seven ranks. 
The Blacksmith’s Secret of Success didn’t have the techniques to refine Mortal, Mystery, and Spirit Grades treasures. It just had a simple description of these basic techniques. The techniques that were focused were to refine and forge Sacred Grade and Divine Grade secret treasures. It explained clearly how to collect souls, and how to add admixture to the treasures. It even had the technique to cultivate spirit and soul. The ranks of Sacred Grade and Divine Grade were introduced pretty clear. It had a complete description of the difference between different ranks and grades of secret treasures, and even the simple tricks to differentiate the Sacred Grade treasures and the Divine Grade treasures.

This book contained dozens of formations, hundreds of forging and refining methods, more than ten thousand written techniques, grades of secret treasures, different heating levels of flame used, small details in refining treasures, and what to pay attention to during a refining and forging process, etc.

All the knowledge which was related to a whole life of cultivation of a blacksmith was presented in this Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success.

At this moment, Shi Yan finally understood that the old book of Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success he had taken from a foreign land was the whole life essence of a Divine Grade Blacksmith. 

He didn't know how time flew when he was in the book. He had used the Golden Soul Fluid to sink into the ocean of knowledge and comprehended the Upanishads of refining. He had made the refining methods into the deep marks in his head. 

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success turned into smoke and dispersed, leaving no trace.

After a long while, Shi Yan’s host soul flew out of the Golden Bead, returning to his body. 
He was happy. Looking at the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success vanish, he didn’t feel painful or sorrowful. He had a good grasp of the refining Upanishads of the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success. Of course, he understood that this book was a special treasure. It had demonstrated everything as a real s.p.a.ce, which joined all sorts of formations. When someone had experienced every formation from the beginning to the end, the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success would disappear. The Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success was the inheritance of a Divine Grade blacksmith, who had recorded his whole life experience of refining and forging secret treasures. When someone had the inheritance, the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success didn’t need to exist anymore.

The Golden Bead inside the skull of the golden skeleton had turned into a dark brown hue, and the Golden Soul Fluid was drained.

Although Shi Yan had never forged a weapon, thanks to the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success, he was now a profound blacksmith, even more excellent than Ke Da’s team in the Precious Tool Valley. 

The inheritance that he got was a true textbook from a Divine Grade blacksmith. If he could gather enough materials, he could even refine divine weapons! 

His vision had been widened after this experience. Looking at the beast skeletons scattered everywhere in this s.p.a.ce, his breathing became short and heavy, while his eyes brightened. 

There were treasures everywhere!

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