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The headquarter of the Corpse G.o.d Sect was situated in the Cold Wind Island, which had the cold Yin Qi and the thick Corpse Qi, pretty suitable to refine corpses.

There was a narrow, long s.p.a.ce slit in the South-West corner of the island. Light shot rapidly inside that crack, as an old, decaying aura of the Immemorial Epoch exuded from it.

Not far from the s.p.a.ce slit were piles of giant white bones. Those bones looked as if they were made of white jade, crystal clear and as white as snow. Energy fluctuations rippled from them.

Hundreds of the newly formed members of the Corpse Clan were surrounding those bones, taking in the energy from them. They really enjoyed it.

Shi Yan glared, but he was jolted with fright inside his heart. 

The shortest bone was around ten meters, and the longer ones were dozens of meters long. They looked like beautiful white jade. No one knew how long they had been there, but the energy still remained in the bones. This was unbelievable. 

"The two of us have collected these bones from that place," Corpse Mount pointed at the s.p.a.ce crack. "There are so many of them inside. All are ma.s.sive. It took us a long time to mobilize those bones. The energy in these bones is useful to us. We can absorb it directly."

Shi Yan gave them a slight nod.

Each of those white bones had beams and flows of severe Yin aura. The Corpse Clan members could take it in and convert it into the Corpse Qi in their bodies.

Shi Yan looked at the s.p.a.ce crack. He pondered for a while and then asked, "Can we go there directly?"

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea nodded, then got into the crack right in front of Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was amazed. He chuckled and then got in.

The sky there was blood-red. Many giant skeletons were scattered here and there. This s.p.a.ce had many signs of furious battles.

A heavy aura pressed down from the sky, as imposing as a mountain. Under this intimidating pressure, Shi Yan couldn’t fly up, as if some mysterious force was tying him down.

This was a strange s.p.a.ce. Giant skeletons were everywhere. Most of them were disintegrated, with many ash-gray spots on them. There were no energy fluctuations coming from them.

There were some snow-white bones, which still had feeble energy fluctuations.

Walking in between the giant skeletons and looking at the dark red soil, which looked like dried bloodstains under his feet, Shi Yan was more astounded.

This was an ancient battlefield!

Most skeletons here were from demonic beasts. Shi Yan had walked for around one thousand meters before he saw a beast skeleton that was more than five hundred meters long. It looked like a small mountain.

That skeleton wasn't decayed yet. Even though he hadn't approached it, a strange, solemn pressure had slapped his face, which suffocated him.

"This skeleton has strong energy. Unfortunately, we can’t move it. It’s too heavy. We have tried to cut it, but we couldn’t break it…" Corpse Mount smacked his tongue with a begrudging regret. 

Shi Yan was struck.

This skeleton was five hundred meters long and around one hundred meters tall without flesh and blood. It only had the white bones, but it was intimidatingly giant. When it still had the flesh and everything else, Shi Yan wondered how imposing it used to be.

It was definitely a demonic beast skeleton. From this shape, he could confirm this fact. He walked through the skeleton, moving forward.

What level of beast it should be to have such a giant body like that? Level 9? Or level 10?

Shi Yan was in a confused state of mind. He realized that the situation here was beyond his knowledge.

All of a sudden, he stood dazedly at his spot. Looking at the neck of the skeleton, Shi Yan gawked and dropped his jaw, his face disbelieving.

The neck of this giant skeleton was as smooth as a mirror. A dragon skull was placed around ten meters in front of the neck part.

It seemed this mountain-like imposing dragon beast was beheaded by a sharp weapon…

Shi Yan's eyes were constantly sparkling, and his breathing was getting heavy. He walked around the beast's neck to observe, only to become more surprised.

Indeed, this giant dragon beast was beheaded within one strike. Someone had killed it instantly.

Coming to this conclusion, he was terrified. He didn't know what kind of formidable battles had taken place here, or what kind of existence it was that could have such earth-shaking powers…

G.o.d King?

Shi Yan beamed a forced smile.


While he was still astounded, the Blood Vein Ring suddenly glowed. A five-colored light s.n.a.t.c.hed over the neck of that dragon beast.

Shi Yan was shocked. He couldn’t help but pull himself together and observe. He found a dried puddle on the dark red ground near that neck, as big as a door. It had a purple-red hue, a little bit viscous, with magical energy fluctuation. 

When the rainbow light of the Blood Vein Ring shone on that puddle, a thought flashed in his head.

Blood Soul Divine Water... Broken demon crystal of a level 10 beast. The beast soul and its blood had blended to create this water. It was one of the primary materials to fuse heaven flames.

It was a clear thought and Shi Yan immediately got it. He shivered, almost sitting down on the ground.

Level 10 beast!

Since he had come to this world, the most dangerous demonic beast he had encountered was just a level 8. A level 10 demonic beast was a tremendous living being that could be compared to a G.o.d King, the scariest existence he knew. 

As far as he had known, there was no level 10 beast existing in the Grace Mainland.

A level 10 beast was beheaded and died here in silence for so many years. At what level was the one who had killed this beast?

Shi Yan suddenly felt a chill running down his soul. Looking at this strange s.p.a.ce, his hair rose.

If there was even one creature still alive, would he, Corpse Mount, and Corpse Sea leave this place alive? If that thing came out of this place and went to the Grace Mainland, would it be a great calamity?

While he was still making a.s.sumptions in fright, the Blood Vein Ring shot out a beam of energy light, which covered the Blood Soul Divine Water and stashed it away.

The Heaven Flame Divine Refining Technique required at least one thousand jin (500 kilograms) of Blood Soul Divine Water. This puddle wasn’t more than ten jin. He still needed a lot to meet the refining requirement.

"If we continue to go further, there are more skeletons bigger than this one…" Corpse Sea muttered. 

Shi Yan was like he got a bad hit. He trembled, turning around and shouting in a hoa.r.s.e voice. "Bigger?" 

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea nodded, speaking in unison. "Many."

Shi Yan was completely scared.

Long afterward, he took several deep breaths, pulling himself together. Next, he said with a grimaced expression. "Go. G.o.dd.a.m.n it! Even if I have to die, we have to go there!"

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea led the way.

There were five more skeletons, which were more than five hundred meters long. They looked like the small mountains that were situated there forever. One of them was a beast skeleton that was one thousand meters long, and more than three hundred meters tall. Shi Yan gawked, dropping his jaw.

Shi Yan found the Blood Soul Divine Water near each skeleton. The Blood Vein Ring had collected around three hundred jin of the Blood Soul Divine Water.

This imposing scene had scared Shi Yan several times; afterward, he went numb. He collected the Blood Soul Divine Water along the way, entering deeper into this area.

All of a sudden, a big footprint appeared in his line of sight.

That footprint was bigger than him. It wasn’t a beast’s, but a human footprint. This footprint sank three meters deep into the ground, which looked too exaggerating. 

Shi Yan walked over, acc.u.mulated energy, and punched the dark red ground fiercely.


The red ground was a hard as iron. His punch just left a small scratch on the ground, and it couldn’t make the ground concave.

Shi Yan was moved. He immediately knew that the ground under his feet was really rigid. Now, he could imagine the owner of the footprint that sank three meters deep to the ground.

"Ahead. He’s ahead of us…" Corpse Mount softly reminded him with awe.

"Ahead?" Shi Yan changed his face. He halted, his face solemn. "What do you mean? You mean the owner of this footprint?"

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea nodded.

Shi Yan didn't answer. Light sparkled in his eyes. Long afterward, he asked, "Dead or alive?"

"Dead," Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea answered in unison.

Shi Yan exhaled in relief and then said imposingly, "Go. We should go check it out."

A dead man, no matter how tremendous he was when he was still alive, couldn’t give more threats.

Shi Yan had crossed some other giant skeletons and collected a small amount of Blood Soul Divine Water. He and Corpse Mount, Corpse Sea ultimately arrived at a fractured mountain.

That mountain was several thousand meters high, but it was cut off. Its peak was as smooth as jade. Gold light sparkled, releasing waves of heavy aura.

Gold light and heavy aura didn’t come from this mountain, but from a gold giant sitting neatly on the mountain.

Even if this giant were sitting, he was around ten meters tall. He didn’t have blood or flesh, but a golden skeleton. That sparkling gold light came from his bones.

It was a complete skeleton. Each bone was as if made of gold jade, with gold energy rippling inside.

There was no soul fluctuation coming from this golden giant. A fist-sized gold bead was placed in the golden skull, which was covered with mysterious ancient scriptures. Faint energy waves undulated from the scriptures on the bead.

At first glance, that gold giant was covered in a gold halo, as though he was made of gold. A Heavy and ancient aura diffused from him.

Shi Yan stood at the mountain foot, facing up to look at the giant gold skeleton. He was frightened.

The Giant Clan!

Since he had known about the Giant Clan in the Antiquity Time, he had imagined how the people of the Giant Clan would look like. From this skeleton, he could picture what physique and power the Giant Clan’s members had in that epoch.

Among the ten Antiquity Clans, the Giant Clan had the strongest physical build.

This race had a supernatural innate power. From the day they were born, they would start to train their bodies. They could break a mountain with their bare hands. The Giant Clan had the smallest population among the ten Antiquity Clans, but they were the strongest.

This giant skeleton had been sitting here for so many years.

His soul soon perished, but his energy ad still remained in his bones. If he were still alive, how strong he would be was something Shi Yan didn’t dare to imagine.

Perhaps he had killed the formidable beasts in this s.p.a.ce?

A thought crossed his head. Shi Yan was struck as he was panicked.

The Blood Soul Divine Water was condensed from blood and soul of level 10 beasts after ten thousand years of settlement. Being able to kill the level 10 beasts, he should be a G.o.d King Realm expert. Perhaps, he was at the Second or Third Sky of G.o.d King Realm!

This existence existed only in legends, which people had told each other through generations. They had never appeared in the Grace Mainland.

Looking at that sparkling gold skeleton and the strange gold bead, he knew he had found a treasure, but he was irritated – he didn’t know how to take it.

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