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 After Shi Yan’d finished, Yi Tian Mo and his group kept silent.

They had always wanted to visit the Shady Firmament Old Mound to receive their ancestor’s inheritance, taking the Yin Written Charm Scripture, which would help their clan thrive and be stronger.

However, from Shi Yan’s explanation, they knew that the Ghost Mark Clan had been in the Shady Firmament Old Mound for quite a long time. And, they were a branch of the Ghost Mark Clan. However, after so many years, they had lost the ghost tattoos - the source of their power. Now they only had a weak physique and a strong soul.

Without the ghost tattoos, they were incomplete. It would be hard to be accepted by the Ghost Mark Clan.

According to Shi Yan, the Ghost Mark Clan hated all kinds of creatures. They would be taking action shortly to make blood rain over the Divine Great Land.

It wasn’t what they wanted. The Ghost Mark Clan was extreme to them.

 "This is the situation. The relationship between you guys and the Ghost Mark Clan is complicated. If you want to be recognized by them, you can go to the Shady Firmament Old Mound. I won't hinder you guys."

Yi Tian Mo and the other two kept silent.

After a long while, Yi Tian Mo said, "We want to think about it more carefully. And, the changes of earth and firmament energy seems to benefit us. Strong Yin Qi is diffusing. It accelerates our cultivating speed."

Shi Yan’s complexion had a slight change.

"Not only them, we feel the same," said Di Shan.

Yi Tian Mo and Di Shan were from the alien tribes. The structure of their bodies and the ways they cultivated were different from that of humans. The changes of earth and heaven had facilitated their cultivation by providing a more suitable environment. However, this wasn't a good sign.

Yang Tian Emperor was sensitive enough to sense the danger. He darkened his face, and didn’t say anything.

"The heave gate that connects to the Fourth Demon Area in the Yang Family had exploded. Devil Qi permeates from there is really thick. We can see a big s.p.a.ce crack, too. Now, there’s no barrier between the Endless Sea and the Fourth Demon Area. Their hotshots can easily enter our territory," said Yang Zhuo begrudgingly. 

"There should be a big change in the Fourth Demon Area," nodded Yang Tian Emperor. "Not only the Fourth Demon Area, Tang Yuan Nan told me that the Seven-layered Underworld is the same. The heaven gate there is destroyed, too. And, Dark Qi is raising vehemently from the sea. Moreover, Tang Yuan Nan said that the Dark Sea of the Seven-layered Underworld had some terrifying change. The aura of the Underworld has been exuding from the downstream of the Dark Sea. Perhaps the bottom of the Underworld has been broken."

"The bottom of the Underworld? What’s going on?" Shi Yan asked suspiciously.

"The Seven-layered Underworld has seven layers, of course. But only the four top layers are normally revealed. The three bottom layers are sealed. According to the Dark Dwellers, the three bottom layers of the Underworld are their paradise, where it has the strongest treasures and the soul inheritance of the Dark Clan. Perhaps some experts of the Dark Clan have still survived…" Yang Tian Emperor became stern.

Shi Yan’s eyes sparkled. He took a deep breath then said, "Seems like the Endless Sea can’t maintain its peace."

Yang Tian Emperor nodded.

"Although I don’t know what is going on, from the signs we have now, the entire Grace Mainland is also having a great change. Great grandpa, the forces in the Endless Sea aren’t strong enough to encounter that change. I think we should mobilize a part of our lower realm members to the Divine Great Land. I have a territory in the Radiant G.o.d Cult…"

Shi Yan tried to convince him.

It was beyond his expectation. Yang Tian Emperor nodded generously. "Kid, you’re excellent. You can even build a Teleport Formation. Well done. Well done! Anyway, the Divine Great Land is the center where martial arts are spread wide with so many experts. I do want to take the Yang family there. Your intended deed suits my wish well."

Shi Yan was cheered up; he smiled then said, "Don’t worry. Yun Hao – the Cult Master of the Radiant G.o.d Cult – isn’t a narrow-minded person. He would welcome us all. Yeah, Great Grandpa, you should contact Tang Yuan Nan and tell him to move his Three G.o.ds Sect there, too. The Three G.o.ds Sect’s a part of the Radiant G.o.d Cult. They will accept them easily."

"Okay, I’ll arrange it," nodded Yang Tian Emperor, "Through many years, we’ve collected a big amount of cultivating materials from the Endless Sea and the Fourth Demon Area. Even if we move to the Divine Great Land, we won’t be too poor. It’s enough to give us a prosperous life. But yeah, I need time to prepare."

Shi Yan smiled. Next, he discussed with Yang Tian Emperor and Shi Jian about their family business. He had asked for Qing Ming’s whereabouts then left quietly.

Qing Ming was in a burial area of the Corpse G.o.d Sect.

Since Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea had become the leaders of the Corpse G.o.d Sect, Qing Ming’d lost his power. The corpse slaves had been enslaved for many years now became the disciples, and their old masters were kicked out.

The burial place where Qing Ming was staying had many human disciples of the Corpse G.o.d Sect. Unfortunately, they didn't have the corpse slaves to use.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea had defeated him in the game of power so now he had to bring his human disciples out of the center of the Sect to a remote area to survive.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea then ruled the Corpse G.o.d Sect, making them raise up slowly, becoming the most peculiar force in the Endless Sea. They were just a little bit weaker than the Kyara Sea.

Today, Qing Ming with his wicked eyes was listening to the report from his elders in the burial area. The more he listened, the more irritated he felt.

"What did you say? Did you get it wrong? There’re so many corpse slaves here. How could they all have intellect?" Qing Ming opened his eye wide, squawking.

Li Yue smiled bitterly. "It’s true. I’ve received the news saying that the corpse slaves in the other burials areas have started to have wisdom. Their living forms seem to have made some changes quietly. Their soul fluctuations are even more special than ours…"

"How could it be!" Qing Ming was fierce. "The corpse slaves are made from dead bodies. Basically, they don't have souls. How could they have such a strange change? I thought only Corpse Sea and Corpse Mount got their intellect and soul through some f*cking method, right?"

"I’m not sure," Li Yue was full of suspicion. "The method we use to control the corpse slaves has started to lose its effect, too. We don’t have any bind to the corpse slaves anymore. And, I tried to use the Corpse Control Technique from a distance, but I got backbite. My spirit got hurt badly!" 

Qing Ming was dumbstruck.

He had never imagined that the corpse slaves that he had enslaved now all had the significant change. Not only the strong ones but even the lowest grade corpse slave also started to have wisdom.

This kind of change was far beyond his knowledge.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

From deep inside his pupils, green flames flickered like lightning flash. Then, a thought dispersed.

 "Earth and heaven has had a great change. The energy of earth and heaven isn't the same anymore. The Corpse Clan is about to awaken. They will become stronger. This is unavoidable. You don't need to worry much." The Corpse Vanishing Flame's thought rose in Qing Ming's Sea of Consciousness. 

Qing Ming was struck.

The Sun, Moon, and the Stars all appeared in the sky, and they hadn’t moved yet. Qing Ming had observed this phenomenon.

From the way the Corpse Vanishing Flame talked, the corpse slaves getting intellect was related to the change of heaven and earth, which surprised him a lot. "What’s happened?"

"Do you want to take control of the Corpse G.o.d Sect again?" The Corpse Vanishing Flame didn't answer but asked him instead.

"Retake the control? Do you have any means?" Qing Ming was stunned.

"You make yourself a corpse. At that time, you can fuse completely with me. Then, you will become a member of the Corpse Clan. With my a.s.sistance, you will surpa.s.s Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea soon and become the chief of the new Corpse Clan’s generation. How does it sound?" The Corpse Vanishing Flame guided him through the steps, trying to entice him.

"What? Making me a corpse?" Qing Ming discolored in fright. The light in his eyes scattered as he couldn’t keep his mind calm.

"Yeah, you have to refine yourself to be a corpse. The Corpse Clan’s one of the ten Antiquity Clans. They are much stronger than you humans. The energy of earth and heaven wasn’t suitable for them to grow. But it has changed now. As long as you agree to do that, I’m sure you can take back the Corpse G.o.d Sect and even the entire continent. If only you become a corpse, you can fuse with me completely to promote my power to the acme. And, I know some supernatural Upanishads of the Corpse Clan. When you become a corpse, you can practice it."

Qing Ming was stunned. He was in a daze, and didn’t move an inch.

The reason why he could become the Master of the Corpse G.o.d Sect was that he had barged into a random burial area and got the Corpse Vanishing Flame there. Afterward, he had practiced the Corpse Control Technique fluently, which made him, the smallest disciple of the Corpse G.o.d Sect, become a powerful Master.

He knew that all of what he got today was all because of the Corpse Vanishing Flame.

Unfortunately, until now, he hadn’t completely fused with the Corpse Vanishing Flame. They just had a relationship of cooperation.

Qing Ming knew the secrets that had been pa.s.sed through generations since the Antiquity Time. He knew that if he could fuse with the heaven flame, he could gain a greater benefit. He had thought about that, but he had no means to carry it out.

Today, the Corpse Vanishing Flame had suggested him to become a corpse, which would facilitate him to fuse with the flame and receive the inheritance of the Corpse Clan. He didn’t know whether it was true or not. However, he was enticed, and he wanted to do that.

"Corpse Clan. Chief of the Corpse Clan… Unite the entire continent…"

Qing Ming muttered. Deep green light sparkled from deep inside his pupils. His Soul Consciousness and will were gradually affected. He was still pondering.

Slowly, he was in a state as if his soul was taken away. He strolled unknowingly toward the area which was used to refine the corpses. 

Along the way, many disciples looked at him with fright. However, the green Corpse Vanishing Flame had covered them before they could come near Qing Ming. Not long after that, they became cold dead bodies. A bizarre aura diffused from them. Their soul didn't perish, but they were changing quietly as if they had a special transformation.

Disciples standing on Qing Ming's path all turned into corpses. Qing Ming walked lonely toward the refining area. He sat in a coffin and activated the formation to refine the corpse.

Corpse aura torrentially exuded from the ground. It burst out from the underground of the burial area. It was then collected and poured into his coffin through countless thin pipes.

Qing Ming sat there. He didn’t even move an inch. The Corpse Vanishing Flame in his eyes were so excitedly as if it was taking in Qing Ming’s soul to carry out the heaven flame’s transformation.

The sky above the burial area had numerous silver light dots as earth and heaven aura was changing, shining on this place, overflowing Qing Ming’s coffin. The strange, evil corpse refining process started.

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