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Yue Ying still looked at Shi Yan. She didn’t dare to act rashly as she was afraid of the Ghost Hunter’s attack. She was waiting for Zhu Yi in silence.

Shi Yan currently had nothing abnormal. He looked like he was sleeping while standing quietly.

However, energy fluctuating waves were rippling from him unceasingly, and it seemed to get stronger from time to time.

Yue Ying didn’t know what was happening in his body. However, the only thing she could confirm was that Shi Yan was having some positive changes.

From the Ghost Hunter’s and the War Devil’s reactions, she understood that Shi Yan was learning the meanings of some power. With this point of view, Yue Ying started to study him.

After a while, she recognized that Shi Yan was having a deep sleep. However, the s.p.a.ce next to him was distorted chaotically as though a pair of invisible hands pulling and tearing s.p.a.ce. From the beginning until now, these invisible hands were affecting the s.p.a.ce surrounding him.

Yue Ying was astounded.

Of course, she didn’t know that Shi Yan had used s.p.a.ce power to enter the Spirit Realm. This kind of power was really rare and mysterious that not many people paid attention to it in the whole Grace Mainland.

It wasn’t that the Upanishads of this kind of power wasn’t strong enough; quite the contrary. From the ancient time up to now, as long as there was martial technique or secret treasure in s.p.a.ce category, they were all terrifically intimidating.

It was because the Upanishads of s.p.a.ce power was really difficult to comprehend, no one had considered it the main power to learn and improve their strength. Also, there was no book or precursors to guide them. Warriors who studied this kind of power had to do it alone.

If one had to search and study one kind of power Upanishad alone, it was like when a blind man is groping on an elephant. It would be tough to get the whole picture. Usually, they could only know the surface, and they could never understand the true meanings of the power thoroughly. 

Without someone having a complete understanding of the power of the Upanishads, it meant the warrior couldn’t get a strong competence. When he used it to level up in Spirit Realm, it would be a strenuous challenge.

Many people could never find an opportunity using s.p.a.ce power to level up again, even if they had to spend their whole life.

When Yue Ying recognized that Shi Yan was comprehending s.p.a.ce Upanishads, she was so astounded that she almost screamed.

She understood that Shi Yan had encountered some change; that he had a new perception of s.p.a.ce power. 

It was really rare that the warrior who practiced in this area perhaps would never have such a chance for the rest of his life, which kept him from leveling up or having a new breakthrough.

s.p.a.ce power…

Yue Ying felt bitter. She shook her head, her eyes complicated.

This man is imposingly exaggerating enough. According to his realm and his age at this moment, in the future, he will achieve a profound realm. If his main power is s.p.a.ce power, he can gradually improve it. One day, when he's able to use s.p.a.ce power to break through the realm, his potential at that time would be immeasurable.

The more Yue Ying got to know Shi Yan, the more regret she had. She regretted that she shouldn’t treat him that way.

A boundless potential warrior like him had joined the Radiant G.o.d Cult. Someday in the future, no one could say what he could contribute to the cult.

. . . Perhaps, he could surpa.s.s Yun Hao and take the Radiant G.o.d Cult to the peak!

As soon as this thought arose in her heart, Yue Ying was struck. She took a deep breath. Another thought filled her head that she couldn’t erase it.

She must establish a good relationship with this kid!

Yue Ying made up her mind.

At the same time, Yue Ying received Zhu Yi’s message from the Sound Stone. Her lips moved, sending her message. Then, she continued waiting in silence.

Indeed, Zhu Yi quietly arrived five minutes later.

The Ghost Hunter immediately recognized the change. Its brutal eyes shot over to a shady area. Murderous aura condensed on its body.

Around one hundred meters away from Yue Ying’s left, a miraculous explosion resounded from the ground.

A cone-shaped silver secret treasure emerged from the ground. Zhu Yi appeared from the treasure.

He instantly hid the treasure away, covered his aura then looked at Shi Yan.

At first glance, Zhu Yi discolored in fright, his eyes bright as the torch. He was amazed.

"This. . ."

Zhu Yi gawked. His face showed that he was disbelieving what he was looking at. Just like Yue Ying, the strange creatures next to Shi Yan had scared him.

It’s so dangerous…

At this moment, Zhu Yi knew why Yue Ying didn’t state things clearly.

The force Shi Yan displayed here was exaggerating! Such force was even stronger than the big families from the seven ancient factions.

And he’s just a young man!

Zhu Yi had a wider knowledge than Yue Ying. With just a glare, he knew the value of the Ghost Hunter, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the King of Demonic Insects. He also knew that the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame were the heaven flames with life and consciousness.

The only thing he couldn’t get was the Holy Spirit G.o.d.

Basically, creatures like the Holy Spirit G.o.d shouldn’t exist in this world. He had never known this kind of marvelous soul before.

He was frightened.

In the gathering area of the Ghost Mark Clan in the Shady Firmament Old Mound.

The Ghost Mark Clan’s sages were using their soul to sense this continent. After a long while, the two sages almost opened their eyes at the same time.

"I can sense the feeble aura of the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame near that kid. But it's too weak; I can't see clearly. It disappeared into s.p.a.ces, I suppose…"

"Perhaps, it clutches on that kid and hides again?"


"Then, it’s simple. We also want to kill that kid. When we destroy him, the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame will be exposed."

"It's true. Without the host, it has nowhere to hide."

 "And, the energies in earth and heaven have changed. Otherwise, in such a far distance like this, we can’t attack him even once."

"Get him."

After the two sages had a conversation using their souls, they decided what to do. They didn't hesitate, taking action all of a sudden.

Shi Yan closed his eyes as if he was sleeping, sinking into some wonderful realm. He gradually restored his consciousness, awakening from the changes of s.p.a.ce power.

Right when he had just opened his eyes, he immediately recognized the change of energy above his head.

He felt shivers sending down his spine. Shi Yan beamed a faint smile from the corner of his mouth. He opened his eyes, faced up to look at the void above his head then snorted. "d.a.m.n it. Those two old monsters only know how to disturb me."

Whirling wind!

Thick Mysterious Yin was gathering above his head, creating long chains that naked eyes could see.

Those chains then moved into a magical formation that looked like a bird catching net with dense mesh. It seemed to be able to crush any creatures inside the net with the smallest energy fluctuation.

The intimidating energy fluctuation in that formation could move the mountain and level the sea. Such aura pressing down gave Zhu Yi and Yue Ying a feeling of a small loser that didn’t have a way to counter.

"Shi Yan, be careful!" Yue Ying couldn’t help but shout.

Yue Ying knew the ones who attacked them were the two True G.o.d Realm sages of the Ghost Mark Clan. Their strength was beyond her upper endurance limit.

"We’re over!"

Zhu Yi whined in pain. His face was grim. He felt no strength left in him as if he had fallen into a bottomless abyss where he couldn’t see a beam of light.

The formation above their heads was pressing down. Its coverage was wide, which included him and Yue Ying.

Under the attack of such powerful and evil force, these two had nothing to encounter. Since they had spent too much energy for the Escape Technique, they couldn’t use that trick one more time.

They could only look at the formation s.n.a.t.c.hing them. Zhu Yi felt a big regret that he shouldn’t find and gather with Shi Yan.

If he hadn’t got here, he wouldn’t be involved. He could see that the two True G.o.d Realm sages of the Ghost Mark Clan had aimed for Shi Yan.

He and Yue Ying were just two innocent pa.s.sengers that got involved. 

The formation in the void was changing constantly and magically. The long chains made of Mysterious Yin Qi were like they could take the souls away. They were releasing the vehement soul waves while pressing down furiously.

Zhu Yi closed his eyes in misery. He didn’t struggle to resist since he knew that he had no other ways around to counter with force under this circ.u.mstance.

Yue Ying gazed at Shi Yan. She didn’t shift her line of sight as if she was waiting for a miracle.

She didn't know why she had a feeling that even the True G.o.d Realm experts couldn’t eradicate Shi Yan.

Such feeling had no actual pieces of evidence. Perhaps it was because Shi Yan was too calm. He didn’t reveal his panic as he should. This strange nonchalance gave her a beam of hope.

In her eyes, Shi Yan’s image became unreal.

Shi Yan was still standing at his spot, but he seemed to stay in another s.p.a.ce dimension. He was so vague, which gave people a feeling that his image was reflected in so many broken mirrors as if his body was split apart, and his arms and legs were kept in different s.p.a.ce cracks respectively.

However, she knew that Shi Yan had never moved. Thus, she didn’t know whether this marvelous hallucination in her eyes was real or false.

Abruptly, Shi Yan diffused an aura that could distort s.p.a.ce.

They then saw Shi Yan’s arms, which were detached, appeared from another s.p.a.ce crack, trying to rip off the s.p.a.ce above his head.

It was like there was an invisible silky cloth in front of Shi Yan, which he had torn open forcefully.

As his hands were tearing, a s.p.a.ce slit appeared in front of him.

Beams of light shot out from that crack gloriously. Meteors sparkled then disappeared into the galaxy. It was a marvel.

The terrifying attack from the formation above their head was created by the two True G.o.d Realm sages of the Ghost Mark Clan could strangle the experts of the Divine Great Land like Yun Hao.

However, after the s.p.a.ce crack had appeared in front of Shi Yan, that thick attack became disordered.

When the power of that formation finally slashed down, the s.p.a.ce slit in front of Shi Yan was as big as an open mouth of a ferocious beast.

Numerous chains made of Mysterious Yin Qi fell like a shower. But all of them were pouring into the s.p.a.ce crack, being swallowed and leaving nothing.

Shi Yan was calm. Strange light sparkled in his palms. The wonderful s.p.a.ce change shot out from his body.

That s.p.a.ce crack was like a monster swallowing everything as it dissolved all the attacks of the two True G.o.d Realm experts.

A bunch of light flashed. The s.p.a.ce that was torn apart was closed. The void above him was restored.

Shi Yan stood steadfastly as if nothing had happened. However, his face was pale. He looked at the sky, snorted then said indifferently, "Well, mediocre."

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