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Zhu Yi and Yue Ying had run away for over ten thousand li. However, they were still in the underground. They hadn’t reached the surface yet.

Hiding in the area of Phosphorus Ghost Mushrooms, Zhu Yi was as pale as white paper. Blood trickled from the corners of his mouth, and he was taking in pellets to recover. He tried to adjust his breathing, then took out the Sound Stone, trying to contact the others.

Zhu Yi was using secret treasures to flee away underground instantly. To activate these treasures, he had to squeeze all of his Essence Qi. When he had no beam of energy in his body, the treasures would take him away.

At this moment, Zhu Yi had drained his power. He was in a perilous situation, and had to use more secret treasures to defend himself while using the pellets to restore his power and search for help.

He didn’t know that the two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan didn’t pursue him, so he was trying his best to recover fast.

The Sound Stone in his hand sparkled with strange light. Zhu Yi poured a thought into it, screaming using his Soul Consciousness. "Where are you, guys?"

"I’m not far from you? How are you?" Yue Ying answered immediately. Her voice was feeble, which indicated that she was exhausted. Certainly, she had been hurt too.

Usually, the Escape Technique that could jump more than ten thousand li in just a blink would cause damage to the users. Zhu Yi's case and Yue Ying's case were the same.

"Don’t rush. Contact Yun Xiu and tell her not to get back here," Zhu Yi’s eyes reddened. He hurried to advise the other.

"I can’t find her now. I don’t know where she’s gone. Perhaps she’s too far from us, so she couldn’t receive the thought from the Sound Stone."

"Do you have any news of Shi Yan?"


Zhu Yi’s face darkened. He felt regret, while sorrow filled his heart. He kept silent for a long time.

Before Shi Yan had left, he had triggered Ai Po, Lei Mo, and their teams to make them risk their lives against the Ghost Mark Clan. At the same time, he had cared about them, asking them to leave that place.

However, Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong didn’t value his words. They had hesitated, and then decided to stay and fight.

And they had to bear a painful aftermath.

Lei Mo and Ai Po died. Ye Xiong had burnt his soul, which wasn’t different from getting both his soul and body destroyed. Under the imposing soul power of the two sages, they had only one choice, which was to hurt themselves to flee away.

Now, Zhu Yi and Yue Ying were feeling a deep regret. They regretted that they didn’t listen to Shi Yan’s advice, that they shouldn’t have been greedy for the magical Yin Written Charm Scripture and the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame. And now, they had fallen into such an aftermath.

After they had their failure, they recalled Shi Yan's broad vision. They couldn't help but want to contact him. Unfortunately, Shi Yan’s Sound Stone seemed to be broken. They couldn’t track down his signal. This gave them another worry.


As Zhu Yi was sinking in his regret, he heard Yue Ying’s surprised scream.

Zhu Yi was shaken, asking immediately. "What problem? Did you find something?"

"The Soul Sensing Stone you gave me suddenly glowed…" Yue Ying wasn’t so sure. "I’ll check to see who is that. Hold on."


"Shi Yan! He’s near me!"

Zhu Yi’s eyes brightened. Thoughts crossed his head as he said abruptly, "You go get him. After I’ve recovered, I’ll get there."


There were many Yin cold plants growing inside the gray mist, together with ruined gravestones and ancient corpses.

Yue Ying took a deep breath, then urged the moonlight power she had acc.u.mulated for so many years. She was holding a ring that looked like a silver moon, walking towards a specific direction.

At this moment, Yue Ying didn’t have any disdainful thoughts towards Shi Yan. Quite the contrary, she suddenly respected him.

At the critical moment, he was determined enough to retreat. He wasn’t greedy for treasures. Such wise moves coming from a junior made Yue Ying feel shame.

She didn't know it was due to the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame that Shi Yan had such precise vision of the whole picture. She a.s.sumed that Shi Yan was wise and could forsee the future events from the current details. She started to respect him.

When she sauntered towards Shi Yan’s general direction, Yue Ying's face became more respectful as she thought what to say when she met him.

She was shy and worried if Shi Yan would mock them for what they’d done.

Young talented men like Shi Yan were all arrogant, and they didn't want to obey the elders. When they talked, they often didn’t leave the way out. The terrible failure this time was because they didn’t listen to his advice. As she thought about the mockery manners Shi Yan would show her, her steps became heavier.

However, she had to go there.

Her condition was bad. Since she had taken risks and used the Escape Technique, she had to consume a big part of her energy. Her Soul Consciousness was damaged too.

If she met a stranger with a profound realm, or the Ghost Mark Clan’s clansmen chasing after her, she couldn’t use the Escape Technique one more time. Only death would welcome her then.

Yue Ying didn’t have a good impression of Shi Yan. However, in the current circ.u.mstances, she had no other choice around.

After Yue Ying had crossed through a transition of Yin cold floras while wearing a complicated complexion, she found Shi Yan.

War Devil, King of Demonic Insects, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Ghost Hunter, and the two heaven flames were the most loyal guards, securing Shi Yan in the center or their barricade.

Yue Ying peeked at him and shivered instantly. Her eyes showed that she was disbelieving.

Her bright eyes gazed at Shi Yan, who was panting heavily with his open mouth.

This was scary!

At this moment, the force Shi Yan had could kill any Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior!

She knew that Shi Yan had the War Devil. Yue Ying sensed for a while and found that the auras from the Ghost Hunter and the King of Demonic Insects weren't weaker than her, a Third Sky of Spirit Realm expert. And, she didn't dare to sense the Holy Spirit G.o.d and the two heaven flames, so she didn't know how strange they were. 

But, she could confirm that since these three aliens could stay at the same spot with the Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and the War Devil, they should be absolutely formidable.

Especially the Ice Cold Flame, this cold flame had a freezing aura, which told her that it was ranked number eight among the nine heaven flames, the Ice Cold Flame, the mysterious heaven flame!

Yue Ying was scared. She smacked her tongue discreetly, her eyes bright.

Finally, she understood why Yun Hao, the Cult Master of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, had valued this young man that much. For his initiation, he had summoned all the Elders.

At that time, she had looked down on him. Just like the other Elders, she thought that Yun Hao just wanted to make a small thing big, and they a.s.sumed that Yun Hao had favored this young man too much.

But now, she didn’t think like that anymore. She admired Yun Hao, and she didn’t have any doubt or objection.

The force Shi Yan revealed here was enough to fight the seven Elders together!

What was this concept?

As Yue Ying got it clear, she was totally convinced.

A pair of brutal monster eyes gazed at her, while a flow of murderous aura slapped her face.

Yue Ying was scared, and her face changed dramatically. She stood still, not daring to move.

Ghost Hunter strolled towards her alone. It had tiptoed a little bit, as if it was afraid that it would bother Shi Yan. After it walked more than one hundred meters away from Shi Yan, the monster accelerated, dashing towards Yue Ying.

Yue Ying’s face was bitter, but she couldn’t cry.

She didn't have any power left, so she had to come here to find Shi Yan for help. However, right when she saw her, a humanoid beast had placed its eyes on her. This was an intimidating beast, and with her current condition, she couldn’t do anything to counter.

Of course, Ghost Hunter wouldn't care about her. Letting Ai Ya run away had irritated the Ghost Hunter. Seeing another woman sneak into the area, the monster wanted to use Yue Ying to vent out its anger.

"Shi Yan!"

As Yue Ying saw the oncoming danger, she couldn’t help but pitch her voice.

Shi Yan was sinking in his strange status. Hearing that pitiful call, his brows convulsed as he sent a thought away.

The Ghost Hunter savagely stormed towards Yue Ying to attack her. Dark Qi and Devil Qi twirled around it, as the beast shook the bell to kill her.

That great change of heaven and earth wasn’t a good thing to mankind, but the Ghost Hunter could earn some benefits from it. It could feel the power in its body increasing little by little, while its speed of acc.u.mulating Dark Qi and Devil Qi was accelerating. Also, its soul fluctuation became more fluent and flexible.

Yue Ying’s face was sorrowful. Seeing the Ghost Hunter coming, she tried to urge the scarce remaining energy to counter the beast for a while.

Right at this moment, the Ghost Hunter halted in the air as if it were frozen, not moving an inch.

The humanized pupils of the Ghost Hunter showed its suspicions. It secretly sent its soul thought to Shi Yan. After it received the confirmation, the beast begrudgingly returned and stood next to the War Devil again.

"You should wait. He needs more time."

The Ice Cold Flame had bounced for a while, then shot a soul fluctuation towards Yue Ying to send her a clear thought.

Yue Ying was astounded. She looked at the Ice Cold Flame.

"You, are you explaining to me?"

"Yeah, he's comprehending the power Upanishad. Currently, he can't talk with you," the Ice Cold Flame continued. "You can wait here, or if you don't have time, you can leave."

The Ice Cold Flame and Shi Yan had a deep soul connection, so it knew the relation between Shi Yan and Yue Ying. If Shi Yan didn't ask the Ghost Hunter to kill her, it would explain the situation to her.

Yue Ying received the thought from the Ice Cold Flame the second time. Now, she could confirm that the spirit that had sent her message was the heaven flame.

She was filled with surprise, and wanted to inquire further. However, seeing the Ice Cold Flame didn’t want to react to her, she could only be wise and keep her mouth shut. She waited in silence, with the hope that Shi Yan would wake up soon.

She had many suspicions in her heart.

"Elder Yue, how are you? I’m coming right away!"

Suddenly, the Sound Stone in her hand transmitted Zhu Yi’s thought. He seemed to be cheered up.

"Hmm. You should wait for a while to avoid unnecessary troubles." Yue Ying was surprised for a while and then sent him thought. "It's a little bit strange here. When you arrive, don't hurry. Better to tiptoe…"

"What happened? Shi Yan wanted to attack you?"

"No. Wait until you get here. You will know," Yue Ying forced a smile.

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