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Shi Yan didn't know that the world out there had an earth-shaking change because of him.

His soul got back to his body. He lifted his head to look at the beautiful light like rainbows above him. He felt the strange movement of earth and heaven aura around him. His Sea of Consciousness was s.p.a.ciously extended.

Flows [G1] of s.p.a.ce power poured into his Sea of Consciousness from that magical s.p.a.ce. They rooted in his Sea of Consciousness, entangled and grew together with each flow of his Soul Consciousness.

It was a misty area in his pupils. He was still sinking in that wonderful scene created by that s.p.a.ce change. He wanted to hold on to that s.p.a.ce from the time it started to collapse until it detached completely. He was looking for some meanings of s.p.a.ce power.

This was the experience he could meet by chance but could never wish for. To warriors cultivating s.p.a.ce power, experience the great change of s.p.a.ce was like reading a precious scripture, which lectured the nature of s.p.a.ce. This is extremely precious to him.

He sank into that area…

Gradually, the earth-shaking change of the void above his head disappeared. Everything restored as usual.

However, earth and heaven energy in the underground of the Shady Firmament Old Mound had an inexplicably miraculous change due to the current occurrence.

Spiritual Qi here became thicker, and the way they were circling also changed. Currently, earth and heaven spiritual Qi here with different forms of energy blended altogether that warriors could sense but couldn't use them.[G2] [G3] [G4] [G5] [G6] [G7] [G8] [G9] 

It was strange that those energy forms and the beams of light with different kinds of powers Shi Yan saw in the wonderful s.p.a.ce were similar.

It was like the energies of that s.p.a.ce suddenly flooded the Grace Mainland.

The great change of the void above his head disappeared completely. Three glorious flames cut the s.p.a.ce and appeared in front of him.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame flashed then sank into Shi Yan’s host soul, where it would use his soul power to restore its vitality.

The Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame turned into two small flames, releasing the distinctive energy fluctuations of the heaven flames. War Devil and Ghost Hunter scattered to guard him in case anything would happen all of a sudden.

Deep in Shi Yan’s pupils were sharp s.p.a.ce blades. From his spot, he seemed to have connections with many other fine s.p.a.ces. He gave people a vague feeling, which was hard to capture with their eyes or Soul Consciousness.

The wounds on his body were all healed. There was no open cut on his body now. He was vigorously healthy.

Dense earth and heaven spiritual Qi floated near him like the thick mist. It slowly moved toward him.

Energy light dots flew around like lighting bugs, proactively getting into his body, absorbing into his internal organs and limbs. They gradually refined in his body, becoming part of his blood and flesh.

Long afterward, his eyes shone like precious gems. His aura rocketed.

s.p.a.ce cracks like willow branches opened around him. s.p.a.ce power that looked like gossamer strongly overflowed into his body. 

He was still sinking in his magical status of comprehending. He didn’t notice the changes of the world out there.

The gathering point of the Ghost Mark Clan in the Shady Firmament Old Mound.

Two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan were laughing crazily. Their draught power was being restored more quickly under the new torrential heaven and earth aura.

"G.o.d favors us!"[G10] 

Clear tears lingered in his eyes. The complex tattoos on his body like the vessel system started to move.

His aura changed shortly. Now it was like the immeasurable ocean.

A wave of fierce soul fluctuations twirled and expanded from him as the core.

Ai Po and Lei Mo were standing in the front. They felt their Sea of Consciousness was torn apart by a tornado. At the same time, their flows of Soul Consciousness were so heavy they couldn't move them smoothly.

"Soul Dark Exterminating Spell!"

A sage spat out four words of the Ghost Line Written Charm with a strange melody. The four written charms sparkled like precious gems. Glorious light shot out grumblingly.

Hundreds of light beams entangled like gossamer in the crystal clear written charms. They were forming a vague but mysterious and complicated.

The written charms stormed forward. Four tremendous soul fluctuations surged, darting toward Ai Po and Lei Mo’s team.

Ai Po, Lei Mo, and the others were petrified under the intimidating energy of the four written charms. They stood blankly with dull expressions on their faces.[G11] 

Four written charm detached then drilled toward Ai Po, Lei Mo, Gongsun Tao and Zhuo Hui, hitting their chest.

These four were like they got the Body Fixing technique; they didn't inch as all powers in their bodies were sealed. Even their souls were confined, and they couldn't urge their thought, either.[G12] 

At this moment, the other sage started to perform his deadly attack.

Ye Xiong, Zhu Yi, and Yue Ying paled. They felt distressed, but they didn’t dare to linger, immediately retreated. 

The Storage Rings on Ye Xiong’s fingers opened at once. More than ten secret treasures flew out. All carried ma.s.sive energy with magical effects. They burst off instantly in front of Ye Xiong, created unbreakable attacking stream energy.

"Firefly insects dare vie with the bright moon!"

In the void, a fabric sheet full of green ghost scripture unfolded, covering all the energy Ye Xiong had released.

The sheet then twisted and squeezed. Many mysterious and complicated ghost scriptures moved like an angry river, releasing crazy and brutal energy fluctuations.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

Attacks by numerous secret treasures were crushed inside the sheet.

Ye Xiong’s bones shook. Blood dripped from his face, his hair disheveled. He looked like a demon with such appearance. He got hurt badly.

"Go! I got your back!" Ye Xiong gritted his teeth as though he was a wild beast backed in the corner. He wanted to risk his life![G13] 

In his eyes was a place of white snow. Ye Xiong's glabella cracked. Drops of dark blood were squeezed out, rolling down his nose to his mouth.[G14] [G15] [G16] [G17] 


He screamed wildly. Ye Xiong spurt out a dark purple bead. The bead then took in the drop of blood from his glabella, sparkling with formidable soul fluctuation.

There was a tiny man inside the bead. He was swinging his arms busily as if he was controlling something.

That little man was Ye Xiong’s soul seal!

When the precious bead appeared, waves of soul energy rippled upward, covering the s.p.a.ce in front of Ye Xiong.

"Old Ye!"

Zhu Yi’s eyes almost cracked. Tears lingered in his sockets, his face painful and sorrowful.

He knew that precious bead was a Level 7 Sacred Treasure with Ye Xiong’s soul seal, which could create an extremely firm soul fortress.

At this moment, Ye Xiong took this bead out and poured his soul seal into it as he knew he couldn't escape death this time. He could only use his soul to urge the bead and have the last battle of his life.

"Move! Go!"

Ye Xiong’s voice came from the little man inside the bead. He was scared and anxious.

Yue Ying’s eyes reddened. She clenched her jaw, attempting to risk her life, too.

"GO! You must tell the sect what happened here!" Ye Xiong screamed crazily. "It's happened in the Spirit Treasure Clan. As an Elder, you don't want to see our clan destroy, right?"[G18] 

While screaming, the tiny human in that bead was crying as if he was burning. His soul power ceased quickly.[G19] [G20] 

Layers or energy barriers expanded from the bead, creating an unyielding soul wall, blocking that sage and his dangerous attacks.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

At the place where soul attacks impact, smoke evaporated. After each flow of smoke exuded, YX’s soul seal would get one grade smaller.

Soon, Ye Xiong’s soul seal had reduced half.

"If you won’t go, you will fall here with me! This is a long-term calamity! You must come back alive! You must keep the inheritance of our sect!" Ye Xiong roared like a beast.

Zhu Yi shook as if there was a bucket of water pouring on him. He woke up.

"Go! We're going now!" Zhu Yi cried. Tears rolled on his face, but he forced himself to turn away. He urged the secret treasure in his body and escaped.[G21] 

YY hesitated. Her eyes reddened as she said firmly, "Ye-ge, we will take revenge for you!"

Then, moonlight bloomed from her body; she flew away as fast as light.

Ai Po, Lei Mo, and the others were fixed by the Soul Dark Exterminating Spell[G22] ; they couldn’t move an inch. Vitality in their bodies ceased like a sapling was uprooted. Gradually, they didn’t breathe anymore. 

"It’s time to erase Human Race."

The Ghost Mark Clan's sage muttered to himself. He swung his hand, and the Yin Written Charm Scripture flew out, covering the Spirit Realm experts Ai Po, Lei Mo, and the others.[G23] 

Under the invincible power of the Yin Written Charm Scripture, Ai Po, Lei Mo, and their teams were like dust scattering with the wind.

The Yin Written Charm Scripture glowed. The Mysterious Yin Qi seemed to be recovered a lot. It was floating above the group of the Ghost Mark Clan, scattering some drops.

The clansmen were crazily happy. They opened their mouths greedily to receive those drops. Their auras had gradually been restored.

"Those two…"

A sage frowned. He then released his Soul Consciousness to sense for a while then shook his head begrudgingly. "He used the Escape Technique. He paid the big price of hurting himself to get away. He’s tens of thousands of li away. With this far distance, it’s hard to kill them. Too bad, the human force can be strengthened a little bit." 

"It’s alright," said the sage who was holding the Yin Written Charm Scripture. "When the s.p.a.ce cracks appear, Yin Qi will flood in gradually. Our clan will recover shortly. What we should do now is not to chase after them. We should try to connect with the expelled clans to conspire our big undertaking."

"Yeah, it’s true."

"Besides the Ghost Mark Clan, the Demon Clan, the Monster Clan, the Giant Clan, the Dark Spirit clan, the Corpse Clan, and the Sea Clan will appear here. We should get there earlier so as our benefits will be greater later. It’s been so many years. I thought that we would have died because of the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame. Now we can see the sun again. G.o.d still favor us."

"Hey, where’s the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame? I don’t see it here."

"I almost forget it! Let me try to search for it!"

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