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Starlight was moving around Shi Yan as he was flying like a rainbow. He crossed ten li in a few seconds.

The Shady Firmament Old Mound was a vast area. There were many effective barriers in the region. He was lucky that he had the Sky Breaking Shuttle. Once he recognized that he had fallen into a barrier, he used it immediately.

Gliding above many shabby and worn out graveyards, Shi Yan stayed quiet to concentrate his mind and spirit. He didn’t dare to relax, even though the fiery flame of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was still covering him.

The Demonic Sound Clan understood soul techniques very well, but the Ghost Mark Clan was much older than them. Of course, they were more profound in this aspect. He had already experienced this.

Without the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, he believed his Sea of Consciousness would have collapsed, and his host soul would have perished.

The Ghost Mark Clan had many hotshots. Besides the two sages, they had around ten Spirit Realm warriors, who had a deep knowledge of using soul techniques. If they attacked Shi Yan, his Sea of Consciousness or his soul would be affected.

He didn’t dare to be careless.

Around ten clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan were chasing after him. However, as they had learned from experience, no one dared to use soul attack on him.

Their sage's soul attacks were useless, and they even got hurt. Of course, these clansmen were wise enough. They are not going to attack him using soul power.

Holding the Sky Destroyer, Shi Yan gradually cleared his mind. He was urging his Essence Qi while reasoning.

This time, when the Ghost Mark Clan could see the sunlight again, they would make a big move. Once they let the Ghost Mark Clan have the time they needed to restore their power, this Divine Great Land would have a big catastrophe.

First, it was the Dark Spirit Clan in the Dead Soul Mountain range, and today, the Ghost Mark Clan appeared in the Shady Firmament Old Mound. They were two of the ten ancient clans in the Antiquity time. These two tribes had been confined for so many years; their energies were damaged badly. However, their foundation stood still. In this era, these two clans just needed a period to restore their power. Shortly, they would become the novae.

Whether it was the Dark Spirit Clan or the Ghost Mark Clan, they all had a big loathing towards the mankind. Once they had their power back, it would be the great calamity to human beings.

Why was it so coincidental? The Dark Spirit Clan and the Ghost Mark Clan appeared almost at the same time. Was something about to happen in this land?

A series of thoughts crossed his head swiftly as he vaguely felt something inappropriate.

Members of the Ghost Mark Clan were still chasing behind him. They were like a pack of hungry wolves that would never stop until they could tear and chew him off bloodily.

According to the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Demonic Sound Clan had originated from the Ghost Mark Clan. But it had been countless years. Perhaps the Ghost Mark Clan themselves had never heard about the Demonic Sound Clan and the relation between them.

He had a relationship with the Demonic Sound Clan, so he shouldn’t turn his back to the Ghost Mark Clan. Originally, he had thought that he should form a relationship with the Ghost Mark Clan. But when he thought about the wicked resentment in the sages’ eyes, he couldn’t help but erase that thought.

Shi Yan halted after flying for one hour. 

Holding the divine sword, Shi Yan breathed evenly. With a calm complexion, he summoned the War Devil. He contemplated for a while, then called the Ghost Hunter and the King of Demonic Insects.

He waited nonchalantly in a broken tomb.

Not long afterward, members of the Ghost Mark Clan arrived one by one.

There were seven of them, and all had the Spirit Realm cultivation base. The leader had his long hair braided, accompanied by an archaic, strange face. He was a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior, with sharp and cold eyes, whose name was Lu Hao

As the chief imperial bodyguard of the Holy Temple of the Ghost Mark Clan, Lu Hao had a profound realm and experience in fighting.

He stopped curtly, then gently rose his arm.

Six members of the Ghost Mark Clan behind him landed slowly. They then scattered around Shi Yan, centering him.

"Come back with us," Lu Hao didn’t say unnecessary words. "You have the trace of our tribe’s soul technique. You should have some knowledge of our tribe’s soul techniques. Come back with me and explain yourself. The sages won’t trouble you. We arrived at this land again, but everything here is strange to us. We need men like you to serve us."

In the Antiquity Time, the Ghost Mark Clan had many humans as their servants, who did the strenuous work like exploiting the mines.

At that time, although mankind had been getting stronger gradually, a major part of them was still weak. They were the servants of the bigger tribes. A group of them had permanent soul seals, which were sent to the organizations of human beings to be the insiders.

Lu Hao knew how to treat mankind. He also understood their weakness. That’s why he didn’t take action right when he met Shi Yan.

Shi Yan listened to his advice quietly, but he wasn’t moved. "I think you’ve misunderstood something, right?"

"Eh?" Lu Hao was astounded. He frowned and said, "Our Sages are at the Peak of True G.o.d Realm. Besides them, we have another support. Taking back this land again is just a matter of time. You should submit early. When we unify the whole land in the future, you can be one of our dependencies. Why don't you want that?"

Lu Hao bragged about their future with an arrogant face, as though he thought that the Ghost Mark Clan should be the master of the entire Divine Great Land.

"Oh really…?" Shi Yan smiled, "Then wait until your Ghost Mark Clan finishes uniting this land> You can come and tell me again."

Lu Hao got enraged, thundering, "You don’t know how to appreciate favors!"

Shi Yan curled his lips, swinging the Sky Destroyer in his hand. A blood-red dragon soared up, darting to Lu Hao.

A destructive and deadly willpower released from the blood-red light dragon. The evil, dreadful aura flooded the area instantly.

Seven clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan changed their complexion.

"Show them some of your colors," Shi Yan rumbled. 

War Devil, Ghost Hunter, King of Demonic Insects, the Devouring Gold Silkworm flew out, deploying their ferocious attack wave.

"You haven’t even restored 20% of your power, but dare to brag about yourself in front of me. Do you know how to write the word ‘death’?" Shi Yan grinned, his eyes cold and ruthless.

He wasn’t afraid of these seven people, but he was actually scared of the two sages, the True G.o.d Realm experts of the Ghost Mark Clan.

He had fled away a really long distance. Before he had left, he had provoked the greed of Lei Mo and Gongsun Tao. At this time, perhaps the two True G.o.d Realm sages of the Ghost Mark Clan couldn't even take care of themselves.

Thus, he could relax and deal with the chasers.

Those seven hotshots of the Ghost Mark Clan were all at Spirit Realm. Under typical circ.u.mstances, even with the a.s.sistance of the War Devil and the Ghost Hunter, he wasn't their opponent.

Anyway, these seven warriors hadn’t restored their competence yet. Right now, they were like an arrow at the end of its flight.

They had never thought that Shi Yan had kept many demonic beasts and a dangerous puppet in his Blood Vein Ring. When the War Devil and the Ghost Hunter diffused their brutal aura, Lu Hao’s group of seven changed their faces. It was now that they got to know Shi Yan’s level.

"Well, you’ve pursued me for that long. Right now, your spirit’s high. I’m not gonna run more, so we can play for a while." Shi Yan cracked a smile, his face dark and wicked. "Your father here wanted to be tender to you. But it’s you who don’t know how to appreciate favors. You shouldn’t blame me, really."

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