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Divine weapon!

There were so many secret treasures in the Divine Great Land, but the G.o.d level secret treasures were just a few. Leaders of the seven ancient factions each kept one divine weapon, as if it were the most precious martial technique inheritance of their clans.

Although Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong a.s.sumed that Shi Yan had many mysteries, they had never thought that he would have a divine weapon. And, this divine weapon wasn’t something they had known before. This scared all of them.

When the Sky Destroyer appeared, not only Zhu Yi’s group wore an astounded face, but the two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan were also filled with a divine light. All of them paid attention to him without blinking.

After the sage took the Yin Written Charm Scripture, he extended his thin, shriveled arms from the sleeves. He smiled darkly, lifting his hand. "Give it to me."

He was eyeing the divine sword Sky Destroyer, his face nonchalant.

Shi Yan changed his face as he smiled coldly. "For what?"

"I can let you live," The sage grinned, "As long as you're honest, you'll be unharmed for a short period. But if you want to treat us as air, don't blame me for having no mercy."

All the members of the Ghost Mark Clan had a sinister countenance, their eyes filled with hatred toward the intruders.

In their eyes, mankind was the archenemy from generation to generation. All human beings should be dead. After they had struggled out of the confinement of the Yin Written Charm Scripture, they had determined to bathe mankind in blood.

Zhu Yi, Zhuo Hui, Lei Mo and the others were sensitive enough to recognize the Ghost Mark Clan's att.i.tude. They knew it was big trouble. 

At this moment, the two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan had finally revealed their high realm and profound soul power, which hinted at a big danger.

Zhuo Hui and Lei Mo were at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm.

Who else was strong enough to subdue them besides the True G.o.d Realm experts?

Everybody was scared, becoming more agitated. Their eyes sparkled continually, as they were prepared to retreat in any minute.

Two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan were nonchalant. They weren’t hurried or anxious, just gazing at Shi Yan, or the sword in his hand to be exact.

"You want my sword?" Shi Yan took a deep breath, restoring his calmness. He even beamed a harmless smile.

That sage nodded gently. "Kid, you should recognize your situation, which would reduce your pain. I've found that you somehow know my tribe. When I broke into your Sea of Consciousness, I found that you know how to use the soul technique of the Ghost Mark Clan. I'm curious. Kid, do you have any relation to our Ghost Mark Clan?"

Many clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan were surprised, their expression strange.

Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong were more astounded. They were disbelieving and secretly putting up their guard. 

Shi Yan was startled.

He got it right away. This sage of the Ghost Mark Clan had found the relation between the Demonic Sound Clan and him from the host soul in his Sea of Consciousness.

When he was in the Abandoned place, through Yi Tian Mo, he had a deep understanding of the Soul Upanishads of the Demonic Sound Clan, which left a mark of the soul technique of the Demonic Sound Clan deep in his soul.

It wasn’t something ordinary warrior could find out, but the two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan not only had the True G.o.d Realm cultivation base, but also the profound knowledge of Soul Upanishads of their tribe. Anyway, the Demonic Sound Clan’s mysteries related to the soul had originated from the Yin Written Charm Scripture, which was now in that sage’s hands.

"I’m not going to give you this sword," Shi Yan pondered, then shook his head determinedly.

"Then I have to say sorry," The sage smiled, as a brutal light flashed in his squinted eyes.

A red light shot like a meteor in Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness. That red light was real and blazing, dashing rapidly towards Shi Yan’s host soul.

Scorching read spear!

Shi Yan was frightened. He understood the soul techniques of the Demonic Sound Clan. At first glance, he knew how dangerous this soul technique was.


Under the attentively look of the Ghost Mark Clan’s clansmen, Shi Yan closed his eyes as his lips moved gently to let out a light sound that couldn’t be lighter.

The third eye of the host soul opened, shooting out furious flames in his Sea of Consciousness.

Fiery flames quickly covered that shooting red light. Tremendous energy fluctuated when that red beam was burned down to ashes.


The sage thundered. His eyes were wicked and sinister like a venomous snake gazing at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan held the divine sword Sky Destroyer, then opened his eyes.

As agile as an electric strike, he urged all kinds of his power, retreating instantly from that area.

The sage didn’t think much as he performed soul techniques. Flows of soul techniques shot out from his head. Numerous light spots that naked eyes could observe covered Shi Yan.

When these two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan were in their heyday, their supernatural powers were boundless. Unfortunately, after so many years of consuming, their Essence Qi had been drained. Although they had gotten out, it couldn't be restored fully in a short while. 

That’s why these two sages couldn’t do anything rather than using soul attacks. They attempted to use their high realm and deep understanding of soul techniques to oppress the others.

Traps and barriers interweaved like a dome of haze light. Layers followed layers, s.n.a.t.c.hing Shi Yan.

In this world, the speed of Soul Consciousness could be deemed the fastest. Even though Shi Yan had used his max speed to run away, it wasn’t faster than the soul attacks by these two sages.

"Watch out!"

"Come back!"

Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong shouted in fright. They were nervous.

"Boss!" Luo Xiao and Luo Meng shouted hoa.r.s.ely, their countenance sorrowful.

Yue Ying, Yun Xiu, and the others were also frightened, but they didn't know what to do for now.

At this moment, they knew the realms of those sages. True G.o.d Realm experts using soul technique to deal with Shi Yan, a Spirit Realm warrior, should it be something surprising?

Everybody supposed that Shi Yan was in big danger at this time. This big gap between realms could never be filled.

Shi Yan didn’t turn his head around, running madly as though he didn’t recognize so many beams of light that were striking towards him. His body shot away like an electric rainbow.

A barrier and a soul attack heavily pressed down.


Silver flame burst out from his body, which looked like a spiritual snake twirling around him.

When the soul attacks by the sages touched Shi Yan, they were all burned down, disappearing into this bright silver flame.

The two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan suddenly jolted up from their seats, their faces pale. Their bright eyes dimmed out.

The Soul Consciousness got hurt!

They had condensed their soul power to create the soul attack. But they were all burned down, to the extent that they couldn’t retrieve a flow. This was really hard to cure, much more than a physical injury.

Shi Yan in the protection of the bright silver light turned his head while smiling. He snorted, then continued running away.

Everybody was dumbstruck.

Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong dropped their jaws, their faces bewildered.

Zhuo Hui and Gongsun Tao were also petrified.

Ai Ya’s soft body shivered as thrill crossed her beautiful eyes. She frowned, then stooped down.

Lei Ji was standing next to her with a dull look. All of a sudden, his pupils sparkled as his face twisted strangely.

The bright silver flame covering Shi Yan seemed to sense the change of Lei Ji. It made a pair of vague eyes from the flame, looking at Lei Ji.

Lei Ji smiled silently, his face became odder.

"Kill him!"

Right at this moment, the sage ordered, but he didn’t move. He continued to absorb spiritual Qi with a pale face. He wanted to restore quickly.

"The others are wounded. If you want to take action, you have only this chance. Of course, if you want to run, you should be quick. Don’t give him time to recover."

Shi Yan had disappeared, but his voice came from a far distance.

Lei Mo, Zhuo Hui, Gongsun Tao, and Ai Po had their eyes sparkled. They couldn't help but look at the two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan.

Shi Yan had reminded them.

It was true that these two sages had the True G.o.d Realm cultivation base, but they were confined for so many years that they had drained almost all of the energy in their bodies.

Of course, as the True G.o.d Realm experts, their soul attack was profound, and they could gain the upper hand in soul fighting.

But now, their souls were hurt…

If they had a plan and they didn’t seize this opportunity, what were they waiting for?

Lei Mo and Zhuo Hui had their eyes brightened with wicked intentions. 

Many clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan didn’t pay attention to Lei Mo and his team. After they had received the order, they immediately flew out, chasing after Shi Yan.

"What should we do?" Ye Xiong looked at Zhu Yi hesitantly.

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu were anxious. Their looks shifted from the two sages to Lei Mo’s team. At this moment, they didn’t know what to choose.

Two True G.o.d Realm warriors were of course dangerous. However, at this moment, their aura wasn’t too strong, which indicated that their power had been drained too much, and they couldn’t perform their best. The only thing they needed to worry about was their soul attacks. But from the current situation, their souls had gotten hurt too. This should be a once in a blue moon opportunity.

In this group, Zhu Yi was considered the smartest. However, under these circ.u.mstances, he found it hard to decide the plan. His brows slammed together as he didn't know what they should do.

"Guys, the opponent is apparently not human. And they seem to have a big resentment that can’t be solved with the mankind. We have the same goal. If we join hands now and deal with the outsiders, perhaps we can gain what we should have. What do you say?" At this moment, Gongsun Tao swung his arm and shouted. 

Lei Mo, Ai Po, and Zhuo Hui nodded silently.

The two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan were gloomy. They didn’t say anything, as they were trying their best to restore their energy.

"What do you think?" Ye Xiong looked at Zhu Yi with a worried face.

"Wealth requires taking risks," Zhu Yi bit his lips and nodded vehemently. He then turned to Yun Xiu. "Elder Yun, your realm is the lowest here. Can you please take the kids out of here? When they are safe, can you get back here and support us?"

Yun Xiu was surprised. She pondered for a while and then nodded gently.

Luo Xiao, Luo Meng, Lin Zhi, Li Mu Yu, and Bai Hui Quan understood the situation well. When they heard Zhu Yi’s words, they walked to Yun Xiu.

Zhu Yi hauled out the crystal flying carriage. Yun Xiu wasn’t so courteous. After she got it, she released the power to cover the five juniors and left.

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