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Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Lightning in the ancient formation blinded the eyes, hovering in the sky like wild snakes. It was a world-shaking sight!

Lei Mo, Ai Po, Gongsun Tao, and Zhuo Hui got hit when they had just approached the ancient formation and not gotten in it yet. The lightning struck them. Light shot out from their eyes while they were shaking hard. 

Even Lei Mo, the one who understood the lightning power the most, couldn’t neutralize the thunder and lightning power in his body. His body stiffened as he was trying to control electric currents intruding his body in the void.

When Shi Yan, Ye Xiong, and Zhu Yi walked out of the pa.s.sage, looking at the sky which was full of lightning strikes, and experts zooming over to the center of the formation, they couldn’t help but change their visage.

"Be careful. Don’t rush, no matter what!" Shi Yan peeked at the old formation, then his face changed dramatically. He hurried to remind the others. 

The complexity of that formation was something Shi Yan had never seen before. Since he had the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success, he gained the knowledge of ancient formations. Teleportation Formation was one of the records in that book of success.

However, the ancient formation in front of him seemed to have its own life, formed by countless moving fine curves.

Took a closer look, he vaguely realized that those curves were the Ghost Line Written Charm that had been lost for so many years. According to the memoir of ‘another Shi Yan,' in the river of history, it was impossible to track down the Ghost Line Written Charm.

In that Shi Yan’s memory, he didn’t know much of the Ghost Line Written Charm. The only thing he remembered was that this scripture was created by a mysterious race in the old time. That race no longer existed since tens of thousands of years ago in the Divine Great Land.

The ancient formation in front of him was formed by thick curves of Ghost Line Written Charm. Each line contained a kind of peculiar energy. Countless written charms successively followed each other like a long scripture that occupied that s.p.a.cious area, revealing the aura of an old time in the history.

Ye Xiong and Zhu Yi knew nothing about formations. They halted having heard Shi Yan.

Ai Ya and Lei Ji stood not far from the ancient formation. They peeked at Shi Yan but didn’t take action just yet.

Mo Ling Er of the Martial Spirit Palace had her eyes brightened standing in front of the ancient formation, dropping her jaw in awe. She had never seen this kind of formation before. The formation in front of her eyes was something beyond her knowledge.

Even though her martial spirit was special, she couldn’t do anything to this formation, as she couldn’t spot any cracks or leaks.

Lei Mo, Ai Po, Congsun Tao, and Zhuo Hui couldn’t repress the greed in their hearts on seeing the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame and the Ancient Cave Mansion. They didn’t notice the imposingly mighty power of the formation, dashing towards it one by one.

Lighting strikes showered from the sky, covering the s.p.a.ce around the old formation.

Lightning struck some Spirit Realm warriors, shaking them violently. Their burning hair rose as they were urging Essence Qi to resist. However, they still jumped in recklessly.

A cl.u.s.ter of World Extinguishing Thunder Flame was dancing gently in the center of the formation, releasing the lightning strikes. 

The Heaven Thunder Beast was floating above the ancient formation. No one knew that it hadn’t breathed for quite a long time. The beast died in silence.

"World Extinguishing Thunder Flame!"

Right at this moment, the Ice Cold Flame sent its thought to Shi Yan. A jade-white flame flew out from the Blood Vein Ring, discreetly observing the situation.

Since they were all heaven flames, they could sense each other. As soon as the Ice Cold Flame got out, the Nine Serenity flame, which had been dormant for quite a long time in Shi Yan’s host soul, was startled, shivering gently.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had sunk into his Sea of Consciousness unknowingly. Sometimes, Shi Yan even forgot its existence.

However, this tremble was real. The flame seemed to finally wake up from a deep sleep, and started to notice the situation around it.

"How many things do you know about the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame?" asked Shi Yan.

"It’s ranked second. In the Immemorial Epoch, it had gained intellect inside billions of lightning strikes. Long, long time ago, it had slaughtered a whole great land. At that time, it was so powerful that it killed countless creatures. Living beings like us are hard to eradicate. This flame is the same. It can revive amidst lightning strikes. I heard that it had provoked experts of many clans, who joined hands and sealed it. They had used some secret techniques to wear out its power. But it needs a really long time to exterminate that flame."

The Ice Cold Flame had a limited knowledge of the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, so the information it provided wasn't detailed.

Shi Yan was a little bit disappointed. "How to subdue it?"

"Compared to my peak time, its evolution was more exquisite. I don’t know much about it," answered the Ice Cold Flame.

Shi Yan was surprised.

"It takes billions of years to use the Mysterious Yin energy to wear out and erase its life seal. That flame’s thunder and lightning power can fade out the will and soul of all kinds of creature. It’s similar to my ability. But it’s more tyrannical. Lightning can destroy souls, and it can affect the body directly. It’s really terrifying."

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, which had been quiet for quite a long time, weakly sent him its thought. "What restrains it should be the Yin Written Charm Scripture of the Ghost Mark Clan. The Yin Written Charm Scripture is the Canon of the Ghost Mark Clan, which can urge and refine the Mysterious Yin energy naturally. Yin Written Charm Scripture is both the Bible and the divine weapon, which can create a world that condenses earth and heaven spiritual Qi into the Mysterious Yin energy. This energy will restrain and wear out the flame."

"Ghost Mark Clan?" Shi Yan was surprised. "Isn’t the Yin Written Charm Scripture the Canon of The Demonic Sound Clan? Why does it belong to the Ghost Mark Clan?"

"The Demonic Sound Clan is a branch of the Ghost Mark Clan. After the Ghost Mark Clan was confined, the Demonic Sound Clan became a dependency of the Dark Clan. Until the Antiquity Time, the Demonic Sound Clan had all forgotten their ancestors and deemed themselves to be a branch of the Dark Clan. Funny, eh?" The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame sent its mocking thought, flying out of Shi Yan’s host soul.

"Was that Ghost Mark Clan dangerous?" Shi Yan was surprised a lot.

"The Ghost Mark Clan was one of the ten clans in the Immemorial Epoch. Just like the Dark Spirit Clan you’ve met, they were once so powerful that nothing could compare to them. In the Antiquity Time, mankind was at the bottom, far under the ten other races. Too bad, later on, the powers of nature changed. The strongest clans started to decline, giving way to your despicable mankind thriving. The divine intentions are really unpredictable," Mocked the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame.

"Then how should we deal with our current situation?" asked Shi Yan humbly.

"The Yin Written Charm Scripture restrains the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame. While the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame is struggling, it has worn out the power of the Scripture. Even if there’s some living thing inside the Scripture and no one wants to interfere, it’s a dead end. Someone wants to destroy the Yin Written Charm Scripture and perish the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame. That’s why they had created such an arrangement to let these two things destroy each other," said the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame indifferently.

"So, if someone interferes, it will mess up the whole thing?" Shi Yan’s face changed slightly as he was looking at the changes happening in the formation. He couldn’t help but hurry to send another message. "If they are destroyed, what will happen?"

"If there’s a living creature inside the Yin Written Charm Scripture, it will take revenge. Even if the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame can struggle out of the restraint, it will take revenge for itself too." The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame said mildly from deep inside his soul. "Although I don't know who set up all this, I think your mankind isn't innocent. Such a malicious scheme, only your mankind could come up with it."

Shi Yan was frightened.

"Too late, the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame is releasing lightning strikes to prevent you guys. It’s a trap. That flame is familiar with your human characteristics. It knows that the more you are oppressed, the more you want to storm over. The Yin Written Charm Scripture has been consumed for so many years. I guess the remaining power is not as much as one-thousandth. If those people get in there, it will break soon," said the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame nonchalantly.

Shi Yan discolored. He wanted to advise them, but Gongsun Tao, Lei Mo, and the others had jumped into the Scripture.

Those Spirit Realm experts had disappeared into the Yin Written Charm Scripture immediately, as if they were dragged into another world.

At the same time, the Yin Written Charm Scripture shot out many energy fluctuations, and the Ghost Line Written Charm, which was moving above the Yin Written Charm Scripture, slowed down. Eventually, it stopped running.

The World Extinguishing Thunder Flame in the Yin Written Charm Scripture suddenly agitated and started to attack furiously. Crystal waves appeared around the flame, like barriers confining it. Then, the waves gradually melted.

The Ancient Cave Mansion was exposed in the Yin Written Charm Scripture. Building and palaces vaguely came to their sights. In the immense Yin Qi, they could see some people moving.

Many bony pagans, which looked like evil spirits with colorful ghost scriptures tattooed on their bodies, were crying inside the Ancient Cave Mansion, trying to push and sway to the entrance of the Cave Mansion.

Not long afterward, members of an alien tribe with ghost scripture tattoos walked out of the Ancient Cave Mansion. They looked like a herd of beggars with no energy remaining in their bodies. As soon as they got out of the place, they faced the sky and cried pitifully. This moved people’s hearts.

More than ten clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan were crying. Their cries shot up to the sky, shaking the whole place as if they wanted to vent out their ten-thousand-year old sorrow and dehumanizing grievance through their tears. 

After so many years being sealed and confined, members of the Ghost Mark Clan could finally step on a foreign land for the second time. No one could control their emotions. Their tears burst out uncontrollably.

Two old men of the Ghost Mark Clan were walking tremblingly, seeming as if they would die any minute. Their skin was like the withered bark of old trees. They panted while walking. There was no light in their dim eyes. Their feeble breath seemed to be gone with the wind soon.

The cry of these two old men was also senile. They crouched on the ground, greedily taking in the air.

The scattering heaven and earth spiritual Qi in this tomb was dragged, as if a whale was taking in water, into the mouths of these two old men. The old men were like a sponge, absorbing heaven and earth spiritual Qi in this tomb at a speed that scared everyone else.

Their dull eyes gradually lit up. Their wrinkled faces were gradually tightened at speed that naked eyes could observe. Their shriveled bodies seemed to be filled up with vitality, expanding and glowing. They had a tremendous change.

It was like a stream of pure Essence Qi pouring into their senile breath, reviving them slowly but steadily.

Shi Yan was stunned on looking at the scene. His face wore the solemn expression he had never had before.

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