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Ai Ya arched her brows, her face cold and disdainful.

Lei Ji grinned fiendishly. He was full of fighting spirit. "I’ve heard that you have defeated Lie Feng in the Dead Soul Mountain rage, too. Not bad, daring to fight with him."

Ai Ya had only the Third Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base, but Lei Ji was a First Sky of Spirit Realm warrior. Electric currents were interweaving in his body, creating his torrential power. At first glance, he was really dangerous.

Since they had the same realm, Lei Ji was full of confidence. He wasn’t afraid of the other, and was talking arrogantly.

While Shi Yan was talking, Ye Xiong, Zhu Yi, and the others had arrived through the light tunnel the Sky Break Shuttle made.

When Ye Xiong’s group arrived, he scanned through the surroundings and then shouted immediately. "Where are Lei Mo and Ai Po?"

They didn't see them here.

Lei Ji wanted to attack first, but then he saw other hotshots arrived He smiled coldly and retreated together with Ai Ya. 

The rock wall behind them suddenly slit open. Lei Ji and Ai Ya disappeared into the slit, leaving no trace.

Ye Xiong was gloomy and sinister. He released his Soul Consciousness to sense while keeping a faint smile on his face.

There was no strong barrier in this cave. Ye Xiong’s Soul Consciousness expanded rapidly, searching for living fluctuations in this tomb.

Shortly, Ye Xiong’s body was shaking as the light in his eyes scattered.


Ye Xiong clutched his chest, his face paling.

"Old Ye, what’s happened?" Zhu Yi asked with a kind visage. "You got ambushed?" 

"Be careful!" Ye Xiong gritted his teeth and shouted, "Don’t use Soul Consciousness to sense. This place has a special barrier. It’s like ten thousand needles p.r.i.c.king your host soul in the Sea of Consciousness at the same time. So menacing! I got hit when I was searching carelessly. I’m lucky that I could retreat my Soul Consciousness immediately. Otherwise, my host soul would have been hurt." 

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu were frightened. They retreated their Soul Consciousness.

"Lei Mo and Ai Po are in the tomb certainly. If we can’t use Soul Consciousness to sense, we can only use secret treasures." Zhu Yi nodded, taking out a soul power ball and sending his Soul Consciousness into it. Six light dots sparkled in the ball, revealing fluctuations of living things.

Zhu Yi squinted, as the divine light moved like electric currents in his eyes. He scrutinized the ball for a while and then smiled suddenly. 

"You got them?" Ye Xiong was struck.

Zhu Yi nodded. "There. We just need to break the wall. But there’s a barrier on the wall. If we activate it, it will create unwanted troubles.

"It’s okay," Ye Xiong smiled, "We have Shi Yan here, right?"

Shi Yan felt funny.

Currently, any troubles related to barriers and restriction were all handed to him. None of them thought they should be little more polite. 

"Me? It will consume a lot of my energy. If it’s not necessary, I think we should skip it," Shi Yan smiled miserably.

Apparently, Ye Xiong didn't put his words in mind. He shot out a short sword, moving like a flowing stream with clear and cold light. This sharp sword pierced through the wall, thrusting deep inside.


Sparks of light shot out from the wall like a thick shower attacking people.

Fiery flame burst forth from the light, as scorching as lava deep underground. Light spots were shooting rapidly towards Shi Yan’s group.

Everybody protected themselves with martial techniques or secret treasures.

Of course, Shi Yan wasn’t scared. He urged the cold air of the Ice Cold Flame. An ice shield appeared, protecting him.

Blazing sparks. .h.i.t his ice armor, splitting dazzling flames.

His ice shield wasn’t broken, but more than ten small spots were melting. However, the armor wasn’t pierced through. Shi Yan wasn’t hurt.

He didn’t notice that terrified Bai Hui Quan had come close, standing behind him.

"You juniors, be smart. Come near Shi Yan to take shelter!"

Zhu Yi shouted, then shot out like lightning, approaching the center of the sparkling light. A small silver axe appeared in his hand. He pounded on the wall, as more rays of light showered. 

Luo Xiao and Luo Meng didn’t say anything, hurrying to come to Shi Yan and ask him to help.

"This wall requires bursting energy to knock down. Elder Yue, Elder Yun, please give us a hand," Ye Xiong shouted while using his mind to manipulate the short sword, destroying the restraints inside the wall.

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu were hesitant, but eventually, they helped the others.

Lin Zhi and Li Mu Yu had an extraordinary cultivation base, but they were smart enough not to waste their power at this time. They slightly bent their heads, without feeling shame, standing behind Shi Yan.

These juniors wanted Shi Yan to shield them safely from the shooting rays.

"Shi Yan bro, extend the coverage of the ice armor. We have many people now; otherwise, we will get hurt," screamed Luo Xiao. 

Originally, Bai Hui Quan stood alone behind Shi Yan. She didn’t need to spend her energy, hiding in Shi Yan’s shade, where the light didn’t hurt her.

When Luo Xiao, Luo Meng, Li Mu Yu, and Lin Zhi arrived, Shi Yan’s protective coverage wasn’t enough for them all. They were pushing each other to get more safe room.

Li Mu Yu and Lin Yi were all women, and they were all mean. They forcefully pushed Luo Xiao and Luo Meng aside. The two boys could only ask Shi Yan begrudgingly for help.

"Useless fellows!" Shi Yan cursed, increasing the cold air of the Ice Cold Flame. The ice shield in front of him widened into an ice cold wall standing in front of everybody, to shield them from the light shower.

"Well, you are so comfortable, right." Shi Yan turned around, his smile cold. "All of you didn’t spend a bit of effort, depending on me for sheltering you from the shower and strong wind. Along the way, it’s only me who has had to spend more power. Did you come here to watch the fun?"

 "Shi Yan bro, later when you attack that woman, Ai Ya, we will support you!" Luo Xiao slapped his chest and affirmed.

"I will cheer for you," Lin Zhi said with a strange expression. "I’m not that woman’s match, so I’m not going to mess up. I can only support your side."

"I’ll cheer you up too," Bai Hui Quan pursed her lips, c.o.c.king her head smilingly.

Li Mu Yu didn't say anything. She turned her head around, her face disdainful.

Shi Yan was surprised. He glared at them. His thought then changed, which also changed the ice wall in front of them. The corner that shielded Li Mu Yu melted.

Light rays shot towards her.

Li Yu Mu’s arrogant face changed as she fumbled to counter the attack. She rose her voice to curse Shi Yan for his lack of ethics.

"They can yell to cheer me up. You gave me the face as if I owed you something. Why should I care about your death or life!" Shi Yan snapped back impolitely.

Li Mu Yu wore a cold face.


The soil wall exploded, revealing a wide path behind. All barriers in that pa.s.sage were ineffective.

Ye Xiong, Zhu Yi, Yue Ying, and Yun Xiu suddenly shouted in that pa.s.sage, hurrying to get into that place.

Rays of light that had shot at them disappeared strangely, as if they had never existed.

When Shi Yan saw their expression, he immediately knew that they had gotten something. He didn’t talk more and hurried to jump into that pa.s.sage, following the four of them.

Shortly, he crossed the pa.s.sage behind Ye Xiong and the others.

Inside the empty cave, lightning strikes as big as an arm were moving in the air. Lei Mo was pushing the Heaven Thunder Beast to the ground, constantly punching it.

Ai Po and the other two Third Sky of Spirit Realm warriors stood aside Le Mo, gazing at the Heaven Thunder Beast, their faces solemn.

Lei Ji and Ai Ya stayed away from the Heaven Thunder Beast, also watching.

The level 8 demonic beast, Heaven Thunder Beast, laid in a shabby formation eye, receiving Lei Mo's rhythmic attack.

The Heaven Thunder Beast had been wounded severely. Blood gushing out constantly from its body puddled on the ground. In its eyes, only the wildest instinct remained. The beast was struggling hard, howling vehemently while trying to urge the power in its body.

Lightning strikes shot out from the Heaven Thunder Beast just like dragons or snakes hovered in the sky.

Lei Mo smiled fiendishly. It seemed he knew how to control thunder and lightning power. While pounding on the Heaven Thunder Beast, he was also releasing his Soul Consciousness.

When Lei Mo’s Soul Consciousness flew out, it immediately gathered inside the dazzling lightning. He was using the Soul Consciousness to steady the lightning power in the air.

The technique he was cultivating was also the lightning power. Although the Heaven Thunder Beast was powerful naturally, it could hardly control the thunder and lightning power in its body now, because of the Seven-leaflet Soul Cutting Gra.s.s. It just lay there pa.s.sively as Lei Mo restrained it fiercely. 

Beside Lei Mo, Ai Po and two other Third Sky of Spirit Realm warriors were constantly pouring their attacking power on the beast.

The Heaven Thunder Beast was howling mournfully. It crazily struck out more lightning power. The heat of the lightning almost filled the whole cave.

Shortly, the combined lightning power seemed to activate something in this tomb. Light of rays gathered into one bunch, meandering like a dragon, striking the tomb into ashes.

The grand lightning dragon condensed by lightning energy struggled, smashing all the barriers in this area.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

Rays of light crossed and interweaved, while the ceiling above their heads crumbled. After that, the Heaven Thunder Beast shook, as if it suddenly received power from G.o.d, storming out furiously.

Lei Mo’s team was cheered up, following it.

Heaven Thunder Beast was coiled by the giant lighting dragon. Its eyes dimmed as its wounded body bled constantly.

A luminous area appeared behind the Heaven Thunder Beast. Shortly, a strange ancient formation emerged out of thin air. A fiery cyan flame was flickered in the formation eye. Numerous fine beams of lighting twined around that flame.

Next to that fiery cyan flame was a light spot, which was constantly enlarging, turning into an entrance of an Ancient Cave Mansion.

Lei Mo, Ai Po, and the others were excited, flying up.

"It appears!"

At the same time, Gongsun Tao, Zhuo Hui, and the others appeared from nowhere. All were stirred up.

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