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Among the outstanding young generation of the Martial Spirit Palace, Mo Ling Er wasn’t the most excellent, but she was the most hard-working young girl with a tenacious will.

Mo Ling Er had a special martial spirit, which could sense all changes of energy. This feature helped her be more sensitive in sensing the energy changes in a formation, and that’s how she could find the solution to break it.

She wasn’t a genuine formation master. However, thanks to her special martial spirit, she had formed her skills in breaking formations.

Previously, Shi Yan had interfered with the formation she was about to break, that dragged her martial spirit into it and hurt her Soul Consciousness, making it strenuous to recover completely.

She had spent so much effort, but Shi Yan had messed it up, which hurt her severely. Due to the change of the formation, her team had a big loss. All were exhausted, and two of them perished in that formation. 

If Shi Yan hadn’t poked his nose in, things wouldn’t have happened that way. She wouldn’t have gotten hurt, and her team wouldn't have to bear such a significant loss. 

He was unforgivable!

Mo Ling Er’s eyes were sharp like an electric current, while her soft arms waved like dancing. Earthy-yellow beads moved, twirling in front of her. 

After each bead dropped on the ground, it immediately disappeared into the ground, as if the Earth had absorbed it.

The Earth Spirit Bead was condensed from the Earth Essence. Each bead was ten thousand jin (500kg). When it sank into the ground, it would create a barrier immediately. Together with the heavy earth, it created the Earth Forbidden Technique.

Shi Yan was restoring his Essence Qi using the pellets with his eyes closed. All of a sudden, he felt the earth underneath him changing. 

The ground under his feet was shaking gently, as a flow of Earth power, as heavy as a mountain, moved slowly. 

Seconds later, Earth Spirit Beads rolled one by one around him.

Those Earth Spirit Beads soon gathered the essence power of the Earth, creating a heavy pressure. The Earth Forbidden Technique was thus formed.

It was like many mountains were pressing down, gathering at the center where Shi Yan was sitting. His breathing became heavier, as a ma.s.sive pressure was pressing down from every direction. Shi Yan was covered in an earthy-yellow halo, which was slowly pushing down. 

The Earth Forbidden Technique was one of the Five Elements Forbidden Techniques of the Martial Spirit Palace. Warriors who got besieged, unless they knew how to use the powers of the Five Elements, would never get rid of it.

"Ye Xiong, give us the Heaven Thunder Beast. Or else, don't blame us for being ruthless," said Gongsun Tao impatiently.

"Let alone the fact that I don’t have the Heaven Thunder Beast, even if I had it, you shouldn’t dream about taking it from me." Ye Xiong, of course, wasn't afraid as he said coldly, "Gongsun Tao, my advice to you is to not start a war. With your current force, you can’t defeat us easily. Don’t waste your effort and let the others take advantages from it."

Gongsun Tao and Zhuo Hui’s team had lost some of their members in the barrier Shi Yan had broken. They used to be twelve, but now only six remained.

Gongsun Tao and Zhuo Hui were at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, Mo Ling Er was at the Peak of Sky Realm. Out of the other three, one was a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior, and two Second Sky of Spirit Realm warriors.

"Our losses have been huge. You, blood debt should be paid with blood." Zhuo Hui spat out phlegm with a pale face. Then, he took action. 

White starlight formed nine rings following each other, s.n.a.t.c.hing towards Ye Xiong.

"Deadly Nine Interlock Rings!"

Ye Xiong was a little pale. He retreated while the Storage Ring on his finger shone radiantly.

Mysterious Yin Terminating Mines that looked like walnuts covered in magical veined patterns flashed with an evil dazzling light, flying out from Ye Xiong’s Storage Ring and bombarding the white interlocking rings.


Dense explosions echoed. Ye Xiong’s consumable secret treasures blew off Zhuo Hui’s martial technique instantly.

Veins bulged on Zhuo Hui’s forehead, his face getting more sinister.

Gongsun Tao didn’t delay, waving his hand while shouting loudly, "KILL!"

Three Spirit Realm experts of Gongsun Tao’s team urged their powers at the same time. Abruptly, secret treasures and weapons showered toward Zhu Yi and the others rumblingly.

Zhu Yi grinned. He didn’t look tense at all. A Storage Ring on his left hand’s finger flashed in red light. A giant twirling-wind cage covered all of them.

The wind wall shielded them inside the howling wind, firmly facing Gongsun Tao’s attack.

Experts of the Spirit Treasure Sect would rarely use many martial techniques that required consuming Essence Qi in fighting, unless it was a crucial moment.

They had so many secrete tools and weapons, which were dangerous enough to deal with the enemies. If they wanted to defeat an Elder of the Spirit Treasure Sect, they had to destroy their secret weapons first in order to harm them directly.

Both Ye Xiong and Zhu Yi were good at this sort of a wealthy compet.i.tion, using their secret treasures to wear out the enemies’ energy.

On the other side, Gongsun Tao and Zhuo Hui had a headache with Ye Xiong’s and Zhu Yi’s defensive treasures. They couldn't help but pour more energy to create stronger mysterious attacks, which aimed at destroying the others’ defensive treasures. This was the only way to thin Zhu Yi’s and Ye Xiong’s powers.

It required Soul Consciousness and Essence Qi to control the secret treasures though. The more excellent the treasures were, the more Essence Qi and Soul Consciousness they would need.

Ye Xiong’s and Zhu Yi’s secret treasures weren’t ordinary. However, if they thought that they could win using the treasures, it wouldn’t be so practical.

Their fight was now in a tied situation.

Although Shi Yan stayed inside the twirling-wind cage, he was still locked by the Earth Forbidden Technique. The pressure around him was increasing unceasingly.

Mo Ling Er maintained a proper distance, standing dozens of meters away from Shi Yan to control the Earth Spirit Beads. She was continually pouring her energy into the beads. 

The pressure Shi Yan was bearing was increasing.

All of a sudden, his eyes were like two sharp sabers as he glared at Mo Ling Er and shouted. "Are you done yet?"

Mo Ling Er gave him the face, didn’t answer but smiled arrogantly. The strange power in her five fingers stormed faster into the ground. After the Earth Spirit Beads had received more energy, it enhanced the Earth power, making the pressure heavier.


Surrounded by the Earth Forbidden Technique, Shi Yan’s eyes were cold. He thundered suddenly.

Negative energy was urged, fusing with his Essence Qi and the bursting energy of his body; all the energies halted for an instant, then burst out altogether!

Boom Boom Boom!

The Earth Spirit Beads couldn’t bear the impact, exploding shortly one by one. The earth-yellow halo thinned like mist and then vanished.

Using force against force!

Fright flashed in Mo Ling Er’s eyes as she was anxious. Yellow crystals fell off her sleeves. They were crystal clear, shiny lozenge stones. 

The yellow crystals fell on the ground and then burrowed into the earth just like spiritual snakes, darting rapidly toward Shi Yan.

A new flow of energy strongly replenished the Earth Forbidden Technique, which steadied the Earth Spirit Beads underground. They started to gather the Earth power again.

"Really endless."

Shi Yan hated it. His mind flickered to take out the Sky Destroyer, slashing down. The sword light cut through the ground.

Earth Spirit Beads hiding underground exploded. Those yellow crystals couldn’t bear such powerful force, bursting apart into numerous pieces as well.

Mo Ling Er seemed to have gotten hurt badly. She felt a sweet taste in her throat, then spat out a mouthful of blood. The girl was panicked.

She had underestimated Shi Yan’s power.

Under her Earth Forbidden Technique, a First Sky of Spirit Realm warrior could never get out using force.

In her eyes, Shi Yan was young. Although he had reached the Spirit realm, his Essence Qi wouldn’t be pure enough, which meant he couldn’t get rid of the Earth Forbidden Technique’s restraint.

Unfortunately, Shi Yan’s realm wasn’t pure, but his Essence Qi was vigorous and unmixed, far beyond other typical warriors.

Moreover, he had the negative energy, and his own body’s tremendous energy. With these cards in his hands, breaking her Earth Forbidden Technique was a piece of cake.

"Woman, don’t waste my time. You’re not my match." Shi Yan sat in the wind-twirling cage while shaking his head, his countenance as cold as ice.

Mo Ling Er paled. She took out some pellets from the Storage Ring and swallowed them. Her beautiful eyes reflected her fright.

She wasn’t good at direct combat; making formations was her specialty. As the Earth Forbidden Technique couldn’t hold Shi Yan, she hurried to find another way around. For the time being, she didn’t dare to attack him again.

Gongsun Tao and Zhuo Hui were using their martial techniques to attack the defensive treasures of Ye Xiong and Zhu Yi.

Shi Yan frowned and let out a light shout. "Don’t waste our time with them. We should get there first."

Ye Xiong and Zhu Yi nodded, their eyes brightening. 

No matter what circ.u.mstances they were in, as long as he used the Sky Breaking Shuttle, they could always leave easily. Shi Yan had proven this many times. Everybody knew it.

Shi Yan finished, then took out the Sky Breaking Shuttle in front of Gongsun Tao, pouring his power in it.

The Sky Breaking Shuttle formed the light tunnel. Shi Yan’s team jumped in, directly sinking into the tomb entrance. They disappeared shortly.

The treasures Ye Xiong and Zhu Yi had thrown out disappeared altogether.

"That tomb," Mo Ling Er let out a low shout. "When I was using the Earth Forbidden Technique, I sensed some fluctuations in that tomb. Perhaps, we can believe them. It’s possible that people of the Fighting Union are in there."

Gongsun Tao and the other changed their visage, storming forward hurriedly.

Shi Yan strolled out from the ecliptic.

"Is that you?" A surprised scream arose instantly.

In the tomb of gold and jade in glorious splendor, a graceful figure covered her mouth in awe, her eyes disbelieving.

"Ai Ya…" Shi Yan grinned, "Long time to see. In the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, my soul almost perished thanks to you. Well, I didn't expect that we would meet again here. I'm so excited, you know." 

Ai Ya’s face was stiff. She was bewildered for a while, then said indifferently. "I forgot what happened in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. Thanks for reminding me."

"Ai Ya, who’s he?" Lei Ji frowned, looking at Shi Yan with bad intent.

Ai Ya c.o.c.ked her head and then smiled, "His name’s Shi Yan. He’s from the Endless Sea. I met him in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. Oh yeah, he’s just crossed the Ice Emperor City recently. You should have heard of him."

Lei Ji was shaken. He shouted lightly, "Shi Yan, the one who killed Yu Li Ming?"

Ai Ya nodded smilingly.

"You’ve encountered him?" Lei Ji’s face was tense.

"You can say that. I didn't keep it in mind, but seems like he did." Ai YA smiled deliberately. "Cai Yi, Lao Li, and he joined hands and wanted to kill me. I just took action a little earlier."

Lei Ji got it, cracking a smile. "Ah, so it’s like that. People from Endless Sea are swaggering in our Divine Great Land. Interesting."

Shi Yan narrowed his eyes, his countenance cold. He suddenly laughed. "Oh, you got a flower protector. Then, I’ll solve it, too."

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