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An ecliptic crossed the barrier through the dark place. Inside that ecliptic, Shi Yan wore a malicious face. Trace of cold thoughts flashed in his pupils.

"What do you want?"

Ye Xiong was worried. It was different now, since they were in the middle of the prohibited area. If he took action here, the barrier would restrain him a lot. In the worst case, the barrier could hurt him badly.

"You want to attack them from here?" Zhu Yi shook his head disapprovingly. "Not good, eh? Once you cause a change in the ancient formation, it can affect us, too. As long as we won’t leave this light tunnel, we’re safe. But if you leave this place to attack them, I’m not sure about anything."

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu also frowned and shook their heads as they thought that Shi Yan’s decision was risky.

"Who said I wanted to attack them inside the barrier?" Shi Yan rose his eyebrows. He didn’t talk more, took a deep breath, and then summoned the Giant Mysterious Sword in the Blood Vein Ring. 

After he entered the Spirit Realm, he hadn’t had a chance to use the Giant Mysterious Sword. As his mind flickered, the giant sword turned into a beam of black light falling into his hand.

His Soul Consciousness winded around the Giant Mysterious Sword like a rope, as a feeling of blood connection swelled in his heart.

Shi Yan's eyes sparkled like the diamond.

Sky Destroyer!

A flow of thought shot out from the Giant Mysterious Sword, entering his Sea of Consciousness.

The sword was called Sky Destroyer!

Finally, he got to know the name of the divine sword he had – Sky Destroyer!

The sword spirit from the giant mysterious sword proactively sent him a thought to tell him its name. It was the first time the sword had cooperated well with him.

Buzz Buzz Buzz!

The Sky Destroyer hooted loudly. A flow of destructive aura exuded from the tip of the sword, which was like spiritual snakes, extending to all directions from Shi Yan as the core.

Crack Crack Crack!

The energy wall of the tunnel echoed the clear sounds from the impact. Dazzling sparks shot out unceasingly.

Shi Yan was frightened. He focused, using his Soul Consciousness to reduce the aura of the Sky Destroyer.

A destructive energy in the form of a tornado gathered at the tip of the Sky Destroyer, as red eyes opened one by one on the sword tip.

Thick smell of blood quietly permeated the area, which nauseated people, boiling up their blood, generating a helpless feeling of not being able to control their emotions.

Shi Yan’s eyes sparkled. His Soul Consciousness was moving like tentacles, stimulating the Sky Destroyer. He was using the Soul Consciousness to connect with the sword. Flows of Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness were moving rapidly inside the Sky Destroyer, bring his own aura into each corner of the sword body.

Inside the sword, jade-like crystals crossed and intertwined with each other, like vessels in the human body.

There was blood flowing in those crystals, thick blood with stinky, pungent smell, containing a murderous aura that shot up into the sky. The blood was robust, but it was also evil and eccentric.

While his Soul Consciousness moved around the sword, fright swelled in Shi Yan’s heart. He was about to burst out.

The complexity of this Sky Destroyer could be compared to human body’s structure, which was beyond his knowledge.

Normally, treasures were made of refined materials and formations to gather the energy of heaven and earth. Obviously, the method to forge this Sky Destroyer wasn’t similar to the regular methods to refine weapons that he knew. It was extremely mysterious and strange.

It seemed right when the beginning, the one who forged the Sky Destroyer had considered it a living being, and had treated it so. That person had used some strange secret techniques that used so many jade-like crystals to form the system like the meridians of human warriors.

Those crystals even kept fresh blood!

That thick blood contained a vigorous vitality, that gave people a hallucination of its strong life force.

The divine sword Sky Destroyer was like a warrior’s body with vessels, blood, and living fluctuations!

Was it a real secret treasure?

It was a living being!

What stunned Shi Yan was still behind!

His Soul Consciousness took a tour around the Sky Destroyer and found a misty area that was as thick as snow. Soul energy fluctuations surged from that mist. That soul energy formed a sea, which was similar to his Sea of Consciousness. And, it was obvious that a soul was living in there, using that soul sea to control the meridians and blood of the sword.

This was like a human brain!

Shi Yan gawked, dropping his jaw.


A blood-red light shot out from the soul sea and condensed a blood flower in front of Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness. A thought bloomed out silently.

"New Master. Finally, you've reached the Spirit Realm. From now on, your Soul Consciousness is able to control me."

"Who are you?"

"I am Sky Destroyer."

"Sword spirit?"

"You can say so."

"Who was the previous master of the Sky Destroyer?"

"I’m damaged badly, so I don’t remember the previous events. But I know my previous Master was many times much stronger than you now. He seemed to have vanished completely. But I can sense a beam of his aura on you. In the future, you have to investigate it on your own. I have no way to help you."

"So, what can you help me?"

"Kill enemies."

"Kill enemies? How do I control you?"

"Fuse your Soul Consciousness with me. When I know your thought, my tip will bloom together. The stronger your power is, the sharper I can be."

Shi Yan was holding the Sky Destroyer, standing in the light tunnel. A thick blood scent diffused from the sword in his hand. In that dense murderous aura, blood-red eyes on Sky Destroyer opened silently, brutal, evil, and bloodthirsty.

Ye Xiong, Zhu Yi, Yue Ying, and Yun Xiu were terrified. They furrowed their brows, looking at the Sky Destroyer in Shi Yan’s hand.

A ruthless aura soared up to the sky, and it wasn’t formed naturally. This evil weapon had drunk an immense lot blood of many warriors to create such a brutal aura.

Under that murderous aura of the evil weapon, even warriors with a strong will like Ye Xiong and the other three were subdued. Their breathing sped up as a murderous desire emitted from the bottom of their hearts.

Ye Xiong and the others quickly pulled themselves together, adjusting their breathing and strengthening their minds.

The four exchanged looks and could see the fright in the others’ eyes. Shi Yan’s mysteries aroused more curiosity in them.

Juniors like Lin Zhi, Li Mu Yu, and Bai Hui Quan stayed away from him. They were holding their chests, panting heavily.

The murderous aura on the Sky Destroyer was the poison that could erode the soul and spirit. The juniors' realms weren't high enough. Under the effect of such an aura, they seemed to be about to burst out crazy.

Strong malignant aura!

The juniors had their souls hurt; their faces changed dramatically as they were screaming.

Suddenly, the dull expression on Shi Yan’s face vanished. He grinned, then talked to Ye Xiong and the others, "The eye of this ancient formation’s the power of the Five Elements. Look at that special crystal. That’s the eye of this formation."

Everybody looked at the direction he pointed.

Indeed, they could see a five-colored crystal stone on the unpredictable ecliptic, made by the combination of other five strange, different colored crystals. Fluctuations of the Five Elements were constantly moving in there. Changes of heaven and earth around were reflected vaguely in the stone.

The Blacksmith's Secret of Success had some descriptions of ancient formations. The blacksmith who wrote the book had good knowledge of ancient formations and barriers too. Teleportation Formation was a marvelous formation.

Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness had spent a lot of time in the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success. Although he couldn’t become a formation master, he still had some solid knowledge. 

 "True. It’s the eye of the formation. What do you want to do?" Ye Xiong muttered as he felt a bit anxious.

"Destroy it."

He raised the Sky Destroyer. The sword slipped away from his hand, turning into a blood beam and slashing down robustly.

The Sky Destroyer was really sharp. After it had received Shi Yan’s power, it was incomparably rigid. The formation eye that was made from the Five Elements Crystals was crushed into scattering pieces of stone.

Instantly, the ancient formation was like an enraged beast that started to bare its fangs and claws.

Ye Xiong was frightened, "You destroyed it? You destroyed it!"

"He did the right thing," Zhu Yi exclaimed. "When the formation eye is destroyed, the ancient formation will be weakened. However, even if the formation master could solve it, he has no way to break it now. Even if this ancient formation got its eye broken, its power won’t reduce. People from Martial Spirit Palace and Heaven Temple should pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price."

Ye Xiong’s eyes lit up.

It was true. The Martial Spirit Palace had Mo Ling Er, the one who was good at breaking ancient formations. Currently, her process should be at the final stage.

To a team with a formation master, it was just a matter of time to break the formations.

But what if the ancient formation was obliterated?

That formation master would lose his function in the team. Warriors stuck in there had only one solution, which was to use force to get out.

The power of this old formation wasn’t ordinary. After the formation eye was destroyed, even if it couldn’t put forth the whole power, it was enough to make the ones trapped inside pay a terrible price.

"Let's go. I think they will have a headache for a while."

Shi Yan smiled until his eyes narrowed. Then, he strode towards the other end of the light tunnel.

Everybody followed him immediately.

d.a.m.n it!

Inside the barrier, Mo Ling Er shivered, as dark blood trickled from her mouth.

Clouds of fire were drifting above their heads while thunder and lightning were crossing. Many types of powers disordered, like dynamite exploding rumblingly!

The barrier was wrecked!

Mo Ling Er’s eyes were as cold as ice, her heart bitter. She just needed half a day more to break this d.a.m.n formation and take people out of it safely.


Mo Ling Er’s eyes twinkled as she was searching in the ruined formation. She saw a dazzling silver light zooming out rapidly.

"What? This barrier seems to have disordered completely!"

 "Not good! It comes! Our location isn’t safe now."

"No place is safe now!" Mo Ling Er gritted her teeth, speaking up coldly. "Someone has destroyed the formation eye, which destroyed this formation too. We can’t break it anymore. Now, we can only barge out with our force. Or else, the barrier will keep us forever!"

Everybody was frightened and enraged.

"Who? Who did that?"

"Dares to trap us! If I get to know who he is, I will destroy both his soul and body!"

"We need to figure the way out first." Mo Ling Er sighed. "We need to seize the time. If not, when the hidden peril of the formation’s stirred up, it will be much tougher. We will bear a big loss this time. You guys should be prepared."

Members of this group put on a cloudy expression as they hated the one who had destroyed the formation eye to their marrow.

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