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"I haven't mastered it yet. I don't want to embarra.s.s myself."

Shi Yan mused for a while and then smiled, shaking his head to deny.

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu weren’t so surprised. It was as what they had antic.i.p.ated.

Yue Ying had given him the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow for twenty days. It wasn’t easy to learn the technique thoroughly in just a short time.

When Yu Le had just joined the sect, it took him at least three months to learn a new secret technique.

It’d been just twenty days. Even if Shi Yan were a genius, he couldn’t master it that quick.

Yue Ying relaxed her nerves as she thought that this boy’s innate endowment wasn’t that earth-shaking. It should be good, though. When the Secret Territory opened, perhaps Mu Yu could replace him to claim a decent rank.

Then, Yue Ying felt happy secretly.

"Then, you don't need to try. If we encounter danger in this trip, for us coming from the same sect, we won't just watch. You should be cautious yourself, too. You should always be careful," nodded Yue Ying.

Shi Yan just smiled.

Ye Xiong and Zhu Yi were walking in the front of the formation so they didn’t notice the convo between Yue Ying and Shi Yan.

Phosphorus Ghost Mushrooms filled the ground. Ye Xiong’s pace slowed down, seeming like he had found something beyond his estimation.

Zhu Yi was careful, waves of Soul Consciousness still rippling from him. It seemed he was always using the Soul Consciousness to sense any changes happening.

Shi Yan exhaled in relief as he could dodge Yue Ying’s testing. He stayed away from Yue Ying and Yun Xiu, and gradually, he approached Ye Xiong.

They slowly went forward, but when they reached a ruined tomb, Ye Xiong changed his visage.

Shi Yan was shaken inside, but his eyes brightened up.

The graveyard ahead of them was packed. It was almost one grave after another within one hundred meters. Those graves were intact, and hadn’t been damaged. They were preserved well.

Scattered here and there were piles of ancient warriors’ Seas of Consciousness. They were weathered with time, looking vulnerable.

There were many cultivating materials too. After so many years, they had lost their spiritual Qi, hence no beam of energy could be seen. Whatever material it was, it couldn’t survive time.

Moreover, the wind howled through this place year around, which accelerated the erosion.

Ye Xiong stood in front of an entrance of a tomb, frowning in his thoughts. He seemed to have found something.

Shi Yan didn’t want to bother him. He also knitted his brows, waiting in silence.

"It’s a little bit different …" Ye Xiong lowered his voice, talking to Zhu Yi standing next to him. "Last time I was here, this area was covered with some kind of energy. But now…"

Ye Xiong shook his head. "Someone has come here."

Zhu Yi was surprised. "People from Martial Spirit Palace or Heaven Temple?"

"I’m not sure," Ye Xiong took out a Yin mine, throwing it away. The Yin mine flashed with a blue electric light and then exploded in that tomb.


It was like thunder igniting earth flame. Explosions reverberated continually from the tomb ahead of them.

Then, they saw the sealed graves were shaken a little bit. Strange light spread out immensely from the graves, creating a scattering layer of strange energy. Glistening beams of light connected to each other, but they were all different, with extremely robust energy.

Shortly, waves of energy condensed and then expanded, covering Shi Yan’s group entirely.

Just like a hallucination, scenes of the bottom of the ocean appeared at the center of each grave. Fishes were swimming deliberately everywhere.

"Not good!"

Ye Xiong’s countenance changed dramatically. His hands constantly formed different imprints, as the rings on his fingers sparkled shiningly.

Treasures flew out one by one, zooming over here and there inside the sea scenario in the middle of the graveyard. Those treasures looked like needles and knives, with different shapes and sizes. All of them had a strong sensing ability.

The ocean illusion wasn’t broken. The fishes there weren’t affected by the treasures and continued swimming.

Those fishes suddenly sped up. They aimed at Ye Xiong, flashed once, and then disappeared into his body.

Ye Xiong seemed to get hit badly. His body trembled, as divine light sparkled in his eyes while the energy in his body was urged in silence.

"Watch out. The barriers here are activated. Each fish will aim for your Sea of Consciousness!"

Zhu Yi shouted and swung his arm to strike out an attack. He immediately pulled Luo Xiao, Luo Meng, and Lin Zhi to his front. An azure gauze, which was decorated with many thumb-sized gems that were full of torrential soul energy, covering the three of Luo Xiao’s group.

When the fishes touched that blue-ish veil, they sizzled and then dissolved.

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu weren’t hesitant, taking out the soul treasures in their Storage Rings and covering themselves and their apprentices from the strange, evil energy of those fishes.

n.o.body cared about Shi Yan.

Those swimming fish seemed to be revived, swamping over Shi Yan at lightning speed.

Those fishes weren’t too big, just arm-length, with a dark green body. Denticles jutted out from their mouths, and their narrow eyes sparkled maliciously. 

They swarmed over, entering Shi Yan’s body and intruding his Sea of Consciousness.

All of a sudden, more than ten fishes were moving in Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. As soon as they got in there, they started to nibble and tear Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness.

A furious headache arose, as if it wanted to crack his head.

Shi Yan was terrified.

Those fishes could swallow his Soul Consciousness!

More than ten fishes were moving in his Soul Consciousness. His Soul Consciousness was consumed fast, becoming the nutrients for those fish.

Soul Objects!

Shi Yan discolored. He didn't have to think more, and immediately urged the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame.

Flows of heaven flame flew out from the third eye of his host soul, which found and destroyed the fishes precisely.

The Five Devils had returned to his Sea of Consciousness when he was in the Dead Soul Mountain Range. They seemed to have sensed the danger, flying out from their place deep in the Sea of Consciousness to face the fishes.

The Negative Five Devils were good at dealing with soul objects. They were like beasts seeing blood and fresh meat, storming forward and swallowing the fishes.

The fish dissipated quickly.

Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness was hurt. Right after that, he pulled himself together and a.s.sessed the surroundings while frowning.

Ye Xiong, Zhu Yi, Yue Ying, and Yun Xiu all had soul cla.s.s defensive treasures which kept the fishes from touching them. All were safe.

Only Shi Yan stood upright in the sky packed with swimming fishes. They targeted him, attacking him like a cloud of gra.s.shoppers.

The young man was calm. He wasn’t scared, opening his mind to release the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. With the Five Devils, he quickly destroyed the fishes entering his Sea of Consciousness at a fast speed.

Within five breaths, half of the school of a hundred fishes was burned off, and the Five Devils swallowed the other half.

The other fishes seemed to realize that their kind was destroyed rapidly. They thus didn't dare to approach Shi Yan, avoiding him disorderly.

Ye Xiong and the others looked at him with astonishment.

The four of them had an exquisite cultivation base. Just at first glance, they could see that Shi Yan didn’t use any treasures, but the fish were trying to avoid him.

Soul secret techniques?

The four of them were filled with suspicions. They were astounded that Shi Yan had even more secrets which they hadn’t explored yet.

Lin Zhi, Luo Meng, and Luo Xiao were even more startled. They felt that Shi Yan was really bizarre. He didn’t use any treasures of soul category, but he could still stop such an intimidating attack.

It wasn’t that simple!

The Five Devils didn’t want to wait pa.s.sively like that. Without Shi Yan’s advice, they changed and stormed out, flying around him. After the Five Devils had formed their shapes, each of them looked as ferocious and terrible as ghosts and demons from h.e.l.l.

The fishes seemed to have encountered their nemesis, avoiding him in panic. The five Devils captured the slower ones, devouring them all.

"Yin Demons!"

Zhu Yi was scared, and couldn’t help but scream out curtly. Light burned in his eyes.

There were many kinds of techniques to train the Yin Demons. Usually, they were all evil and sinister. Warriors who trained the Yin Demons had to collect the evil Yin Qi in some extremely dangerous places.

In the Divine Great Land, there weren’t many factions who understood how to train Yin Demons. The Devil Valley was one of the famous factions who could do that. 

Thirty-six Terminating caves of the Devil Valley were good places to train Yin Demons. After the Yin Demons were formed, warriors would keep them and nurture them in their Sea of Consciousness. During a battle, Yin Demons could use sinister soul techniques to create marvelous effects.

According to rumors, the strongest Yin Demon could claim the land of the Antiquity Demogorgon during its unceasing upgrading process.

People said that each Yin Demon carried a beam of the Demogorgon’s broken soul. When the Yin Demon thrived to an intimidatingly strong level, that soul would be wakened. At that time, the Yin Demon would become the Demogorgon, which would be really formidable.

However, even the Devil Valley, the faction which understood how to train the Yin Demons, had never heard about directly awakening the Demorgogon through the Yin Demon’s level-up.

The five Devils that shot out from Shi Yan’s body had a half-solid form, their appearance ferocious and intimidating. They had the primitive form of the Antiquity Demogorgon. Their aura was evil and eccentric, which was not ordinary at all.

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu exchanged looks. They could see the fear in each other's eyes. 

Shi Yan was the one Yun Hao had introduced to join the sect. He had Star Martial Spirit, so he was considered a member of the Radiant G.o.d Cult. But how did he know the technique to train Yin Demons?

Perhaps, he had a connection with the Devil Valley?

Five Devils were screaming, flying around to search for their delicious food. They were excitedly releasing a thick murderous aura that made people shiver.

All swimming fishes started to jump into the closed graves at the fastest speed. They didn't dare to show up anymore.

Each tomb had a strange energy that protected them naturally. After the fishes entered, the Five Devils couldn’t do anything to harm them. They circled around for a while, then unwillingly returned to Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness.

When the Five Devils got in his Sea of Consciousness, they calmed down and sunk into it to digest the nutrients they had just enjoyed.

Shi Yan was surprised. He shook his head and then beamed a faint smile. Looking at the astounded appearances of Ye Xiong and the other, he inquired, "Can we move now?"

Ye Xiong nodded with a strange complexion. "Yeah, but we have to be more careful. We’ve just encountered a dangerous situation, so I think it should be something else ahead of us."

 "Didn't you say that before we meet the Heaven Thunder Beast, we would have a smooth go?" Shi Yan frowned.

Ye Xiong smiled embarra.s.sedly. "It should have been. But I’m not sure now. Someone got in here before. Seems they have activated the barriers."

Shi Yan snorted.

He didn’t like indefinite factors. He thought this trip wouldn’t be so strenuous, with neither surprises nor dangers. But now, they seemed to have a lot of events at hand, which was obviously out of Ye Xiong’s plan. Also, this meant the other part of their trip would be more surprising.

Ye Xiong beamed a wry smiled. He didn’t dare to wait for another question, and immediately accelerated, walking straight ahead.

Although Yue Ying and Yun Xiu weren't pleased, as things had come to this point, they could only follow him in silence. In the dark, they kept reminding their apprentices to be more careful. 

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