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Seeing his frank and straightforward agreement, Ye Xiong was quite happy. "Little brother’s frank enough. Don’t worry! When we finish the business in the Shady Heaven Old Mound, I’ll give you the amount of Ethereal Crystal that pleases your pocket."

Zhu Yi laughed, his face cheerful. "Ye-ge, now that you have another support, you can be more certain about this trip."

Ye Xiong smiled happily.

Heaven Thunder Beast had the thunder attributes. It knew how to use the power of thunder. Among the demonic beasts, Heaven Thunder was a dangerous kind.

Heaven Thunder beasts had different levels, and had the ability to break through the level and evolve. Ye Xiong wanted to capture a level 8 Heaven Thunder beast, which was equivalent to a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior.

Normally, the demonic beasts were one level stronger than human warriors. Moreover, they had innate magical abilities.

Heaven Thunder beasts could control lightning. It had an innate G.o.dly strength. Compared to experts at the Peak of Spirit Realm, it was much stronger.

If Ye Xiong relied on only himself to capture the beast, it would be really tough.

"We’re waiting for the other two. After they come, we’ll depart towards the Shady Firmament Old Mound." Zhu Yi’s eyes was a bit strange, "I’ve heard that you’ve come to the Radiant G.o.d Cult. Where did you depart from?"

"Northern Gem Mountain."

Zhu Yi smiled cheerfully. "Well then, wait to see the other two. I think you know them too."


"Don't be anxious. You’ll see them soon."

Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong weren’t hurried. After Shi Yan agreed to join them, their att.i.tude towards him became friendlier.

These two warriors then asked him many questions about the Endless Sea. They seemed to be interested in this warriors’ gathering spot near the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

Shi Yan cooperated with them, but he was surprised inside as he was antic.i.p.ating who the ones going to join them were.

The time he had spent in the Divine Great Land wasn’t too long, and the hotshots he’d met weren’t so many. As Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong were the Elders of the Spirit Treasure Sect, Shi Yan guessed that the ones they were waiting for would include Li Zheng Rong.

Ye Chang Feng was here, anyway.

But it was beyond his prediction.

Half a day later, when two women arrived together, Shi Yan was astounded.

They were Yue Ying and Yun Xiu of the Radiant G.o.d Cult.

"Hahaha!" Zhu Yi laughed, his face happy. "It's tough to invite Elder Yue and Elder Yun here. Come here, come here, please. We shall discuss the situation first."

"Why are you here?" Yue Ying took Li Mu Yu with her. As she arrived, she rolled her eyes at him, not bothering to hide her snort.

Shi Yan pouted his lips.

"Our journey this time to the Shady Firmament Old Mound has our little friend Shi Yan as a part of it," Zhu Yi smiled and explained. "Shi Yan’s realm isn’t low, and he has some strange treasures. Elder Yue, you shouldn’t look down on our little friend here. When he was in the Ice Emperor City, even Yu Li Ming had to fall."

Yue Ying snorted, her face disdainful. "Borrowing external forces… It isn’t he who’s really strong."

Shi Yan didn’t care about that.

Yun Xiu put aside a lock of her bangs, her smile shining. "Same conditions?"

She looked at Ye Xiong.

Ye Xiong nodded.

Yun Xiu smiled contentedly, "Then it’s good. We should make everything clear before the operation, which will facilitate our cooperation."

Yun Xiu also brought a female apprentice. Her cultivation base was the same as Li Mu Yu, Third Sky of Sky Realm. She was called Bai Hui Quan.

This girl had a round, soft face that looked like a sweet apple. She had short maroon hair which made her look energetic, accompanied by a long-limbed body. Like Yun Xiu, she cultivated the Star Execution of the Radiation G.o.d Cult. 

When Bai Hui Quan arrived, her round eyes gazed at Shi Yan as she beamed a smile, talking with Li Mu Yu in a low voice.

Seemed like she was really curious about Shi Yan as she kept whispering to Li Mu Yu. The other girl didn’t want to talk much, and just answered some of her questions.

"Shi Yan, my little friend, please don't find it weird. The Wonderful Stone City and Elder Yue's territory are near. I have a good relationship with Elder Yue, which is normal. Elder Yue and Elder Yun are close friends, so it's natural that they come here together." As Zhu Yi saw Shi Yan being surprised, he smiled and explained.

Shi Yan responded to his explanation with a nod.

"It’s just a Heaven Thunder beast. Is it worth a big arrangement like this?" Yue Ying felt suspicious. "Even if we need to capture it alive, it isn't too difficult. Don't you have another plan?" She looked at Ye Xiong and Zhu Yi with a doubtful complexion.

Shi Yan was moved.

Although the Heaven Thunder Beast was a level 8 demonic beast, people sitting here were all Third Sky of Spirit Realm experts.

Especially Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong, they were the elders of the Spirit Treasure Sect; they should have many secret treasures. They surely had something to subdue the Heaven Thunder Beast.

If these two joined hands with the support from their treasures, although catching the Heaven Thunder Beast was hard, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

"The problem is that it is not only me who has laid my eyes on that Heaven Thunder Beast." Ye Xiong beamed a forced smile. "Seems that people of the Heaven Temple and the Martial Spirit Palace want that beast too. I want to make it quick. Before they come, we should be done." 

When he said that, Yue Ying and Yun Xiu changed their visage.

The Martial Spirit Palace and the Heaven Temple were mighty forces that belonged to seven ancient factions. If they encountered these people while catching the beast, it would be troublesome.

"Master Zhu, when you informed me about this case, it seems you didn’t mention this situation," Yue Ying frowned, her face unhappy.

She used to think that this wouldn’t be too difficult. Moreover, the conditions Zhu Yi, and Ye Xiong offered them weren't bad. That's why they agreed to help them. If she had known that the experts of the Martial Spirit Palace and the Heaven Temple were involved in this, she wouldn't be that frank. 

With two more compet.i.tors, the possibilities would vary. She understood that the Martial Spirit Palace and the Heaven Temple were tough to deal with, as these forces weren’t weaker than the Radiant G.o.d Cult.

"Don’t worry, we won’t encounter them," Ye Xiong hurried to explain, "Only I know where the beast is. When we get there, I’ll lead the way. We’ll find it soon. Even if people of the Heaven Temple and the Martial Spirit Palace arrive earlier, they can’t touch the right door."

"Ease your mind. If we meet them, you can just ignore it. We won’t let you put forth much effort," Zhu Yi a.s.sured.

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu relaxed, and only then nodded to agree.

 "Why do you want to catch the Heaven Thunder Beast?" Shi Yan intervened all of a sudden.

Yue Ying and Yun Xiu had just calmed down. When they heard his question, they paid more attention. Their bright eyes gazed at Ye Xiong.

"Umm, I can’t talk much about this," Ye Xiong forced a smile.

Shi Yan frowned, but didn’t inquire further. He understood that it wasn't a simple matter.

If one took their money, one had to save them from disaster. The deal between him and Ye Xiong was simple. He would help the old man catch the Heaven Thunder Beast, and Ye Xiong would give him the Ethereal Crystal. As to what Ye Xiong needed the beast for, the old man didn’t have an obligation to explain it to him.

If Ye Xiong didn’t want to talk about it, Shi Yan wouldn’t bother him further. Then, he kept silent, waiting for their arrangement.

Soon, Zhe Yi, Ye Xiong, Yue Ying, and Yun Xiu had determined the delegates. Ye Xiong was in charge of showing direction. Zhu Yi gave each of them a Sound Stone as the communication tool.

"We’ll talk about the weakness and how to catch the Heaven Thunder Beast on the way," Zhu Yi arranged everything and then smiled again, "Ye-ge has been waiting for it for a long time. If you guys don’t mind, shall we start now?"

Everybody nodded.

Zhu Yi smiled, taking out a flying crystal carriage. This was a crystal treasure that had hundreds of top-grade Crystal Stone as the engines, together with more than ten kinds of materials to refine. It worked under the control of the Crystal Stone.

This flying carriage was huge; it could carry more than ten persons, flying in the sky like a giant demonic beast. As long as it opened, it cried with the wind.

Zhu Yi and Ye Xiong led everybody to get in the sleigh. Then, they turned around and spoke to Shi Yan and Yue Ying. "Get in. This sleigh has a fast speed. It uses only the energy from Qi Crystals, so we can save our energy. Keep the power, we can use all of our strength in the Shady Firmament Old Mound to catch the beast earlier."

Lin Zhi, Luo Xiao, and Luo Meng felt happy seeing their teacher’s signal. They hopped in the carriage.

Ye Xiong didn’t take any apprentice, so he was lonely there. However, after he got in the carriage, he sat down quietly, took out a yellowed paper and read it.

"Let’s go," Yue Ying didn’t hesitate much and nodded to Yun Xiu.

Right after that, the four people got in the flying carriage.

"It… Uncle Zhu, I…" Ye Chang Feng stood on the ground, wanting to join.

"Your teacher’s about to arrive. You’d better stay here. I don’t want that old ghost to come trouble me," Zhu Yi laughed, but he shook his head to turn down the young man.

Ye Chang Feng felt miserable. He sighed bitterly, "If I knew it, I wouldn’t come to the Wonderful Stone City. I have no share in anything."

"Wait for me. When I come back, I’ll find you for a drink," Shi Yan grinned, then patted his shoulder and hopped in the flying carriage, sitting next to Li Mu Yu and Bai Hui Quan.

The Crystal Stone formed the foundation of the carriage. It had a purple-red roof. The front was conical with more Crystal Stone, which looked like a sword, narrow at the tip and enlarging at the back.

 "Let’s go," Ye Xiong urged.

Zhu Yi smiled and nodded. A light shot out from his finger to the top of the flying carriage. The Crystal Stone inside the carriage suddenly brightened dazzlingly like diamonds. Its power was activated torrentially, flying with the wind rapidly as a shooting star, getting out of the Wonderful Stone City instantly. 

"Heaven Thunder Beasts are the beasts of Lightning cla.s.s. They know how to use the power of lightning and thunder. Thus, when we catch them, we can’t use any soul techniques and treasures. Lightning power is the soul-killing spear. Treasures and soul techniques would be struck into ashes."

When the flying carriage steadied, Ye Xiong took a deep breath. His face was serious when he explained the dangerous features of Heaven Thunder Beasts.

"Heaven Thunder Beasts don’t have a big body, but its skin and fur are thick. It can resist some piercing martial technique naturally. Those beasts are smart. The beast we’re going to hunt is a level 8 one, so its skin’s really tough. We need sharp weapons, which I have prepared. You guys just need to help me restrain it. I will use the secret treasure to catch it…"

While the flying carriage was moving fast, Ye Xiong frowned, explaining the features of the Heaven Thunder Beast.

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