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Shi Yan was floating above the six barren mountains of the Northern Gem Mountain, his face stunned. After using the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow this time, his Star Martial Spirit seemed to have a positive change.

Shi Yan concentrated on sensing. 

Spots of starlight scattered in his heart, among which, he saw one blazing cl.u.s.ter containing the sun Qi. This star looked dazzling.

That light spot represented the Sun.

Around that cl.u.s.ter of light were seven other light spots which a.s.sumed the position of the Big Dipper. This arrangement was similar to the variable Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow he had performed.

At this moment, from the sunlight emitted from that small sun, waves of flaming energy sometimes rippled, then gathered at the spots of the Big Dipper.

Receiving the Sun power, the light spots of the Big Dipper dazzled as if they were breaking apart. That blazing halo vaguely blended with a red hue.

Shi Yan was amazed.

He quietly moved his Soul Consciousness, guiding it into that Sun power cl.u.s.ter which facilitated the absorption of the Sun power.

His magical Soul Consciousness silently manipulated the small sun, accelerating the flowing speed of Sun power.

When more flaming sun power poured into the Big Dipper, Shi Yan could feel clearly that the starlight and sunlight were fused, which upgraded the power of the Big Dipper.

Shi Yan was stunned and happy at the same time. He controlled the Soul Consciousness to move faster.

Gradually, more flaming sun power emitted from the small sun. Thriving along with the increasing flaming sun power, the Big Dipper started to have a magnificent change…

After a long while, no matter how much more flaming sun energy poured into it, the change of the Big Dipper’s energy had halted. Seemed like it was saturated.

Losing the control of Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan sensed his body. He could feel the enhanced power in the Big Dipper after the energy fusion clearly.

Shi Yan was happy, but he didn’t stop there, using the stimulating technique of the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow to guide the Star power.

As his thought just flickered, the Big Dipper in his heart fiercely shot out a thick column of light energy.

Strong energy quickly gathered in front of him, forming seven light spots, which had a dark red core of the sun power, and was covered in silvery halo.

While his thought changing, the Big Dipper Bow was shaped. Shi Yan poured his Essence Qi, as an arrow was formed gradually.

This arrow had the energy from his Essence Qi, and the Big Dipper Bow had the power of the sun and star. These three kinds of energy gathered, and the arrow radiated magnificently, its halo dazzling.


The arrow tore the s.p.a.ce as a fast meteor, darting towards the opposite mountain in just a blink.


The arrow pierced deeply into the mountain range, thrusting through the rigid mountain flank like cutting through thin paper. Rocks collapsed at the first encounter.

A seemingly endless hole as big as children’s arm pierced deep into the mountain.

Shi Yan was overjoyed. He came and checked it carefully, then couldn’t help but laugh cheerily.

It turned out he could use the fusion of star martial spirit’s power and the flaming sun energy that way.

Energies of the Flaming Sun, the Silver Moon, and the Star of the Radiant G.o.d Cult were the inherited powers. Each martial technique comprehended from the power Upanishad were interlinked.

The light power formed by the fusion of Sun power and Star power, of course, was stronger than the single Star power.

This arrow had a much stronger piercing force, with greater bursting power than before.

The Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow wasn’t too profound a martial technique. However, in his hands, it had complicated variables with increasing power.

With this path, Shi Yan imagined that he could apply the same method to any martial techniques which utilized the Star power. He could pour the flaming sun energy into the martial technique to increase its power. 

No wonder why Yun Hao could subdue the other Elders of the Radiant G.o.d Cult.

When he could fuse the power of the Flaming Sun, Silver Moon, and Star, the same martial technique in his hand would be thrice as strong as what the Elders could do!

This was just a conservative estimation!

At this moment, Shi Yan couldn’t define the increasing power of the fused light energy, but he thought that it shouldn’t be that simple an increase.

He found it hard to predict the actual power, but he could confirm that if Yun Hao performed the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow, its power had to be obviously tremendous.

Fusion was the kingly path!

At this moment, Shi Yan finally understood why the Radiant G.o.d Cult considered fusing the three powers their most precious a.s.set.

And, he finally knew why only the Cult Master of the Radiant G.o.d Cult knew the fusing technique.

It was like Shi Yan had sudden picked up a treasure on the street. He realized that joining the Radiant G.o.d Cult this time was a wise decision. Otherwise, his Star Martial Spirit could never promote to its best competence. 

He had spent several days continually in the Northern Gem Mountain to study the technique to apply the combined Flaming energy and Star energy more carefully.

Along his ascetic cultivating process, his understanding of the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow had reached a profound level, that was far beyond Yue Ying’s estimation.

Ten days later, Ghost Hunter, King of Demonic Insects, Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d had come back, bringing with them materials for refining weapons and many bones and Crystal Stones from demonic beasts.

These four strange living beings had followed his advice to enter the Gray Cloud Forest, where many demonic beasts were dwelling. They had a big harvest this time.

Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and Devouring Gold Silkworm seemed to have absorbed some effective energy from some beasts. Their aura had a clear change.

The Holy Spirit G.o.d was a special existence, so it couldn’t use the beasts to enhance its power. Among the four, it had the smallest change.

In the cave…

Looking at the cultivating material presenting plentifully on the ground, Shi Yan was smiling widely, constantly appraising, "Not bad, not bad. Everybody has spent good effort."

While speaking to them, he squeezed some drops of his Immortal Blood and gave them to the three beasts.

The Ghost Hunter seemed to have a desire for his Immortal Blood too. Similar to the King of Demonic Insects, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, this beast could use his blood to strengthen its power.

Cultivating materials were abundant in his cave. Some of them could be used to build Teleportation Formation. Shi Yan wasn’t surprised on seeing them.

There were some beasts living in the Gray Cloud Forest, but that place couldn’t have all the materials needed for his Teleportation Formation. Seeing such an amount of materials, he was happy already.

After categorizing and stacking them away, Shi Yan didn’t a.s.sign more tasks to them, retrieving them one by one into the Blood Vein Ring. Then, he considered in silence.

He still lacked a lot of materials to build a Teleportation Formation, especially the Ethereal Crystal.

The Radiant G.o.d Cult also had a special place to do trading of cultivating materials. Disciples of the sect could exchange their goods or buy them with Essence Qi Crystals.

However, the Radiant G.o.d Cult’s transaction field was limited, and it wasn’t open all the time.

Shi Yan remembered the Spirit Treasure Sect, which was adjacent to the Northern Gem Mountain.

The Spirit Treasure Sect was one of the seven old factions in Divine Great Land, which was the richest force. They had a big addiction to collecting cultivating and refining materials.

Warriors of the Spirit Treasure Sect would choose to depend on external resources in their cultivating way.

Secret treasures and pellets were essential for Spirit Treasure Sect’s warriors. And because of that factor, the Spirit Treasure Sect had a structure of specialized blacksmiths and alchemists. For instance, Li Zheng Rong was originally from the Spirit Treasure Sect, but no one knew why he had left the sect and cultivated alone.

The Spirit Treasure Sect not only collected the materials, but also traded them. Each region of the Sect had its own transaction field of a big scale.

Shi Yan now lacked many types of materials for his refining weapon practice. Perhaps he couldn’t collect them in the Radiant G.o.d Cult, but he would have big opportunities in the transaction fields of the Spirit Treasure Sect.

His thoughts had flickered for a while, then Shi Yan smiled as he decided to visit the Spirit Treasure Sect. He would sell a part of the materials he didn’t need, and try to find sufficient materials to build the Teleportation Formation.

He didn't care about the Northern Gem Mountain. Since he had come here, he had never visited the Northern Gem City. He considered this place a foothold of his, and he didn’t have a feeling of possessing the area.

Thus, before leaving, he didn’t need to make any arrangements, directly flying away.

The Spirit Treasure Sect was situated next to the Northern Gem Mountain. After flying across an immense meadow, Shi Yan appeared in the territory of the Spirit Treasure Sect.

In the Divine Great Land, although the Spirit Treasure Sect was one of the seven ancient factions, it didn’t advocate fighting. Quite the contrary, it was like a businessman, as it kept a harmonious relationship with all forces.

People in the Spirit Treasure Sect weren’t anti-foreign. Most of the warriors there came from other places. Just like Shi Yan, they came here to sell the materials or find secret treasures, martial techniques, and materials that they couldn’t buy anywhere else.

This sect was really open, and they always welcomed visitors.

The Wonderful Stone City of Spirit Treasure Sect had shops everywhere, which was several times bigger and more crowded than the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley.

Warriors visiting the Wonderful Stone City came from everywhere. They were the disciples of the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, the Devil Valley, or even the Martial Spirit Palace. However, a big part of them were all warriors of some small sects and schools.

Spirit Treasure Sect didn’t reject anyone. They didn't sell tickets to enter their cities, since countless colorful shops along the street were their true money trees.

Most of the store owners in the Wonderful Stone City were the disciples of the Spirit Treasure Sect.

Each disciple of the Spirit Treasure Sect had sharp eyes in inspecting treasures. They were smart businessmen. They had exploited the advantages of their territory to collect cultivating materials, selling crystals and medicine that they didn’t need. Through this market, they collected more treasures and pellets to maintain their strong fighting competence.

Shi Yan strolled in the Wonderful Stone City in excitement, visiting each store.

Indeed, there were many crystals and other wooden tools needed for his Teleportation Formation which Shi Yan had found in the Wonderful Stone City. Along the way, after cleaning up ten shops, he had a big harvest, collecting almost all the necessary materials.

Shi Yan then went to a big store that collected materials from warriors. Shi Yan exchanged all the stuff he didn’t need in the Storage Ring to Essence Qi Crystals.

After this business, the number of Qi Crystals in his Storage Ring had been stacked up thickly.

"Shi Yan!"

A pleasantly surprised voice came from the road ahead of him. Right after that, a silhouette flew over, wearing the complexion of meeting a long lost friend – Ye Chang Feng.

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