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After Yun Hao had gone, elders like Ji Mu, Xue Mu, and Liu Xiao also left one after another. Yue Ying didn’t hurry. She stayed in the Secret Library in the temple of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, picking an ancient book of the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow. When she went out, she threw the book to Shi Yan. "You take this book of Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow and cultivate."

Shi Yan received the book, smiled, and thanked her.

This woman kept a cold att.i.tude towards him from the beginning. Faint hatred flashed in her eyes, which confused him. He didn't know when he had displeased this woman.

"Mu Yu, take him to the Northern Gem Mountain. From now on, the Northern Gem Mountain will become his cultivating place," a.s.signed Yue Ying.

Li Mu Yu regarded her. The corner of her mouth showed that she was taking a bit pleasure in the other's misfortune.

Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows.

From what he could observe from Yue Ying and Li Mu Yu’s complexions, he understood that Northern Gem Mountain wouldn’t be a nice place. Although he wasn’t so pleased with Yue Ying’s arrangement, he couldn’t do anything.

This woman was a True G.o.d Realm expert, and that she could subdue him in every aspect. A man standing under the eaves had to bend his head. Currently, he just needed a shelter. He didn’t have a bigger hope.

Li Yu Mu wore an indifferent face, letting out a slight snort. "Follow me."

Shi Yan followed her nonchalantly.

The Northern Gem Mountain…

Six high, uneven mountains didn’t have a single blade of gra.s.s. This area was around a hundred li square. There was a small city, whose population didn't surpa.s.s several thousand. They didn't have hotshots, valuable mines, or spiritual herbs.

Although the Northern Gem Mountain belonged to the Radiant G.o.d Cult, it was a barren and remote area under the direct management of Yue Ying. However, this woman had never cared about this place.

The Northern Gem Mountain wasn’t suitable for warriors to cultivate, since it didn’t have a mineral lode or cultivating materials. Spiritual Qi here was dilute, not as rich as even some small islands in Endless Sea.

The Northern Gem Mountain was near the Spirit Treasure Sect, adjacent to the Gray Cloud Forest, where many demonic beasts dwelled. People said that there were even level 8 demonic beasts living there. It was a good place for the Radiant G.o.d Cult’s disciples to hunt the demonic beasts and train themselves.

Along the way there, Li Mu Yu didn’t talk much. She kept a distant att.i.tude towards Shi Yan. After she took him to the back of the Northern Gem Mountain, she said, "This is the place my Master arranged for you. From now on, this area belongs to you. You will manage the Northern Gem City, too. You will receive the yearly offerings from this city. And, you’re now in charge of maintaining the Northern Gem City, preventing the attacks from demonic beasts.

"Is it the place?" Shi Yan floated in the air with a gloomy face. He released his Soul Consciousness for a while and felt extremely disappointed.

The Northern Gem Mountain situated in an area of several hundred li square, but there was no Nirvana Realm warrior. Under his Soul Consciousness, nothing was concealed above or under the ground. No mineral lodes, no special spiritual herbs, and the heaven and earth aura was dilute. Basically, this wasn’t a good place for warriors to cultivate.

"Yes, it is," Li Mu Yu laughed in her head, but she appeared unconcerned. She snorted and said, "You should stay here and cultivate. If you want to accomplish the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow soon, you should take a good care of this Northern Gem Mountain."

After saying those words, Li Mu Yu left the Northern Gem Mountain.

Spiritual Qi was dense and immense in High Cloud Pavilion. This was where Yue Ying cultivated. It was placed in the center of an area surrounded by many high mountains and big rivers. Crystal clear lakes were everywhere. They planted a lot of spiritual herbs to cultivate medicine, and flowers bloomed year round.

Li Mu Yu returned to the place, then directly came to High Cloud Pavilion and reported to Yue Ying.

Yue Ying nodded, her face cold. "That kid doesn’t have good manners. You shouldn’t contact him much. Since he has come, he will have conflicts with Yu Le and Han Chang soon. When they mess up, we just stay aside. We don’t need to concern with him."

Li Mu Yu replied her with respect. "Teacher, his innate endowment is really extraordinary. In the Precious Tool Valley, he had defeated Hao Hai, Chang Wo, and Lie Feng successively. At that time, he had only the Sky Realm cultivation base. After around ten days, he broke through Spirit Realm. However, he's arrogant, and his disposition is cruel. He had slaughtered innocent people in the Precious Tool Valley. People hate him, but they are afraid of him."

"Although the G.o.d Sect has many properties, not many places are really good lands. The Cult Master favors him a lot. Perhaps, he will take him to the Secret Territory when it opens. You have to try harder. Don’t let the other suppress you," advised Yue Ying.

Li Mu Yu nodded.

Shi Yan floated above the Northern Gem Mountain. His Soul Consciousness traveled many places, but he didn't find any precious materials. Shi Yan felt really disappointed.

Anyway, he didn't have big expectations. He found a random cave in the Northern Gem Mountain, got in and summoned the Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm. "There're demonic beasts in the Gray Cloud Forest and some cultivating materials. You guys can go out and take a walk. Also, help me find some materials."

Then, he told them the names of the materials he needed.

The Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d soon had a high intellect, especially the King of Demonic Insects and the Holy Spirit G.o.d. They had a wide knowledge of human warriors’ cultivating materials. The King of Demonic Insects and the Holy Spirit G.o.d had memorized the materials he asked.

The four strange living beings left the Northern Gem Mountain and went to the Gray Cloud Forest to find the cultivating materials as Shi Yan had advised them.

Shi Yan continued to build a ma.s.sive-scaled Teleportation Formation, which connected to the Endless Sea.

However, a big Teleport Formation required many kinds of materials. Although Shi Yan’s Storage Ring had many Essence Qi Crystals, he didn’t have many precious materials. There were many things he couldn’t buy with Essence Qi Crystals.

Even though Yun Hao favored him, he couldn’t violate the Cult’s rules by giving him the properties of the Cult.

He could only help himself.

It was lucky that he had arms. King of Demonic Insects, the Ghost Hunter, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm were formidable beasts. They couldn’t be defeat in the Gray Cloud Forest. As long as there were some materials in the forest, they could dig them up for him.

What made him worried was the Ethereal Crystal.

The Ethereal Crystal was a fundamental material that the Teleportation Formation needed the most. He could find alternatives for the other materials, but not the Ethereal Crystals. Without the Ethereal Crystal, even if he had comprehended the mysteries of the Teleportation Formation, he couldn't build it. 

However, in the entire Divine Great Land, the Ethereal Crystal was really scarce. The Precious Tool Valley didn’t have it. He didn’t know where to find the crystal.

He didn’t ask Yue Ying, since he knew she wouldn’t help them even if he asked her.

Inside the mountain flank, Shi Yan took a deep breath and then took out the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow book, concentrated his mind, and started reading it.

The Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow was a secret technique that used the Star Martial Spirit to attack with the star power. It would be condensed according to the position of the Northern Seven-star into the Big Dipper Arrow. Then, the user had to pour the Essence Qi constantly into it to shoot it out.

When he was in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, Zhao Feng had told him about the mysteries of the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow. However, the situation had been rushed at that time, so they couldn’t talk much about the technique of the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow.

Shi Yan read through the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow book once. His eyes lit up as he was amazed.

Compared to the simple description of Zhao Feng, this Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow book was much complicated, and the techniques there were more exquisite.

Of course, performing the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow couldn’t be separated from using the Star power.

However, besides the power of Stars, he could pour the Essence Qi into the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow. The Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow used the Star power to condense the bow, and the Essence Qi to create the arrows. Or, he could use the Stars power to make the arrows. Also, he could combine the Essence Qi and the Stars power to make the most powerful arrow. 

The Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow had five types. They were the Star Falling, Star Raindrop, Meteor Catching Moon, Mighty Galaxy, and Seven Stars Brilliant World. Each type required the combination of star power and Essence Qi. The Essence Qi would form different styles of attacks. Each type had a different formation. The power of the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow would grow together with the improvement of Realm and Essence Qi.

After thinking for a while, Shi Yan’s eyes became brighter. He realized that this Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow was somehow miraculous. If he could master it, it would be a big help.

He repressed the bad feeling in his heart, staying in the Northern Gem Mountain to study the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow.

With the experience he had from comprehending s.p.a.ce power, when he tried to feel the mysteries of the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow, he could progress fast.

Compared to the complicated and abstruse Teleportation Formation, this Big Dipper Arrow had neither changes nor matters that he couldn’t understand. As long as he practiced enough times, it wasn’t difficult to control the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow.

Half a day later, at midnight in the Northern Gem Mountain…

A silhouette was floating in the air. He was urging the Star power, condensing a Big Dipper Bow. Crystal clear, shining arrows were set on the bow, then shot out fiercely.

Each arrow was formed by the combined power of star power and Essence Qi. They darted at fast speed in the air.

The arrows were like a dense shower of swords, gathering into a bunch, plunging down rapidly and then expanding like eye-catching fireworks. Energy fluctuations shot out everywhere like water pouring from the galaxy, extremely magnificent.

This beautiful scene was like a meteor shower. Radiant rays shot out that could enchant people.

Many low-realm warriors in the Northern Gem City moved to watch the scene. They were observing the firework performance from afar. All of them were surprised and constantly complimenting. 

Long after that, Shi Yan retrieved his power. While feeling the star power moving in him, his face was bright and joyful.

The Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow martial technique wasn’t as evil as the Gravitational Field, nor as tyrannical as Rampage, or as eccentric as the Death and Life Seal. However, this martial technique could release the Star power in his body with a relatively strong power.

What surprised Shi Yan more was that his Soul Consciousness could be enclosed with each arrow, and he could control the flying trajectory of the arrow!

After he had reached the Spirit Realm, his Soul Consciousness had been strengthened with s.p.a.ce power, which had a tremendous piercing power and lightning speed. The arrow with his Soul Consciousness was cunning, fast, and bursting, as if it could cross the s.p.a.ce. This was extremely extraordinary.

Each arrow carried along a flow of Soul Consciousness, using it to direct the arrow. Also, it enhanced the power of the arrow.

The Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow wasn’t an extremely profound martial technique, but in his hands, it seemed to vary miraculously. Each type he performed was earth-shaking.

Shi Yan breathed gently. Each arrow was sometimes fast, sometimes slow. They flashed in the air, sometimes dazzling, sometimes dim.

All of a sudden, numerous rays of starlight gathered around him from all directions like birds returning home.

The beautiful starlight disappeared into his body, and the star halo in his body changed accordingly. Spots of starlight twinkled unceasingly in his heart. It seemed like some special change was happening.

Shi Yan was amazed. He hurried to concentrate his mind and felt it.

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