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(The t.i.tle of this chapter lit. is the name of the old ca.n.a.l in Henan that formed the border between enemies Chu and Han – TL) 

Shi Yan described the scene he had seen in the foreign land in detail. Hearing him, Lin Meng and Nie Ru were frightened.

"The histories of the Pure Land and the Devil Valley are longer than the Radiant G.o.d Cult. Do you know anything about the alien in that foreign land?" Yun Hao waited for Shi Yan to finish. He frowned and asked Lin Meng and Nie Ruo.

Nie Ruo shook his head, "Never heard about this kind of a creature before."

Lin Meng didn’t answer immediately. She hesitated for a while, then shook her head. "The old writings of our Pure Land record a lot of foreign tribes in the Antiquity Time, but none of them match your description of that alien."

 Yun Hao felt disappointed.

"Among the seven ancient factions in the Divine Great Land, if we are talking about long history and the number of ancient books in possession, the Martial Spirit Palace ranks first." Lin Meng mused, then spoke up with a child-like voice calmly, "Perhaps, we should go to Martial Spirit Palace and ask them."

Yun Hao and Nie Ruo had their eyes brightened.

Among the seven ancient factions, Pure Land and Martial Spirit Palace both had a long history that could track back to the Antiquity time.

However, Pure Land had a big change at one time, leading to the loss of a big part of their doc.u.ments and records. Quite the contrary, Martial Spirit Palace had kept a lot of ancient books from the Antiquity era. So now, they were considered the faction that had the most profound knowledge about antiquity creatures in the Divine Great Land.

"Right, we should ask the Martial Spirit Palace. I forgot about them," Yun Hao nodded and smiled.

Nie Ruo also agreed.

"We’ll stay in the Dead Soul Mountain range to observe for several days. If we can’t find the dead souls’ evil lair, we will leave." Lin Meng contemplated, then continued. "Perhaps the dead souls’ evil lair has left the Dead Soul Mountain range. If we linger here, I'm afraid it will just waste our time and efforts without a positive result. So, I think we should extend our vision to see what’s changing. Then, we shall discuss again."

Yun Hao and Nie Ruo nodded.

"Precursor Lin…"

At this moment, Shi Yan suddenly rose his voice, his face strange.

Lin Meng turned around. They couldn’t see her expression under the veil. "What?"

"Xia Xin Yan’s in the Pure Land now, right?"


"Can I…"

"No." Lin Meng cut him off impolitely. Her childlike voice was clear but cold. "I know you, and I know the relationship between you and Xin Yan. Here’s my advice for you. Being a human, you should understand your position. Xin Yan is destined to be the future master of the Pure Land. She will surpa.s.s me to reach the realm that no one can imagine. She has reached the Second Sky of Spirit Realm now. In one or two years, she’ll step directly into the Third Sky of Spirit Realm. Do you understand me?"

Yun Hao, Nie Ruo, and their men changed their faces.

As the masters of the Radiant G.o.d Cult and the Devil Valley, they knew that the Pure Land had a treasure. But they could never think that Xia Xin Yan had reached such a high level in just a short time.

Yu Le, Lie Feng, Ming Mei, and Luo Yue suddenly felt their pressure increasing. They looked at Shi Yan with a vaguely jeering expression.

Lin Meng told him to give up. Although she didn’t say it clearly, her idea was clear enough. He wasn’t good enough to be with Xia Xin Yan.

Shi Yan wore a gloomy face. He clenched his teeth while rage filled him. But he had no choice. He had many things he wanted to say to persuade her. However, what Lin Meng told him had stopped his words right in his throat. He couldn’t say anything.

"Even I can’t estimate Xin Yan’s future. You should give it up. Don’t struggle. You will just hurt yourself, kid." Lin Meng wasn’t trying to be polite at all.

Yun Hao couldn’t say anything.

n.o.body could talk on behalf of the other when talking about love. Yun Hao himself was terrified on hearing how powerful Xia Xin Yan was.

He had thought that Shi Yan was tough, but after he heard it from Lin Meng, he understood that that little girl’s cultivating path would have no barriers. Even Yun Hao himself had a helpless feeling. He thought that although Shi Yan could be more powerful, he could never reach her level.

"Okay!" Shi Yan clenched his jaw, taking a deep breath. He took out the jade bottle and threw it to Lin Meng. "This drop of Life Original Liquid, please give it to her. I hope she could thrive another step further."

Yun Hao, Nie Ruo, and the others looked dumbstruck

Xue Mu, Ya Lie, Feng Biao and the others had their eyes heated up, gazing at the jade bottle that contained the Life Original Fluid.

How precious the Life Original Fluid was, everyone here understood it well. This was the strongest guarantee for experts at Spirit Realm to leap up to the True G.o.d Realm!

Xue Mu, Ya Lie, and Feng Biao were all at the Peak of Spirit Realm!

Lin Meng didn’t move, but the jade bottle disappeared shortly. She put it away and then talked with her cold and clear voice. "I’ll give it to her."

Shi Yan smiled generously. "It’s good then. I don't know how the future will be, but I’m sure that my future isn’t some trajectory you can define either."

"Overreaching yourself," Lin Meng snorted, waved her hand, and left. "We should go."

Warriors of the Pure Land including Ya Lie and Luo Yue flew after her.

"This kid is a lovebird. It's obvious that he has no hope here, but still, he gave her the Life Original Liquid. Haha, don't you know that it would widen the gap between you two?" Nie Ruo smiled faintly, his voice ironical.

Shi Yan didn’t reply him.

Nie Ruo didn’t get angry. He gave Shi Yan a deep look and then shifted his look to Feng Biao, "Master Yun protects him. Do you still want to rob the Life Original Fluid from him?"

Feng Bao darkened his face, throwing a malicious look at Shi Yan. "Kid, I remember you. You better not fall into my hands."

"Well, when I was in the Sky Realm, you couldn’t hurt me. Now that I’ve reached the Spirit Realm, do you think you can trouble me?" Shi Yan snapped back, his face disdainful.

Feng Biao put on a ruthless expression.

"Let’s go, Feng Biao," Nie Rue waved his hand, beaming a gloomy smile.

"Shi Yan, I gained big profits from the battle with you. In the future, if we have a chance, I want to experience your power again." Lie Feng, the eccentric but handsome man, bowed to him with his sincere face.

Shi Yan was surprised. He nodded and said, "Everyone strives hard."

Lie Feng wasn't enraged. Since he had reached Spirit Realm, he had an absolute and blind confidence, with a boiling fighting will. This man was the most dangerous opponent.

Also, he was someone he had respected.

Nie Rue glared at Lie Feng and nodded silently.

Yun Hao appeared amazed, looking at Lie Feng as he complimented, "Kid, you are not ordinary at all. No wonder why Nie Rue has chosen you."

Lie Feng bowed to him with respect, then looked at Shi Yan one more time. "We bid farewell here. When the Secret Territory opens, I’ll be waiting for your arrival."

Then, he left together with Nie Ruo and Feng Biao.

Shi Yan couldn’t make a head or tail, looking at Yun Hao. "What’s that Secret Territory?"

Yun Hao grinned. "An interesting place. After a while, the secret territory will open. You should try harder. Perhaps, you’ll meet the one you want to meet there."

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. "I hope to hear more about it."

"We should get back to the G.o.d Sect first. After you finish the invest.i.ture ceremony, you’ll get to know the mysteries of the Secret Territory."

"Yes, sir."

After Lin Meng, Yun Hao, and Nie Ruo took their men away, a green spot flashed and then flickered like a firefly inside a ruin in the Spirit Potion Valley.

That green spot gradually swelled. Seconds later, it was as big as a grinder, emitting a strange, cold energy.

A strong suction force shot out from the cave covered in green halo.

Next, pieces of bodies flew up, as if some kind of force was guiding them, entering the light cave continuously.

After fifteen minutes, all cut limbs in the two valleys had been dragged into the evil lair. There was no b.l.o.o.d.y scene in the two valleys anymore.

Inside the light cave, the ash-gray sky was vast, with s.p.a.ce cracks appearing everywhere. Numerous bodies piled up on the green soul sea. Flows of evil green energy were winding the dead bodies like virescent silky fibers, constantly condensing.

Three high-level members of the Dark Spirit Clan with their real bodies were surrounding the pile of bodies to carry out some kind of evil sacrificial ritual above the green soul sea.

It seemed that the members of the Dark Spirit Clan released flows of Soul Consciousness to do some trading with the green soul sea.

After an unknown time, the green soul sea surged, shooting out numerous beams of green light, pouring on the center of the sacrificial altar.

A giant s.p.a.ce crack appeared in the vast gray sky. A dark green light shot out from it.

It was a dead soul.

It was different from the normal dead souls, as it had the shape of the members of the Dark Spirit Clan, but without a body. It had just a thin, empty body, but its face was clear. Obviously, this dead soul wasn’t affected by the s.p.a.ce slits or the green soul sea.

As this dead soul arrived, all the clansmen of the Dark Spirit Soul, no matter with or without a body, all were joyful. They started to come near and bowed to it one by one.

The dead soul moved slowly towards the virescent soul sea. Next, it released the willpower to negotiate with the soul sea. It seemed to demand something as its countenance got excited.

The green soul sea twisted and surged. Souls floating there were like pieces of meat, moving and crawling terrifyingly.

Long after that, the sea soul and the dead soul had come to an agreement. A streak of satisfaction reflected in the dead soul’s eyes.

Shortly, thousands of dark green tentacles shot out from the green soul sea, piercing the altar.

b.l.o.o.d.y cut limbs on the sacrificial altar seemed to be refined by some kind of evil force. b.l.o.o.d.y bones were broken into pieces, while some weaker bones exploded since they couldn't endure the pressure.

After an unknown period, the giant meat sacrificial altar was completely covered in the dark green light, turning into a green chunk of meat.

The dead soul that all Dark Spirit Clan’s clansmen worshipped wore an excited face. It was stirred up, gazing at the green meat chunk without blinking.

When the green meat shook gently, the dead soul couldn’t wait anymore, directly jumping into it and turning into a flow of light, entering the giant meat block.

When the dead soul entered completely, the meat shook harder. Rings of strange, evil energy rippled from it, which was as strong as the energy from any True G.o.d Realm warrior like Nie Ruo or Lin Meng. 

That cold, evil soul seemed to have a new home, a new body, to start a new life.

All members of the Dark Spirit Clan screamed while the other dead souls could only cheer silently. Seemed like they had completed the racial transformation that stirred them up to the point they couldn’t control.

The green soul sea was tranquil. It didn’t surge anymore, gradually retrieving the strange energy.

The body of a new Dark Spirit Clan's member struggled to get out of the meat with tremendous power.

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