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Above the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley, a dazzling green light rippled from the dead souls' evil lair layer after layer, which looked like a group of thousands of green ecliptics. Each ecliptic contained great power fluctuations.

The green ring light was the strengthened barrier which had covered all the members of the Dark Spirit Clan, saving them from the attack of the three True G.o.d Realm experts.

Virescent light columns as wide as a human shot out from the evil lair, piercing through the ground and thrusting deep into the soil.

The three True G.o.d Realm warriors had to mobilize their power urgently to face the light columns.

At the same time, all members of the Dark Spirit Clan were covered inside the green ecliptic, which kept them safe from the True G.o.d Realm warriors' attacks.

In the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley, the structures where the light columns shot through all crumpled; nothing remained intact.

The two valleys, which had been existed for hundreds of years, were crushed down. Corpses on the ground got shot again, as flesh and blood splashed everywhere. The whole scene looked like h.e.l.l on earth.

The three True G.o.d Realm experts from the Radiant G.o.d Cult, the Pure Land, and the Devil Valley were facing the green light columns from the evil lair, but seemed like they couldn't hold it for more, let alone attacking the clansmen.

Fortunately, the energy from the evil lair couldn’t be maintained for any longer. Not long after that, the energy shot out from it gradually ceased.

When the three True G.o.d Realm warriors thought that they could catch all of the Dark Spirit Clan’s members, a suction force suddenly emitted from the dead souls’ evil lair.

The Dark Spirit Clan’s survivors were overjoyed, turning themselves into beams of light and flying toward the evil lair.

Shortly, all members of the Dark Spirit Clan disappeared into the dead souls’ evil lair. The evil lair then shrank again into a fist-sized green light spot, twisting and swaying in the air. All of a sudden, it disappeared into thin air.

Three True G.o.d Realm warriors stood in the ruins of the two valleys while exchanging looks, their faces solemn.

Afterward, they discussed something and then disappeared.

In a cave in the East of the Dead Soul Mountain range, a several-thousand-meters tall mountain collapsed. Numerous big trees broke down as the ground cracked, revealing a deep, bottomless abyss.

Elder Xue Mu of the Radiant G.o.d Cult took Yu Le and a group of disciples, struggling while floating in the air. They looked at the general direction of the Spirit Potion Valley, which was pretty far from them now, slamming their brows together. They were all worried.

All of a sudden, a light flashed next to Xue Mu.

One of the good-looking middle-aged man, who had just engaged in the battle with the Dark Spirit Clan in the Spirit Potion Valley, appeared in the light. He threw a glance at Xue Mu, nodded and said, "It’s good that you’re alright."

"Cult Master!"

Xue Mu, Yu Le, and the others bent down to greet him, their faces full of respect.

Yun Hao, the master of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, waved his hand gently to ask them not to be too polite. Then he said, "This is a big catastrophe. The Dark Spirit Clan has revived. We didn't kill them timely, which will be a big trouble later."

Xue Mu, Yu Le, and the others discolored in fear.

All of them knew Yun Hao had a formidable power. Their Cult Master had taken action personally together with the Masters of the Pure Land and the Devil Valley but they couldn’t eradicate the Dark Spirit Clan. Now, he had appeared with a serious expression, which made them worry about the whole situation.

"In the Antiquity time, the Dark Spirit Clan was an extreme race. After taking time to rest and regain their power in the foreign land, they have recovered almost fully. We don't know what happened to them in the foreign land, but they've become more terrifying." Yun Hao's eyes were as bright as a torch as he spoke up faintly. "Seems like there's an extremely intimidating existence in that dead souls'evil lair, which helps the Dark Spirit Clan. Somehow, it can't leave the foreign land, but it can help protect the Dark Spirit Clan through the distance of a whole world. This is way too incredulous!"

"If even the Cult Master says that it’s terrifying, then this existence’s absolutely beyond us," added Xue Mu.

Yun Hao slowly nodded, "I think, if the three of us enter that foreign land and fight that existence, we wouldn’t be able to come back unharmed. It’s hard to estimate the power of the opponent. In the most conservative estimation, I think it should have the power of a Peak True G.o.d Realm expert."

Everybody was frightened.

"The dead souls' evil lair covered all the members of the Dark Spirit Clan and disappeared. We can't detect its current location." Yun Hao hesitated, then continued, "The three of us will stay in the Dead Soul Mountain range for a while and try our best to find it. We'll damage it badly when the Dark Spirit Clan isn’t well-prepared."

Xue Mu and his group listened to him in silence.

While Yun Hao was telling them about his plan, he suddenly changed the topic. "Xue Mu, you had sent me a message saying that there was an interesting battle in the Precious Tool Valley."

"Yes, Master," Xue Mu explained with his respected face. "A strange young man fought with Lie Feng and gained the upper hand. It’s strange. That kid just has the Peak Sky Realm cultivation base, but he could trouble Lie Feng to the point no one dared to believe."

"What’s his name?"

"Shi Yan."

"Shi Yan..."

Yun Hao mused for a while. The corner of his mouth beamed an eccentric smile. "Turns out it’s him. This kid always gives us surprises."

"Master, you know him?"

Xue Mu was surprised. He thought his Master didn't pay attention to this trivial matter. He had gathered all the news of the Divine Great Land, screening and reporting some important news to Yun Hao. However, he had never heard about the name Shi Yan before. How could his Master know this kid?

"Where’s that kid?" Yun Hao didn’t answer him but inquired with great interest.

Xue Mu, Yu Le and the other disciple of the Radiant G.o.d Cult were astounded. The Cult Master wasn’t a man who liked gossip, but now he suddenly had interest in an anonymous kid. This had them bewildered.

"During his battle with Lie Feng, he seemed to fall into bedevilment. He then slaughtered the onlookers around…" explained Xue Mu.

"I’ve just left for a few days," Yun Hao smiled, "Not bad. Not bad at all. He could endure the battle with a puppet at Third Sky of Spirit Realm, and he also has dangerous beasts. This young man is really talented. Haha."

Xue Mu and the others looked at him with astonishment. They were wise enough not to inquire further.

"He should still be in the Dead Soul Mountain range. I’m going to search for him. Haha. He has the Star Martial Spirit. As the Cult Master, I can track him down with this," laughed Yun Hao.

"Star Martial Spirit!"

Xue Mu and Yu Le screamed in unison.

"Yeah," Yun Hao smiled, "This kid comes from the Endless Sea. He has the Star Martial Spirit… He’s one of us. Last time in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he had joined hands with a disciple in our Cult, whose name’s Zhao Feng. When he arrived at the Divine Great Land, he fought with the Nings. I heard he had caused Ning Du Quan some loss."

Xue Mu and Yu Le were astounded.

Xue Mu was bewildered. Later on, he said, "When he was in the Spirit Potion Valley, he didn't reveal his ident.i.ty. If I knew he was one of us, I would have definitely kept him here."

"He should have some worries that kept him from telling his true ident.i.ty," Yun Hao waved his hands. "No problem. No matter what his worries are, when he comes to the Divine Great Land, I want to have him in our Cult. This man can beat up Lie Feng when he has only the Sky Realm cultivation base... His potential is endless. The Pure Land has just found a girl who has the soul of an ancient ancestor. Our G.o.d Sect needs a plan, too."

Then, he looked at Yu Le and smiled again. "You must try harder. That kid has never been nurtured in our sect. He has cultivated alone, but he could reach that level. Talking about the innate endowment, his is almost the same as yours."

Yu Le smiled and nodded, but didn’t say anything, his eyes strange.

Right in front of everybody, Yun Hao closed his eyes. The energy around his body was activated. Powers of the sun, moon, and stars with colorful colors constantly sparkled around him.

A wave of sensing soul energy expanded quietly under the light of the sun, moon, and stars, starting to comb the Dead Soul Mountain range.

The power of the Flaming Sun, Silver Moon, and Star in Xue Mu, Yu Le, and the others were agitated. They seemed to be struggling as if they wanted to detach from the warriors' bodies.

As the Master of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, the power Yun Hao controlled could subdue any disciple in the cult. When his thought flickered, the energy of the opponents would be attracted and disturbed to the point they couldn’t bear.

Yun Hao closed his eyes and pushed his energy further. From his body as the center, his power was rippling hard.

Long afterward, Yun Hao rolled his eyes, whose pupils as dazzling as the sun. Scorching divine light shot out immensely.

 "Cult Master, did you find him?" Xue Mu asked with caution.

Yun Hao nodded smilingly but didn’t answer him. Starlight moved in his body. The power of the sun and the moon entered the stars, directly arousing some kind of a strange change.

Shortly, Yun Hao disappeared into thin air.

"Yu Le, you have a rival now." Waiting until Yun Hao disappeared completely, Xue Mu took a deep breath. "Seems the Master regards that kid pretty well. If he joins the G.o.d Sect, he can replace you in and become the Son of G.o.d."

Yu Le beamed a faint smile from the corner of his mouth. "It’s okay. It’s much more interesting when your opponent’s stronger."

Xue Mu frowned while looking at him. He then nodded slowly. "You should pay attention. To gain the favor from the Cult Master, you’ve been putting a lot of efforts. I know your effort has been more than anyone else’s. I have bet my biggest stake on you. I don't want to see you fail."

"Don’t worry. No matter who he or she is, the last one who stands will be me." Yu Le felt funny. His crystal clear eyes showed his absolute confidence. It was the nature that a true expert should have. Only when they had the absolute self-confidence, would they be unafraid of any kinds of provocation, which couldn’t hinder them from performing their best.

Yu Le was that kind of a person.

"Yeah, I favor you," Xue Mu also smiled.

Although he was surprised with the power Shi Yan had demonstrated, he also knew Yu Le’s strength. Throughout the recent years, Yu Lie had been growing fast after each battle. Through each battle, he had learned something new.

Xue Mu had an absolute trust in Yu Le. He didn’t think that Shi Yan, a man from the Endless Sea, could replace Yu Le in the Radiant G.o.d Cult.

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