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Shi Yan felt that he was forced to divide into two persons.

One was his real self, and the other was the hollow soul. His hollow soul did have a vision, intellect, and it could move too.

Through the vague Teleportation Formation in the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success, the hollow soul had gone somewhere, which ached Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness as he suddenly had a hallucination that his soul was split up.

In the vision of the hollow soul, Shi Yan saw a vast area, where s.p.a.ce seemed to be cut open by some kinds of sharp weapons, with many fine cracks.

Those were the s.p.a.ce slits.

Each s.p.a.ce slit led to another strange world or the turbulent void. All of them were mysterious and hard to measure.

There was a sea made of floating souls in the foreign land. Those souls fluttered in unconsciousness, as if the nutrition in them was all absorbed.

This sea was dark green, and he couldn't see where it ended. At the s.p.a.ce slit above the sea, he could vaguely see many dead souls. The dead souls in this strange place looked weak. It seemed they were affected by the chaotic energy inside the s.p.a.ce slit. They were struggling to get out of this s.p.a.ce.

This foreign land didn’t have the sun, the moon or stars. The sky was immensely gray and without clouds. Only the twisted energy flashed and then vanished like the shooting stars.

Each dead soul here was trying to get out of the s.p.a.ce. In the dark green soul sea, souls were floating around without the fluctuations of life. However, they had generated some kind of power that could urge the s.p.a.ce power, which made the s.p.a.ce slits shine like sharp sabers.

The hollow soul hovered above the virescent soul sea and observed the situation down there. It didn’t know what had happened.

All of a sudden, from the bottom of the dark green sea, a flow of cold, evil will shot out. It seemed there was some sinister life that was swallowing all the energy of the bobbing souls to wake up.

Shi Yan’s hollow soul was also affected, becoming weaker.

However, at this moment, a twisted shooting light beamed out from a s.p.a.ce split near there. The hollow soul trembled, but then it was no longer affected.

The hollow soul didn’t have the sensing ability like its own Soul Consciousness. It couldn’t sense what was happening in the bottom, as it could only observe the situation indifferently.

Light flashed in the s.p.a.ce slit near the sea. Strange, evil green energy constantly gathered into the sea. When ten or more dead souls gathered, the energy was drawn and poured into the sea.

Shi Yan’s hollow soul observed everything attentively and quietly. It then saw more hiding dead souls, which were attacking the s.p.a.ce slit. 

The hollow soul observed, then suddenly understood something.

It was the dead souls’ evil lair!

The s.p.a.ce slit where the dead souls gathered connected to the Dead Soul Mountain range in the Grace Mainland. Dead souls guarded the entrance as it was the main ca.n.a.l for the dead souls to travel to the Dead Soul Mountain range.

This finding scared him, and his face discolored.

Shi Yan could never think that his hollow soul would be teleported into the dead souls’ evil lair inexplicably while studying the mysteries of the Teleport Formation in the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success, which led to this strange world.

In this world, the savage dead souls became the weak ones, struggling in pain.

The dead souls were hiding themselves in the s.p.a.ce slits, using the power of s.p.a.ce distortion to reluctantly get rid of the pulling force from that virescent sea.

Sometimes, he could see one or two dead souls dragged into the dark green sea when it changed its position, or the twisting force around it disappeared.

Once the dead souls were pulled into the green sea, their auras disappeared instantly as their soul powers were s.n.a.t.c.hed away. They became the stupefied dead souls in the quiet atmosphere of death.

The dark green sea was trying to swallow all dead souls to strengthen and enlarge itself!

Shi Yan was frightened. After observing for a while, he found the abnormal situation of this place, in which the dead souls were like lambs about to be slaughtered. This virescent sea had enslaved them.

Flows of gray soul shot out from the evil lair one by one, discharging into the green sea.

They were human warriors’ souls!

Another gray soul entered, also the soul of a human warrior. There were ten of them in total.

Once they fell into the dark green sea, those souls then soaked into the atmosphere of death. They went numb without any vitality left in them. Their soul powers then were taken.

When human souls were pulled into the place, the suction force of the sea would reduce. Sometimes, it released some sort of strange and evil energy, pouring into the dead souls and strengthening them.

This situation was bizarre…

This virescent sea would pull and swallow souls, including the dead souls! At the same time, it could release a green energy that could improve the power of the dead souls.

Shi Yan had watched everything for a while but he still didn’t know the connection between the dead souls and this green sea. He didn’t know why the relationship between them was so strange and complicated.

It seemed the green sea needed a constant supply of soul energy. If the dead souls gave it enough souls, it would gift them some energy to repay.

But when it didn’t have enough the soul energy, it would swallow the dead souls to supplement the missing amount. It seemed the sea’s existence consumed soul power continually.

While his hollow soul was carefully watching the situation there, s.p.a.ce slits appeared more as if some kind of sharp weapon had cut the s.p.a.ce open. Many beams of shooting light got out of the s.p.a.ce slits, darting towards the hollow soul and getting into it. 

The hollow soul seemed to become a s.p.a.ce where flows of s.p.a.ce power were crossing through it and disappearing in just a blink.

The host soul in Shi Yan’s body...

The Teleportation Formation in the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success glistered. s.p.a.ce twisted and changed.

Inside the mountain flank, s.p.a.ce next to him cracked. A light shot out from there, entering his Sea of Consciousness. It then started to fuse with his strands of Soul Consciousness.

Changes happened quietly in his Sea of Consciousness…

Strands of Soul Consciousness were fused with the s.p.a.ce power. Now, they could cross the distance in s.p.a.ce, running fast in his Sea of Consciousness. From him as the center, strands of Soul Consciousness amplified, then expanded to the outside world.

It seemed a s.p.a.ce crack had just appeared in his Sea of Consciousness. All of a sudden, his Soul Consciousness flashed and then disappeared into that crack. He didn't know where it had gone.

Some kind of understanding suddenly stormed into his heart.

The Dead Soul Mountain range was a vast area. His Soul Consciousness glided through the region, searching every corner of the mountain range.

A flow of Soul Consciousness came to the Spirit Potion Valley.

The situation in Spirit Potion Valley and Precious Tool Valley projected in three-dimensional images in front of his eyes.

Bodies were piled on the ground. The dead souls’ evil lair was floating above the valleys with its entrance close, but still emitting evil energy. Pagans of the Dark Spirit Clan were watching the entrance of the evil lair anxiously while talking with each other using a strange language.

Why did it turn into this?

Shi Yan was terrified, suddenly nervous.

He didn't know what happened, but from what he had seen in those two valleys, human warriors gathered there seemed to have encountered a fatal strike. The Dark Spirit Clan had killed two-thirds of them.

Strands of his Soul Consciousness with the s.p.a.ce power were operating in the entire Dead Soul Mountain range. Many images were transferred to him.

He saw so many human warriors running away. He saw dead souls with real bodies chasing after them and killing them.

Li Zheng Rong, Cherry, Lin Ya Qi…

People he knew appeared in his Se of Consciousness. It seemed Shi Yan now had many eyes and could see everything happening in the whole Dead Soul Mountain range.

Shi Yan was completely struck with shock.

He suddenly realized that at his realm, when he released all of his Soul Consciousness, he could only cover some mountains in the Dead Soul Mountain range.

He also knew that the Peak Spirit Realm warriors could hardly send the Soul Consciousness to every corner of the Dead Soul Mountain range. The Soul Consciousness had a limit, and the Dead Soul Mountain range was extremely vast.

Unless it was a True G.o.d Realm warrior, it was difficult to cover the Soul Consciousness all over the Dead Soul Mountain range.

The True G.o.d Realm warrior also needed a long time to expand his Soul Consciousness to cover the entire mountain range.

And his Soul Consciousness could cross the distance across s.p.a.ce. It didn’t need to be around him and extend from him.

However, as long as his Soul Consciousness was released, it could appear at the corners near the border of the Dead Soul Mountain range. It depended on his thought, but it wasn't limited by distance as it could instantly appear even in a remote area.

s.p.a.ce power!

Only when he perceived the subtle mysteries of the s.p.a.ce power could he gain this special effect!

Shi Yan had a feeling. He calmed down his tense nerves and manipulated the strands of Soul Consciousness, which were extending too far from him. As his mind flickered, they changed.

At the same time, his Sea of Consciousness had the second change.

The s.p.a.ce slit that had just appeared in his Sea of Consciousness disappeared all of a sudden. The Sea of Consciousness then shook violently as it became extremely unstable. Flows of chaotic s.p.a.ce energy that he didn’t know the origin of started to affect his Sea of Consciousness.

He hurried to pull himself together. He didn’t linger on his thoughts while using all means to steady his Sea of Consciousness.

He released the flows of Soul Consciousness to project the real-time images. His host soul was moving back and forth like a shuttle through the images in his Sea of Consciousness, carefully checking each of them.

Flows of chaotic s.p.a.ce energy in his Sea of consciousness condensed into a rope flying towards his host soul.

His host soul trembled hard!

In the Sea of Consciousness, his host soul was like it was suffering a fierce thunderstorm. The host soul was swaying. Flows of s.p.a.ce energy were like hammers that could train the soul by pounding on his host soul, making his host soul adapt to the new s.p.a.ce Upanishad that he had just learned.

Shi Yan suddenly retreated all the strands of Soul Consciousness he had released. He then concentrated on feeling the s.p.a.ce power and gave time to his host soul to adapt to the new situation.

At the same time, his hollow soul in the foreign land was still under the attraction force of the virescent sea. All of a sudden, it plunged into the sea. 

When the hollow soul just soaked in the sea, a formidable soul erosive energy got activated. The hollow soul’s will and the seal of the host soul were all eroded rapidly.

Before his hollow soul was a.s.similated, he vaguely saw a giant shadow in the deep place under the dark green sea.

That shadow was like a living creature, a seabed demon, which released the cold, sinister thought that affected the aura of the whole foreign land and changed some rules of nature.


The hollow soul was eliminated, and Shi Yan’s host soul was struck hard. The connection with the foreign land stopped instantly.

Without the senses from the foreign land and his hollow soul, Shi Yan could see the change of his host soul clearer.

While the s.p.a.ce slits were wandering around him, Shi Yan calmed down his emotions and used the Comprehending Spirit Change of the Spirit Realm, which depended on the host soul as the base to make another step in controlling and promoting power.

He wanted to use the s.p.a.ce power to enter the Spirit Realm. Before the transformation, he would use the s.p.a.ce power to improve his body and train the host soul to sense further.

Inside the mountain flank, s.p.a.ce slits disappeared gradually.

Shi Yan sat still, trying his best to feel the changes. He was neither happy nor angry, just focusing whole-heartedly to comprehend the new knowledge in silence.

The entrance of the evil lair above the Spirit Potion Valley and Precious Tool Valley had been closed a long time ago. Now, it only had a green light shimmering. s.p.a.ce slits around it disappeared all of a sudden. Since the entrance was closed, dead souls from the outside couldn't enter, and the dead souls from inside couldn't get out.

The dead souls’ evil lair closed. It was still there, but it was gradually shrinking until it looked like a green dot.

Under the fearful, attentive watch of many members of the Dark Spirit Clan, after the entrance was closed, the evil lair turned into a flickering green light dot, which seemed extremely unstable, as if it could disappear at any minute.

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